America: Yanks still our team

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Just in case there were any doubts, a new poll has confirmed that the Yankees are indeed still America’s Team. In a nationwide poll of 800 respondents, Sacred Heart University pollsters found that 41.6 percent chose the Yanks for the top spot. The Red Sox came in second with 16.3 percent of the vote followed by the Braves, Cubs, Phillies, Cardinals, Mets and Tigers. If the Mets are America’s Team, that does not speak highly of our country. The margin of error for the poll was +/- 3.5 percent, and, needless to say, it’s good to be on top.

Shout Outs: Feinsand, IIATMS, Yankeeist
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  • Slugger27

    i love the idea of being the #1 team, but with such a small sample it doesnt seem to mean much

    just the phrase “nationwide poll of 800” kinda tickles me, but its still better than coming in 2nd i guess

    also, the braves??? that must just be because of TBS

    • Benjamin Kabak

      800 is a big enough sample size on a telephone poll to draw a representative sample. They have a +/- 3.5 percent MoE with a confidence level of 95 %. Sounds good enough to me.

      • Slugger27

        eh, maybe

        but 41.6 is well over double 16.3… and i have a hard time believing there are well over double yankee lovers than sox lovers in the country

        but still, all hail the empire :)

        • Benjamin Kabak

          Right, but the question wasn’t “which is your favorite team?” The question was “Which MLB team do you consider to be “America’s Team”?” That’s an entirely different question.

  • Andy In Sunny Daytona

    So, “Red Sox Nation” is really “Red Sox State”. Yes?

    • Mike Axisa

      Red Sox municipality?

      • Andy In Sunny Daytona

        Red Sox Nation = Luxembourg

        • ClayBuchholzLovesLaptops

          That’s a shot at Luxembourg.

    • Chris

      More like Red Sox region. They can pretty safely claim Mass, Rhode Island, Maine and New Hampshire.

      • Rick in Boston

        I’d say Vermont is def. Sox territory, but NH has a large number of Yankee fans. I’d actually say, based on living there for four years while in college, that NH might only be slightly a Sox state.

  • jsbrendog

    as long as the yankees don’t alienate the whole countyr and breed yankee haters for no other reason other than branding themselves america’s team.

    i despise the cowboys for this only reason as i am sure many ppl my age do as well.

  • Riddering (NSFW, language)

    Do we really need a poll to know that the Yankees are the best and everyone knows it?

    No. Only the haters need this poll.

  • Stormrider6

    Better than the Mets, indeed! Cross-town rivalries aside, I think that this poll shows a lot about America. Many, many Americans came to this country through the NYC area and their families have branched out from there, carrying their allegiances with them, especially since many moved on before the Mets came to being. My father’s side of the family came through Ellis Island and over the next two generations moved further and further out of the NYC area, but myself and my cousins are almost all Yankees fans. Even though my grandfather was a Giants fan originally, he disowned them when they left NY and became (begrudgingly at first) a Yankees fan.

    Towards the end of his life, my father and I spent a lot of time at his house watching Yankee games. He’d pass out in about the fourth inning, but when we’d notice and say that he was sleeping, he’d mumble “I’m not asleep… Its the eighth inning and the Yanks are up 5-2!”

  • Free Mike Vick

    USA USA USA!!!

    • Mike Axisa

      America. Fuck yeah!

  • Mode:Theif and Lair (formerly Nigel Incubator-Jones)

    In other news, ESPN conducted a similar poll and found that 99% of their pollees considered the Red Sox to be America’s team.

    Margin of error +/- 0%
    How the poll was conducted
    Pollers had to use their office phones.
    They were not allowed to use their “9” button for an outside line, but were allowed to use any internal extension.

    The 1% that did not choose the Red Sox were “sent to Detroit”

    • Benjamin Kabak

      I really don’t get why people still complain about a perceived ESPN bias or care if people at ESPN are Red Sox fans. Nothing the network does determines the outcome, and it just sounds like sour grapes coming from jealous Yankee fans.

      • Jerkface

        Its fun to complain. And being viewed as ‘everyone is against us’ makes victories sweeter. Its pretty cool.

      • Mode:Theif and Lair (formerly Nigel Incubator-Jones)

        I really don’t believe in the bias. This, to me, has just become a meme. And it was also only meant as humor. I should have signed it with something that indicated as much.

        /my bad

      • Mode:Theif and Lair (formerly Nigel Incubator-Jones)

        One other thing. I could point to about 100(0?) other comments (hence the meme), much more serious than this that could have deserved your response. Maybe you just hit your threshhold on this, but the tounge-in-cheekiness of it should have been, i think, obvious.

        • Benjamin Kabak

          I’ve railed against it plenty of times in comments around here. It’s just perpetuating people who actually believe it.

          But no harm, no foul. I see what you’re doing, and I was just making a tangential rant/point.

          • Mode:Theif and Lair (formerly Nigel Incubator-Jones)

            And, I, for my part, promise to not do anything to continue this meme any further.

            Happy Happy Joy Joy!