Nothing good to say about Yanks third straight loss

Montero hurt in Trenton loss
Get this man off the team

It’s late Saturday night or early Sunday morning. If you didn’t watch yesterday’s game, you saw the score. Who wants to read about that? Not me. It was painful then, and I expect that wouldn’t change even if John Updike wrote the recap. So we’ll wave goodbye to this one with a few bullet points.

  • Ahhhh! Lefty! Joe Girardi decided to load his lineup with righties today, quality be damned. What resulted was Hideki Matsui, Eric Hinske, and Johnny Damon on the bench while Cody Ransom and, less erroneously, Jerry Hairston started. Turns out, Danks has better numbers against righties this year than lefties. This made Girardi’s decision to let Ransom hit in the sixth all the more baffling.
  • Lots of sloppy play, from Swisher foolishly throwing home to Jeter booting a routine grounder.
  • 2 for 13. You know what I’m talking about.
  • After watching A.J. Burnett in the first, the second just didn’t make sense. He got Beckham swinging on a nasty curve and Dye swinging through a fastball. What happened?
  • Walking the No. 9 hitter with the bases loaded is perhaps the least excusable play in baseball. Except, perhaps, intentionally walking the No. 9 hitter to load the bases for the leadoff man…and then walking him.
  • Hey, Brian Bruney pitched pretty well until his third inning of work. That’s not his game most of the time. The first 1.1 inning of solid work is encouraging…though I still wouldn’t trust him in a tight spot.
  • Go Melancon. Coming into a grueling situation, he got a ground ball double play on his second pitch. That made a painful final inning a little more bearable.

The Yanks need a big start from CC Sabathia this afternoon. Considering the way he pitched last time out, he needs a bit start himself. Mark Buehrle will take the mound for the Sox, so the Yanks need the pitching more than ever.

Montero hurt in Trenton loss
Get this man off the team
  • JGS

    it’s not just 2-13, it’s 5-31 for the whole series. .161 isn’t going to get it done

    • Salty Buggah

      12-60 on the roadtrip

      • JGS

        .241 from the Tampa series isn’t terrible, it just isn’t very good. .200 from the whole trip is just awful

  • ARX

    The positives: more solid work for Melancon, CC to avoid the sweep, we’re still in first, and…Mitre won’t be served up as a human sacrifice to the Sox. Which means he’ll throw a 2 hit shutout against the Jays just to fuck with our minds. Is the any quick way to check our all time record on FOX games? As rarely as blowout losses happen to this team, we seem to love picking Saturdays to get our heads bashed in.

    • jim p

      Tyler Kepner at the Times “Among the Yankees’ national [Fox] Saturday telecasts this season are losses by 22-4, 16-11, 14-8 and 14-4.” Don’t know the other scores, or ESPN either.

    • Tony

      Mitre isn’t going to pitch well ever. The takeaway today is absolutely ATROCIOUS job by Girardi, on just about every possible level.

  • stuart

    Babe Ruth Ransom has 25 strike outs in 79 AB’s man he is a good contact hitter.

    BTW he has zero home runs, but hey he is a nice guy so do not say anything bad about him. He is hitting 75 points less then Pena but in yankeeland since he is 9 years older that most account for something. His OBP is only 50 points less the nPena and pena is a rookie so theoretically he can get better.. After all I am sure Ransom would put up Duncan power #’s in SWB….

    I forgot the yanks have him on the roster for his tremendous range and glove….My bad I forgot he is avg defensively also.. No big deal they lost the game today because of pitching, playing 9 vs 8 should not matter if AJ pitches lights out…

    Ransom may play on the Nat’s maybe……….

    Maybe CC can win against a above 500 team tommorrow, hopefully Ransom can get another start tommorrow I saw something in his last AB he is about to break out and get hot…………….

    By not getting rid of tomko and ransom when you have young viable alternatives in the minors the yankee managment just show there arrogance and total lack of a plan… there management of the 40 man roster is pathetic and they deserve to be called on this…

    If Pena’s ceiling is a super utility guy let him do it on the major league level now or call up Duncan maybe against a righty he can run into a pitch and hit a dinger…

    I thought Girardi was smarter but some of his decisions are indefensible and his inability to think out the box is bad…He thinks COke is a young effective Mike Stanton. He may be one day but he is not close yet. Bruney cannot go in 3 innings, melancon can, hughes and aceves can but bruney no way…

    am I just off or are yankee management (cash and Girardi) just not up to it????

    All the experts thought the Marte/Nady deal was a steal last year, at the time it looked real good but it has been a disaster. I do not blame cash for that one because you cannot expect a OF to have TJ surgery but at the end of the day, Ohlendorf for the 5th starter would not look that bad now.. Abreu is playing great with the ANgels, I understand not bringing him back at $16 mill. but if they did not have Nady maybe they could have given him a new deal at a lower amount…

    • Tony

      Abreu had to play here for 16 million, or not at all. That’s an easy decision.

      I am just baffled about why Ransom is still on this roster. Girardi’s playing favorites and mindless adherence to his “roles” and “matchups” had reallt got me fed up.

    • JGS

      Ransom would play on the Nats? over who?

      Zimmerman? Christian Guzman?

  • stuart

    tony if the yanks did not renew Abreu’s contract he becomes a FA but the Yanks cannot sign him to a new deal? If that is correct I let him walks also..I was not aware of the rules..

    • JobaWockeeZ

      The Yanks could but they didn’t want too. If they offered arbitration he might have accepted and he’ll get a raise. He’s a good offensive player but his defense basically negates his value. He’ll be a wonderful DH but that is saved for Matsui. So letting him walk was the best thing they could do.

      Secondly don’t think that the Yankee brass as complete morons. You or I don’t know all the facts to make a good judgment and it’s so annoying thinking the average fan can run the Yankees. Girardi didn’t exactly plan a good game today so say it without saying “OMFG THEY SUCK SO MUCH THEY DON’T CARE THEY R IDIOTS!”

  • stuart

    how much better of a prospect was Mccutcheon of the Pirates then AJax? Man Mccutcheon can fly. The yanks have been a lumbering team besides Gardner for a while..

    anyone have a take on how AJax rates compared to someone like Mccutcheon…


    • Drew

      This Mccutcheon you speak of, does he play baseball?

  • Drew

    Cokey has had two clunkers in the past week or so. Hopefully it’s just a bump in the road and he’ll get back to what we saw so many times. Dude used to be a starter so I’m assuming he’s not hitting the proverbial wall. I was never fully confident in him due to some early struggles, then, it seemed as though the dude always came in and got outs. I’m willing to bet he’ll get back to getting solid outs.

  • Dela G

    Tomorrow is another day

    • Drew

      fuck that son, today is a new day!!

      In 9 hours we’ll be eatin thunder and shittin lightning.

      • Dela G

        haha you a funny mane, i think we beat Buehrle, who has a career 6.11 ERA against the Yankees.

  • Peter Lacock

    At the time, I was OK with all the decisions mentioned here. I think it’s ridiculous to criticize them. There is no way to know if any other decision would have been better or worse.
    Coke came in to get 3 LHB. Unfortunately they all got hits. Now you’re down 5 with one at bat left. After an IBB to a RHB, 2 of the next 3 hitters are LHB. Why waste another pitcher? I didn’t see the game but didn’t Melancon need some time to get loose?
    I was cool with Ransom as utility back in April and he fit the payroll. Then he missed a month or so. Pena needed AB’s and is learning the OF. I’m cool with that too. Ransom was given ample time to settle in and hasn’t. What was the time limit (on a 1st place team) for this? A problem was recognized. Hairston was acquired. I can see being unhappy but I have trouble understanding what is the rush? Girardi gave Ransom another chance today while also getting Tex a 1/2 day and he gave Damon a day with AJ pitching. Plus the RHB vs. LHP thing. We could, maybe should have been OK. Girardi sticks with him in the 6th, maybe he felt he was due. He certainly was. What if he PH’s Zilla or Damon and the old guy, not properly warmed up, pulls a hammy running to 1B and misses a month? What now? Ransom is on the team, let him fill his role until you get someone better. If Arod gets a break, Ransom at 3B on Sunday? Maybe playing today helps him tomorrow. If he doesn’t step up, maybe even if he does, he goes when Gardy returns. I call all this appropriate.
    I thought Tomko was better than people give him credit for and he was a SP most of his career. Could he have been stretched out? Would stretching him out be better than screwing with Ace or Hughes if it comes to that? I didn’t agree with this decision (to DFA Tomko) but I won’t criticize it because I understand it.
    The Nady/Marte trade hasn’t worked out (yet) but the mere mention of it critically is small minded. Tabata may never have achieved with the Yanks and he may never anyway, but the change of scenery might give him a chance just like we all hope will happen with Hirsch. The pitchers were all expendable and yes it might be nice to have Ohlendorf but then again he might suck worse (in the AL East) than Mitre, who knows? Or maybe he’d be hurt like Montero, who probably wouldn’t be hurt right now if he would have been traded this week instead of still with Trenton.
    In addition to Melancon getting in some effective innnings, I also see positives in Robertson and Bruney getting some work. While some was good and some was not so much for them, at least some was good.

    • Dela G

      press the enter button a few times, mane

  • Alan

    Can’t understand why the team is playing like shit all of a sudden.
    No pitching, no hitting and bad defense all mashed together will result in embarrassing blow out losses every day.

    I’m not so worried about them losing 3 in a row but rather the way they’re losing. The 5th starter problem can be fixed, but the way players play the game can’t be altered quickly…

    • Little Bill

      These things happen. No pitching? Did you miss Andy Pettitte’s last start? Burnett wasn’t going to keep up the 1.68 ERA he had in his past 8 starts for the rest of the season. The team was bound to come down to earth defensively. Hitting is going to come and go in stretches as has been the case all season.

      The players are playing the game just fine. It amazes me that people think the players don’t try during losing streaks and all of a sudden they have the will to win again when things are going good. Losing streaks are going to happen.

      Good news- CC on the mound tomorrow, still in 1st place, top 4 pitchers lined up for the Boston series in Yankee Stadium next weekend.

  • Mac

    I don’t really have any gripes – other than Ransom still on the roster – even that isn’t a huge deal, but I’d rather see Pena up here getting a few days a week playing time instead.

    I do have the feeling that in a few days we will be behind the Sox and may be able to get another arm or two thru waivers – a reliever and a starter.

    • Little Bill

      I’ll be glad when Brett Gardner comes back because it will mean Ransom is out. It’ll just be good to get rid of these “Ransom is the worst player in baseball history” rants that come up whenever he plays once a week.

      If you want to blame anyone for Ransom yesterday, blame Girardi and his matchup fetish. Ransom should only be playing when he’s filling in for A-Rod. There’s no need to play him at 1B and sit Matsui who’s been hot just because there’s a lefty on the mound.

      Girardi does some really dumb things sometimes- Not pinch hitting for Ransom in the 6th with 2 men on base, bunts way too often, and yesterday he was intentionally walking batters in the 8th inning down 10-4. Who does that?

  • Pete c.

    All I can say is we’ve got a streaky team on our hands. The bad side of that statement is, everyone has to endure stretches where the team looks like it can’t get out of it’s own way. And the good side is if they’re on a roll in the playoffs they’ll be unstoppable.
    The truth is boys and girls, as I said to my red sox loving mother-in-law we’ve got ourselves a good old fashioned penant race.
    On a differant note as I was surfing through the channels this morning, nesn the boston sports channel had a headline about the Yanks losing ground to boston, funny, how the red sox still obssess about N.Y.
    And yes my wife when I married her was a boston fan, it didn’t take long to convert her to the Yankees though, much to the chagrin of her family. You should have seen it when I made my father-in-law take the Mo Vaughn t-shirt he bought for our son back to the store and get a Don Mattingly shirt.
    Sorry for going so far off topic.

  • mr yankee

    hey first place was nice, thanks cash for doing nothing to help the pitching which needs help. I am happy everone is lined up for boston so when Halladay complete games us on Tuesday cashman cn look at the pitcher who should be on our team. by the way waht happened to arod-he sucks all of a sudden, garbage, gargabe baseball and we coughed up the lead, but we have mitre going wed any takers on 3 ip 7 runs

  • icedtea

    This just goes to show AJ is not going to go 8 and allow 2 runs every game. Same goes for CC and Joba we really can’t afford to throw Mitre out there every five days.

    Well boys, we have a PENNANT RACE!

  • mr yankee

    W e could have had Halladay every five days-but I suppose Mitre is the guy to take us to the promised land, and I say AROD sucks nothing of signifigance in how long?

    • Brien Jackson

      I would think the fact that no one was willing to pay Toronto’s asking price for the best pitcher in the game should tell you all you need to know about the viability of trading for Halladay.

  • icedtea

    Arod hsa been streaky, but when it is all said and done he will have 30+ / 100+.

  • Pete c.

    As far as Arod’s concerned, it looks like it hurts like hell when he runs. Lot’s of guys would be whining for the dl 3 weeks ago. This guy’s no pussy. I just hope he doesn’t get hurt permanently. Everybody here knows up till now I didn’t have much good to say about him, but watching him play now in pain makes me see maybe he’s got more class than I gave him credit for.

  • Bonos

    A Rod was the one positive offensively for the last two games. As in 3/5 and 3/4. Anyone watch the games before yapping? Naah, it’s A Rod’s fault. Yeesh.

  • Bob Stone

    ARod batted .289 for July with .905 OPS to reverse his June slump. Not bad for a guy that is returning from hip surgery.

    I also hope that the Yanks and ARod aren’t risking a permanent injury by pushing too much.

  • lorraine

    i am a die hard yankee fan i am a die hard yankee fan wheather win or lose. but the last 3 games were horrible. but maybe todays win will bring them back. melky hit for the cycle today yaaaaay melky