Boss to be at new stadium opener

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Parking at the New Stadium

George Steinbrenner doesn’t pop up too often in New York City these days. He is reportedly in very bad health, and in Joe Torre’s book, Steinbrenner comes across as suffering from either Alzheimer’s or dementia. Despite the 78-year-old’s frailty, according to Kat O’Brien, Steinbrenner will be at the Yanks’ home opener in April. Kat’s sources say George is confined to a wheelchair these days and probably won’t make a public appearance because of that. The old lion, though, will still want to see the new stadium after which he had lusted for so many years. I wonder if he’ll be able to truly appreciate the new digs.

RAB Live Chat
Parking at the New Stadium
  • John

    Does he get his own little place in Monument Park? He should imo.

    • A.D.

      I’m sure in time he will.

  • Rich

    The gratuitous revelation about George’s mental state was the most distasteful aspect of Torre’s book, by far.

    The new stadium is the house that George built. It’s only fitting that he will be there when it opens.

  • http://Pete PeteQ

    It is nice know that fans like Rich can apreciate what an impact Mr. Steinbrenner has had on the Game. He is a legend.

  • Hawkins44

    That stadium, from what I have read and seen, is George’s gift to NYC….. he will be immortalized in monument park in short order.

    • Drew

      …I hope it’s done while he is still around. He should be there to see his face embronzed next to the other yankees greats.