Jete’s big home irks Tampa neighbors

Getting to know Aroldis Chapman
Yanks looking to Mulder for the stretch run?

Derek’s big home has hit a road block. Last month, we looked at how Jeter is building the biggest house on the block in Tampa. His 30,000-square foot mansion will feature nine bathrooms and seven bedrooms and takes up three lots in a posh neighborhood on Davis Island.

As part of his plan for this Jeterian enclave, the Yanks’ captain has asked for permission to build a six-foot tall fence around the perimeter of his property. Zoning regulations allow for just a three-foot wall, and the neighborhood association is not too happy about this request. Noah Pransky, a reporter with Tampa’s WTSP, writes:

His request for a six-foot-tall concrete and wrought-iron fence will go before Tampa’s Variance Review Board on Tuesday, August 11.

But according to Ken Elmore, a member of the Davis Islands Civic Association, the board voted 12-6 to reject the request. While the association has no actual authority when it comes to Jeter’s request, Elmore says the group will take the results to next week’s review meeting, hoping to sway the variance board.

Elmore writes that board president Jeffrey Siewart encouraged other board members to vote against the variance “to maintain the precedence set by other front yard requests and to comply with the City Code as stated.”

According to a report from the meeting, Jeter’s representative cited “security and functionality” as the reasons for the exemption.

If I were a betting man, I’d say that Derek gets his exemption. Tampa’s Variance Review Board will probably find Yankee All Star Derek Jeter far more sympathetic than the Davis Islands Civic Association. And so it goes.

Getting to know Aroldis Chapman
Yanks looking to Mulder for the stretch run?
  • Rebecca-Optimist Prime

    You know what they say about guys with big houses…

  • pat

    Jeets will probably write a nice check to the Tampa Y or Boys and Girls club and this little situation will be resolved nicely.

  • cr1

    I’m sure his people will show evidence of his being subjected to a lot of invasive behavior and even stalking in the past. In the long run the whole neighborhood will be better off if Jeter’s property doesn’t become a magnet for either fans or assorted loonies.

  • jShad

    Each member of the Tampa’s Variance Review Board will be driving around a Ford Edge soon

    • Mike Axisa


    • 27 this year

      in Blazin’ Copper!

  • J Squared

    Derek Jeter is allowed to do whatever he wants.

  • Andy In Sunny Daytona

    He should have asked for all kinds of crazy requests, like permission to keep an Indian elephant(named Ganesh) on his property, permission to build an exact replica of the London Eye, and permission to build a state-of-the-art Hip-Hop recording studio for all of his friends in the music industry. THEN he asks permission to build a six-foot high wall. After all of the other crazy requests, they would be more than happy to grant him the wall.

    • The Artist

      You should do this professionally.

    • Rebecca-Optimist Prime

      That was my brother’s plan when he decided he wanted to go to Australia for a semester.

      Brother: Can I spend a semester in Africa?
      Dad: Are you fucking kidding me?* No.
      Brother: Well, then, can I go to China?
      Dad: Definitely not.
      Brother: Well, uh, how about Australia?
      Dad: …At least they speak English…

      ten minutes later

      Dad: You were planning this the whole time, weren’t you?

      *I’m not entirely sure my dad said ‘fucking’ here, but it would not have surprised me.

    • Salty Buggah

      IETC…You’re on fire today!

      • Andy In Sunny Daytona

        Since we talked about him, Ganesh has been the lucky charm.

  • lrod13

    If Derek Jeter wants a 6 foot tall fence, then he will get a 6 foot tall fence.

  • Giacomo

    B/c he obviously doesn’t want anyone to be checking out his hot new Ford Edge and Ford Fusion.

    • Andy In Sunny Daytona

      BTW, if I were Italian, I would definitely name my son Giacomo. It’s a cool name. Either that or Gianni.

  • Giacomo

    Weather Update:

    An MCS (mesoscale convection system) has developed over New York’s western tier. There’s a ton of heavy rain and some strong to severe thunderstorms with it. The front edge of the precipitation is currently chugging through Binghamton. Although the worst will probably head to our west, it does looks like some of these storms are going to hold together and will probably make it here by around 715-750 pm. The storms are moving very quickly and should be out of here by 845.

    Right now, I’m looking at a 20% chance the game starts on time. 70% chance we have an hour delay. 10% chance the game is cancelled.

    I wonder if the game being on ESPN will effect how long the rain delay can last before a cancellation is issued.

    • Ivans

      If anything, ESPN will push for the game to be played even if the delay is 2 hours. They have their people and their trucks there, plus if the game is rescheduled it wouldn’t be played during an exclusive ESPN slot and they’d lose the game.

      This is what happened that infamous day in Boston in 2004 (the Varitek-pussy-glove-in-Arod’s-face game). The game was about called off and several Yankees had already left Fenway but Fox forced the game through and we were there until like 10-11pm for a saturday afternoon game.

    • Rebecca-Optimist Prime

      It’s Red Sox Yankees.

      They’ll play.

  • Ghost of Scott Brosius

    Does it skill count as a sweep if we’re rained out?

    • JMK

      They’d reschedule the game for later in the year, so no.

      But for now, yes!

  • JMK

    As cr1 said, it’s in the best interest of the neighbors to allow him to build his fence. Are they objecting because they believe a fence of this magnitude will cause a drop in property values since the front yard does not resemble the other homes in the neighborhood? Really?

    Ultimately, erecting a three-foot-tall fence will only lead to more traffic, harassment, and more headaches–for both Jeter and the neighbors.


  • pete

    a cooked goose for everyone!

  • wilcymoore

    Zoning variances are decided on the basis of a set of standards adopted by the municipality. Municipalities are usually very worried about “precedents” being set. So Jeter’s agents’ claim that the fence should be approved because of its “functionality” really doesn’t fly. If that were true, everyone would be entitled to the same variance and that would blow up the zoning ordinance.

    So I don’t think this variance gets approved simply because it’s Derek Jeter.

    However, JMK makes a very good point. Would the neighbors rather have a 6′ fence in Derek’s front yard … or a regular cavalcade of celebrity seekers driving thru the neighborhood looking for Derek’s house? Be careful what you wish for!

    p.s. – It’s possible this is a private community with restricted road access (I don’t know). In that case, I suppose JMK’s point might not hold.