Open thread: NFC Championship Game


The Cardinals, long the laughing stock of the NFL, are playing the biggest game in franchise history today, and perhaps the biggest sports event the state of Arizona has seen involving an Arizona team since … well … a warm November night back in 2001. Donovan McNabb and the Iggles aren’t new to this NFC Championship game thing, as this will be their fifth trip to the game in the last nine years.

Does Kurt Warner have another shot at something special left in that right arm? Can McNabb continue to persevere through all the crap he has to deal with? Should be an exciting game, chat away about it here.


  1. AMS223 says:

    DeSean Jackson wins this game

  2. pat says:

    That Larry fitzgerald is pretty good eh?

  3. The Evil Empire says:

    “and perhaps the biggest sports event the state of Arizona has seen since”
    Super Bowl last year?

  4. Clay Buchholz says:

    I’m very good with laptops

  5. Joey H says:

    Eh. *Yawn* When does Baseball come? :(

  6. Manny Ramirez says:

    I need job

  7. E-ROC says:

    Ivan has to be pissed right now.

  8. The Evil Empire says:

    Mets going after Sheets? = [ I wanted him in the Bronx not Queens

  9. UWS says:

    Larry F. = unreal.

  10. Pedro says:

    Larry Fitzgerald is a beast. Maybe, just maybe Andy Reid should consider putting more than one guy on FItzgerald.

  11. Steve O. says:

    I hope Arizona loses. Horribly.

  12. pat says:

    Terrible call thats cardinal ball. Longest onside kick EVER

  13. Mike Pop says:

    So dirrrtyy by Demps.

  14. Jamal G. says:

    Donovan McNabb = Jake Peavy? As in a really good player who’s not realistically in the discussion for the best at his position in their respective sports, and is publicly perceived to shit the bed in the “big” game.

  15. Dave says:

    “Jesus Montero (right) and Austin Romine are two of the top prospects in the system, and two of the best catching prospects in baseball. ”

    I know he has a lot of talent but is austin romine REALLY one of the best prospects in baseball?? I know montero may very well be but i thought romine was more yankee fan hype.

    Frankly, in two years, i REALLY would not mind this lineup:

    Hanley Ramirez SS Right Acquired via trade
    Derek Jeter 2B Right
    Mark Teixeira 1B Switch
    Alex Rodriguez 3B Right
    Matt Holliday LF Left Acquired via free agent signing
    Nick Swisher RF Switch
    Jesus Montero C Right
    Jorge Posada DH Switch
    Austin Jackson CF Right

    CC Sabathia
    Hughes/Betances/ Brackman

    Rivera and Melancon and closer and eighth inning setup pitcher.

    Not bad huh? I think we could have the pieces to get hanley when his salary rises above 10 mil in 2010. If cano is doing well and we include him in the deal along with a couple of solid, cheap pitchers, we could snag him. I believe every one in that lineup is 30 or younger except posada, jeter and arod. Tex, Holliday and Swisher would be 30. Hanley, Montero and Ajax all in their mid or early 20s. Burnett is the only one in the rotation who is older than 30 I believe.

    • pat says:

      umm if you’re trying to trade for hanley ramirez you can pretty much put brackman betances and melancon in marlins uniforms.

    • pat says:

      For the record romine went .300 .344 .437 with 10 HR (all post allstar break) and 24 doubles as a 19 year old in his first pro season, kids pretty legit.

    • Jamal G. says:

      Yeah, I “would not mind” that roster either, dude.

    • Steve O. says:

      So, Rivera gets a new deal, I’d take JJ Hardy in FA rather than Hanley Ramirez through trade. Jesus Montero and Betances/Brackman will probably not be ready in 2 years, more likely 3, spend a whole year at each level. Other than that it seems pretty logical. Oh yeah, no way Cano gets traded for Hanley especially when Cano gets expensive for the Marlins 10 million dollar options. I doubt Jeter gets moved to 2B, more like LF, but other than that, seems pretty logical to me.

    • Jamal G. says:

      Also, he did not say Austin Romine is “one of the best prospects in baseball”, he said he and Jesus Montero are “two of the best catching prospects in baseball”. He is correct in that assessment; Project Prospect ranked the top-15 prospects behind the plate, and Jesus Montero and Austin Romine ranked 5th and 13th, respectively (personally, I would’ve ranked Romine ahead of Houston’s Jason Castro (#12), but that’s just minute squabbling).


  16. usty says:

    This game is making me smile. Stupid Philly Fans.

  17. John says:

    Apparently, Jim Rice is unhappy that the yanks spend a lot and how that cost him a championship during his playing years

    you know what, im unhappy that he’s in the HOF since he didnt deserve it! He’s just a bitter boston fan.

  18. Mike Pop says:

    This game just got good….and Akers misses, heh.

  19. Mike A. says:

    Holy schnikees. What a catch.

  20. raysam says:

    i am so happy eagles lost their fans running off their mouth on the ny blogs

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