Submitted for the bench: Ray Durham

Open Thread: All A-Rod, all the time

Via MLBTR comes a Jerry Crasnick story about Ray Durham. The 37-year-old switch-hitting second baseman has fielded no offers this off-season and is mulling retirement. Of note to Yankee fans is the fact that Durham’s agent tried to pitch the middle infielder to Brian Cashman. The Yanks, however, according to Crasnick, are “looking for a bounce-back year from Robinson Cano” and turned down Durham.

Now that the Hot Stove League is drawing to a close, a few readers e-mailed us today wondering if the Yanks should revisit Ray Durham not as a potential starting second baseman but as a back-up infielder. He did after all put up a .289/.380/.432 line last year. However, his fielding splits look pretty bad. It might be worth it for the Yanks to toss a non-roster Spring Training invite his way. His should be better than Angel Berroa, but I wouldn’t put much weight on Durham in the Bronx.

Open Thread: All A-Rod, all the time
  • Artist formerly known as ‘The’ Steve

    Play him in CF. All aging infielders can play CF, right?

    • mtt

      Putting them out to pasture….

      • Artist formerly known as ‘The’ Steve

        That’s a nice way of putting it. Maybe they can let the OF grass grow a bit, so Derek has something to eat out there.

  • Pablo Zevallos

    Ugh. Another 30+ yr-old has-been on this team? Pass.

    • mtt

      At this point I’d say Ray Durham is less of a has been than Angel Berroa.

  • yankeefan91 Arod fan

    nope gruzalanek is the player i want for that bench

    • Matt

      I can see why, as his last name is nearly as long as your handle.

      I kid, I kid.

  • Paul

    nomaas made this suggestion about 2-3 weeks ago. he would be very good off the bench. he can still hit.

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  • Rick James

    The bench really needs work!! Gruzalanek..Durham..Mientkiewicz…Garciaparra..Payton…Vidro

    All players who could add “something” to the team

    • Mike Pop

      No, Dougy, Vidro, Garciaparra, and Payton I would want no part of.

      • E-ROC

        I actually like Nomar and Vidro. They would only be pinch hitting and maybe starting a couple of times to give rest to other infielders.

  • A-Rod

    A-Rod will come out stronger. I thrive on attention & I have it now. When I was out with the blond in Toronto I had my best year.

    This year will put them all to shame & maybe just maybe I’ll get some well deserved love.

  • Zack

    although Durham would be a nice bat off the bench, having one of Nady-Swisher-Matsui on the bench it’s not necessary.
    Plus as a bench IF, can he play 2B, SS, 3B? He can barely play 2B so no.

    • Glen L

      I’m thinking along those lines as well. We’ll always have one of Nady/Swisher?Matsui available to pinch hit. While I think Durham is a good bench bat with at least the ability to man 2b as a general proposition, that’s not exactly what the yanks need. They’d be better served in my opinion by picking up a strong MI defender

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  • myia

    I wish Yankee’s would pick up Durham. I have watched him since he was in minor league and I think he still has alot of game left! I am sad no one is wanting to pick him up! He is a great guy and a great player!