Yanks lose low scoring affair to ChiSox

Let's play two!
A look at trade deadlines past: 2007

The good news: the good Andy Pettitte showed up last night. The bad news: the offense didn’t. Blame the umpire if you will — the Yanks did strike out looking seven times — but it was an all around poor offensive effort. It’s tough to win games when you only score two runs, and the Yankees weren’t an exception tonight. They tied the game up late, but lost in the bottom of the ninth, 3-2.

Pettitte did his part. He allowed just five baserunners over 6.1 innings. He threw strikes all night, 71 percent, which again was partly owed to the unnecessarily large strike zone. It resulted in eight strikeouts and two runs, one of which was unearned amid an inning full of defensive mistakes. While the walk-off put the nail in the coffin, that one inning did in the Yanks.

The seventh started off oddly, with Pettitte slipping while in pursuit of a Jim Thome tapper. What should have been an easy out netted the Sox a baserunner. Pettitte recovered with a strikeout, but then A.J. Pierzynski smacked one A-Rod‘s way, and it hit off his glove for a single. That was it for Pettitte.

Phil Hughes almost brought the inning to an end by inducing a ground ball right to A-Rod. He tossed to Cano, who could have gotten Carlos Quentin if not for Pierzynski’s slide, which caused him to throw off-line. Teixeira couldn’t corral it in time and Thome scored the go-ahead run. WIth Gavin Floyd rolling, things looked a bit dark for the Yanks.

The top of the ninth did little to lend optimism. Both A-Rod and Matsui struck out swinging to start the inning. That left Nick Swisher, 0 for 3 at that point with three strikeouts himself. But on an 0-1 count, Matt Thonton put one in Swisher’s wheelhouse, and it left the park, tying the game.

The bottom half wouldn’t be so kind. After getting Jermaine Dye to pop up to Jorge Posada, Phil Hughes gave up two straight singles, a bouncing ball towards no one in particular to Jim Thome, and a legit shot to Paul Konerko. Girardi called on Phil Coke, who got A.J. Pierznyski to fly out, but gave up a game-winning single on an up the middle line drive to Dewayne Wise.

It’s always tough to lose these games, but they happen here and there. Could Girardi have gone to Mo in the ninth? I think it’d have been a better decision than pitching him with a four-run lead on Wednesday night. Again, with the winning run in scoring position — as in, if he scores the game is over — you want your best guy on the mound so you have a chance to fight another inning. Managers never do that, so I’ve come to grips with it, but it still irks me every time. Especially, again, when said closer pitched with a four-run lead the night before.

As the Yanks have proven, the bats can come alive after a dead night, and that’s what they’ll hope for tomorrow. It’s Sergio Mitre vs. Clayton Richard. Splitting the four-game set with Chicago would be nice at this point, so a win tomorrow could go a long way.

Let's play two!
A look at trade deadlines past: 2007
  • Pastafarian

    We’ll get em tomorrow

  • suppository

    hopefully the offense smashes Richard…

  • Dela G

    That was painful

    Tomorrow i expect 6-7 runs

    • ranger11

      I’m sorry to say we might need that with Mitre pitching.

  • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike Axisa

    Shake it off, forget about it, come out ready to go tomorrow.

  • Charlie

    oh well, it wasn’t a horrible game but the yanks struck out way too much and a lot of the calls they argued about looked like strikes. then there was the bad defense in the 7th inning (cano’s bad throw had nothing to do with the slide, he just rushed it).

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Joseph Pawlikowski

      Yes, but it looked like he rushed it because Pierzynski was coming right at him.

      • Charlie

        yea, it might have had something to do with it considering how adept Cano is at turning DPs when i think about it. I just don’t want to give him an excuse for how awful that throw was.

        • Rick in Boston

          Cano makes turning the DP look so smooth that it’s easy to forget that 2B really do put their careers on the line every time they’re in the middle it. I never played the game past high school, but I was a 2B and it can be worrisome when there’s somebody barrelling in on you and your knees with your back or side to them.

          • Bo

            Sometimes you got to eat the ball and don’t make the throw.

  • Charlie

    did it seem like kay and leiter were disagreeing a lot this game? And i hate to say it, but kay was right on a couple of things. Like players slamming their bats. Who gives a shit, its a bat and its frustrating to get out in a key situation (or as leiter calls it, “fustrated”.

    • Zach

      dont we always make fun of youk for doing it?

      • JGS

        yea, but that’s because he has a ridiculous goatee

    • VO

      I think Leiter was actually mad because of who did it in particular.

  • Accent Shallow


    Floyd is a charlatan, so you have to score off him. Hopefully they’ll get Richard tomorrow.

  • Salty Buggah

    Oh well. We lose some tough ones over the course of a season. You just come back tomorrow and hope to win the series from here by winning 3.

    We can blame the defense I guess for the loss, as they allowed an unearned run. However, we still tied the game afterwards and the Phils lost it. You can’t assume we win if we don’t allow the run. The whole predetermined outcome thing comes in. Could we have won if we didn’t allow it yes, but you never know (maybe Swish doesn’t HR and our offense stays anemic). Oh well.

    I hope those who freaked out/were about to jump off the ledge after the sloppy 8th learn (if any more evidence is needed) this team never gives, as seen by the Swish HR with 2 outs. We lost? Yes. But you look at the silver lining. I mean this is our 3rd loss since the AS break.

    But who am I kidding, those people have already started (as witnessed by the game threads) bashing our offense, defense, and Coke. Oh well.

  • Mike Pop

    Splitting the four-game set with Chicago would be nice at this point, so a win tomorrow could go a long way.

    I want 3-1, don’t be satisfied with mediocrity Pawlikowski. Not a good way to live your life.

    • Bo

      Why settle?

  • John K.

    I’ll be very interested to see whether the Yanks throw at Pierzynski at some point in the next three games, or maybe look for an opportunity for a hard slide at home.

    • Charlie

      why is that necessary? I don’t think the slide was all that dirty, he didn’t spike cano or go at him far away from the base. His arm got a little close to cano, which may or may not have been intentional, and that’s it. You don’t want to slide hard into home unless you have to either, cause there’s a big injury risk doing that.

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike Axisa

      No need to throw at him. He’s an ass, but beating them is better.

      • KayGee

        I agree no need to throw at him. I did think the slide (tumble) was a little dirty. Going in hard is 1 thing…going in LATE like that and throwing ur arms upcould be a lot more dangerous and of course AJP is the 1 doing it….beating them is the best retaliation

        • Mike HC

          I didn’t see it as a dirty play. He didn’t go out of his way to intentionally hit Cano. He just forced Cano to move out of the baseline to make the throw. The dirty play would have been to stick out his leg or something.

  • yankees=warriors

    We’re bound to lose a game like this after winning so many close games, so it doesn’t hurt that much.
    Plus, now Hughes can finally get a haircut!

    • Charlie

      its a loss, though, so it still hurts a little. Right when they lost, i looked around for something to punch or for a room to curse in where my little sister wouldn’t hear me, but then i realized they’re still in first place by 2.5.

      • yankees=warriors

        Yeah, I understand, I wasn’t so calm when that ball was hit too.
        How great and smart of you to think of your sister. There are definitely more important things than letting out your frustration after a tough loss!

  • bobmac

    I don’t listen to Kay.I mute my tv and have earphones hooked up for when I need to hear something.This is sad but that’s the only way I can handle Kay being Kay these days.Anyway,we lost tonight.Could we have won ten different ways,uh yeah.So I am in the don’t look back it’s alright Dylan mode for you old timers out there.We’re up by 2 and a half and I think we’ll blow them away.The team is a team and that couldn’t be said for the last four years or so.There’s a tweak from Cashman either on the deadline or in August coming our way.Bottom line I’ll see you all in October for the real fun.

  • Charlie

    does anyone know why leiter says “fustrated”. does he have some kind of speech impediment or does he actually think that’s how its pronounced? Usually he’s a decent commentator, but he needs to learn how to say that word

  • Charlie

    “a legit shit?”

  • Jake K.

    “A legit shit to Paul Konerko.” Classic.

  • BigBlueAL

    Reading yesmichaelkay’s tweets after the game tonight has just made me wet my pants.

    • Charlie

      why, what’d he write?

      • BigBlueAL

        First tweet: Hey fans! Winning after blowing a lead is bad! It’s debilitating! The team sags! Like my tits! OH WHAT A MORON I AM!

        2nd tweet: Hey fans! OH WHAT A WIN FOR THE WHITE SOX! Am I the White Sox play by play guy? I DON’T CARE! I LOVE A WALK-OFF WIN! WHO BUT!

  • http://www.puristbleedspinstripes.com Rebecca-Optimist Prime

    A legit shit, Pawlikowski?

    YES lets you get away with that?

  • ranger11

    Why did you change shit to shot? It really fit after this game.

  • Mark

    Did everyone check out nomaas some good lol’s over there with their little intro speakers on everyone.

  • Jake H

    It was just a bad game. Field was wet and Andy slipped then Tex slipped too. While I don’t think that AJ’s slide was dirty it was pretty borderline. He was more running through the bag then sliding. I would have no problem with them not throwing at AJ but taking out one of the middle infielders very hard to get pay back. If AJ’s teammates start complaining about some of the bs that he pulls he probably will back off a bit.

    I do wonder if Coke didn’t slow the ball down if Melky gets to the ball quicker and throws the runner out.

  • zs190

    Felt like the terrible strike zone got the hitters off their game today. A lot of terrible swings last night, Floyd is a decent pitcher but he doesn’t have the stuff to make our guys look that silly. We’ll get a different ump today and Richard is not as good as Floyd, today ought to be a good scoring game.

  • Kiersten

    We’ve gotten spoiled, every loss stings.

  • Nady Nation

    Not too concerned with the outcome last night. We’ve had our fair share of walk-off wins to enjoy this year, so I can’t really complain with one loss of this variety. I am, though, very encouraged by Andy’s performance since the All-Star break. His stuff looks sharper, and his control has been much better (23:3 K/BB ratio). If he can pitch the way he has throughout his career during the 2nd halves of seasons (last year excluded), the team will be in great shape down the stretch.

  • JohnC

    Tough loss, but those are gonna happen. The only problem I had last night was after Melky’s leadoff double in the 3rd, why wasn’t Molina bunting there to get the runner over for Jeter? Could see the way both pitchers were pitching that runs were gonna be scarce last night. Consequently, Jeter’s ground ball would have score the run.

    • Jake H

      I was thinking of that also.

  • Frank

    A couple of clutch hits and better defense and Yanks win the game. But when the 3-7 hitters go 1-19 with 11 Ks, it’s tough to win. That said, Floyd pitched a hell of a game as did Pettitte.

    • V

      When that many Ks are looking, I think it hurts the patient team more than the not-patient team.

  • Chantmaster

    Any chance we can slap back with a “YOU DO STEROIDS” chant when Ortiz is at the plate at yankee stadium? everyone remembers when A-ROD was at bat at fenway and the fans pummled him with that right? Thats going to be awesome

  • GG

    That strike zone was just ridiculous, those outside strikes getting called all night are the only reason we loss….Half of Floyd’s K’s should have resulted in a BB

    • Rick in Boston

      According to PitchFX (from BrooksBaseball):

      Pettitte: 24 strikes outside of defined strike zone
      Floyd: 13 strikes outside of defined strike zone

      The Yankees hitters didn’t adapt to the strike zone that the home plate umpire was calling. Pettitte and Floyd got the same strike zone.

      • JohnnyC

        I agree. The Yankees hitters never adjusted. Although Pettitte got more strikes called out of the zone, what really kills me is that Floyd’s strikes were almost all on the same pitch, that roundhouse curve that broke around the plate. If our batters had been more observant, most of those pitches could have been slashed into the left field corner.

        • Chris

          You can say they shouldve adapted, but the strike zone was just plain terrible. There was a good 6-7 extra inches and a lot more of the Yankees were getting squeezed.