A David Robertson rehab update


David Robertson is hitting the road with the Yankees this week, and while he isn’t ready to be activated yet, he has begun a throwing program that will determine the rest of his season. Prior to Wednesday’s game, Robertson threw from 60 feet, and he will do it again tonight before the Yanks take on the Mariners. If all goes according to plan and the right-hander’s progress continues apace, Robertson would probably be activated when the Yanks take on the Royals in from Sept. 28-30. With Brian Bruney’s frustratingly annoying ineffectiveness, the Yanks’ pen would be considerably strengthened if Robertson can come back this season and play a role during October.

In news tangentially related to the Yankees, the A’s have shut down Brett Tomko for the rest of the season with nerve damage in his right arm. Tomko was just three days removed from his first complete game shut out since 2005 when the A’s made this announcement. He hadn’t thrown 114 pitches in a game since May of 2006. So much for that whole Mitre/Tomko debate we had on Wednesday.

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  1. You just wanted an excuse to use the word “apace”.

    Flexing the ol’ AP English chops, trying to buff up the resume for the LoHud opening, eh, Kabak?

  2. Sleeping with the enemy says:

    the debate is still relevent…if he were here over the last month instead of Serg the team would have a better record(if he gave us the same performance ….yadayada…)

    BTW D-Rob=96 Mo

    • Accent Shallow says:

      BTW D-Rob=96 Mo


      Robertson is good and all, but I wouldn’t equate Hughes with Mo v.1996, and Hughes has been much better than Robertson.

    • Makavelli says:

      BTW D-Rob=96 Mo

      Dogs and Cats…living together…MASS HYSTERIA!!!

    • BTW D-Rob=96 Mo

      Phil Hughes begs to differ.

      For the brouhaha over Mitre, the Yanks are 5-4 in his starts. Maybe they’d be 6-3 in Tomko’s starts had he stuck around and duplicated his success. But as I said on Wednesday, that’s where the fallacy of the predetermined outcome enters the picture.

      • Sleeping with the enemy says:

        My question to you is, Was Mariano a uber pitching prospect? (hughes level?) or more on the Drob level???

        • Makavelli says:

          At first glance, I read that as if it were a typo “drob” to “drab”…

          So I will continue with my answer accordingly…

          Mariano was not on the drab level. Although he may have done a one time male escort service before the minors…

      • Bo says:

        Just because the team is good and winning Mitres starts doiesnt mean he should keep going out there.

        WHy wouldnt they look to improve that spot? You think teams believe in luck?

        • nick blasioli says:

          the la

          the last pitcher that gave up four home runs in a game has never been heard from again…i wish the same to mitre..he sucks…

    • if he were here over the last month instead of Serg the team would have a better record(if he gave us the same performance ….yadayada…)

      Fallacy of the Predetermined Outcome.


  3. Accent Shallow says:

    A healthy Robertson would absolutely be good news.

    Second item on the agenda: getting him to throw more strikes.

  4. Free Mike Vick says:

    i wish the yankees would shut Sergio Mitre down……..FOREVER!!!

  5. Hurry back, Dave. Hurry back.

  6. Bo says:

    Robertson earned his post season spot. You just cannot trust Bruney in high leverage spots especially with runners on base. The walks are a big concern.

  7. gio says:

    Doesn’t Tomko’s injury classify as a case of the “fallacy of the predetermined outcome”, just as his success in Oakland did? You can’t say that he definitely would have gotten hurt if he were still pitching for the Yankees.

  8. [...] will bring him back in time for next weekend’s Boston match-up, but I’ll stick with what I said yesterday: David Robertson will be on the mound to face the Royals when Kansas City visit the Bronx from [...]

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