Game 42: Bring on the Champs


The Yanks are firing on all cylinders right now, but today they’ll face the best competition they’ve seen in two weeks. The defending World Champion Phillies march into the New Stadium having won six of their last seven, and currently sport the best record in the NL East. HOWEVA, four of those six wins came against the Nationals, so the Phightin’s haven’t exactly been facing quality competition either. Today will be a good test for both squads.

We’ve got a decent amount of roster news today, so let’s recap: Chien-Ming Wang has been activated from the DL, taking the place of Jon Albaladejo, who was optioned to Triple-A Scranton. Brian Bruney, who himself is just off the DL, had an MRI this morning and is unavailable tonight. Thankfully everything checked out okay, and he’s just day-to-day. Considering that Wang was originally scheduled to start for Triple-A Scranton today, I’m thinking we’ll see CMW come in after AJ Burnett’s day is done and just finish this one out.

The lineup:

Jeter, SS
Damon, LF
Teixeira, 1B
A-Rod, 3B
Matsui, DH
Swisher, RF
Cano, 2B
Melky, CF
Cash, C

And on the mound, Allen James Burnett.

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  1. Drew says:

    AJ will have a great game today. I knows it.

  2. Drew says:

    Yo Mike, why does a team like the Pirates seem to have the fast track on a guy like Miguel Angel Sano? Why do the A’s have Inoa in their system? I know we can’t just sign everyone but I mean for these highly touted prospects, why does it seem as though we don’t make much of a play on them?

    • Mike Axisa says:

      Those kids could be working out at those teams’ Latin American complexes. Maybe they have a good relationship with the scout or int’l scouting director, could be a ton of things. It doesn’t take just money to land these kids.

      • DreDog says:

        Didn’t the Yankees think they had Inoa in the bag? Sorry I can’t site a reference, but I remember reading that it had something to do with one of the scouting guys screwing it up.

      • Drew says:

        True, thanks. Either way, can’t wait for July.

        • DreDog says:

          Here you go.
          The Yanks had him at 2.7 and the A’s went to 4.

          I guess I was wrong about someone screwing it up though, maybe.

          • Drew says:

            Damn, thanks.

            • whozat says:

              It’s also the case that being willing to pay any price for a player is not the right long-term strategy. You pay Ynoa 4.5 mil to beat the A’s, now you’re looking at that as a floor for this year’s top talent, most likely. And these kids are so far away from the bigs — and usually very over-hyped — that paying through the nose for the “top” guy every year is not necessarily the right thing to do.

              And those considerations are in addition to the fact that, in many cases, teams have a relationship with these kids for years before they’re signed. So money doesn’t always get you a guy.

              • Drew says:

                Yeah I know, it’s just frustrating. We can never get the top talent out of college/HS so I’d like to get them in International FA. Pittsburgh already gets top talent because they suck.

      • The Artist says:

        And don’t forget the Yanks Latin Scouting Director got caught up in that skimming scandal (was later cleared), so the entire operation was in disarray last year.

    • Tank the Frank says:

      Wang, Cano, Montero, Melky, Heredia, Kevin De Leon…

  3. Jeremy says:

    Let’s hope for signs of a turnaround from Wang if he pitches tonight. If he’s back to no. 2 starter form again, the rotation is just terrifying.

  4. touchtoneterriost says:

    Keep trying to put Bruney,Veras and Melchon as set-up men they can’t do it.Bruney is a journey man and can’t and hasn’t pitched a full year good or healthy.

    People can talk about starting pitchers being more important then relievers but the Yankees have a Ace starter and good pitchers but they have no one to replace a 39 year old closer.As good as the Yankees have played there bullpen has been crapping.

    The Yankees need to fill the bullpen with something if Bruney goes down.

    • LiveFromNewYork says:

      Really? none of us have thought of that before.

    • Tank the Frank says:

      Wodewful anawlasis my wittle tewowist.

    • Jeremy says:

      “Yankees have a Ace starter and good pitchers but they have no one to replace a 39 year old closer.”

      Good thing Mo can create a 26-year old simulacrum of himself using his mind, who will take over for the original Mo once he retires. Otherwise we would be hopelessly screwed.

    • Will (the other one) says:

      Keep trying to put Bruney,Veras and Melchon as set-up men they can’t do it.Bruney is a journey man and can’t and hasn’t pitched a full year good or healthy.

      1) Bruney isn’t a journeyman. He’s 27, has played for six years, and has been with a total of two teams. And since the beginning of 2007 (when he was 25 on Opening Day), he sports a 3.47 ERA with an 85/55 K/BB ratio, striking out more than eight per nine innings. Brian Bruney CAN do it.

      2) Mark Melancon has pitched a total of 3.1 big-league innings. THREE-point-ONE. He’s 24 and is owning AAA, having struck out 42 and walked 8 (that’s right, eight) at that level over the last two years. You’re right about Jose Veras, but that’s where I draw the line.

      …the Yankees have a Ace starter and good pitchers but they have no one to replace a 39 year old closer.

      I applaud you only for not daring to mention His name. But you forgot to mention that Mariano Rivera isn’t just a “39 year old closer;” he’s the pitcher many fans identify as the greatest of all time. Just because we can’t see a prospect in the system who’s ready right this instant to slide in and take his place doesn’t mean the sky is falling.

  5. YankeeScribe says:

    Peter Gammons called Yankee Stadium “one of the biggest jokes in baseball” today. Did he not notice that 5 HRs were hit at Fenway last night?

    • Tank the Frank says:

      He did not! That has to be taken out of context or something. He’s an uber homer but he’s always been classy.

    • Jeremy says:

      Seriously. Does he believe that MLB would be ok with Fenway were it built today?

      Just a bizarre comment even by Gammons’s standards. I’m sure his “player sources” are from teams who the Yankees demolished.

    • DreDog says:

      How does he get away with this crap? Like having a huge wall in short left is hallowed or something.

    • Tank the Frank says:

      I’d like to see a link to burn my rage that much deeper…

    • YankeeScribe says:


    • Jeremy says:

      So if the Yankees win the World Series this year, it will not actually count because:

      1. They bought the title
      2. ARod used steroids

      and now:


    • Tank the Frank says:

      I’d be interested to learn how the Stadium fares when you take away that series against the Indians. I know it’s not fair, but that series is what really brought this to the forefront. It was rather flukey weather from what I heard and the Wang start really hurt. The pitching in the first homestand was terrible.

  6. The Artist says:

    Win tonight will be our longest winning streak since . . . . that’s right, the greatest team most of us born after 1939 were old enough to see, the 1998 New York Yankees.

    1998 team had a 9 game streak, tonight would make 10.

  7. Drew says:

    Damnit, no Singleton tonight..

  8. BigBlueAL says:

    Wow Moose is getting a Yankeeography.

    • whozat says:

      Well, he is one of the more successful free agent signings of the last 10 years. And he was on the team for eight years.

      • Joey H. says:

        Yeah. I think equating success is by adding up championships. Sure I loved him on the Bombers and he did a good job but no championship.

  9. Tank the Frank says:

    The Phils will be looking to take some pitches tonight with our short bullpen. AJ needs to be in attack mode and be efficient.

  10. Mr. Rodriguez says:

    CMW the latest weapon in the yankee bullpen

  11. Drew says:

    ohhhh fuck me. Come on!

  12. The Artist says:

    Wow, that was fast.

  13. Anyone else’s cable completely go out? Time Warner-Brooklyn here. Was about to head up to the Stadium when my buddy had to cancel on tonight’s game, and then my cable completely went out like 10 minutes ago. Frustrating.

  14. BigBlueAL says:

    CMW might be throwing a shitload of innings tonight.

  15. Joey H. says:

    Oh my. Well he isn’t getting paid to pie faces, he’s getting paid to pitch good ball games.

    • The Artist says:

      If Burnett will be getting that low breaking ball called for a strike like he just did, he will be V-E-R-Y tough tonight.

      • Joey H. says:

        Absolutely. I was shocked he got that pitch. Not because it wasn’t a strike but because they usually don’t get that call.

  16. SouthernYankeeFan says:

    not a good start at all.

  17. Drew says:

    Before everyone jumps off a bridge, let’s see how the inning goes.

  18. SouthernYankeeFan says:


  19. The Artist says:


    Giambi makes that play, easy.

  20. Dave says:

    I got a goooood feelin about AJ tonight after those last 3 ab

  21. WesternYankeeFan says:

    Looks like Teixeira wants another gold glove.

  22. zs190 says:

    Eh, it started bad but he gave up one run and threw 16 pitches, I think he goes at least 6 tonight.

  23. Mike Axisa says:

    Brett Myers beat his wife once, but there’s nothing funny about that.


    /Peter Griffin’d

  24. Joey H. says:

    Does Myers use those fighting skills to beat up his wife?

  25. SouthernYankeeFan says:

    jeter says F You

  26. Mike Axisa says:

    Maybe if Myers spent more time trying to get Jeter than hit him, he wouldn’t have a 4.50 ERA.

  27. WallyPipp says:

    I hope the old David Justice pre-Yankees chant’s return for Mr. Myers.

  28. SouthernYankeeFan says:

    that was a strike??

  29. The Artist says:

    Phillies have the “Best defense in Baseball” because they lead the league in ERRORS?

    Anyone have their team UZR handy?

  30. Joey H. says:

    Meh. Well lets watch A-Rod tee off.

  31. DreDog says:

    Just curious, but where do you think these baseball players find their hot wives?

  32. Drew says:

    Could really use a teix message.

  33. Joey H. says:

    So are you guys rooting for the Mets or the Sox? Personally it’s a win win for me.

  34. Joey H. says:

    That hook looks awfully good tonight.

  35. SouthernYankeeFan says:

    anyone else see that hot blonde in the background behind tex?

  36. Dave says:


  37. WesternYankeeFan says:

    That one hurt.

  38. Dave says:

    Is it just me, or does everyone else really, really want these games? Like, almost to the degree of redsox games.

    • WesternYankeeFan says:

      I want the Yanks to get Brett Myers. If they have to lose to a Phillies starter, couldn’t it be Hamels instead of Myers?

    • John R says:

      Yeah, i know what you’re saying, they’re defending champs, how sweet would it be to win the series, or even sweep?

  39. Joey H. says:

    Wow. AJ sucks. Ruiz? Really? This is a joke.

  40. SouthernYankeeFan says:

    fuck man

  41. Mike Axisa says:

    Carlos Ruiz? Really?

  42. Drew says:

    C’mon AJ. Buckle down.

  43. Slugger27 says:

    why the hell are there so many phillies fans?

  44. Bob Stone says:


  45. WesternYankeeFan says:

    Throw more fastballs AJ!

  46. Joey H. says:

    Open the door for CMW.

  47. Drew says:

    I’m blaming the rough beginning on Cash!

  48. Arod, all the time says:


    Selig needs to shut this little league field down, pronto. What a fuggin embarrassment.

    • Joey H. says:

      Oh but when the Yankees mash the ball out of the park it’s all good right?

      • Arod, all the time says:

        The Yankees have a history of stadium design that supports their strength, in most cases: teams full of power-only DH’s. But this time they’re making a mockery of the game, so it’s different.

        ENOUGH! Shut the joke down!

        • Joey H. says:

          Oh yeah because they totally designed the ball park for the ball to fly out. Changing the dimensions and everything. Please examine what you are saying.

          • Arod, all the time says:

            I agree. That’s why they should shut it down, because its build was intentional.

            • Joey H. says:

              *ZOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM* Right over your head! Burn it down!!11! Burn it down!1!!1!!

              • Arod, all the time says:

                No, don’t burn it. Turn it into an amusement park or something. Think kids. Think those kids having a game of wiffle ball in a once-real ML stadium. Think of those kids hitting wiffle balls over the right field wall. Yeah, just like the babe! It’s perfect, I tell ya!

    • The Artist says:


      And after we shut down Yankee stadium we can get them to all wear cotton uniforms, like George Costanza suggested. THAT’S WHAT’S WRONG WITH THIS TEAM! POLYESTER!!!

  49. John says:

    let’s go offense!

  50. Drew says:

    3 runs, 35 pitches!! Bring in Teh Wang!1!!

  51. mustang says:

    3 runs in the homer park in the bronx is nothing.

  52. Joey H. says:

    Anyone else find the Mets’ lineup for this evening amusing and puzzling?

  53. Conan says:

    Bring on the bandbox stories…

  54. John says:

    From Jayson Stark:

    Data shows the wind effect might be less dramatic than popularly believed. For instance:

    Of the 70 outside-the-park home runs hit at the new park through Wednesday, only three were estimated to have carried an additional 10 feet or more because of wind. And all three were hit on the same day (April 18).

    Only 12 homers were estimated to have carried an extra 5 feet or more because of the wind (four of those 12 were just hit Tuesday and Wednesday, by the way) — but seven actually had their distance knocked down by 5 feet or more because they were hit into the wind.

    And of those 70 home runs, 27 would have been home runs in all 30 parks in baseball, 43 would have been homers in at least 25 of the 30 parks and all but 18 would have been home runs in at least 20 of the 30 parks. Just two were judged to have been homers only in Yankee Stadium.

    • LiveFromNewYork says:

      I’ve read similar things. I even heard some convoluted analysis from that annoying Russ guy on My 9 that showed that it’s a bit of a myth…

      And if it’s a hitter’s park, WE play there more than anyone else SO WHAT IS THE PROBLEM???

      • John says:

        well, the opponent plays there at the same time too.

        Anyway, this shows that the hitters are simply hitting the ball well or the pitchers are just making a lot of mistakes.

    • Mike Axisa says:

      The important thing is to see how this place plays once the Old Stadium is torn down, because that will effect how the wind goes over top the Stadium. If they move the walls back this offseason, the place could very well turn into Petco once the old place is torn down.

      • Joey H. says:

        Really? For some reason I can’t seem to understand how that works. Wouldn’t the demolition of the old park create more of a wind current making the balls fly out more?

        • Conan says:

          Isn’t it being torn down next year?

        • Mike Axisa says:

          Oh, I’m not saying it’ll definitely do that, I have no idea. I’m just saying it’s possible. The point is that the New Stadium isn’t in it’s final condition yet, we have to see how the demolition of the old place affects it.

      • The Artist says:

        Right, they think that wind patterns will change then and some offsetting winds blowing IN will make it play like the old place.

        They still should restore the walls to their old curvature, or at least make them a bit higher.

        • woodchuuk says:

          right on…the ‘up to 9 feet closer’ thing is the main problem in right I believe.

  55. pc69 says:

    Well this is not going according to plan. When is AJ going to start pitching like he is in an opt out year or contract year because this Florida Marlin crap is killing us.

  56. Drew says:

    How did I know Shef would do his thing up in Fenway? :)

  57. The Artist says:

    Mike A, help me out with this question.

    When the IFA deadline is over, the Yanks will have signed which players?

    • Mike Axisa says:

      I couldn’t tell you the name of one player on the market this year. I don’t pay attention to it until the Yanks sign some guys.

  58. Drew says:

    Oh Johan, remember when you left the AL?

  59. Dave says:

    AJ looks like Victor Zambrano out there

    • Mike Axisa says:

      Oh hells no, Victor Zambrano on his best was AJ today.

    • The Artist says:

      Speaking of Victor, Kazmir was put on the DL today.

      Still one of the worst trades in Baseball history. Had the Mutts NOT made that trade, they probably make the WS in 2006 and the playoffs each of the past two years. THEY would be the best team in town, and the Yanks would be playing catchup.

  60. BigBlueAL says:

    Dunno if anyone knows, or cares, but Ive noticed no Jerry Remy on the NESN broadcasts lately, anyone know what is up????

    • Drew says:

      Health issues.

      • BigBlueAL says:

        Thats what I assumed. Even though I obviously hate the Red Sox I enjoy their broadcasts on NESN and Remy was the reason why. Hope he recovers soon.

    • Bob Stone says:

      Recovering from a bad bout of pneumonia. he had surgery for lung cancer last year.

  61. Alex S says:

    hahaha guy behind harry kalas went nuts

  62. John says:

    cash has one hit all year right? how horrible

    • handtius says:

      Why is Cash in a game to begin with? What’s the problem with giving Cervelli all the start till Po comes back? (besides like a game a week)

      And…nice way to work his pitch count guys.

  63. justin says:

    this is awful…Brett Myers ain’t this good…in fact Brett Myers ain’t very good at all. Seventeen pitches last two innings good job Yanks

  64. Dave says:

    Still waiting for that inevitable mike myers implosion I keep hearing about…

  65. Dave says:

    Matt Stairs. Physical Specimen.

  66. justin says:

    cash is terrible…at least call up someone who can block a ball behind the plate…how in the name of god did he catch tim wakefield

  67. Conan says:

    AJ- nice job making a guy who hit .219 last year look like Johnny Bench tonight.

  68. BigBlueAL says:

    Carlos Ruiz dominating this game.

  69. Conan says:

    Ruiz – new Yankee killer

  70. Drew says:

    C’mon let’s get something going this inning.

  71. Mike Axisa says:

    I wonder how Johan likes facing an AL East lineup. 53 pitches through 3.

  72. Joey H. says:

    Okay folks. What are the circumstances under which you would be comfortable or want CMW in the game?

  73. John says:

    If you could pick ONE player from all of baseball history to be on the Yanks right now, who would it be? Take into account the player being replaced (like is it worth having Gehrig replace Tex when we could have DiMaggio replace Melky/Gardy?)

  74. Bob Stone says:

    Easy – Mantle for Melky/Gardner

  75. JobaWockeeZ says:

    Am I seriously hearing boos to A-Rod?

  76. Mike Axisa says:

    Keep watching it Alex, it might hit itself.

    • V says:

      The 1-1 curveball should have been called a ball, but the 1-2 fastball was a total meatball.

    • BigBlueAL says:

      LOL wow Mike showing frustration this early in the game!!!! I like it!!!!

  77. yankees=warriors says:

    Is this the first time our players have faced Meyers?

  78. Joey H. says:

    This curve. Oh my. I heard someone on WFAN that said if his curve was on tonight it was going to be a LONG night.

  79. pc69 says:

    Wow. Bats are a little slow tonight. 2 on, lets see a base hit and get on the board.

  80. Joey H. says:

    Maybe they are just sizing up the big hook. It looks incredibly hittable.

  81. V says:

    I hate ‘patience’ that comes with watching hanging curveballs in 1-0 counts.

  82. Drew says:

    It’s okay, at least Robbie is hitting 7th.

  83. BigBlueAL says:

    Honestly no pitcher should ever throw Swisher a fastball. Anything that is not a fastball and Swisher has no chance in hell. Also please stop putting him ahead of Cano in the lineup!!!!

  84. Drew says:

    Mets 3-1!

  85. justin says:

    Well at least they didn’t go on < 10 pitches this time

  86. Joey H. says:

    Well he has settled in nicely. How many pitches?

  87. justin says:

    Burnett’s curveball = hammer from god…too bad he didn’t have a fastball for the 1st 2 innings

  88. pc69 says:

    Ok, Burnett seems to have settled down. Now need to get those bats going. Very weak swings so far.

  89. John says:

    Howard HR here?

  90. Joey H. says:

    Okay. Lets not make a mistake here. Get him to roll over one and get out of the inning.

  91. pc69 says:

    God I wish Tex was a gold glove fielder.

  92. Mike Axisa says:

    I’m sorry, but anyone that says defense is underrated is just retarded. Tex has saved the Yanks who knows how many runs this year.

  93. V says:


  94. Accent Shallow says:

    Really? Werth?

  95. handtius says:

    what the balls, what the fucking balls.

  96. justin says:

    again…seriously…does cash know anything?

  97. Mike Axisa says:

    Can the Raul Ibanez dick sucking festival stop soon?

  98. The Artist says:

    Ooof. 5 more years of this shit.

  99. Drew says:


  100. Conan says:

    Let’s start using humidors

  101. Bob Stone says:

    This has gotten ugly early!

  102. V says:

    Pull him, put Wang in.

  103. justin says:

    AJ only has 2 pitches…if one isn’t working he’s screwed

  104. BigBlueAL says:

    OK I’ll be the first to say it, Derek Lowe shouldve been signed instead of AJ!!!! Espcially playing in the HR friendly new Yankee Stadium (granted obviously nobody knew it was gonna be like this).

  105. pc69 says:

    Looks like the streak ends and a new one will have to start tomorrow. Burnett lost whatever he had at the beginning of the inning.

  106. dudes says:


  107. John says:

    one batter too late, I knew a HR was coming. If not Howard, then its Werth

  108. justin says:

    who cares how many people he k’s if all the hits he gives up are HR’s?

  109. handtius says:

    Where’s the guy who said Doc changed him? Got him to realize he doesn’t have to throw threw a wall if he locates. He’s locating alright, right into the Phillies bats.

  110. Drew says:

    5-0 people. The game is far from over.

    • handtius says:

      I don’t think it’s over, I’m just a little put off by these runs scored against us.

  111. yankees=warriors says:

    I think not being able to hit Meyers is worse than watching AJ implode.

  112. Conan says:

    Howard and Utley haven’t even joined in the act yet.

  113. Joey H. says:

    Time to start capitalizing on these errors. Or else it will be the game of missed chances.

  114. Seven strikeouts: good.
    Five runs: bad.

  115. John says:

    too late for AJ to develop another pitch?

  116. pc69 says:

    The bats fell asleep tonight. WTF!

  117. Drew says:

    Too early to PH for Cash? lol

  118. Dave says:

    Cash = The Jose Veras of the position players.

  119. justin says:

    this game may get close but it just doesn’t feel like the Yankees have a chance in hell…I’d bet its turns out to be one of those deceiving win shares charts

  120. jonathan says:

    How is Brett Myers doing this to us?

  121. V says:

    Cash is not a major leaguer.

  122. yankees=warriors says:

    Once Posada or Molina comes back, can we just release Cash?