It’s all Yankees in 11-1 drubbing of M’s


Last night was one of those games where everything goes right. The offense piled up 15 hits, seven of which went for extra bases. CC Sabathia tossed eight dominant innings, striking out a season-high 10 and allowing just five baserunners. It added up to a landslide Yankees victory to kick-off a seven-game West Coast trip. Even with A-Rod and Posada sitting this one out, the Yanks still managed to pummel the Mariners, 11-1.

The Yankees started hitting early, and didn’t let up all game. They scored in five of nine innings, and put up multiple runs in four of them. Their seven extra base hits included a long home run by Derek Jeter, two shots to right by Hideki Matsui, and two doubles down the right field line by Damon. It helped that M’s manager Don Wakamatsu left in starter Ian Snell for six-plus innings despite obvious ineffectiveness.

One side effect of the offensive explosion, as requested yesterday, is that it gives Mo another day off. He proclaimed himself fit to close today, but Girardi will certainly feel more comfortable handing him the ball tomorrow after two full days’ rest. Not that he’d be uneasy if it came down to that tonight. It’s just that concerns about Mo’s “cranky” shoulder will be a day further in the past tomorrow. As the Yankees try to put some more distance between themselves and the Sox, Mo’s presence will be crucial.

On the mound, it was all Carsten Charles. A few weeks go, Mike commented on an article questioning CC’s contribution. Not his net contribution, which is decidedly positive. But rather his contribution in relation to the expectations. At the time Sabathia was 10-6 with a 3.67 ERA, quality by any measure, but was it ace-quality? CC didn’t help his case with an erratic start against Tampa Bay, and then a hot and cold start against Chicago. But over his last two starts CC has tossed 15.2 innings, allowing just five hits and one run, striking out 19 to four walks. They’ve been the definition of dominant.

During the month of August over his career, Sabathia has startd 49 games and has a 31-9 record, pitching 339 innings and allowing just 119 runs (3.16 ERA). Last year it was his best month, as he allowed just six runs over 48.1 innings, striking out 51 and walking eight. That was an insane year, and a repeat shouldn’t be expected — especially because it came in the much weaker NL Central. STill, CC has done his job these last two times out, and in emphatic fashion. He’ll get another tune-up start in Oakland before he gets another shot at Boston in Fenway. CC’s gotta be geared up for that one.

The game was awesome in every way. We had the pleasure of seeing the Yankees rack up hit after hit, run after run. We witnessed one of CC’s most dominant starts of the season. And we got it all in under three hours, a treat for a weeknight West Coast game. With the win and Justin Verlander’s dominance of Boston earlier in the day, the Yankees are again 6.5 games ahead of the Red Sox.

As if things couldn’t get any better, Carig notes that A-Rod is 50-50 for tomorrow. Considering how hard he got hit on the elbow and how questionable things seemed before the game, that’s quite good news. However, with Mitre and Gaudin going Saturday and Sunday, perhaps it’s best to have A-Rod feeling 100 percent for those games. The team might need the offense a bit more.

For tomorrow night, it’s Andy Pettitte vs. Ryan Rowland-Smith. A Friday West Coast game isn’t bad at all.

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  1. JGS says:

    magic number is 42

  2. Is everyone start counting the magic number now?

    • PinstripesForeverDougie says:

      well, those idiots up in New England are definitely not ready to start hearing magic number chatter. Let’s hope we can convince them its time, when we beat them in Fenway.

      • King of Fruitless Hypotheticals says:

        if we could only get the Yankee crowd to cheer ‘Ma-gic Num-ber’ loud enough that they could hear it on the broadcast next TV appearance :)

  3. RustyJohn says:

    Seems like Wakamatsu lost the battle to try the win the war. Were the M’s really going to win against CC after blowing through their bullpen in a 14 inning game last night?

    By the way- I heard on the MLB broadcast that Beltre has a torn nut from not wearing a cup? Who the hell doesn’t wear a cup while playing 3rd?

  4. PinstripesForeverDougie says:

    Terrific start to this epic road trip that might decide the AL East. It’s nice to see CC carry his tired teammates and I can only hope “the best is yet to come” run continues into the Collesium & Fenway. We need him to dominate for 7 innings plus and I know that bullpen needed the rest.

    While, I was against Jeter playing today, the home run he hit kinda proved how much he reallly needed that day off. Although, Girardi’s needs to give him a rest period soon or his injuried body might begin to ware on an MVP season.

    Finally, how about Hideki’s late surge to cap off an amazing career in pinstripes. The guy’s always been one of my favorites since he came here in 03 and it saddens me that this will probably his last year in the Bronx.

    Umm, and Brian Bruney.. good job, too

  5. acb says:

    lol yeah the funny part about the torn nut is he stayed in the game and even got a hit so damn thats pretty crazy.

    • RustyJohn says:

      I want to cry just thinking about that…repeating it makes me queasy. “Torn nut”.

    • Charlie says:

      crazy, yea. funny, no. if you you’re a dude, you should know there is nothing funny about having a torn testicle. i feel sick just thinking about it.

      • Raf says:

        oh man is that what happened? i was watching at a bar so i had no audio but it didnt look too good on the replay. thats playing with fire out at 3rd with no cup.

  6. Dela G says:

    What an ass kicking tonight. Made my evening

  7. Via hoch: Girardi referred to Hairston as “Junior”.

    In Seattle.

  8. PinstripesForeverDougie says:

    Here’s hoping Andy finally gets a W to recognize his top notch pitching of late. I will go as far to say he will only pitch okay 6 + innings, 3-4 runs(which might end up being a quality start), but the Yanks will carry him with their suddenly hot bats. Then, we
    can all hope to get lucky over the weekend ;)

  9. Salty Buggah says:

    Some CC stats:

    • The 20 swinging strikes were his most of the season. He had 11 on sliders, which was also a season high.

    • He threw his off-speed pitches for a strike 82 percent of the time. The MLB average is 61 percent.

    • Seattle went 1 for 14 against his fastball. Opponents are 2 for 27 against Sabathia’s fastball in his last two starts.

    – ESPN Stats & Information


    • PinstripesForeverDougie says:

      The most important stat is the second one because CC’s

      changeup is vital for him to dominant. If his fastball is going

      well, he might provide a lengthy outing but not the excellence

      an Ace is supposed to ensure.

  10. Salty Buggah says:

    Heh, check thia quote out from Snell:

    Snell was impressed with the Yankees — A-Rod or no A-Rod.
    “That lineup is just stupid. They shouldn’t be allowed to have a lineup like that, but that is why their payroll is what it is,” Snell marveled. “That is a lineup nobody in the National League has.”

    Love it.

    • Dela G says:

      funny since many of the players in the lineup were yankee prospects or acquired via trade that many other teams probably could’ve made had they tried as hard or offered as good a deal

      the mariners have a 100+ mil payroll and still suck

      100 mil should buy you the playoffs

      • PinstripesForeverDougie says:

        Try telling that to Peter Anglos or Fred Wilpon, Dela G ;)

      • Salty Buggah says:

        yea, only Tex and Matsui were bought I guess. And Matsui was a IFA signing.

      • Salty Buggah says:

        BTW, I dont think we should take that as being angry at our payroll or anything. He was mostly praising our awesome offense.

        “Their lineup is an All-Star lineup,” Snell said. “It’s ridiculous. They don’t swing at very many pitches. They pick a pitch and they wait for it and then they swing. To pitch to that lineup is very tough.”

      • RustyJohn says:

        100 BILLION can’t buy you playoffs when you’ve had Bill Bavasi as your GM. Jack Z!@#$%^&* whatever his name is should get some sort of GM of the year award. Last year that team won 61 games in the entire season- this year they’ve already won 60, have lowered their payroll by 20 million and rebuilt half their team just by trading JJ Putz to the Mets.

        They got Heilman, Endy Chavez (he of the blown out knee earlier this season), Jason Vargas and Franklin Gutierrez for Putz, a AAAA bench player and a middle reliever. Gutierrez is one of the top 3 center fielders in the AL. Then they ship off Heilman for Garret Olson and Ronny Cedeno. Then ship off Cedeno for Ian Snell and Jack Wilson. He signed Branyan (4th in the AL in homers) for all of 1.4 million.

    • LiveFromNewYork says:

      I think Snell was being complimentary but we only get to pick from two comments from opposing fans/players in the post-season:

      1) You guys can’t even win with that bloated payroll.
      2) Of course you won with that bloated payroll.

      I pick door number 2. Thank you very much.

  11. Drew says:

    Sick game. CC is a beast.

  12. mryankee says:

    Speaking of Verlander anyone think Joba can be that type of pitcher or is Verlander just an exception as he throws 100mph into the eigth inning

  13. Klemy says:

    Jeter’s homerun was nice, but Prince Fielder’s was majestic. When that highlight came on, I pretty much jaw dropped and froze in awe.

    Great game on all accounts. It’s nice when we get a game well in hand where we can rest so many people. Hopefully Alex gets healthy soon.

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