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Drive-time link dump, here we go:

Ian Kennedy throws first BP session since April

Working his way back from an aneurysm, Yankee prospect Ian Kennedy threw his first bullpen session today since April. The right-hander threw 30 pitches from the mound and said he felt good. “It was fun to finally get some competitive juices flowing and to see some hitters,” he said to the AP reporter who stakes out the Yanks’ complex in Tampa. “I’m surprised I wasn’t tired at the end.”

Kennedy will throw another BP session on Saturday before getting in some tosses during a simulated game on Tuesday. He will join an instructional league team later this month and pitch in the Arizona Fall League in October. If all goes well, he should factor into the Yanks’ plans for 2010. Lost amidst this injury was the fact that Kennedy had a better start to his AAA season this year than Phil Hughes did.

In other injury news, Brett Gardner is set to join AAA Scranton tomorrow for a rehab assignment. He’ll be back some time next week.

Steinbrenner Yankeeography to debut tonight

At 11 p.m. or following the completion of the Yankees-Orioles game, the YES Network will debut the George Steinbrenner edition of their acclaimed Yankeeography series. Marc Carig offered up his take:

After seeing the clips, I wanted to keep watching, which I suppose is the point. The producers do a good job of capturing Steinbrenner’s many sides and interests. A bit about the Boss and his family life is particularly touching. Looking back, it’s easy to gain an appreciation for what Steinbrenner did to turn the ailing franchise around when he bought the team.

Carig notes that the YES-produced bio is a bit light on the criticism, and The Post echoed those sentiments today. It doesn’t delve much into the history of George’s legal troubles or his run-ins with baseball’s Powers-That-Be.

Yom Kippur game moved to 1 p.m.

Displaying a bit of religious sensitivity, Major League Baseball has agreed to move the Sunday, September 27 game between the Red Sox and the Yankees to 1 p.m. Originally slated as an afternoon game, MLB moved it to 8 p.m. a few weeks ago at the request of ESPN. Sunset on Sunday though marks the start of Yom Kippur, the Jewish day of atonement. At the request of Jewish leaders and Congressman Anthony Weiner, baseball has agreed to move the game back to its original 1 p.m. start time, and my parents, ticketholders for the day, are happy to hear it.

Some self-promotion

I stopped by the YES studios last week to film a short web appearance on Pinstriped Weekly. While the video isn’t as timely today as it was last week, check it out right here.

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  1. Mike Pop says:

    Ben, did you ever imagine you’d be appearing on Pinstriped Weekly when you, Mike, and Joe started this blog?

  2. Tom Zig says:

    That means the game will end at 8.

  3. At 11 p.m. or following the completion of the Yankees-Orioles game, the YES Network will debut the George Steinbrenner edition of their acclaimed Yankeeography series… Carig notes that the YES-produced bio is a bit light on the criticism, and The Post echoed those sentiments today.

    I’m shocked to hear this. Shocked, I tell you.

  4. You know, I hear nearly every single year about either the MLB or NFL deciding (well after the schedule is announced, BTW) that they’ve acquiesced to the NYC markets and moved their baseball or football games to afternoon games to avoid conflicting with Yom Kippur or Rosh Hashanah.

    I always wonder why the games weren’t just scheduled as guaranteed afternoon games in the first place. What, did you forget that the Jewish faith has these same holidays every year just like Christians have Christmas and Easter?


    Senior VP of Events Mike Supovitz: Hey, Roger, we need to move the kickoff of the Jets-Titans game up to 1pm. Yom Kippur.
    Roger Goodell: Jesus Christ, man, can’t you Jews take a damn year off with your crazy matzoh ball eating fake holidays? Gimme a break with that shit. Learn how to bake bread, numbnuts.
    Mike Supovitz: Take it easy, Goodell. Don’t crucify me, it was just a suggestion.

    … aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand, SCENE!

    • JGS says:

      because the holidays aren’t always on the same day of the week

      • Yes, they’re not always on the same day of the week, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be predicted.

        I just went to Wikipedia and I already know when Rosh Hashanah will be happening through the year 2012. That took me all of two seconds to find out.

        Rosh Hashanah will occur on the following days of the Gregorian calendar:

        * Jewish Year 5769: sunset September 29, 2008 – nightfall October 1, 2008
        * Jewish Year 5770: sunset September 18, 2009 – nightfall September 20, 2009
        * Jewish Year 5771: sunset September 8, 2010 – nightfall September 10, 2010
        * Jewish Year 5772: sunset September 28, 2011 – nightfall September 30, 2011
        * Jewish Year 5773: sunset September 16, 2012 – nightfall September 18, 2012

    • JSquared says:

      LOL. Damn Right!!

  5. Drew says:

    I thought it was pretty foolish of ESPN to request an eight o’clock start time on that date. It’s an oversight that should not happen.

  6. Benjamin, the sleeves on your suit jacket need to be shortened a bit.

    /Ben’s mom’d

    Kidding… Congrats dude, that segment was really cool. Awesome to see you guys getting publicity/face-time like that.

  7. KayGee says:

    If you don’t mind me asking, how old are Ben, Joe, and Mike? Getting face time like that is pretty impressive so congrats.

  8. jsbrendog says:

    Ben, one word of advice (whether you need/want it or not)

    you should try to project more and speak a little bit louder. Your voice is low and i feel (again, i know nothing) as a viewer it owuld behoove you to bring it up a notch.

    /meant constructively

    other than that it was awesome

  9. BRILLIANT!!!!! says:

    at the 2:16 mark, This dude Joe( who seems like a casual fan ),

    Asks you What do the Yankees need to do to secure a playoff spot?
    And you answered the most genious answer I ever heard…You answered “they must continue to win….Well DUHHHHHH.

    Just messin with ya, great job!

  10. kimonizer says:

    Thinking of IPK, the fates of injuries and circumstances might have played out nicely for the big three and integration into the big league team. Rather than trying to get all of them in at once and dealing with inconsistency, innings, etc. together it looks like they might get inserted one at a time year after year into the rotation.

    Last year Joba got some time in the rotation along with bullpen work. This year he has been solely a starter but with an appropriate innings limit. Next year he will have the experience and virtually not innings limit and will be fully integrated into the rotation.

    This year Hughes had some rotation experience and now is getting some bullpen work. Next year he will be on the same limited starter plan as Joba is this year (hopefully) and will gain necessary experience in the less stressful role of the 5th starter.

    Next year Kennedy will probably start in AAA but if he does well could get some rotation time due to inevitable rotation injury woes (see Wang, Chien-Mien 2009) and then could play some kind of a role in the bullpen. That would put him in line for starting with innings limits in 2011 and then full integration in 2012.

    If things happened like that we would have CC, AJ, then three home growns all with good to excellent upside (of course no one would have truly ridiculous upside which is reserved solely for TJSC)

    Not bad

    Sorry for length

    • Sorry for length

      Welcome to the club. The big penis club. (Safe. No, really.)

    • King of Fruitless Hypotheticals says:

      its almost if, i dont know, cashman made it work out that way


      so here’s the follow up (cause i have no clue): who are falling into their spots…who’s filling those roles they’re vacating?

      • kimonizer says:

        Not sure I get what you mean. Who are the next potentially good starters? or who fills their role in the bullpen? It would seem we have prospects like Betances, Brackman, et. al. filling the prospect slots and then hopefully a strong stream of bullpen options constantly coming out of the minors.

        Also meant to add that not having to spend on starters allows us to spend more money on free agent position players, where injury is less of a scary proposition and money is more often well spent. Once again, almost like Cashman planned it.

  11. Lanny says:

    Would anyone expect a YES produced show to be hard hitting at the Boss??

    • It would be the rough equivalent of Michael Kay refusing to copulate with The Captain.

    • Nigel Incubator-Jones says:

      I would not expect it. YES is basically owned by George Steinbrenner, therefore it would not be in the best interest of those that produce shows to say much negetively about George Steinbrenner. This would be because he might get mad and fire someone. On the other hand, maybe he wouldn’t mind as long it was treated fairly and showed that maybe he’s grown and now feels he is a better person. Mostly though, I tend to agree with you on this because it doesn’t seem like a station that is owned by someone wouldn’t want said show to make him look bad. But I could be wrong. Most likely I’m not though. Still there have been those times where I’ve been wrong. Not this time though.

  12. New reports are emerging that George contacted Steven Spielberg in February about a biographical movie that would eligible for the 82nd Academy Awards, but quickly reverted to calling Clint Eastwood after the former proposed casting notorious liberal Alec Baldwin to play the part of the Boss in his earlier days.

    Associates say Steinbrenner dreamed of a movie that would rival Ray and Schindler’s List.

  13. pat says:

    Haha nice work Ben. I especially liked the first part..“I write River Avenue Blues with two of my colleagues.. (whose names I won’t mention, screw those guys).

    I keed I keed, awesome job all around homies.

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