Banuelos, Mesa ranked among Sally League’s best


Baseball America posted their ranking of the top 20 prospects in the Low-A South Atlantic League today, with southpaw Manny Banuelos coming in at #9. He’s the third lefty pitcher on the list, trailing only Martin Perez of Texas (#1) and Matt Moore of Tampa Bay (#3). “He’s the most impressive pitcher I’ve had at this level since Phil Hughes five years ago,” Charleston manager Torre Tyson said in the subscriber only scouting report. “For me, he’s a front-end starter in the big leagues, and you don’t have too many guys like that come through here.”

Outfielder Melky Mesa also squeezed onto the list at #20, and the report on him is the same as it’s always been: super toolsy, but held back by his overly aggressive approach. Andrew Brackman obviously didn’t make the cut, but in the chat we learned that some scouts had him up to 96 with the fastball. The Yanks could keep him in the bullpen to get him to the bigs faster, but holding him back to work on his command and other stuff would be wiser for his development.

The Florida State League comes out next Wednesday, and I’m pretty sure Jesus Montero got enough at-bats with Tampa to qualify for that sucker.

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  1. Accent Shallow says:

    These reports are always interesting, and one of my favorite things about the end of the MiL season. It’s nice to see Banuelos get some recognition, and I really look forward to seeing him at Tampa/Trenton next year.

    I’m surprised Mesa managed to make the top 20, given how he’s 22 and hasn’t shown great results.

  2. The Artist says:

    “For me, he’s a front-end starter in the big leagues”

    I’m a big Manny-Banny fan, but isn’t he a bit small for that? Doesn’t his slight build and frame project more as a reliever?

    • Accent Shallow says:


      Isn’t Johan 5’10? Ok, B-ref has him as 6′, but whatever.

      • The Artist says:

        5′ 10″ and 155 pounds!


        Guidry was a tiny little guy too, but they’re few and far between. Most small guys with his build wind up in bullpens. They tend to break down as starters.

        • Accent Shallow says:

          Well, you gotta think he’s going to fill out. He’s 18, no way he weighs 155 at 26. (Also, does he even weigh 155 now? I’m sure if you’ve ever checked B-ref, you know those weights aren’t even close)

          But I suppose we’ll find out.

          And of course the manager’s going to praise him highly, as funny as it would be to hear: “He’s probably a fourth starter in the end, or maybe a middle-innings reliever. He should make the majors, but he’s just not that good.”

    • Ed says:

      Baseball Reference says:

      Lincecum – 5’11″, 160lb
      Banuelos – 5’10′, 155lb

      Can’t see 1″ and 5lb making that much of a difference.

      (Yes, I realize Lincecum is a freak of nature)

  3. JSquared says:

    Man Ban is definitely something to be excited about. I Hope him and Juan Heredia are moved around together.

  4. Mike bk says:

    do players like phelps and mitchell, more phelps because he was there so long not make these lists because they didnt finish there?

  5. Aj says:

    does any one know where Arodys Visciano ranked in his league??

  6. Aj says:

    Thanks, how do you guys think the yanks farm would of rankes had we signed Sano and Chapman???

  7. Aj says:

    Ranked*** sorry didnt proof read.

  8. Aj says:

    mike what do you think? i was at work so i couldnt join the chat :(

    • Mike Axisa says:

      About what?

      The reply button is your friend.

      • Aj says:

        i was wondering about sano since i read that the yankees almost swooped in and signed him, i wonder why they didnt. given all the strides guys like banulos and visciano made where would you say our system ranks?

        • Mike Axisa says:

          Still middle of the pack. For every Banuelos and Vizcaino that’s stepped forward, there’s a Brackman or Kontos that’s taken a step back.

          • Aj says:

            what do you think it would take for our system to rank top 10? it seems that Boston is always one step ahead of us since there farm has been up there a while.

            • Mike Axisa says:

              Signing Gerrit Cole would have been a nice start. they just need some guys to stay healthy, and guys like Heathcott and Murphy to have strong first full seasons.

            • whozat says:

              A couple more years of good drafting. The Red Sox started paying attention to their minor league system about 3 years before the Yanks did.

              What really sucks is that Wang got so badly hurt…He would have been a great trade chip this offseason or at the deadline next year, and they have the pitching depth to absorb that loss. They could have gotten a good young player for him, which would have helped the system a lot.

  9. bottom line says:

    Not bad if Yank system is middle-of-pack after all the injuires they’ve had. Imagine now if just a couple of the folowing rebound: Garcia, Horne, H. Sanchez, Kontos, Betances.

    Also, the way I figure it, they already have three pitchers in the Top 12 of their leagues (Man-Ban, Vizcaino, Warren). Add Zak-Mac and that’s not a bad showing. Would be nice if Mitchell, Heredia or some other surprise could join them on upcoming league lists.

    Also, assuming Montero is a top 3 league prospect, that would give us three (with Vizcaino and de Leon). With 16 or 17 leagues, that can be viewed as three of the top 50 or so propects (inexact, I realize, since some leagues are better than others). That’s a pretty good showing for an injury-riddled system whose top 2 draft picks (and possibly best draft arms in Cotham and Stoneburner) didn’t play enough to qualify.

    Encouraging showing so far.

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