Hairston arrives, Shelley send down


T-Kep has the news. I assume Xavier Nady was moved to the 60-day DL to free up a 40-man spot. For the sake of completeness, Chien-Ming Wang was 60-day DL’d yesterday to make room for Shelley. Our Depth Chart has been updated to reflect all of the recent activity.

So, Cody Ransom has to go when Brett Gardner comes off the DL, right? Right?!?

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  1. Drew says:

    Thems the breaks Shelley.

  2. Manimal says:

    Hes playing left field today, giving Damon a well deserved day off(Collision into the wall yesturday probably shook him up a bit)

    Ransom at first and Tex DH :| Why is Ransom still playing baseball…

  3. RichYF says:

    I’m just going to guess that Shelley went down because he has an option and Ransom’s days are numbered. If he’s not DFA’d when Grit comes back, then that is a serious lapse in judgment on management’s fault.

  4. Andy In Sunny Daytona says:

    Shelley mad. Shelley break. Shelley smash bat. Shelley eyes leak. Shelley sad.

  5. Manimal says:

    I thought I heard Kevin Cash is done for the season? Couldnt we put him on the 60 day DL?

  6. Ransom says:

    Why exactly am I still on this team? The Yankees do realize they can just put Swisher at first and Hinske in right. Also, do they realize that Hinske has a lot of experience at first base and third base? They could put Hinske at first instead of me too. And when Arod needs those weekly rest days, just stick Hinske at third, (if for some reason Hairston needs to man the outfield and Hinske can’t do it) NOT ME!

    • Because you bat righthanded and Hinske bats lefthanded.

      Relax, you’ll be gone by the end of the month.

    • Neil says:

      You have those photos of Girardi in a compromised situation! Why would they screw with Duncan so bad? I’m supposed to believe Duncan with four at bats couldn’t do more than Ransom did today? I heard today that Paul Byrd is still a free agent. I know he’s not an ace but isn’t he basically Sergio Mitre with a little more guile and experience? Worth a try.

  7. Billy says:

    does shelley have any options left?

  8. stuart says:

    shelly has options.. I assume Danks is real good against lefties on the Hinske front…

  9. AMS223 says:

    Shelley Duncan off of Danks: 1-1 with a HR and 2rbis and a BB

  10. cvatp says:

    Cash can’t go to the 60 Day DL because he wasn’t injured in a major league game. It is similar to Ian Kennedy’s situation. He is also not eligible for the 60 Day. Neither is Christian Garcia who just had surgery this past week and is done until next spring. Kind of sucks to have 3 players on the 40 man who can’t even suit up in the minors right now.

    The Hairston pick up does very little if anything. Horrible move. Cody Ransom fills his role very well. His BA is down, but that’s expected of someone playing only twice a week who missed a month and a half on the DL and is likely still not healthy. Still, Ransom can play 6 positions if you need him to, he has great speed so he can pinch run, and he hit 17 HRs (led AAA Scranton) last season, even with his 2 months in NY. He was our only AAA All Star. Give the guy a break. His BA fits right in with the line up that features only two guys (Jeter, Cano) hitting over .300.

    I think Hinske and Swisher are poor defenders who are both hitting below .250, and one of them should go, if Hairston is still around in two weeks when Gardy is back. Not to mention we still have good old Jose Molina, if you really want to talk about wastes of space.

  11. GG says:

    Today’s lineup is ridiculously weak

  12. Our Depth Chart has been updated to reflect all of the recent activity.

    Shouldn’t Hinske be listed primarily as Swisher’s backup at RF rather than ARod’s backup at 3B?


  13. Accent Shallow says:

    I am going to be far too happy when Gardner returns and Ransom is DFAed.

    Of course, the way things are going, they’ll DFA Hairston to keep Ransom.

  14. cvatp says:

    That’s what they should do. Clearly Hairston isn’t a valued commodity right now, we gave up only our 5th or 6th best catcher in the organization to get him, and even playing everyday in Cincy, I don’t think his numbers look that great to me. Chances are he’s the same player (at best) when you compare him to Ransom, and he makes 5 times the salary. Guess he will fit right in if we do keep him.

    Hairston is not the savior.

    • Nope, still not making any sense. Thanks for playing, though. Your parting gift: It’s the RiverAveBlues Home Game!

      • J Squared says:

        5th or 6th best catcher…so what? Only because he has playing time… i doubt he’s better than Gary Sanchez or J.R. Murphy… and they have no playing time. Hairston can field, and he’s an upgrade over anyone in the field, and an upgrade over Ransom’s bat… he also batted .300 in about 200 at bats last year… only takes a little hot streak to get someone going and looking good.

  15. J Squared says:

    Batting Average isn’t everything, but for someone who is complaining about it… forgot who it was… you do realize Teixeira was batting worse at the all star break last year… than this year, and finished with a .358 with the Angels, guys a better second half player, so you can count on 3 guys at about .300,
    A-Rod not injured… probably .300 as well… now how many teams can you find with 4 guys who can hit .300? Not the World Champion Phillies, or the Runner Up Tampa Rays… or the Red Sox… now your complaint about AVG. was? useless? ok.

  16. Tony says:

    Bashbashbash BA, but the lack of contact guys sure doesn’t help w/ RISP. Everything in moderation.

    • Mike Axisa says:

      Batting average =/= more contact. It just means more balls happened to drop in.

      • J Squared says:

        Yep, unless you’re batting ichiro and Pujols numbers, the ball is just falling you’re way more often… with the pitching that’s coming around, you will hear less about Batting Average with RISP, won’t need many runs if Burnett and Joba stay how they are, and Sabathia turns into his 2nd half beast.

      • Tony says:

        The guys that have a lot more balls drop in tend to have that happen for a reason…

  17. Tom Zig says:

    I actually feel bad for Shelley.

    • thehairstonjoke says:

      Why because he doesnt get a chance? It’s ok how long you thing jerry hairston is actually going to last on the Yankees? he hit 250 in the nl central whats the chances of him hitting 218 in the Al east

  18. thehairstonjoke says:

    Hairston is fucking pathetic. The fact that he’s getting at bats in a Yankee uniform is a joke. We need pitching and cashman gets a below average utilityman and then instead of loosing Ransom we send down Shelley? Hairston has no pop.

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