Joba: “I’m a starter, morons”

Swisher, Bruney shed pounds this offseason
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Okay fine, he didn’t say exactly that. Joba did talk about the whole starter or reliever thing however, and says he’s (heh) relieved to be starting:

The GM told the phenom to prepare over the winter to be in the Yankee rotation.

“That was a little calming to me because I know I’m going into that,” Chamberlain said Friday after throwing a bullpen session at the Yankees’ minor-league complex. “Physically, you’re not going to do anything differently, but the game is so hard mentally that it was nice to know that.

“You just prepare like you’re going to get 30 starts and pitch 200 innings. That’s my mindset and I got into it early.”


Chamberlain’s off-season fitness program paid special attention to strengthening his shoulder, he said.

Friday, all appeared well during an easy bullpen session. He threw 30 pitches – all fastballs and changeups – and said he’d be ready to throw his breaking pitches in his bullpen session Monday.

“Everything’s going good, just the few kinks you get in your first bullpens,” said Chamberlain, who has thrown four sessions since he arrived in Tampa last week. “You work on repeated your mechanics. But my arms, my legs, feel really good.”

This is an understated part of this whole thing. The preparation needed to go into a season as a starter is different than the prep needed to relieve. I think the most interesting thing CC Sabathia said during his press conference was that physically he had no problems starting on three days rest down the stretch for Milwaukee last year, it was all the mental preparation that wore him down. If Joba approaches his innings limit and the Yanks can’t afford to just shut him down, then move him to the pen. I think the going from reliever to starter nonsense has to stop.

Also, I feel inclined to link to this.

Swisher, Bruney shed pounds this offseason
Game used Staten Island Yankees jerseys available
  • Rich

    Part of the mental preparation is for Joba to adopt the same approach that Sabathia and Burnett now have. That is, that they have learned that they don’t need to throw every fastball at 97-98 mph, which has given them more stamina.

    • La Costco Nostra

      As soon as Joba throws a pitch under 97-98 mph, Mike Francesa will say his velocity is suffering because he’s in the rotation and that the Yankees butchered his arm because they were clueless and it blew up in their faces.

      • huuz

        As soon as Joba throws a pitch under 97-98 mph

        this already happened. people were wondering why joba’s velocity wasn’t as high as it was before his injury…joba later said that he had learned by watching from the dugout that he could take a bit off his FB and spot it better…

        “I think I actually made the most progress when I was hurt,” he said. “I got to watch a game. Being in the dugout or being in the bullpen, you can’t watch a game. You can’t see pitches and how they’re setting a guy up. I got an opportunity to watch and learn a lot.

        “If you look at the numbers of fastballs I’ve thrown since I’ve been hurt, coming back, it’s better than it has been. I’ve learned that if you can do a lot of things with your fastball, throwing hard is OK, but you can throw it up and down, in and out. I figured some things out.”

  • Tom Zig

    If Joba is in the bullpen that means he can only throw at Youkilis’ head once a game.

    • pat

      Hahaha I love how joba is in his head. Youk gets shook thinking of joba chamberlain fastballs.

      • Ryan S.

        As these two players are probably going to be facing each other a ton in their careers, its awesome that right from the beginning Joba showed Youk who his daddy is.

  • Greg G.

    Thanks for that last link, Mike. Helps one get through the dark days before the season starts.

  • John

    Appreciate the link…Great times and i hope to see a lot more these times this year by Joba and the rest of the rotation.

  • Manimal

    hah look at that Lowell video, their Amica pitch zone is so biased its not even funny.

    Anyways, Would you guys consider that the best game last season?

    • Hawkins44

      what is the link to the video?

  • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside

    Joba is a starter… Somewhere, 95% of the mainstream media sheds a single tear…

  • Hawkins44

    As one of the many moron’s out there I was HOPING he had actually said that but I did suspect otherwise…. If the Yankee brass starts waffling on this in spring training this has a chance to be a caricature…

  • RCK

    That is a beautiful, beautiful video!

  • Troy
  • TC

    I personally think the Yanks need Joba in the pen. They have enough starting pitching. Nobody else has shown that they can pitch the 8th inning. Maybe Bruney. We can only hope.

    • Steve H

      You’re wrong. There is NO WAY a pitcher capable of pitching 150-200 innings is more valuable pitching 70 innings.

    • Troy

      enough starting pitching? is there such a thing?

      The Yankees are stacked with relievers (capable relievers especially) as is. Joba in the rotation helps the Yankees much more than he does in the pen.

    • Ryan S.

      Even Mo was a failed starter. When you have a commodity like Joba, you don’t need to factor in anything (like a potentially shaky bullpen … which is debatable anyway) except what makes him the greatest possible player he can be. That’s as a starter, where he is going to throw pitch 2X or 3X more innings and take advantage of his ability to throw 4 pitches – one of which is grade-A fastball, and another is a slider that has sex with the batter’s mom before it strikes him out. If he is indeed capable of pitching 140+ innings this year, and next year 180+, there’s just no way you can argue with not utilizing his pitching ability as much as possible.

      • FL Yank

        The legendary “has sex with your mom before striking you out” slider is the only known pitch to rank above an 80. Also, that curve he used to destroy Ellsbury was probably one of the best pitches I’ve ever seen thrown. It was almost Leonardo da Vinci beautiful.

  • Dirt

    Haha, clearly the best part of that video is when Youkilis screams, “F***in’ horsehit!”

    The look on Ellsbury’s face is pretty priceless too, he looks like he’s going to cry.

    • Manimal

      That was such a great at bat, Joba goes 2-0, throws at his head(which was a foul ball) then ended up striking him out on the dirtiest slider ever. He was NOT too happy about that.

  • Doug

    once joba pitches a (hopefully) healthy 140-150 innings as a starter by the beginning of august, you move him to the pen for the stretch run. you probably wouldn’t need him as a starter for the playoffs anyway.

    • Ryan S.

      I’d probably want Joba as the #2 starter in the playoffs if it was possible.

  • Ace

    I love how every K in that video is on a slider. That thing is N-A-S-T-Y.

    Have a good day, everyone.

    • Manimal

      The curve and his beast fastball are what set it up. Sure it won’t work for ever and eventually people will figure him out but they are starter material. No reliever has those kind of quality pitches.

  • A.D.

    Thank you Yankees organization for seeing the light unlike much of the media

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