Yanks, other teams not interested in Hudson

Kepner, Cash talk Yankees
No rest for Kevin Long

Much like Bobby Abreu, Orlando Hudson is finding that it’s tough out there for players on the wrong side of 30 looking for a big day. Ken Rosenthal checks in on the Hudson market and finds nothing doing:

Hudson, coming off surgery on his left wrist, has resumed all baseball-related activities. He continues to seek a contract of three or more years, executives say, but ultimately could settle for a shorter term with the right team — say, the Mets or Yankees.

Both of those clubs currently are set at second, the Mets with Luis Castillo, the Yankees with Robinson Cano. A trade of either appears unlikely, but Hudson could land with another team — most likely, the Nationals — if his market in New York fails to develop.

Trading Cano and signing Hudson would work for the Yankees financially — Cano is owed $25 million over the next three seasons, and the Yankees could pay Hudson a similar figure. But the Yankees, confident that Cano will rebound from an off year, only would trade him if they received a significant return.

I’ve never been keen on the Yanks’ getting Hudson, and I’m not quite sure why so many people were willing to write off Cano’s season. In a sense, Cano’s bad season was due to luck more than anything else. His line drive and BABIP numbers suggest that he should have had a better season, and I’d much rather take the 26-year-old over Hudson.

Of course, again, if the right trade came up that happened to involve Cano, I would hope that Brian Cashman think long and hard about it, knowing that Orlando Hudson is out there. Hudson’s availability, however, does not mean the Yanks should shop Cano, and if they head into the season with Robbie at second, the Yanks should be a-OK.

Kepner, Cash talk Yankees
No rest for Kevin Long
  • http://26ncounting.blogspot.com VO

    Keep Cano, I still think he has huge upside.

  • http://www.facebook.com/home.php?ref=home#/group.php?gid=43434432275 Ace

    Cano is going to hi .325 this year with 20 HR. Write that down.

    • Brooklyn Ed

      psst…Cano is hitting that with a .345 OBP on my ps3 now. LOL

      • http://www.facebook.com/home.php?ref=home#/group.php?gid=43434432275 Ace

        Maybe I got my signals crossed and my ESP was reading your game. Damn it.

  • Brooklyn Ed

    honestly, do you think if Hudson becomes really deseprate, goes to the Yanks and tell them he would be their CFer or utilty player?

    • http://twitter.com/OldRanger Old Ranger

      Not every infielder can play the OF specially CF…see A-Rod. Even if he could, we would need to drop a player from the 40 man, is that worth it…I don’t think so? Be sides, Brett/Melkey may be better then some of you think, give them a chance…until, they prove themselves one way or another.

      • http://www.new.facebook.com/home.php?ref=home#/profile.php?id=594331910&ref=name Jamal G.

        Huh? What does ARod have to do with anything?

        • http://twitter.com/OldRanger Old Ranger

          Just pointing out the fact, some players have trouble judging fly balls that’s all. A-Rod has that problem.

      • Brooklyn Ed

        hmm Hudson did played a total of 22 games in the OF when he was in the minors.

        • http://asportsaddictneedsdivineintervention.blogspot.com/ E-ROC

          Hudson is too injury-proned to play the outfield.

  • Brooklyn Ed

    so….who was in Manhattan last Saturday and saw this?


    • http://www.new.facebook.com/home.php?ref=home#/profile.php?id=594331910&ref=name Jamal G.

      Never have I cursed the invention of boy-shorts more than I did after watching that video.

      • steve (different one)

        having trouble getting them off?


  • Dave

    Unless the yanks are offered a significant return for cano, i wouldnt want to trade him while his value is this low. And the mere fact that his value is as low as it is, suggests that no one will offer us a significant return in exchange for cano. We cannot write cano off after one season and we cannot trade him after the worst season of his career just happened because i wouldnt think any one would offer us enough value back for him. If the dodgers offer someone like kemp straight up for cano ignoring last seasons blip than I think we should do it but for no less than value like that.

    “Ben Sheets or Freddy Garcia, considering how Cashman would like to find a starter, those two players are no sure thing.”
    Which pitcher left on the FA market exactly is a sure thing? If andy is the only sure thing out there and this comment assumes that there is someone out there that is a sure thing, then, he probably deserves a little more money to be signed. And i really dont think andy is a sure thing. Wolf, Looper, Garland, Pedro? All certainly not sure things i wouldnt think, It is ridiculous to assume that any of the subpar players left on there are sure things next year – no one is ever a sure thing. I wouldnt immediately write someone off with risk as those could be the best bargains. And im prety sure jason johnson isnt even close to a sure thing and so far, he is our only attempt at filling the last starter spot.

    • Dirt

      I wouldn’t consider Jason Johnson an attempt to fill the last spot, more like filler. I would put Hughes, Aceves, IPK before him.

      Also, I think by sure thing Cashman meant health wise, meaning that Andy would be more of a sure thing for a production that someone like Ben Sheets, who may or may not be injured. All pitchers are an injury risk, but we need somebody like Andy who will take the ball every 5th day, a la last year, whereas somebody like Hughes or Sheets may not be able to go every 5th day.

  • Dave

    I know its nice to be optimistic but really, what do you expect Long to say? “After working with him most of the off-season I feel like we wasted both our time. Robbie is doomed to fail and there is nothing I can do to help him even if you doubled my salary. You might as well take him off the roster now.” I mean honestly, of course, he is going to say robbie is poised for a solid season next year. Long’s whole job is to be able to get a hitter like cano back on track. its nice to be positive and i am staying positive but Long’s words should be taken with a grain of salt. I mean there is a big conflict of interest in there when he talks about predicting robbie’s season next year, dont ya think?

  • JeffG

    “Cano’s bad season was due to luck more than anything else.” – I’m not so sure I agree. I seem to remember his lack of patience, his swinging at crap and thus his hit balls (being way off the plate) were not hit very well.
    I do think he will come back if he develops a little plate discipline. He’s a great talent and when he’s on it seems like he gets hotter than anyone. I still think he can be the best second baseman in the league.

  • Hawkins44

    I pretty much agree with everyone that cano got off to a terrible start last year and me thinks that had to do with justifying the new contract. The problem I have with Robbie is what type of defensive 2b is he going to be? I think he took a step backwards last year and the routine play with him was not routine. If you trade Robbie and Nady/Swisher for a decent CF’er and then go out and sign Hudson I think your up-the-middle defense gets MUCH better and you don’t lose too much offense (presuming you get a decent offensive CF’er)

    My .05

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

      I don’t get this at all. At all.

      You would trade your cost-controlled 26-year-old second baseman who has the ability to hit for average and power and is a pretty decent fielder along with either a cost-controlled corner outfieder or a corner outfielder who could net you a big payday at the deadline for a “decent CFer” in this market?? That would be a terrible, terrible trade for the Yankees.

      In fact, the only way I’d move Cano and Nady/Swisher in the same deal for an outfielder would be if Grady Sizemore comes to the Bronx. But that won’t happen, and anything would be one of the worst trades in recent Yankee history.

      • Hawkins44

        Ben, I hear you and I’m not suggesting moving Cano and Swisher for Reed Johnson and a bucket of practice balls. What’s the second biggest hole on this team behind the 5th starting pitcher? Up-the-middle defense…. Jeter is older, Cano is average (you said so yourself) and we don’t really have a centerfielder. Furthermore, isn’t Cano the second highest paid 2b in the LEAGUE… is that cost controlled? Sizemore isn’t coming because he’s young and affordable..but how about?

        Carlos Beltran
        Vernon Wells
        Aaron Rowand
        Gary Matthews

        I think Hudson and anyone above makes for a much better defensive club. Finally, aren’t ALL corner outfielders are cost controlled in this market…Swisher’s 7 million goes a long way…shoot, you could probably bring Abreu back…..

        You would take Pettitte’s 10 million to offset adding payroll to CF…. he doesn’t want it anyway.

        • bru

          beltran,wells,rowand,mathews are all too old & expensive.

          the only way i would move cano is for a kemp or someone similar.

          kemp right now is cheaper,2 yrs younger & will put up cano like numbers or better & is a much better baserunner.

          cano for kemp & nady/swisher,kennedy for a pitcher.

  • Dave

    Trading cano and nady for aaron roward or gary matthews? I dont think so. How exactly does that help us? Because there is no centerfielder in the market, you want to give up two solid, cheap options for guys like that. We can package nady and prospects together and land someone better than aaron rowand. Cano should not be traded unless the team is considering last year, an off year and taking him at 2007 value. No team wants to do that? Fine, we dont trade him. Trading cano now for current value is a huge mistake – we shouldnt ever sell low, especially young guys. If you are talking about a cheap, young centerfielder like kemp for cano and nady, I would start to agree but you are trading two very affordable options for either guys that are NOT as good offensively or guys that are very expensive and much older. That is the last thing we should be doing is trading cost controlled young talent for older, over-payed talent. Any one we get for nady and cano should at the very least be someone cheap and in their early to mid 20s.

  • http://yahoo jad

    Cano, Nady or Swisher, IPK, Melkey or Gardner, and a Minor League B Relief Pitcher for Sizemore. Sign Hudson. Defense just improved exponentially and we are in the World Series before the season starts. Make Cleveland an offer they absolutely cannot refuse. We have the surplus and this team will not win without a defensive CF, Catcher, and SS on the field at the same time. Sizmore fixes most of that!!!

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

      Quantity does not equal quality. If I were Mark Shapiro, I’d pretty much flat-out reject that offer.

      • http://yahoo jad

        Then sweeten the pot with Hughes. We need a cf more than a fifth starter right now. The only other option is to beg Dodgers to take him for Kemp. It is time we had another of named KEmp on this team anyway.

  • Hawkins44

    You aren’t going to get Sizemore…. and you guys are right, trading Cano probably a bad idea… but the fact remains we have a below average defensive club…. those clubs usually don’t win in October..

  • Craig

    Trading Cano is a dumb idea if you ask me. At the moment we are a team that can contend for the World Series while simultaneously developing players for the future. If Cash and the boys play this right, which I am confident that they will, the Yankees will be in a position to annihilate all competitors. We already have the money to sign whoever we want/need in the off-season and that does not figure to change. Of course, all of that money needs to be invested wisely and we have improved our decision making on FAs (fingers crossed on CC and A.J.). To compliment the cash we will soon have a farm system as rich as just about anybodies – certainly anybody that will be serious about contending with us annually. The problem is, we need to show some more patience with our young guys that come through the system. Cano will be a star for this team and Gardner and/or Melky is capable of playing a significant role in our success as well – at least defensively if they don’t overwhelm with the bat. Obviously, if we can rob a team, I am all for that. But I don’t want to see us rob a team for a position (OF) that we have the answers to. If we can add a young top of the rotation-type starter in the Adam Wainwright (already shot down) or Chad Billingsley (unlikely) mold then I can accept a semi-blockbuster trade. But short of that, lets give our guys a fair shot. Melky is definitely close to wearing out his welcome, but he is only 24 and still provides solid D in the OF. As a World Series contending team, we still have a hole and a concern or two, but trading off young players for older, costlier “upgrades” is not the answer