RAB Fantasy Football League Final Update


The first annual RAB Fantasy Football League came to a close last week, and I’d have to say it was a smashing success. Managing a squad in a twenty team league took some foresight and plain old luck, but it was a blast. We’ll definitely being doing this again next year.

Resident RABer tommiesmithjohncarlos took the league title despite getting a combined 0.00 points out of his kicker and Titans’ stud Chris Johnson in the championship game. He defeated me, JSBrendog (rocks) and Punk in Drublic (run by longtime reader Aaron) on his way to the title. I settled for a seventh place finish, which I’m happy with since this is my first experience with fantasy football in about five seasons.

In the last update I bragged about my seven-week winning streak heading into a final week battle with JSbrendog to determine second place, but that probably wasn’t such a good idea. I lost by 36+ points and had to settle for the sixth seed in the postseason. TSJC then sent my team packing with a 26.86 point defeat in round one of the playoffs. Brandon Jacobs’ poorly timed knee injury is what did me in, as I was forced to start Leonard freaking Weaver in my lone postseason game.

So for triumph, TSJC’s prize was a fancy new … nothing. All he got is bragging rights, and something tells me he’ll use them to fullest extent possible. Final standing after the jump, see you next year.

  1. Tommie’s Titans, 9-5-0, 1268.84 (League Champ)
  2. Punk in Drublic, 8-6-0, 1351.30
  3. Rafi, 9-5-0, 1249.66
  4. JSBrendog (rocks), 10-4-0, 1214.18
  5. Our Daily Brett, 9-5-0, 1210.76
  6. Rae Carruth’s Hitmen, 9-5-0, 1172.56
  7. Mike A., 9-5-0, 1172.56
  8. Unstoppable Duo, 12-2-0, 1365.82 (Regular Season Champ)
  9. Tiki’s Empty Finger, 8-6-0, 1273.64
  10. groyldef2, 7-7-0, 1303.02
  11. Jamal G., 7-7-0, 1260.94
  12. baseballbackyet?, 7-7-0, 1212.28
  13. Vin R., 7-7-0, 1156.62
  14. Patrick, 6-8-0, 1172.00
  15. Cano’s Hustlas, 5-9-0, 1148.08
  16. SAMIAMSPORTS, 5-9-0, 1062.06
  17. Manimal, 5-9-0, 908.86
  18. The Highlanders, 4-10-0, 947.30
  19. GoYanks, 3-11-0, 1014.14
  20. Joseph P., 1-13-0, 733.36
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  1. Andy In Sunny Daytona says:

    Tommie’s Titans = 2006 St. Louis Cardinals.

  2. Should be working says:

    You guys are making it too easy for him.

    • Jay CT says:

      Fantasy football angers me every fricken year. I have the best record overall, a team loaded with stars, and one bad fucking week knocks me out. Then, every year I say- I am NEVER playing fantasy football again. And then I do. Ah well, I won my money league, so the thousand bucks made up for this disappointing finish!!!

  3. Bo says:

    Some truly great, original team names in there.

    The originality is startling.

  4. jsbrendog says:

    i can’t wait for next yr when i’ll actually be able to attend the live draft and pick a suitable team for the top 3

  5. Joseph P. says:

    If this league continues next year, I’m officially auctioning off my team to the highest bidder.

  6. Jamal G. says:

    I hate all of you. Only with you bunch of whores can a team that finished sixth in total points, finish outside of the top ten in standings.

  7. “TSJC then sent my team packing with a 26.86 point defeat in round one of the playoffs. Brandon Jacobs’ poorly timed knee injury is what did me in, in addition to TSJC’s far larger brain and penis that I simply am no match for in any way, shape, or form, leaving me unable to assemble a fantasy football team or pleasure a woman as effectively as he does, and thus I was forced to start Leonard freaking Weaver in my lone postseason game.”

  8. UWS says:

    Any chance of liveblogging the Tex PC for those of us stuck working?

  9. Matt says:

    I’d like to give a hearty F YOU to my first five picks, TO, Housh, Winslow, Fred Taylor, and Felix Jones. Thanks for ruining my season.

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