Sheppard not expected at Yankee home opener

The RAB Radio Show - March 26, 2009 - Episode 20
Led Zeppelin's Houses of the Holy as a baseball lineup

Last night, we jumped the gun a bit in reporting that Bob Sheppard would be in the booth for the Yankees’ home opener. According to his wife Mary, speaking to Newsday today, Sheppard does not yet have his doctor’s permission to rejoin the Yankees. The 98-year-old is recovering from a bad bout of pneumonia, and his family and doctor do not want to risk his health. He may rejoin the Yankees when the weather in the city is warmer.

The RAB Radio Show - March 26, 2009 - Episode 20
Led Zeppelin's Houses of the Holy as a baseball lineup
  • Gary

    I cannot foresee Mr. Sheppard’s return. He is 98. 98!!! Let us recognize his greatness but accept the reality that is our present tense. But I object to Mr. Hall’s attempt to be exactly as Bob was, for it cannot be so.

  • Mike Mussina

    “He may rejoin the Yankees when the warmer in the city is warmer.”

    Edit, por favor.

    • Mike A.

      Done, thanks Moose.

  • Charlie

    I miss “the Voice of God”

  • John

    I want to wish Mr.Sheppard the best of health…Hopefully he will be able to get one more game in before retiring.

  • anonymous

    Cant he do it remotely? We have the technology.

    • andrew©

      There was an article a while back about getting him into a studio and recording him speaking for a few hours and then using all sorts of computer technology I fail to understand, they’d be able to splice together any name so that his voice could essentially announce every game forever even if he weren’t in attendance or even after he passes. A little creepy, but I found it interesting.

  • Rich

    Beating pneumonia at any age > 70 or so is a major accomplishment. I’m glad he’s doing better whether or not he ever announces again.

    • Stryker

      i agree with this.

  • Matt K

    Id love to see him come back so the crowd can give him a big hand. If he cant come back we need a bob Shepard day the man deserves it.

    • Ben K.

      The Yanks have already hosted Bob Sheppard Day. The man even has a plaque in Monument Park.

  • Bronx Baseball Daily

    I guess he’s never coming back. Really sad. I guess that’s just life.