Rickey and the Hall


Some time tomorrow, Rickey Henderson’s phone will ring, and he will be welcomed into the Hall of Fame. In the meantime, Jack Curry takes a few minutes to honor the personality behind the man. Rickey may have been the most prolific run-scorer and base-stealer in Major League history, but he’s also one of the game’s most entertaining characters.

A quote by Don Mattingly just about sums up Rickey’s love of the game as well. Henderson, out of the Majors since 2003, played in the independent leagues for a few years, waiting for a team to call. “As great as this guy was, he’s playing independent ball?” Mattingly said to Curry. “But then it told me how much he loved to play the game. He was going to play until they tore the uniform off. You know what I say to that? Go for it.” Indeed.

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  • Ken

    Yanks should grab either Paul Byrd, Colon, or Freddy Garcia on a minor league deal (before spring training starts) as insurance if their 5th starter doesn’t perform well. We got burned last year.

  • Gene

    The Rickey article was good, and it reminded me about his stance and small strike zone. The Yankees need to invite Rickey to spring training to work with Brett Gardner. Maybe he can teach him to hit like him and get on base anyway he can. Obviously, Rickey was twice the hitter Brett could ever dream of becoming, but I would take whatever traits he could gain from him.

  • Ryan S.

    Ryan looks forward to Ricky’s HOF induction speech.

  • vinny-b

    rickey henderson = greatest player (position player) of my life time.