Three pre-Christmas offensive story lines


With the Winter Meetings behind us, baseball has a few weeks of activity before everyone settles in for some family time around Christmas and New Year’s. While the Yanks have seemingly wrapped up some of their shopping, I don’t think the team is done yet. With that mind, what’s on tap for the next few weeks?

1. Mark Teixeira — Outside of Manuel Aristides Ramirez, no hitter will make a bigger impact on his new team next year than Mark Teixeira. He’s a premier player with a legitimate Gold Glove and a Silver Slugger, and now that he’s shown he can hit outside of Texas, he’s due for a big pay day. Since mid-November, Teixeira has hoped for a pre-Christmas resolution to his free agency, and now it seems as though the Yanks are emerging as prime contenders for his services. No matter the outcome, you can bet that Scott Boras will call the Yanks one last time before Teixeira signs on the dotted line.

2. Manny Ramirez — Right behind Tex is Manny. He is arguably one of the top five right-handed hitters of all time, and his presence in any lineup improves the guys in front of and behind him. He comes with significant personality issues and poor defense, but that hasn’t stopped his teams from winning two of the last five World Series. His teams have made the playoffs in five of the last six years as well. Manny will come with a higher salary but fewer years than Mark Teixeira. He doesn’t come with the stellar defense either, but Hanks wants him.

3. Mike Cameron — Joe wants Brian Cashman to wait on the Cameron trade, and I agree. Cameron should be something of a last recourse to improve the team’s center field option. While better than Melky Cabrera and Brett Gardner, Cameron isn’t enough of an offensive threat to justify acquiring him over Teixeira or Manny. If the team lands one of the other two bats, they can afford to try out Brett Gardner in center and revisit a Cameron trade later on, if need be.

* * *

So what’s my take? I think Teixeira signs before Christmas; I think Manny doesn’t; and I think the Cameron deal ends up being more smoke and mirrors than anything else. The Yanks still have some money to play with, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see Tex or Manny land in the Bronx. The team, after all, could use another bat to go with their new-found pitching, and if the Steinbrenners and Cashman are going all in for 2009 as their pitching expenditures seem to suggest, then signing Mark or Manny is just the next logical step.

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  1. Rob in CT says:

    I still hope for Tex. If signing Burnett = no Tex, then I will probably never forgive Cashman. I’ve defended him a lot in the past. I believed that the Beltran screwup wasn’t his fault, or all his fault. Ditto Sheff instead of Vlad. I forgave him for Pavano and Wright.

    Burnett is Pavano, The Return. Yeah, he’s got better stuff. He’s also not as good as said stuff would suggest and that’s when he actually takes the mound (which isn’t terribly often). What an awful, awful deal.

    • steve (different one) says:

      Burnett is not Pavano.

      he’s AJ Burnett.

      calling him Pavano is LAZY. it just is.

      • Mike P says:

        I agree, Burnett isn’t Pavano- that’s a stupid statement. Complain about the deal but make a good argument, we’re not idiots here.

        • Bo says:

          “He’s also not as good as said stuff would suggest and that’s when he actually takes the mound (which isn’t terribly often). ”

          How did he do last yr in the Al East? Please. It’s not like they signed a guy who stinks or who can’t win games. The Pavano comparisons are a joke.

          When did Pavano ever have 200+ K’s?

  2. says:

    We can get tex and still get under last year

  3. Balls Deep says:

    I would love to see Texeira at 1B and batting 4th behind ARod. He was money in the playoffs and takes pitches too. He’s still young; powerhitting, great fielding and as worth the expense as ARod is on the other corner. I know Hank will scream for Manny if Tex gets away and that still scares me. Never liked Cameron, strikes out a lot; only thing he’s got is he’s CC’s best friend.

  4. Mister Delaware says:

    I’d rather Cameron/Pettitte than Teixeira at this point unless we have a really inspired way of filling CF/SP6. Relying on Damon to be passable or Gardner to not be lineup cancer as well as Joba and Hughes to both have full seasons in them just seems too risky. Teixeira is obviously super awesome, but I think the potential losses could offset the gains.

    • Balls Deep says:

      With dropping salary from last year, getting Tex doesn’t add much to payroll. As it stands: Damon/Matsui in LF/DH… Center is Melky/Swisher/Gardiner… Very doable… and they will need Pettite or another pitcher as you can’t count on Joba because of innings; unless they will try Hughes in #5… then it’s CC, Wang, Burnett, Pettite, Hughes… will have kennedy, Joba and Aveces(loved that guy last year) also…

      I see them loading up big time.

      • Ksturnz says:

        to me (and the FO?), i think Tex = no Pettitte + Cam’ron. and I prefer Tex. It is time we use our MiL pitching depth; Hughes, ACEves, IPK, Coke, Horne, Que?(Kei) should be able to take care of one pitching spot and limit Hughes/Joba’s innings… also, Brackman and Garcia are already on the 40…

        • Ksturnz says:

          and then sell high on Nady and move Swish to RF. 4 switch hitters would be fun, esp if the reports on melk are as good to hear for you as they are for me!!

  5. mustang says:


  6. Larry says:

    Cameron will/should be there for a bit. Why rush to make a deal. I’m all in for Tex. We need to replace the rbi’s. If Manny, so be it. Tex will make a huge difference especially for 2010 when Damon and Matsui are off.

  7. JRVJ says:

    I think Tex and Cameron are different things, and shouldn’t be wrapped into one single discussion.

    Cameron is a one-year rental, who would be obtained either for peanuts (Melky) or for peanuts and salary relief (Melky and Igawa as per some recent reports).

    Texeira is a long term commitment, which will impact the Yanks roster at least into the middle of the next decade, for good or worse.

    If the Yanks get Teixeira, that’s no reason not to get Cameron.

    (Or put differently, if the Yanks get Teixeira, they can still get Cameron for 2009, and not resign Pettitte, giving the 5th starter job to the Hughes, IPKs and Aceves of the world).

    • steve (different one) says:

      thank you.

      not sure why everyone thinks otherwise.

      • radnom says:

        Because we are working under the assumption that Cashman wasn’t completely full of it when he said he wasn’t going to increase payroll this year.

        Also, getting Tex gets rid of the need to improve the bat in CF. If we have Tex at first, Gardner is a fine option in CF. Or you could play Damon in center and Swisher in LF. Forgot about him?

        • steve (different one) says:

          that’s not what i was talking about.

          i was talking about this:

          Cameron is a one-year rental, who would be obtained either for peanuts (Melky) or for peanuts and salary relief (Melky and Igawa as per some recent reports).

          Texeira is a long term commitment, which will impact the Yanks roster at least into the middle of the next decade, for good or worse.

          and how many people keep saying that Pettitte + Cameron = Teixeira.

          • radnom says:

            I think they are just refering in terms of salary for next season. Otherwise, you are correct, it is apples and oranges.

            Pettitte + Cameron = Teixeira
            $13 + $10 = $23 mil

            So it is a choice between two very different scenarios, but there is a choice.

          • radnom says:

            Also that is what you were agreeing with was that we should get both:

            “If the Yanks get Teixeira, that’s no reason not to get Cameron.”

    • TurnTwo says:

      disagree, figuring that Texeira’s cost = Cameron + Pettitte.

      now i dont disagree with the idea that if they have a reasonable upgrade, they should pursue it… but i guess to this point you have to buy into this idea that Cashman is still trying to cut payroll for 2009, which adding Cameron AND Teixeira would not help to accomplish.

    • Ryan S. says:

      I’d imagine we can sign both Pettitte and Teixeira without much trouble if we’re willing to commit to that direction. If some of the newly signed agents are willing to take backloaded contracts, we’re in a position to still be below 2008 payroll levels while signing up both of those players.

      • Bo says:

        If they give up Igawa to get Cameron I don’t see the downside no matter what happens. I don’t see how it effects the pursuit of improving the offense if they get Cameron.

      • JRVJ says:

        Cameron may be effectively cheaper than Pettitte, due to the Igawa salary relief (plus the $400 to $500K that Melky would have made).

        I would rather Cameron and Pettitte than Teixeira and Cameron or Teixeira and Pettitte, but if it must be Teixeira, then I’d rather it be Teixeira and Cameron, while giving the youngsters a chance.

  8. Old Ranger says:

    I have always been for signing CC and Tex. The other signings i.e., AJ, Manny etc I didn’t see a need for…still don’t, just my opin.
    Adding Tex to the line-up we have, greatly limits how a pitcher can attack them;
    Potentially, one hell of a line-up. Of course, I still would trade Johnny if the chance arose (he has value to some teams) and put Swish in RF and Nady in LF with Gardner as the lead off hitter, he has been a lead-off hiter and has shown he can do the job. 27/09.

    • Chris says:

      I think you’d get more for Nady than you would for Damon. And neither one is likely to be around for more than a year (Nady is repped by Boras and a free agent for the first time).

      • JeffG says:

        Plus Damond is a much better leadoff option than Gardner. The guy can really wear out pitchers. I’m not sure Gardner can prove himself to be an as difficult an out.

        • Old Ranger says:

          I don’t think anyone is sure of what Brett can do yet. You may be right but I think (for the long run) we should find out, because except for the HRs, Brett could be a lead-off man for a few years…or not. 27/09.

  9. Bo says:

    I wonder what the “pure fans” will say if the Yanks sign Tex. How guilty will they feel???

  10. Cam says:

    Who are the top free agent hitters next off season? Maybe Cash is waiting on picking up a bat next year after more money comes off the books, like passing on Santana last year with eyes on Sabathia this year.

  11. Chris says:

    Even if it wouldn’t improve the team, I would love to see the Yanks sign Tex, just because Pete Abe was so adamant that it wouldn’t happen.

  12. DonnieBaseballHallofFame aka they guy who has well documented history of belligerent thickheadedness and anti-intellectual character assassinations says:

    Only thing that I slightly disagree with in the piece was this: “He is arguably one of the top five right-handed hitters of all time” Not sure how arguable that statement really is, especially in you weigh in his playoff performances.

    If Manny is not a PED guy, he is the most dangerous hitter I have ever seen from either side of the plate. Not saying he is the best ever but top five from the right side I think is spot on.

  13. goforit says:

    sign manny. less of a commitment than tex. remember the last time we had a legendary red sox player come to a new yankee stadium? it’ll make the yankees incredibly exciting and offensively lethal. do it.

  14. Infamous says:

    Im on the fence about tex. If it means being out of getting pettite then im not sure if its a good idea. I think Andy + Cameron > Tex for the long term vision for the club. One year of Andy takes alot of pressure off Hughes and Joba and allows Phil to work on the cutter more in AAA. Cameron is also a perfect stop gap for ajax and still gives gardner at bats to see if he can be a legitimate CF. I wouldnt we mad if we got tex but IMO id like pettite and cameron. What happens if 2nd best case scenario, where best case scenario Montero is a Joe Mauer, Montero cant stick with catching and moves to 1st and his bat is unbeleivable. I think you can always find a first basemen, not as good as texeira, but id rather pass on giving him a extremely long term deal

    • Ksturnz says:

      “I think Andy + Cameron > Tex for the long term vision for the club”

      first off Andy and Cameron would be for one year, which in no way is equivelant to the long term vision for the club, lawl

      is Andy + Cameron + Nady + Swisher > Phil + Cabrara/Jackson + Teixeira, longterm?

      I don’t think so. especially considering Andy and Cameron would be stop gaps and would need to be replaced in 2010, anyways

      • Ksturnz says:

        add Nick to the second grupo!

      • Infamous says:

        My point was that Andy + Cameron is a better for the long term vision because they arent going to be signed long term, since they are both 1 year contracts.

        It gives the yankees the roster flexibility they havent had in the past and allows the prospects time to grow and hopefully be able to play regularly next year.

  15. Bo says:

    What do the Yanks need now after signing 2 front line starters?

    What did last yrs team really lack?

    A defensive 1b to help all the infielders out. A power hitter in the middle of the lineup who works counts. Someone who gets on OB at a high clip. Offensive players in their primes.

    How don’t they go after Tex?

    • Joseph P. says:

      He makes a world of sense. But, again, it’s not our money. Easy to spend it when it’s not.

    • steve (different one) says:

      agree in theory.

      but in practice, what happens if the Nationals or someone is willing to go to 10 years, $200M or something silly?

      at some point, you have to take a step back and think there ARE other players out there who may be available.

      remember, they did get a pretty solid defensive 1Bman in Swisher. i’m not saying he’s the bat they need, but maybe that bat could be slotted into the OF or DH if they can’t get Teixeira.

      there are more ways to improve the offense than there are to improve the rotation. that’s why i think it was a solid move to nab the 2 best starters on the market and THEN look at the offense.

      i’d love to get Teixeira. but there may come a point where the dollars and years stop making sense.

      • radnom says:

        “but in practice, what happens if the Nationals or someone is willing to go to 10 years, $200M or something silly?”

        That is really how I see this shaking out.
        I don’t think they Yankees are really in it at this point, just seeing where this goes, and I think the Nationals or Orioles will be able to outbid the Sox by being a bit foolish. He is really just a luxory for them, and would have to trade Lowell.

    • Ryan S. says:

      If you can get Matsui to play serviceable 1B and get Manny as your DH, the offensive numbers will totally make up for any defensive deficiency we’d have at first (and its hard to imagine Matsui being any worse than Giambi).

      Tex does kinda kill two birds with one stone (great bat, great defense), but you’d have to commit a mega contract for a posistion that guys like Jeter or Posada might need soon.

      I’m still having trouble thinking of which direction we should go in, though I’d be supportive of either move the team makes.

      I also think we can get Tex or Manny (or Adam Dunn), and still afford Andy Pettitte.

    • Sciorsci says:

      They already did get that solid defensive 1B in Swisher. While I agree that his bat is nowhere near Teixeira’s, I also think that putting Swisher somewhere other than first diminishes his value since he provides his best defense at 1B and the Yanks are already stocked with corner OF.

      I’m not opposed to the Yanks pursuing Teixeira; it would probably require moving Swisher to RF and moving Nady (or, if money is really no concern, they could platoon Matsui and Nady at DH). My ideal preference would be to trade Matsui if possible and sign Ramirez as the full-time DH. It makes them a little too RH-heavy, but we’re talking about premier bats here.

  16. Brian Cashman is watching says:

    This George King article is getting a lot of attention. Until I see a new source, and not just sources citing the King article, I won’t believe it.

  17. JeffG says:

    I would really be love to see us sign Tex, who wouldn’t, but I have a pretty good feeling that Cashman is not going to make that a priority. Almost every interview he has given he’s said so much. Perhaps he is playing coy with respect to not giving Boras the impression that we are willing to go all in… perhaps he really meant it when he said pitching is going to be the main area of focus.

    Another question I have is if we will try to make a trade deadline run at Matt Holliday. I’d be afraid to see what Beane would ask for though.

    • kunaldo says:

      yeah, and bubba crosby is our starting CF…haha

    • A.D. says:

      Another question I have is if we will try to make a trade deadline run at Matt Holliday. I’d be afraid to see what Beane would ask for though.

      No, for the exact reason you mention & add to the fact that he’s just a hired gun, so there would have to be an extension window in there. The Yanks didn’t do that for Santana, and frontline pitching is harder to find then an OF bat.

    • radnom says:

      To play where?

      Maybe if there are devistating injuries combined with our offense seriously needing help.
      Otherwise is a 2-3 month upgrade of Holliday over Damon really worth what they would have to give up? (no)

  18. Will (the other one) says:

    How dare you offend me with your pre-Christmas storylines, Ben?

  19. MS says:

    I want Tex. and would rather sign Tex and not get Cameron or another pitcher, but I think we are just trying to drive up the price for the Sox or make the price go out of their range. I’m still hoping, but I doubt we get him.

  20. Axl says:

    With the 1 year stop gap in Cameron…would this mean we’d literally have NO outfield come the offseason next year? Cameron, Damon, Matsui off the books…Nady too? Or does he have another year afterwards?

    Austin Jackson MAY be ready…but then what?

    Getting Tex right now would push Swisher to the outfield where he could remain…Jackson could be brought up…and then we could get some other option instead of having to worry about several.

    He represents everything we need.

    If we can get Tex and NOT get Pettitte, Sheets, Cameron, etc…I’d be entirely fine with it. Bring up Aceves, Hughes, Kennedy, etc for the 5th spot.

    It’s worth this one if we get somebody like Tex.

    • Ryan S. says:

      You’ve got AJax, Gardner, and Swisher as internal contenders for the 2010 outfield, we could probably retain Nady pretty easily next year (though he is a FA, I believe), and of course free agents like Matt Holiday. I’m not too concerned about the future of our outfield.

    • Shamus says:

      Nady is a FA next year as well.

      I agree with you. Getting Tex would push Swish to the OF, with Jackson, and they could make a run at Holliday next year. Or re-sign Nady if they feel they are lacking in the ‘white-guy-grit-department’ !!!

  21. Phil McCracken says:

    MLBTR said that Teixeira was not a guest of the Orioles at the Ravens game

  22. Shamus says:

    Tex? Only if a few things can happen, in my mind:

    1.) They need to reduce payroll to add flexibility, in order to sign a guy like Tex long term, even with Damon’s and Hideki’s contracts ending next year.

    Some people say they should trade Nady and keep Matsui for DH, but I couldn’t disagree more. IMO, if they can trade Matsui for a bag of balls, even if it means paying, say, $4 or $5 million on his final $13M due this year, they should jump at the offer and pull the trigger.

    Nady has way more value to this team as an OF and potential trade chip if the team has needs come July. I’d rather have an OF of Nady, Damon, Swisher and Gardner, with ample turns at DH, split with Jorge when he needs to rest his shoulder. By dealing Matsui, it doesn’t clog the DH slot, and it gives the team more payroll flexibility. And if Pettitte says no to $10M (?), then you go with CC, AJ, Wang, Joba and throw Hughes, kennedy and Aceves at the wall for the five spot until one of them sticks. Between dealing Matsui and saying no to Pettitte, thats a savings of $18M. Then, you figure Johnny D’s $13M is off the books in 2010…. You do the math, thats $31M.

    2.) I don’t think there is any way the Yankees give Tex anything over six, MAYBE seven years in length, so they have to sell him at a higher AAV. And on him having more of a chance to win a ring in NYY than anywhere else (BOS and ANA included).

    What the Yankees have done to revamp the pitching woes should go a little way in convincing him of just that. Not only are the Yankees in a win-now-mode, but also at the tail end of his contract, they’ll have top guys coming through the minor leagues, as well as an exorbitant amount of free agent $$$ to play with after Jeter, Rivera and Posada are done. Mark Teixeira will be the bridge from one dynasty to the next, that would be my sales pitch.

    Furthermore, if the Yankees could offer, say, 6 years, $162 million, thats an AAV of $27 Million. Overpaying, some may say, but if he takes it, it keeps him away from two of our three major rivals in the AL (The Angels and Sox, thankfully Tampa has no $$$ for him!). Remember, the best part about signing Damon was stealing him away from the Sox.

    3.) Lastly, Teixeira ‘reportedly’ has long standing issues with the Sox about his draft dealings almost ten years ago. Why then is he entertaining their offers, you might ask? For negotiating, of course. But Mark’s high school baseball coach said he would be shocked if Tex went to the Sox after what they did to him, regardless of the money, he and his family were pissed at them for some time. And if you believe the rumors that he wants to play on the East Coast, that puts the Angels at a disadvantage as well.

    You know who needs to call Big Tex? You know who needs to make a recruiting call? Not Jeter, Posada, Rivera or Girardi, but A-Rod, another Boras disciple. If Alex Rodriguez called him and explained how taking the highest offer from a shit team such as the Nationals or Orioles would make him miserable, a pariah and a scapegoat for the rest of the team’s deficiencies. All Alex has to say is “Look what happened to me in Texas, you were there first hand and saw it! Come play for a contender!”

    It makes me wonder, if all these things could happen, could Tex wind up in pinstripes? The Gammons-es would go NUTS ! And the Yankees would have a young, powerful pitching staff with a powerful, experienced lineup.

    Sounds like Number 27 to me….


    • A.D. says:

      Some people say they should trade Nady and keep Matsui for DH, but I couldn’t disagree more. IMO, if they can trade Matsui for a bag of balls, even if it means paying, say, $4 or $5 million on his final $13M due this year, they should jump at the offer and pull the trigger.

      I disagree with this why should the Yankees essentially pay Matsui to play somewhere else and take nothing in return…i’d rather his bat on the bench (or DHing) but even so if he’s healthy he’s a very good major league hitter, and if he’s hurt he’s on the DL.

      If we’re not getting anything in return, we’re not the Marlins, we don’t need to shed 5M to pay someone to play elsewhere for 1 year.

      • Shamus says:

        B/c it creates more roster and payroll flexibility. From all accounts, Matsui would rather be traded or straight up retire than be reduced to a bench player.

        A $13M bench player, at that.

        If San Fran or Seattle (where Matsui would PROB accept a trade to) wants him, then the better the prospect they send over, the more $$ the NYY FO pays on his remaining 1 year. If its a craptastic prospect or bench player the Yankees get in return, then you send no $$$, obviously. BUT, if sending a few mil nets the Yanks a better return for Matsui, I am all for it.

        • Sciorsci says:

          San Francisco was supposedly willing to deal Jonathan Sanchez for a bat. How much of Matsui’s salary do you think the Yanks would need to assume in order to make that deal?

          • Shamus says:

            Well, he’s owed $13M. So, maybe $4, tops $5 mil? Just a guess, as I have no idea what kind of budget SF is working with. But, for a potential 25 HR bat (which would lead the team in 2008), $8M seems fair for them to pay, plus Sanchez…

    • Ryan S. says:

      I’d rather trade Nady and keep Matsui as your DH. Nady turns into a spare part since you can have an OF of Damon-Gardner-Swisher. Matsui does more for you with his bat than Nady will, and Nady has much more trade value. Even as a DH, you’d expect Matsui to have about 30 games off if he is 100% healthy, so you’d have ample opportunities to still give other guys time in the DH spot if need-be. If you don’t like Gardner as your CF, you can always get someone like Taveras dirt cheap and keep Gardner as your 4th OF / pinch runner.

      • Sciorsci says:

        That’s assuming that the 30+ games that Matsui misses coincides with the games that you need to give Posada (or someone else) a turn at DH. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work that way. In my opinion, the flexible lineup concept works better with younger players than it does with established veterans (due mostly to ego, I guess).

  23. Shamus says:

    Imagine this lineup for 2009:

    Damon DH (could take turns at LF-CF)
    Jeter SS
    Tex 1B
    A-Rod 3B
    Nady LF (could take turns at DH-RF)
    Posada C
    Cano 2B
    Swisher RF (same as Damon, could paly all three OF slots or DH)
    Gardner CF (would be on bench when Nady LF, Damon CF, and Swish RF)

    Hughes/ Kennedy/ Coke/ Aceves

  24. andrew says:

    The Boston Herald has left us with this golden nugget of information: the Red Sox will likely offer Mark Teixeira an “eight-year contract worth somewhere between $145 and $175 million, possibly more.” Possibly less as well.
    Good reporting.

  25. Shamus says:

    Nady gives the team more versatility. He can play RF or LF. I wouldn’t put Matsui in the OF this year even if he could use a golf-cart out there. So then he is stuck at DH….

    So when Posada needs a day or two to rest his shoulder and let Molina catch, but Po can still hit, what then? Po on the bench, or Matsui?

    And, Nady will make what– maybe $5 or $6 mil this year? And he’s in a contract year? Thats the guy I hold, not a declining, no-knee former OF who can only DH, such as Matsui…

    Don’t get me wrong, I have lots of respect for ‘zilla and what he has done. But his time has passed, IMHO. He clogs up the DH slot and he can’t play the OF… Again, at $13M in 2009….

    • Ryan S. says:

      I definitely agree that Matsui CANNOT play the field anymore, where he’d be a major liability. Maybe you can put Matsui in left like once a week if Damon needs a day off. Still, we have an excess of corner outfielders, and Nady is easily the most tradeable. If we were able to move Matsui and only be responsible for say, 1/2 of his salary next year, I’d be very impressed, and I’d sign off on that. I just don’t think its too realistic. Nady is good, but he isn’t that great. Matsui will put forth a better offensive output this year than X-Man. So by trading for Nady over Matsui, you’re getting more trade value out of a deal, and you’re keeping the superior offensive player.

      The Posada situation is tricky no matter what. If he can’t be a catcher, this year will be a real juggling act for him whether or not you get Tex (or Manny, or Dunn). Still, there are creative solutions for all of these scenarios.

      • Shamus says:

        “Matsui will put forth a better offensive output this year than X-Man”

        There is no way to deduce this, so lets agree to disagree. Plus, there is a new post up, debating Matsui, Manny, Dunn and Tex…


        It was a fun debate though, but one of those debates where we won’t know who was wrong or right until this time next year…

        Much like Johan v. Hughes, Kennedy and Melky. But that one won’t be resolved for five, poss seven years !!! :)

  26. usty says:

    I would gladly pay $10.50 for beer next year if it brings Mark Teixeira to play 1b.

  27. Dan says:

    What about willy tavares for cf? He plays good defense hits around 285 and stole 68 bases last year. cheaper than cameron

  28. Bruno says:

    Ben, no love for Adam Dunn?!?

    • Sciorsci says:

      You want to really see the MSM’s collective head spin? Add Dunn and Cameron to Swisher in this lineup. Low batting average and a bunch of strikeouts – forget about OBP and the fact that a K is essentially no different than any other out (it doesn’t advance a runner, but it also precludes a GIDP).

  29. Sarah Green says:

    Sorry to be that guy, but it’s “Aristides.” With an “i.”

    You don’t ride a future first-ballot Hall of Famer to two World Series titles and not know his middle name, says the gal from Boston.

  30. Matt B. says:

    I think if CC can give us 3 or 4 ace years, and then the rest hovering around a 4 ERA, the contract will be totally worth it. Burnett does not have the pressure of being an ace and he probably isn’t even our #2, so I think he can put together a few solid seasons. However, it is my personal opinion that our offense is truly mediocre. Let’s look at this. We’re hoping for a bounce back year from Posada and expect his numbers to go down to the usual .270 with 20 homers, not the stellar 2007 he had. We’re hoping Swisher can hit higher than .230, we’re praying for a comeback year from Robbie, Jeter isn’t driving in a whole lot of runs, Arod is Arod, Damon will probably regress, and who knows about Matsui’s injury and Nady was decent with the Yanks. All in all, there’s just too many ifs on that offense. We NEED Teixiera

  31. Kidwithanopinion says:

    The rotoin and bullpen art so hot either. What if it tures out wang and joba aren’t the real deal. Joba is injurgy prone and can’t go more than five and a half innings. And even if the sigh Andy he’s 37 years old and throws a 88 MPH fastball. If the don’t sign Andy then theres always Phil Hughes. OH BOY!!! Another injurgy Prone Pitcher. On top of all that what if Rivera goes down hill. The man is 39 for crying out loud. As for the rest of the bullpen all you can do is cross your fingers.

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