Manny and the Yanks, revised

Caldera: Ball in Pettitte's court
Chad Jennings goes long

In a meandering column on the potential landing spots for Manny Ramirez, Bill Madden revisits the Yankees as once and former potential destination for the slugger. On page two of the column, he writes that the Yanks were “ready to go at least two years and an option for Manny” had they not signed in Mark Teixeira. As we all know, Teixeira landed in New York, and in my opinion, the Yanks were better off for it.

Caldera: Ball in Pettitte's court
Chad Jennings goes long
  • Ace

    It is a gorgeous Brooklyn morning Ben. And yes, we are much better off with Teixeira. I wonder if Manny would consider pulling a Clemens and waiting til mid-season to sign with someone who needs him.

  • kevin

    i think the longer he waits to sign, the higher the chances that the yankees might swoop in sign him to a two year deal. i dont think its probable either way but the possibilities will increase as the winter ends.

    • The Evil Empire

      Exactly, there’s still a possibility, we all know Cashman had played out the scenario in his head more than once ha

      • Ace

        This would require Nady being traded immediately.

  • Rob

    8 years versus 2 years?

    That’s a no-brainer. Same production the first two years. It’s after that, perhaps as soon as year 4 or 5, they’ll have another white elephant at 1B.

    • UWS
    • E-ROC

      Did you really say another ‘white’ elephant at first base? That was not necessary. And what makes you think Teixeira is white?

  • Giuseppe Franco

    I think Madden is full of shit.

    The only guy who wanted Manny in that front office was Hank and we know he doesn’t exactly call the shots.

    Teixeira is a Hal and Cashman kind of guy for a number of reasons (ie: switch hitter, excellent defender, impeccable character, etc, etc).

    It’s safe to say Manny is not.

    The only reason they decided to take this plunge for a big bat is because it was Teixeira. They would not have been so accommodating to Manny given his baggage and the fact that they already have a DH.

  • Manimal

    I would go after Manny if we didn’t have Matsui, but he is staying in NY with a NTC and absolutely 0 trade value.

  • Cmaverick

    Sports fan
    New yorkers

    We love George for all he has meant to baseball, new York and the Yankees

    Now instead of the house that ruth built

    We have the house that George built

    Non of us knows george health

    Non of us are sure if mastui, jorge will be healthy (or someone else goes down)

    We replaced giambi and abreau with tex….even arod couldn’t make up for abreau and giambi if he was the star catch this year.

    But manny, manny can help tex make up for abreau and giambi

    Manny can protect arod and tex together

    Manny can give George his world series? in his new 1.3 billion dollar home

    Manny can do it…..just give him a place to sign up

    • Manimal

      your logic (and grammar) makes me want to puke. There is no replacing here, I don’t know why people do that. We got a switch hitting bat to hit infront of arod and a solid defensive first basemen.

      • Cmaverick


        Excuse my grammer

        But it it’s about replacing

        Yankee are one year older and in a division that has two good baseball clubs not one!

        Only pitching will be a improvement, cause of new guys and healthy Wang.

        But on offence, we just another year older, and 100 RBI less without a replacement for abreau

        And who says matsui, posada will be healthy

        All I know is I spend more on the Yankee than I do on any other team, and I just can’t bear to go through another start like two years ago and a full season like last.

        We ALL know that NYC media will flip if they miss again as will fans….and 39 million coming of payroll next year in outfield….so get manny now, cause next year there is only holiday and no other options…

        • Rebecca-Optimist Prime

          You seem to have missed the part where we, I don’t know, SIGNED MARK TEIXIERA?

          …Just saying, is all…

          • Manimal

            Lol Mark who? He can’t be that good.

            Anyways, CMaverick, You’re missing the point. You want to play the replacements game, we will play replacements.

            We parted ways with Giambi, Abreu, Moose and Pettite. Swisher potentially replaces Giambi. Swish had a down year and Giambi had an up year, but for arguments sake I will say that Swish does make up for Giambi. Abreu is replaced by Tex. Clearly Tex is the better hitter and fielder. CC replaces Moose, Moose had an up year as well so CC has an edge here. AJ replaces Pettitte which is a huge upgrade if Burnett stays healthy. Don’t forget Wang was out for a lot of last year, add in his full participation and we are SUCH a better team than last year. We had Ponson and Rasner in our rotation. Do you know where Rasner is right now? Freaking Japan. We ran him out of the country.

            Overall we do have major upgrades across the board. Switch hitter before Arod, a first baseman that saves errors and makes dirty plays, excellent young pitching and more depth on the bench.

            So yes, no need to worry. Manny is not necessary at all.

  • RichYF

    Let’s make a few assumptions for fun and determine if it’s “worth it.”

    1. Seattle takes Matsui and we pay half of his salary. Yanks get basically nothing but money. Call it $7 million “saved.” I only use Seattle because they’re paying Adrian Beltre $12 million and another $10 million to Washburn so they’re my top choice for “making bad decisions”
    2. No Pettitte. Assume $10 million “saved”

    So, would you take Manny for 2-3 years at $20 million per? Payroll is over $200 million and there #5 starter is up in the air, but the lineup is quite potent.

    Personally, if Manny can be had at $20 per for 2 + 1…and he’s HAPPY with that deal, then I’d do it. If Manny is reluctant then it’s for sure a no. I don’t know if Matsui would waive his NTC and even more importantly if Seattle would pay $7 million for him, but either way, it’s something I’d consider.

    Do the Yanks need Manny? No. Would it be hilariously awesome? Yes! I’d be interested to see the difference between Matsui + Pettitte vs. Manny.

    My gut tells me Matsui/Pettitte win out…

  • pete c.

    Manny helps a team almost exclusively as a rental,. think of Ricky Henderson in the last yaers of his cerreer. This may be the way Ramirez finishes his carreer as a true free agent. With his season starting sometime in june to mid july, if anyone can do it I bet it’s him.

  • Rebecca-Optimist Prime

    I said it last night, much to the chagrin of everyone else here: I’m perfectly content without Manny.

    • Manimal

      I agree, but imagine how content you could be WITH him.

  • 27 this year

    according to mlbtr, the cards inquired about cano and the yanks asked for wainwright and it didn’t get past 10 seconds.

    • Arman Tamzarian

      Interesting, doesn’t sound worth it though

  • Manimal

    hahahahaha, way to go cash!


    Cards inquired on Cano, but the talks ended abruptly when Cash asked for Adam Wainright. He really doesn’t want to trade anyone unless he is really impressed with the return. Same with Nady and Swisher.

    • 27 this year

      sorry, you’re a little late.

    • 27 this year

      sorry, you’re a little late.

      • 27 this year

        sorry for the double post, accident.

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