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Saturday night open thread: No Lowe
The non-tendered Ty Wigginton

Here’s something to chew on overnight: The Yankees have seemingly decided that Ben Sheets is not a good fit for the team. In Newsday’s wrap-up of the A.J. Burnett signing, Kat O’Brien and Ken Davidoff dropped in a tidbit about the Brewers’ former hurler:

The Yankees, who had hoped to sign Pettitte or Sheets to round out their starting rotation, have decided that Pettitte would be a better fit. Sheets did make 31 starts in 2008, going 13-9 with a 3.09 ERA for the Brewers, but injuries kept him from topping 160 innings between 2005 and 2007.

Another advantage of signing Pettitte instead of Sheets is that Pettitte will require just a one-year contract. General manager Brian Cashman flew to meet with him at his Houston-area home Thursday in hopes of convincing him to accept the Yankees’ one-year, $10-million offer. Pettitte has resisted a pay cut from the $16 million he made in 2008. A club official said: “They just had a good meeting and [Pettitte’s] thinking about things.”

That makes sense to me at this point. While Sheets may have been an intriguing choice based on the roster flexibility his shorter contract would have afforded the Yanks, at this point, there’s really no need to sign him to a multi-year deal. I wonder what the final Ben Sheets market will shake down to be this winter.

(Hat tip to one of our various Steves.)

Saturday night open thread: No Lowe
The non-tendered Ty Wigginton
  • E-ROC

    If I’m Sheets, I’m flying to Philly right now. The rumors suggest Sheets might be heading to the Rangers or Astros.

    • Ivan

      Im surprise the Mets haven’t looked into him. Santana and Sheets make a killer combination and obviously Sheets is cheaper and younger than Lowe and he’s cheaper and a better pitcher than Perez.

      • E-ROC

        Yeah, I just thought about that and the Mets defense being an upgrade over the Phillies defense. Minaya is business fixing his bullpen. Maybe the Angels will jump in and make an offer. I guess injuries would make you less attractive to potential suitors.

        • buddy lembeck

          i don’t think the mets defense is much of an upgrade over the phillies defense.

          sheets is from texas. i can see him with either the rangers or the astros. roy oswalt has been lobbying for the stros to sign sheets… i’ll bet that’s where he goes

      • http://liberalmusings.wordpress.com Pablo Zevallos

        But when if Sheets gets injured, they have no one with which to replace him.

      • Reggie C.

        Good point. Minaya needs a starter. If Oliver Perez is still making that crazy 5/75 demand then Minaya should really ring up Sheets. The Santana-Sheets frontline looks sick.

  • Ivan

    Im not surprise. Hey they already sign Burnett and signing Burnett and Sheets, two injury prone pitchers just wouldn’t make sense in that regard.

    I think the yankees are either trying to get Pettitte on the team or if they don’t resign Pettitte then let some of the young pitchers like Hughes, IPK or Aceves battle it out in ST for the 5th spot in the rotation.

    Yankees are pretty much set in the rotation and are in good shape in the 09 season.

  • Reggie C.

    No real shocker here. I’ve given it some more thought and I’d like to know what you make of this:

    The Yanks realized at some point that they’d have to give CC an opt-out clause to sway him from his West Coast dream. Or perhaps the Yanks wanted CC so badly that they actually proposed the opt out first. Whatever the case, the brass must think the chances are not in their favor of retaining CC after 3 years.

    Getting Burnett would insure that the Yanks retain an excellent 1-2 front-line beyond that dreaded 3 year mark. Yeah, Joba looks terrific but everybody wants to him get to 200 innings. Lets see what his numbers look like then. Brackman SHOULD be a rotation guy by then but he’s the biggest mystery in the minors.

    Burnett’s health just wasn’t an issue in ’08, and though Sheets has got the better feel of the craft, he picked a bad time to come down with soreness.

    • Jake H

      It was reported somewhere that CC would only sign a contract with an opt out clause.

      • Steve H

        For any team, not just the Yankees. I think you were implying that as well, just wanted to make sure everyone understood that. It wasn’t, I’ll sign with the Yankees if I can get out of here in 3 years, it was, any team I’ll sign with needs to give me the chance to opt out in 3 years. And it makes sense, he can hit the market again at 30-31, be in line for a deal longer than 4 years. See A-Rod circa 2007.

  • Conan the Barack O’Brian

    Not signing Sheets also means no loss of the 3rd rounder, if that’s worth cheering about.

    I’m hoping Andy wants back in, but even without him we can plan on having Hughes et al battle it out for #5, if nothing more in the short term for the sake of believably playing in on the Teixeira sweepstakes. In the least, we should try and make other teams pay more for once, but…I really want Tex, and I don’t really care if it’s too much to ask. And he is worth a third (or second) rounder!

    • Reggie C.

      Yeah. Clearly Tex is worth the loss of another couple draft picks. Yanks can still do damage in the draft with their Cole and Bittle compensation picks if they do alittle better diligence this year.

  • Balls Deep

    Pettite is the best choice… They gave CC the opt out to give him peace of mind; or more likely his wife and kids… if he was freaking out that they won’t like it in NY and then know he’d be stuck here for 7 years, he’d pitch like hell…

    Hate to agree with that putz Steve Phillips, but you give CC a 3 year contract, the # of years that makes sense, if he opts out… fine, get the NEXT best 28 year old, offer him a 7 year deal with a 3rd year opt out…

    You can’t count on Joba as full time Starter this year…In 3 years: Wang, Burnett,Joba, Hughes, possibly Greinke (OK, I love this guy-Cano for him, straight up now) and Brackman in the Joba Rules.

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

      Coincidentally, Felix Hernandez becomes a free agent right when CC’s opt out comes up.

      • Balls Deep

        Damn, I would love to see Felix Hernandez in Pinstripes. Hopefully by that time he’s not as big as CC.

      • Kelvin

        Cashmoney planned it all! He gave the opt out clause to CC for him to sign with us, then in 3 years, he leaves, clears up salary, we sign king Felix!

        • http://riveraveblues.com Mike A.

          Well, Cashman’s contract is up that offseason too. ;)

          • 27 this year

            nicely said. Sting

          • 27 this year

            well at least he is looking for the future benefit of the team even if he isn’t there.

      • Troy


  • Reggie C.

    I hope the Angels close out on Tex with their 8 year offer. Its sort of a CC situation, except here the player wants to play back East… or at least thats the latest misinformation campaign coming out of Boras, Inc . Just get it done Moreno!

  • Balls Deep

    Texeira batted .467 in the 2008 postseason with a .550 On Base %…Damn, Damon,Jeter, ARod, Texeira, Posado,Cano,Matsui,Cameron, Nady…Very Likeable.

    • David

      It just isn’t going to happen, though I endorse your idea. I think Manny is more likely.

      • VO

        I agree manny is more likely but doesnt manny want more money?

        • Steve H

          Not for 10 years though.

    • http://www.workwithpete.com Pete

      If we can’t have Texeira, I’m actually hoping the Orioles throw a crapload of money at him and he’s stuck *there* for the next 8 years…

      …in last place.

  • Jobatheheat

    I say we deffinitely sign Pettitte. We do the tade for Cameron as a stop gap. If im corect in assuming Gardner does have a much better ceiling then Melky.Wright? Why keep both simular guys instead of just keeping the one with the best potential. The young pitchers. wlill still get 25-30 starts. Due to Hughes and Joba inning limits. Now I would just like one reasonable but power at bat=Dunn ,Anderson, Burrel, Giambi=only if REAL CHEAPfor Giambi. but all together it has already been a great off season.

  • Jobatheheat

    Two questions Any one know what Giambi is looking to make? what are your thoughts about Ransome can he be our opening day utility guy and how do you feel about that. also a link for some stats or info on Cody would be greatly appreciated. I heard he has some power behind his bat. thanks

    • pat

      For any statistical quibble query or concern just google the persons name then stats. 99% of the time you will be directed to baseball reference which is pretty much what everybody uses to quote stuff.


      • pat

        haha that is most definately not cody ransoms stats im really gladi was looking at an innocuous pc article not anything else


        • Jobatheheat

          thanks for the link and info. Do you think hes capable of being our utility guy for next season.

          • Balls Deep

            I think Girardi loves Ransome…maybe because he put down a successful sac bunt? But having him on the team is not a make or break thing; we need 1 more power bat. Cameron is not the man, I’d rather have Swisher play center.

          • Brooklyn Ed

            Yep. Girardi is very high on him. I think that was one of the reasons why Betemit is gone.

            • Steve

              Betemit is gone because they tried him at SS and that lasted 1 game, he was so bad. Then they tried him at 1B and there was the infamous 15 hopper that ended a game against the Angels.

              Its kinda tough to keep a utility infielder who can’t play the field.

              • Mike Pop

                “NAME 3 BETTER UTILITY INFIELDERS!!!!”

  • Simon B.

    I was under the impression that Sheets just had a muscular tear that would just need rest, but I guess the Yankees medical staff thought it was much more serious. I hope they’re certain about it, because he, indeed, would be a much better bargain than Burnett—even if I prefer Burnett money aside.

    • Ed

      Well, the muscle tear info is all we have to go off of. But that info came from his agent, whereas the Brewers didn’t say much if anything.

      For all we know, the diagnosis could have been something like “We can see a muscle tear that should heal ok. But until it heals, an MRI won’t give a clear view of your ligament, so we don’t know if there’s damage there too.” His agent isn’t going to repeat the last part of that unless he has to.

    • Steve

      No, I wouldn’t say that. The Yanks won’t know what’s going on in there until they give him a physical, and there are some injuries that don’t even show up on MRIs.

      The Yanks are just making it clear they are doing everything they can to bring back Andy. If not, then they can revisit Sheets or possibly a Peavy deal if the price is reasonable.

  • VO

    Found a cool Yogi Video/commerical not sure if you guys have seen it, thought id share http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mxPNNvphnU8

    • http://poormansanalyst.wordpress.com/ dan

      They played that during the last game on ESPN

  • MikeD

    No surprise. Once they signed Burnett, there was little chance Sheets would be on the Yankees. How could they possibly carry Burnett, Sheets and Joba in the same rotation? All are projected, either by age (Joba) or injury history (Burnett and Sheets) to come in around 150-175 IP. The Yankees can carry two such pitchers, but not three. Pettitte and his 200 innings is now more important than ever.

    • mustang

      “Pettitte and his 200 innings is now more important than ever.”

      Maybe this is a sign that Pettitte is coming back if not I have no problems with the kids developing in the 5th spot. That’s what they should of done in the first place.

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  • DonnieBaseballHallofFame aka they guy who has well documented history of belligerent thickheadedness and anti-intellectual character assassinations

    If we really want CC to opt out, then I hope they have front loaded the contract accordingly. That would be key in making this happen. If that is the Yankee plan it has to be front loaded, if it is not no way that is their plan.

    I wanted Sheets for the AJ spot on this team. I still would have signed him over AJ looking at it now. I would rather take Pettitte or a cheaper pitcher at #5 now, unless Sheets would want a one year deal or a two year deal for less money than what has been reported.

    • AndrewYF

      Why the hell would they frontload the deal? That absolutely guarantees he makes as much money as possible off the Yankees.

      If anything, they should have backloaded the deal. That way, if he’s healthy, he actually considers staying.

      • The Honorable Congressman Mondesi

        I don’t agree with all of what DBHOF said above, but you misinterpreted his point a bit. He wasn’t talking about whether or not they should have frontloaded or backloaded the deal, he was talking about what they should have done if they wanted CC to exercise his opt-out clause.

  • Paulie

    I was wondering, how much money/years does Jon Garland want? I think he would be a very reliable number 5 guy. His era wasn’t to great last year but he won 14 games and he has started at least 32 games every year since 2000.

    • DonnieBaseballHallofFame aka they guy who has well documented history of belligerent thickheadedness and anti-intellectual character assassinations

      Garland as a 5 would be fine. I really think now we should just wait it out and sign whoever we can that is serviceable and cheap for a one year deal. Somebody who stays healthy and is cheap in years and dollars.

      • Steve

        Maybe as a #4. He’s an innings eater who could step in if we can’t strike a deal w/Andy.

        But the problem with Garland is the term. Andy will only require 1 year whereas Garland will command at least 3 years. That makes it harder to work in Hughes/IPK/Betances/Brackman over the next 3 seasons.

        • The Honorable Congressman Mondesi

          “But the problem with Garland is the term. Andy will only require 1 year whereas Garland will command at least 3 years. That makes it harder to work in Hughes/IPK/Betances/Brackman over the next 3 seasons.”

          The problem’s also that Garland isn’t good and they’d be stuck with him for 3 years. If they want to go safe and cheap with that remaining rotation slot, they should sign Andy and call it an offseason (rotation-wise). He’s head-and-shoulders above the crowd in the “safe/cheap” category.

          • Mike Pop

            Id give Garland a 1 year 3 million dollar deal.. Heh, then I would trade him

  • tony

    Give Pettite a base of 10 mil and load it with insentives that could bring the total to 16mil. He desreves that not to mention he will round out our rotation really nicely.

    Lets hope there still is a system to allow the yanks to obtain felix the king in 3 yrs – good scoop ben


    • Steve

      CC has his opt out in 3 years . . . that would be 24 mil per year coming off the books.

      • Mike Pop

        It might be better for him to opt out.

  • Steve

    I agree that since we now have Burnett, Sheets makes less sense. But if you go with one of the kids for the 5th starter, you have two problems. The #5 can’t be Hughes, because he has an innings limit. Also, the rotation gets weak in a hurry if there is an injury or two.


    If/when Burnett gets hurt


    If Joba gets hurt also


    That’s pretty weak, even if its only for a month or so. They still need to strike a deal w/Andy.

    • Steve

      If Hughes is hurt at the same time the other two are, then you’re looking at

      CC-Wang-Aceves-IPK-Dan Geise/Chase Wright

      We can’t have reasonable scenarios where Aceves is your #3 and IPK is your 4th starter.

      • Mike Pop

        Thats why you need to bring back Pettitte

  • MO from the OC
    • Steve

      This story gets even better

      ” If they pass on Teixeira, the Yankees will try and bolster a sagging lineup with Ramirez, one of the greatest run producers in baseball history. And to clear some money, they might entertain offers for outfielder Xavier Nady, who made $3.35 million last year, is arbitration eligible and a free agent after the 2009 season.”

      Then it gets really good

      “Another option would be to obtain right-handed hitting outfielder Jermaine Dye, 35 next month, from the White Sox.

      “He’s available, but they aren’t going to give him away,” said a source with knowledge of Chicago’s plan to get younger.

      Dye has the Yankees among the six teams for which he can veto a trade, and it’s not likely the Yankees would give him an extension (or pick up a $12 million option for 2010) to waive the no-trade clause.”

      I’m sorry, but sometimes I think George King is talking to the grounds keepers.

  • Steve

    As far as I know, the Yanks have yet to make an offer to Tex. So its hard to say if they are really in on him, or just driving up the price for the BoSox.

    But Tex is a Boras client, so there’s really no need to bid on him. There won’t be any shmoozing, any tours of the city or Broadway plays. He will go to whoever offers the most money at the end. So the Yanks can sit back, see what the market is and then make a last minute offer and land him. Like they did (another Boras client) with Johnny Damon.

    • Mike Pop

      I think we will have to make an offer just cause. Maybe we can backload a contract who knows.. George King has to have some kind of good info. He was the first one to report AJ has a 5 year deal worth 80 mill.. Haha even when we didnt make an offer yet

  • Steve

    With all the talk about CC and King Felix in 3 years around here, it got me wondering.

    Who do you think will be managing the Yanks in 2011? Girardi? Mattingly? A freshly retired Derek Jeter (with Posada as his bench coach, of course)

    I think the Yankee brass still L-O-V-E-S Girardi, despite some bumps in the road this past year. Hal is much more corporate than his Dad was, and appreciates the rational, analytical approach Joe has toward Baseball. Also, I think they’re are still planning on working in young players on an annual basis, who will need to be actively coached and taught the game on the big league level. Girardi is a scout at heart, and he can groom players on their strengths and weaknesses.

    I think he’s our manager for a long, long time.

  • Frank B.

    I simply cannot understand why the Yanks are not going after Tex… I mean if they did not offer Pettitte 10 mil. , and ignored Cameron there’s 20 mil right there. Then Matsui & damon come off the books next year. I think Cashman may be waiting for the dust (Boras bull-crap) to settle (ala Damon 3 yrs. ago) then he’ll swoop in and get him… just DOESN’t make sense the Yanks would not be players in this…

  • nick blasioli

    why dont the yanks and pettite split the difference of say thirteen mill..and get on with spring training….he sure would be a great aquisition at this point….

  • The Ed(itor)

    I would rather the Yankees let Hughes and Aceves compete for 5th starter and us e the Pettitte money on Teixiera or Manny. I obviously prefer Teixiera.

  • Reacher

    I would sign neither Pettitte nor Sheets, but would leave the #5 slot open for competition amongst Hughes, Aceves, Coke, Kennedy and the balance of the young pitching talent in the organization. The money otherwise allocated for that slot can be applied against the sum they will otherwise pay to Manny.

    Obviously, management has adopted its version of a “three-year plan” but they cannot seriously contemplate “successfully” competing for the gold ring with the penciled in starting lineup. It is patently bereft of any “consistent” homerun threat other than A-Rod. Pitching may be the name of the game but you cannot effectively do battle with a starting lineup that has failed to demonstrate consistency.

    Given the expenditures to date, it is inconceivable that Cashman, on his own or by mandate from Tampa, has not etched the name of the ManRam into the lineup for the next three years. It will not only yield success on the field , but will ring at the box office, the shockwaves through the high and mighty New York press notwithstanding.

    • Steve

      If you go with one of the kids for the 5th starter, you have two problems. The #5 can’t be Hughes, because he has an innings limit. Also, the rotation gets weak in a hurry if there is an injury or two.


      If/when Burnett gets hurt


      If Joba gets hurt also


      That’s pretty weak, even if its only for a month or so. They still need to strike a deal w/Andy.

      • Balls Deep

        I like Aceves; but this is why they will need Pettite or Lowe or Sheets… plug in Hughes/Kennedy/Joba when and where needed. Lowe will be best option, Andy is a 1 year thing and screw his hurt feelings with all the Yankees did for him when he had the HGH issues and then when he lied about the 2nd HGH issue and they still sent out Jeter,Mo and Girardi to have his back…

  • essrancher

    Yankees definitely need another bat. Don’t waste your time and money on that strikeout artist Cameron. Go get the RBI machine of the century, Manny. Don’t worry Pettittie will come back that will round out the rotation. They are going to need to make up for the Loss of close to 200 RBI’S , with the loss of Giambi and Abreu. Even with the two last year, the offense was pathetic. They are not going to make it with the present lineup. AROD NEEDS PROTECTION NONE BETTER THAN THE GREATEST RBI MAN ALIVE , MANNY.

  • chriso

    To play RF in 2009, then DH?
    Sure, why not?
    But can Manny handle RF?
    I wish he could play 1B…