Pudge willing to play other positions

Caption Contest: A.J. Burnett and an elephant
Spring Training Game Thread: Let's Play Two

Still unemployed, Ivan Rodriguez said he’d be willing to play somewhere other than catcher if it helps the team win him get a job. This one comes from MLB.com’s Joe Frisaro (h/t BTF). Other than catcher and DH, Pudge has played 55 innings at first and two innings at second in his career (both back in 2006), but he specifically mentions first base and third base as possibilities. He’s currently hitting .545-.583-1.182 for Puerto Rico in eleven WBC at-bats. If Pudge is willing to play third for a while and then settle in as the backup catcher … no, I didn’t just … no way, right?

Caption Contest: A.J. Burnett and an elephant
Spring Training Game Thread: Let's Play Two
  • Rich

    I don’t want him to catch under any circumstances because he causes young pitchers to regress by calling fastballs when the count and/or situation calls for a breaking ball. His CERA with the Yankees last year was 18.99. Obviously, that’s skewed by sample size, and maybe not knowing the pitchers enough to trust their full array of pitchers, but still…

    • steve (different one)

      i think it’s mostly skewed by being on the 2008 Yankees from August-September and not catching Moose and Pettitte….that means he drew Ponson, Rasner, Pavano, Kennedy, Geise, etc.

      not saying your larger point isn’t valid, but i wouldn’t necessarily read much into his time in pinstripes.

  • Orlando

    NO NO NO….I do NOT want any part of Pudge on our team. When Cash pulled the deal off last year (a great one at that…Farny) I was beside myself. Not so much because of the player we were getting but the fact that he was able to get rid of the Farnsworth contract. I knew that the player we were getting was wearing down yet Pudge felt that he was in the prime of his career. NO ON PUDGE!!!!

  • Yankee Rebel

    Is there any reason to believe he’d accept a back-up C role anyway..??

    • steve (different one)

      well, there is that whole thing about him being unemployed 3 weeks into Spring Training…

  • deadrody

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  • deadrody

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    • rafael

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      It’s cool though, AdBlock makes it like it never even happened. I understand the need for ads, not so much for ads that autoplay themselves (man, I hate pretty much all video on the internet, so it being an ad makes it worse).

    • radnom

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  • greg

    I don’t think he projects any better offensively than Ransom, and I’m sure Ransom would be better defensively. Also, the Yanks already have Molina to back up Posada.

    • andrew

      Yea, I agree… I like Molina and he wouldn’t have a role on the team if they worked this out and i doubt it’s bit upgrade over Ransom. If it turns out Jorge can’t catch or has some arm setbacks, then this becomes interesting.

  • A.D.

    The obvious question is can Pudge play 3rd?