Joba, offense struggle against Canada

No surgery for A-Rod
Open Thread: A long day in Yankeeland

On a day filled with some bad and not-as-bad news about Alex Rodriguez, the Yanks and their fans could have used a good game. Instead, they got a nine-inning bullpen effort after Joba Chamberlain couldn’t get out of the first inning.

Of course, it’s Spring Training, and results do not matter. Apparently, the Yanks’ youngster had some mechanical troubles today but felt fine. Early on in March, pitchers are apt to be out of sync. That said, the line — 0 IP, 1 H, 5 ER, 4 BB, 0 K — is ugly, and Jonathan Albaladejo didn’t help by allowing all of his inherited runners to score.

In the end, though, Albaladejo, Kei Igawa, Brian Bruney, Christian Garcia and J.B. Cox acquitted themselves well. The group went 9 innings and allowed just one earned run and five hits. Albaladejo went two innings and gave up a run on three hits and two walks. Bruney, the only sure-thing Major Leaguer in the bunch, struck out two in one inning of work.

On the other side of the ball, the punchless Yanks’ offense managed just four hits and no runs. The highlight — if you can call it that of the day was Nick Swisher‘s drawing two walks. Thrilling.

The Yanks, still winless in March, will face the Braves tomorrow night at 7:15 p.m. The game is not to be televised, but CC Sabathia will be making his pinstriped debut.

No surgery for A-Rod
Open Thread: A long day in Yankeeland
  • J.R.

    Wow, terrible day all around. But. I’d still rather be a Yankees fan in the worst of days than a Redsox fan in the best.

  • Lanny

    All the Yankee fans that wanted a world without A-Rod can puff their chests out for a nice month. That means you Bill Madden you picket line crossing hack.

  • Rebecca-Optimist Prime

    When’s the next televised game?

  • Setsuna

    Not having A-Rod doesn’t mean the end of the world for us. Now if he gets surgery let’s hope it’s 10 weeks and not 4 months. Unlike the people from LoHud blowing this out of proportion we can manage without him. Our putching is much much better compared to last year so we’re going to need less runs to win. Our offense can certainly thrive with Matsui and Posada back. We’re not in deep trouble yet.

    • J.R.

      That said, it will be very interesting to see how the front office responds to this.

    • anonymous

      Chase Utely was told 4-6 months. He expects to be back at the 4 month mark ahead of schedule.

      Its not 10 weeks. Arods brother is an idiot.

  • Steve S

    I think the whole thing with Arod is a PR stunt to get him out of playing with the WBC.

    Am I the only one who is just sick of the WBC, its just so annoying now. Things dont get started until April 6 and then the World Series in November? Why do we need this? Its ultimately just a bunch of exhibition games. The World Cup has a long history and soccer is tied heavily to ethnic backgrounds, while baseball is really not a global sport. I mean I understand its big in Latin America and Japan but its nowhere close to what soccer is, which is what the WBC is so supposed to be emulating. I really have no rooting interest and Im more concerned about these guys staying healthy more than them playing well. Its just such a waste of time.

    • troy

      I think the same could be said of the World Cup in the 20s when it started. Have to start somewhere. Worth a try.

      • Rebecca-Optimist Prime

        I agree.

      • Matt

        Except the World Cup is awesome and the WBC absolutely sucks.

      • Steve S

        Yeah, I dont know about that because there were a lot less things going on in the World when the World Cup started. I mean the Olympics were actually interesting back then. Plus, with respect to the WBC some of the best players in the world are not playing and even some of the players who are playing in this thing arent even playing at full capacity. These World Cup soccer teams are well thought out and compromised of the greatest talent within the sport. How many pitchers are going to be permitted to pitch nine innings? Is Mariano Rivera involved? Is Mark Teixeira involved? Is CC Sabathia involved? How about Roy Halladay? Grady Sizemore? I can go on. That WOULD never happen in the World Cup. Plus I really wonder what the level of interest is in this thing in countries like Italy, Australia, South Africa, the Netherlands, etc…I mean really they are like the gimpy kids you let play so you have enough for the game. Its ridiculous. They could just do a 4 team round robin with North America, South America, the Caribbean and Asia and it would have the same level of talent.

    • Rebecca-Optimist Prime

      If the Yankees just wanted A-rod out of the WBC, there are much, much easier ways to go about it without incurring the costs, financially and legally, of faking an injury…

      • J.R.

        What if A-rod had committed to the DR and then he didnt want to play anymore?

        Then might he fake an injury? I think it would be a stupid way to get out of it, but a very A-rod way also.

        • Rebecca-Optimist Prime

          A-Rod would get into a ton of trouble with the league for faking an injury, and the Yankees too for letting him.

          • Steve S

            I was being somewhat facetious but in order to make the conversation, I didn’t say he would “fake” the injury, my comment was that the need for surgery might be an exaggeration in order to help ameliorate any of the backlash towards him backing out of it. I would agree it would be an overreaction but Arod doesnt seem to have the best PR people.

        • anonymous

          Faking the inevitable surgery is the tricky part. Might have to bring Jack Bauer in on this one.

  • Infamous


    put him back in the 8th inning!!!! Spring training game are too important to lose

  • A-rod has to go (65hughes)

    i say trade for dewitt

  • Gsloot

    does this mean that melky’s days in ny are numbered? How can they save a bench job for melky if gardner wins the cf job when they may need to add an infielder?

  • Reggie C.

    Glad to see Chris Garcia putting up zeroes. Is it definitive that he’s going to become a reliever in ’09? This kid can leapfrog EVERYBODY not named Melancon on the impact chart if the health stays strong.