Jeter not thinking about his next contract, though he probably is


Mark Feinsand has a bit up on his blog about Derek Jeter and his contract which expires after next season. We’ve discussed this plenty on RAB in the past, taking the angles of salary, contract length, and defensive position. Those are all factors that will play into the negotiations, which in all likelihood won’t happen until after next season. That’s just how Brian Cashman seems to operate. If he’s not going to negotiate ahead of time for Jorge Posada and Mariano Rivera, he probably won’t for Jeter.

Jeter, for his part, is saying all the right things, as is his wont. He’s worried about this year, and that it’s “unfair to think about what [he's] going to be doing years from now as opposed to trying to help [the Yankees] win this year.” It’s typical Jeter-speak, and we shouldn’t expect anything else at this point. He’s been talking like this to the media for years because it’s disarming. It doesn’t mean it’s actually what he’s thinking.

Like the rest of us, Jeter has likely thought about life after 2010. How could he not? Maybe he shuts it out during the season and concentrates on baseball — and if that’s the case, it’s working. But what about that long off-season? If he didn’t think about his contract last off-season, he’s probably going to think about it after this season. After all, he has but one year left on his contract, and they’re not doling out contracts like they did in 2001 (unless you’re Hank Steinbrenner, who by all appearances is out of the picture).

We’ve all thought about this. Will Jeter take a pay cut? How many years will he want? Most importantly, how far apart will he and the Yankees be? Those are all questions we’ll be asking in earnest at this point next year. Thankfully, right now we can sit back and enjoy the ride. Jeter is with the team now, and he will be next year.

Just to tack my two cents onto the end of this, I think a perpetual mutual agreement, with a team option and then a player option behind it could be the kind of creative deal that could get this done. A mutual option for, say $16 million, and if that’s declined by one party it goes to a player or a team option for a little less (probably would go to the declining party). If that’s declined, it goes to the other party for a little less. That would keep Jeter in pinstripes and keep the team from having to commit a significant chunk of payroll, in the present and future, to him.

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  1. Jeter not thinking about his next contract, though he probably is (NSFW)

    • Richie says:

      Get it out of your heads about Jeter playing for another team. IT AINT GONNA HAPPEN, Period. You have no sense of baseball “know how” if you think for a micro second that Jeter will wear another uniform. The new contract won’t be about money, it will be about term. Jeter will let the Yanks know how long he wants to play. I say 4 years.

      Bah-ston fans should not be blogging here.

  2. Mark says:

    Derek Jeter playing for another team would be terrible for the Yankees and their fans. If he asks for 20 million, I think the Yankees SHOULD pay it. The class he brings to the organization is priceless; he is EXACTLY the type of player the every team wants to build around.

  3. I like your perpetual mutual agreement idea with staggered options.

    I just don’t think 16M is gonna cut it. Probably 20M.

    • V says:

      I would like to see more creative contracts like this, myself.

      For example, a perpetual $16M a year contract, with mutual options. If both sides accept the $16M option, there’s an additional one year mutual option with the same paramenters. If the team declines the mutual option, there’s a ONE YEAR player option for $8M. If the player declines the mutual option, there’s a ONE YEAR team option for $24M.

  4. Makavelli says:

    He’s going to be back. The question is “how much”? That’s all. And to be honest…I don’t really care how much…as long as he doesn’t go anywhere else.

    Now that’s not saying they should empty their wallets on him…but they have such a strong relationship I’m sure they’ll work something out. Jeter is a professional through and through. He has never made a mistake…and I don’t see him making one at this stage in his life. He fully understands everything. That’s why he’s Derek Jeter…

    • jsbrendog says:

      exactly, he fully understands everything. including the fact that to let him get away over a few million owuld be a pr nightmare so he has them over a barrel and can milk them for that one last giant contract before he rides off into the sun with all those yankee records and his WS rings.

      don’t sleep on jeter. he’s like a viper. laying in wait and striking when the time is best. he knows he’s got the leverage.

      • Makavelli says:

        Exactly. You nailed it.

        • King of Fruity Hypos says:


          The famous set up for Yankee press conferences. Guiliani on the right, Billy Crystal on the left. Several Yankees in the background in suits.

          Jeter approaches the podium, resolute but distraught.

          Jeter: Friends, family, New Yorkers and fellow Yankees. I never thought I’d see the day when I wore something other than Pinstripes . Today, unfortunately,

          sorry…i can’t write the rest…

      • Neither side wants to end up broken up. The Yankees don’t want Jeter playing anywhere else, Jeter doesn’t want to play anywhere else.

        That said, Jeter probably wants 30M and the Yankees probably want to pay him 10M, so they’ll settle on something like 20M, which is an overpayment, but… fuck it. Jeter deserves to be overpaid a little, and the Yankees can afford to overpay him a little.

        He’s the one Yankee who’s possibly bigger than the team, if you think about it. Bigger than Ruth, bigger than Mantle. Because the global media and import of sports has changed. He means more to the bottom line of this club than anybody has ever.

    • Klemy says:

      I agree that he’ll be back. He knows where he stands in this organization and it’s history and that’ll mean a lot to him not to tarnish it.

      Maybe his endorsement deals would not be as high as they are in NYC? Endorsements net him about 6-7 million a year? That’s about 30% of what he makes on the dimaond per year and 25% of his yearly income, give or take a few million…

      I just don’t ever see him playing anywhere else.

  5. Mike HC says:

    I see a four year 75-80 mil or maybe a 5 year 83-89 mil. Who knows how these things will play out, but that is where my money is.

    • Makavelli says:


      You’re also paying for what he’s done…and what he will be and represent the organization with in the future. You don’t low-ball Derek Jeter and insult the man. He has and always will be an important piece to the organization. A deal will get done.

      • Mike HC says:

        I’m with you here. Gotta give Jeter his money. I keep going to the Derek Lowe contract this offseason. Him and Jeter are about the same age and Lowe got a 4 year 60 million deal. If the Yanks don’t offer Jeter a considerably better deal than Derek Lowe got, it would be a bit insulting I think.

        • Makavelli says:

          It should be MUCH more than Derek Lowe’s. Derek Jeter puts fans in their seats. Derek Lowe just helps contribute to winning. Derek Jeter does that too.

          Derek Jeter is the posterchild…not only for the Yankees…but for Major League Baseball. He represents what Bud Selig everybody wants their players to be like.

          He says all the right things. He handles the media, he’s the Captain of the team. He’s a true winner. He is their modern day Ruth, Gehrig, DiMaggio, Mantle, etc…

          They need him maybe more than he needs them.

          You can compare the contract to Derek Lowe’s solely based on production…but other than that…If I had the choice to sign Derek Lowe for what he got for a contract…or sign Derek Jeter for double (money not years)? I would sign Derek Jeter…

      • Mike MB says:

        I agree, but don’t forget he’s still doing !!

  6. Johan Iz My Brohan says:

    I trust both sides to come to an agree rather easily. Cashman’s offer won’t be ridiculous, and Jeter may even be generous and accept a smaller salary, I mean he gets banks full of cash from endorsements and stuff anyway.

  7. Moshe Mandel says:

    3 years, 54 million, with a mutual option at 16M the following season.

  8. Steven says:

    I think that Jeter will end up getting a four year deal for more than what damon got 3 years ago

  9. Moshe Mandel says:

    Jeter is probably going to want to discuss an extension this offseason. He will be coming off a great year, and the team may want to avoid a year of stories about bringing him back after each slump. They know they are going to have to pay him anyhow, and this is actually a better financial market for the team to claim that times have changed and infielders dont get 20 million anymore.

  10. Makavelli says:

    It’s funny when you think about Cal Ripken never making more than a little over $6M per year through out his whole career…

  11. zack says:

    I think that list is a better argument for the stupidification of the US. God almost all of those movies are just awful.

  12. John says:

    What about a perpetual player option. I would not like to see the club decline its option even if he’s 42 years old. I would like to see Jeter ends his career when he will want it to end. Jeter is brilliant. He will know that when he harms more the club than anything, it will be the time to step out.

  13. YankeeScribe says:

    $50 million for 3 more years. Jeter isn’t going to get more than $10 mil per season from any other team…

  14. Riddering says:

    I think it would be beneficial for the Yankees and Jeter to get a deal done this postseason. The kind of deal doesn’t matter much to me as long as it keeps Jeter in pinstripes for a few years past 2010.

    Of course, his thumb will already be taken care of by then…

  15. mryankee says:

    You know I always believed that AROD was the better shortstop-hitter and if possible we should have traded Jeter for AROD when he was in Seattle. I was clearly wrong-Jeter is getting better with age and AROD has been terrible this year-since when does he his in the 260′s what a waste of money-sign DJ 3 yeasr 48 million

  16. King of Fruity Hypos says:

    for all you guys (and Rebecca) laboring through undergrad, grad, post grad and professional school right now, i want to offer this encouragement as the fall semester approaches:

    Derek Jeter never went to college.

  17. Danny says:

    Captain Derek Jeter of the NY Yankees is not going anywhere else, and you can bank on that.

  18. Klemy says:

    If Derek Jeter and the Yankees parted ways, it would end up being the second most depressing story in sports, behind Brendan Laroux. (safe)

  19. MP says:

    Not going to happen, but how cool would it be if Jeter has enough class to take like a $1 contract and tell the yanks to use it on a FA they want?

    That would immortalize him as the ultimate classiest player ever.

  20. gxpanos says:

    I think everyone has too rosy an outlook here. I think Jeter and the Yanks are going to have an acrimonious negotiation. Hope it gets done.

  21. Say Hey Willie says:

    Enter scene: Jeter and Cashman sitting at a corner table in Carmine’s.

    Cashman: Derek, I am glad you came. I would really like to discuss your extension. Given your age and the typical decline phase for shortstops in baseball, we would like to offer you a very reasonable four year contract.
    Jeter: . . .
    Cashman: We think that $16M per year is fair for both sides.
    Jeter: $25M
    Cashman: What? Now Derek, please be reasonable.
    Jeter: $26M
    Cashman: $26M per year that is crazy! For a player your age? You are not going to get that kind of money anywhere else.
    Jeter: $27M
    Cashman: Please Derek, they will kill me in the street outside if I don’t get this contract signed. Help a brother out. Who was there for you that time that you need someone to run and get you a latte. Can we at least go back to $25M?
    Jeter: $28M
    Cashman: aaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!

    and scene.

  22. Rocky Road Redemption (formerly RAB poster) says:

    A lot of this, of course, depends on how Jeter does next year. What if Jeter declines dramatically or gets injured? Is it a good idea to resing him?

    Or what if he declines a little bit but is still a productive player?

    I think (not sure) that Reyes is a FA in 2012, correct?

    The contract that Jeter gets might depend on how he plays in the next few years. If by 2012 Reyes is a more productive player than Jeter, should we sign him?

    That’s the best baseball move, although it would be sad to see the Captain go out with a whimper like that.

  23. Tony says:

    Derek Jeter is highly productive, the biggest star in the sport, climbing all-time lists like it’s nothing, AND The Captain™/Mr. November™/Greatest Living Winner™/UberPimp™. I don’t understand:

    1. Why anyone would even think about him signing a budget deal
    2. How anyone could think there wouldn’t be a market for him outside of NY
    3. Who would think it’s a big issue that a team paying Damaso Marte 4 million dollars, Hideki Matsui 13 million dollars, Andy Pettitte 12 million dollars, etc. might “have” to pay Jeter 20+. Play hardball with one of the middling guys, you don’t do that Mitre with Derek effing Jeter. There’s no one coming up (or in) that’s even close to comparable, either.

    • Klemy says:

      “How anyone could think there wouldn’t be a market for him outside of NY”


      There are a lot of other teams who would gladly jump at having Derek jeter Bobble Head night, just saying.

    • 1) Because we still have 39 other guys we need to pay for on the 40 man roster. If we give Jeter too much, it hampers our ability to pay other guys. But this is a bit of a strawman; most of us aren’t saying we want to give him a “budget” deal, just saying we don’t want to give him a blank check. Jeter could demand 25M per… would you sign off on that? Knowing that last 5-10M could mean not making an upgrade elsewhere?

      2) Agreed. Thinking that Jeter won’t have counteroffers and that we have all the leverage is ridiculous. His desire to remain here and his loyalty may force him to take our offer over someone else’s if the money is the same (or close), but if we’re offering him a 4/60 and someone else is offering a 4/80, loyalty won’t make up that 20M gap. We have to meet his market value, we can’t lowball him.

      3) Jeter’s a bit different than all those other guys, though, because Jeter’s going to be the oldest man in MLB history who could theoretically have a 20M market value. That’s uncharted waters.

      • Tony says:

        “Knowing that last 5-10M could mean not making an upgrade elsewhere?”

        This is about as believable as Death Panels.

        • Yeah… no.

          You, and others, have pushed this idea frequently that the Yankees don’t really have a hard budget of any type, that they’ll just raise their limit to add on another player if need be.

          If that were true, Mike Cameron would have been our Opening Day centerfielder.

          Every dollar we give to Jeter is a dollar we’re not going to give to someone else. We do have budget limits. This is a fact.

          • Tony says:

            See, that’s a false assertion. There’s a difference between “We don’t have money” and “We don’t have money for Mike Cameron.” This is without even getting into the money coming off the payroll after this season.

            • It’s not a false assertion to say that giving Derek Jeter 25M vs. 15M will mean that we have 10M less to spend elsewhere.

              If you want to argue that we’ll be so far under our budget that we can absorb the 10M difference, fine.

              But every dollar we give to Jeter is a dollar we can’t give to someone else. Which is why we don’t want to just give Jeter ANYTHING HE WANTS. We want to give him as little as it takes to sign him.

              • Tony says:

                I don’t think anyone is advocating that Jeter be handed over the deed to YS3 (I mean, it is the House That Jeter Built… why not?). We’re talking within reason. And no, that 10 mil to Jeter is not consequential when you’re taking fliers on Sergio Mitre, handing extensions to Marte, trading major prospects for Xavier Nady, dealing Betemit for Swisher’s contract, etc. They’re not willing to blow money, but they’ve never for a second shown that they hesitate to spend money.

                • jsbrendog says:

                  And no, that 10 mil to Jeter is not consequential when you’re taking fliers on Sergio Mitre, handing extensions to Marte, trading major prospects for Xavier Nady, dealing Betemit for Swisher’s contract

                  so that money is not consequential when aquiring a starting OF under contract cheaply who is really good?

                  or trading mostly nothing and filler and 1 possibly good prospect who needed a change of scenery for a proven great lefty reliever and
                  a solid rf righty bat which we needed dearly?

                  or signing a pitcher who before having tjs was showing signs of putting it all together finally at the age of 25/26 and because of injuries is now the 5th starter and nto doing too bad of a job and without whom KEI FUCKING IGAWA WOULD BE PITCHING AT THE ML LEVEL??

                  and as for the marte deal, they over paid by a year. 4 mil for a lefty with his proven track record of success is by no means overpaying. 3 yrs is too much but whatever. now it’s ok they signed him for 2 years cause this is a lost one and nxt yr he will return to his dominance as a lefty setup man he exhibited for TEN YEARS before ocming to ny

                  you are batshit insane

                • Tony says:

                  If the Yankees had no money, they wouldn’t be willing to deal for a guy making 7+per for the next 3 yrs coming off a terrible season. In fact… the White Sox wouldn’t have done it (and certainly not for that return) if the general consensus was that Swisher would be “worth” that contract. Put the Swisher fetish aside for a second and think about how and why that trade went down. Handcuffed teams don’t make that trade.

                  They added what, 9-10 million a year AND dealt one of their top 3 prospects to get Nadte? Handcuffed teams don’t make that trade.

                  They are paying a guy with a 5.5 career ERA 2 million dollars to rehab. Handcuffed teams don’t make that move.

                  Get some perspective, and look at what they’re doing critically. Cashman and Steinbrenner can say whatever they want to the media; actions say something else. I don’t believe anything they say publicly. You’d be foolish to.

                • jsbrendog says:

                  you obv have no idea what youa re talking about. since the nady deal happened last year.

                  the swisher deal happened nov 13 BEFORE CC, TEX, AND BURNETT.

                  Marte’s contract happened in NOVEMBER BEFORE CC TEX AND BURNETT.

                  it is those 3 moves that handcuffed them. find a move they made since then that hasn’t bene motivate dby money?

                  you obviously have no idea about facts.

                  Get some perspective, and look at what they’re doing critically. Cashman and Steinbrenner can say whatever they want to the media; actions say something else. I don’t believe anything they say publicly. You’d be foolish to.

                  follow your own advice and educate yourself next time. all those moves came before the big 2 signings and the implementation of a budget. PLUS youre right, actions say something, you know like having the pirates PAY 400000 DOLLARS FOR HINSKE.

                  so you = epic fail

          • King of Fruitless Hypotheticals says:

            a) stop calling them death panels. they’re rightfully called the boards that adjudicate quality adjusted life years. anything more grotesque than that takes away from legitimate debate.
            b) stop calling it a budget. they’re rightfully called spending guidelines. anything more restrictive than that takes away george’s ability to rise from the dead and choke hank’s throat until he ponies up the money for Jetes.

          • jsbrendog says:

            this. the people who don’t get the yankees are really under a strict bdget must not reeed to gud.


            -multiple sources saying (including cashman himself) he had to lobby hard for hal to open the $$$ for tex

            -cashman not making cameron deal because breweers would not pickup $$ (you really think he was content with melky/gardner?)

            -cashman making the pirates pay the ~$400,000 left on eric hinske’s contract (FOUR HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS?! or i bet that deal doesn’t get done)

            -not trading for someone like arroyo/harang because the reds would not throw in $$$ (unfortunately not because they suck but it didnt happen so semantics)

            -Oppenheimer saying he has a strict draft budget

            -cashman saying he is under a budget

            -hal saying they are on a budget

            -hank making armpit fart noises with his hands because hal wouldn’t let him buy “the fart machine” from spencer gifts in the mall

            • Tony says:

              Another guy believing everything that’s said publicly. And yeah, they were super thrifty with the draft this year.

              I’m too lazy to link. Go find your own pic of Picard holding his head.

  24. gxpanos says:

    When he gets to 3000 hits, is Jeter a better Yankee than Yogi? Whitey? There’s a chance Jeter is a top-5 Yankee ever (with Ruth, Gerhig, Mantle, Dimaggio). That alone might be worth 20 mill a year.

    • Klemy says:

      Investing in a legacy.

    • Rocky Road Rocky Road Redemption (formerly RAB poster) says:


      Seriously, it’s hard to compare position players to pitchers. I think you need to seperate the two or I’d put Mo on the list.

      I really do think Yogi is better. Greatest ctahcer of all time, and I’m looking at you Piazza.

      • gxpanos says:

        Yeah, I’m with you. Yogi’s OPS+ was 125 to Jeet’s 121 (which could end up 120 or 119 by the end), and although SS is a premium defensive position, catcher is an even more premium position.

        But I’d put Jeet ahead of Mo for sure.

  25. The Fallen Phoenix says:

    I think the Yankees should use Jason Varitek’s contract as a baseline.

    “See, Derek, this is what all the team captains are getting paid in this market…plus he’s caught all those no-hitters. Sorry, kid, it’s a what-have-you-done-for-my-pitching-staff kind of industry.”

  26. OmgZombies says:

    Wow I cant believe so many people are so eager to pay Jeter whatever he wants.

    • 27 this year says:

      you really have no choice. He is still a productive player, no obvious replacements, and it would be a pr nightmare beyond all epic proportions. These discussions can’t piss anyone off or else.

      • Rocky Road Rocky Road Redemption (formerly RAB poster) says:

        Well before I brought up that if we wait to 2012 Reyes MAY be an option.

        • 27 this year says:

          yea, but you still have to extend Jeter and the original point of this little convo was why are we eager to give him whatever he wants.

          • Rocky Road Rocky Road Redemption (formerly RAB poster) says:

            Yeah, but then you wouldn’t have to give him whatever he wants FOREVER, just until the next best option was available.

  27. JSquared says:

    Jeter is not going to want a paycut, neither is Cashman going to offer him one. Cashman is going to start negotiations at his current salary and Jeter will submit a number if he wants more, and cashman will sign the contract without looking.

    J.R. Murphy is 1-2 with 2RBI. First game in the GCL.

  28. flange says:

    Jeter has said publicly that after his playing days in baseball he would still want to be involved in the game. He has hinted that team ownership is one of those possibilities. Do you think there would ever be a contract that involves him “earning” a stake in the Yanks?

  29. Mike bk says:

    im thinking 2/33 with a 3rd year option at 18, 3 mil buyout. basically jete gets 3/51 or 2/36.

  30. M says:

    Yankee organization is a class organization. He will NOT get offered less money than what he is making. Give the man his money. This is the Yankees, not the Pirates. What money are we trying to save here.

    Who’s going to replace Jet, a lifetime .317 hitter? Please stop saying reyes. He’s a joke. In this ballpark you don’t need speed, you need baserunners so tex and rod can rack up the rbis.

    • Rocky Road Rocky Road Redemption (formerly RAB poster) says:

      Why is Reyes a joke? I understand if you think he’ll decline eventually put he puts up great numbers year in and year out and, FYI, he gets on base pretty often too.

      • M says:

        reyes best year in baseball doesn’t even compare to a the year jeter is having this year at 37 years of age. This isn’t even jeters best year in his career.

        • Rocky Road Rocky Road Redemption (formerly RAB poster) says:

          If Reyes turns about to be a better player than Jeter in 12′, you have to sign him.

          • No, you don’t, not if you think that Reyes will decline/not be worth the money/present an opportunity cost over a different and better option, even if that option is not immediately available.

            Comparison: Matt Holliday and Jason Bay will most assuredly be better players than Johnny Damon this coming offseason, and yet we’ll probably choose to sign Damon and not Holliday or Bay, and the logic behind that choice is sound.

    • Klemy says:

      “Yankee organization is a class organization. He will NOT get offered less money than what he is making. Give the man his money. This is the Yankees, not the Pirates. What money are we trying to save here.”

      While I get what you’re saying and maybe it’s not exactly equal, but we only need to look 2 years back to Joe Torre to know this is not always the case.

  31. M says:

    Yankee organization is a class organization. He will NOT get offered less money than what he is making. Give the man his money. This is the Yankees, not the Pirates. What money are we trying to save here.

    Who’s going to replace Jet, a lifetime .317 hitter? Please stop saying reyes. He’s a joke. In this ballpark you don’t need speed, you need baserunners so tex and rod can rack up the rbis.

  32. dkidd says:

    my dream for jeter (again): wins the ws in 09 and 10 and retires with 2,944 hits because he’s too cool to care about a number

  33. Bo says:

    Get ready for it. This will be the first of 10,000 threads about Jeters contract.

    It will rival “Melky sucks” and “stadium issues” and “analyze every joba start”

  34. Tank Foster says:

    As the global financial storm percolates along, how much rain will it dump on baseball? Anyone think new contracts in 2 years might be a bit off what they are now? I do.

    I think the Yankees’ relative inactivity during the trade deadline this year speaks to their financial outlook: very cautious. They probably are already planning on what they’r going to have to pay Jeter in order to keep him, and they probably realize they’ll have to overpay. Jeter has, like most of you guys seem to imply, most or all of the leverage. It hurts the Yankees alot to lose Jeter.

    • YankeeScribe says:

      Two things will happen: the Yanks will overpay a bit but Jeter will still have to take a pay cut

      Jeter’s leverage is:

      - he’s the face of the franchise, a Yankee legend who is also an active player

      - there are only 2 or 3 players in the majors and no one in the minors who who can match his offensive output at shortstop

      - he’s been healthy and durable throughout his career. No signs that he’s goign to decline physically anytime soon

      The only leverage I think the Yanks have is this, Jeter is already overpaid. Realistically, no team will pay him 20 mil a season to a 38 yr old guy who isn’t a middle of the lineup hitter. Since they’ve been overpaying him for years, it’s not as bad to ask him to take a few million less the next few seasons

  35. YankeeScribe says:

    From Yahoo sports:

    “Consider: The average 2009 salary for a starting shortstop in the American League is $2.7 million. The second highest paid after Jeter, Oakland’s Orlando Cabrera, makes $4 million. That Jeter rakes in eight times what an average starting shortstop does, while putting up only marginally better numbers, is the biggest disparity between a player and his positional peers in major league baseball.”;type=lgns

    • Tony says:

      Consider: AL SS is probably the weakest position in baseball, and shortstops have an incredible flameout rate; only making Jeter MORE valuable.

      Consider: How terrible the rest of that article is

      • YankeeScribe says:

        Jeter’s value decreases as he gets older. And no other team in baseball would commit that type of money to a shortstop unless his name is A-Rod…

  36. tru santo says:

    He’s 35 for christ sake!!!!

  37. Yankee2 says:

    If they get rid of Jeter they are making a big mistake. Especially giving another ball club an excellent short stop, non the less a great leadoff hitter and a guy still able to steal bases in his mid 30′s.

    Jeter playing for another team is not even in for discussion and it shouldnt be! Getting rid of Jeter would more then likely ruin some fans. Im sure Cashman and Georgie dont want that!

  38. Mark says:

    Here is what is going to happen: HE will dictate how long he is going to play, what he will accept in salary, and what team he will play for. It will all be done out of the public’s eye, and it will get done quietly. Like A-Rod, he will get bonus incentives for each Yankee (or major league) record he breaks, and 3,000 hits, 3,500 hits, etc. After his playing days are over, he has said many times in the past that he would like to own a team. Once Hal and Hank decide they have made enough money, Jeter will be part of a syndicate that buys the Yankees, he may or may not be the front man. Or, he will buy into the team and remain the face of the franchise. It is real simple, he has made his wishes known for a long time.

  39. [...] as we move closer to the end of the 2010 season, when his current deal expires. We know that Jeter isn’t thinking about his contract right now, and it appears the Yanks aren’t either. Both Jayson Stark and Jon Heyman note the [...]

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