Girardi overmanages his way to a Game Three loss


I wrote about the similarities between the ALDS and the ALCS in this afternoon’s game thread, and those similarities continued today. The Yankees won both Game Ones thanks to CC Sabathia‘s dominance, then prevailed in extras in both Game Twos thanks to Alex Rodriguez‘s homerun heroics. Game Three against the Angels played out similar to Game Three against the Twins, in that the Yanks relied on the long ball and the work of their pitching staff to stay in the game.

The game started off about as well the Yankees could have asked it too. Jered Weaver’s first two pitches to leadoff hitter Derek Jeter were off the plate away, but the third was a 2-0 fastball right in the Captain’s wheelhouse. Jeter pulled the ball into the leftfield seats – something we don’t see him do often – for a quick 1-0 lead. Hideki Matsui started off the second with nine-pitch at-bat resulting in a single to right, and Jorge Posada followed that up with a six-pitch walk. Robbie Cano, not exactly a guy with a nose for RBI spots, bounced a double play ball but beat out the throw. Nick Swisher followed by flying out to left, but not deep enough to score the run. Melky Cabrera grounded out weakly to second to end the threat. An eerily similar rally played out in the fourth, when the 7-8-9 hitters again couldn’t bring Matsui and/or Posada in with no out. Weaver was at 79 pitches after just four innings, but he did a good job wiggling out of jams.

Yankee pitchers were able to avoid the long ball in their first five playoff games, but Pettitte wasn’t able to extend the streak this afternoon. After the amazing Alex Rodriguez and Johnny Damon chipped in solo homers to give the Yanks a three run lead, Howie Kendrick took Pettitte deep in the fifth to cut the Yanks lead to two. Just an inning later Vlad Guerrero broke out of his postseason slump in a big way, drilling Andy’s two-strike pitch deep into left, almost to the exact same spot Kendrick hit his. The problem with Vladdy’s homer is that Bobby Abreu picked up his first hit of a series two batters earlier, so it was a two-run shot that tied the game at three.

Andy’s final line was damn close to what I predicted in this afternoon’s chat, seven hits and three runs in six and third innings of work. He’s wasn’t great, allowing at least one hit in every full inning he pitched, but on most nights it would have been good enough to win. Pettitte gave way to Joba Chamberlain, who was greeted rather rudely when Kendrick launched his first pitch off the right field wall for a triple. Two pitches later the Angels had the lead on a Maicer Izturis sac fly. Joba would go on to give up a double to Erick Aybar, but Damaso Marte came in to retire Chone Figgins on one pitch to kill the rally.

Like they’ve done so many times this postseason, the Yankees came right back and answered immediately after the opponent scored. Matsui worked his second walk of the game to leadoff the eighth, and was immediately replaced by pinch runner Brett Gardner. Unlike Game Two, when Gardner pinch ran but never did the running part, he took off for second but was gunned down on a pitch out. Posada picked up Gardner by homering to dead center – the Yanks fourth jack of the game – to knot the game up at four. Another battle of the bullpens was in place, and any Yankee fan would take it.

After Marte reached his pitch count of one, Phil Coke came in to face Abreu, the first of two questionable pitching moves. Abreu doubled to dead center but the Yanks caught a break when he got too greedy and was caught wandering too far off second. The Yanks caught another break in a postseason that has been full of them, however they never seemed to be able to get that big hit in this game.

The score remained tied into the 10th, when Phil Hughes, entering his second full inning of work, served up a leadoff double to backup catcher Jeff Mathis and was immediately lifted for the Hammer of God. Erick Aybar attempted to give himself up to move the runner to third, but Mo fielded the ball and flung it towards third to get the lead runner, except the ball ended up in left. Instead of a runner on third with one out, the Angels had runners on the corner with zero away.

Every Yankee fan feels comfortable when Mariano is on the mound, but I admit I had already accepted this game as a loss at this point. Instead, Mo did exactly what he does best – he bailed the Yankees out. Figgins grounded the first, and Tex touched the bag for the first out after looking the runner back to third. After an intentional walk to Abreu to load the bases and put the force at any base, Torii Hunter dug himself into a hole and tapped another grounder to first. Tex fielded and threw home for the force, although no return throw was made and the Angels still had the bases juiced for Vlad, who homered earlier.

At this point, I had shifted from accepting defeat to holding out hope that somehow Mo could escape the jam. His first pitch to Vlad was inside for a ball, and the second was fouled off for strike one. The third pitch, a nasty cutter down and away, was grounded weakly to Tex, who scooped it up and raced to the bag for the third out. The Yanks had a second lease on life, but it would be short lived.

With the score still tied in the 11th, Girardi turned to David Robertson, who made quick work of Juan Rivera and Kendry Morales. On a night when he already replace a lefty specialist who had thrown all of one pitch with another lefty specialist, Girardi got cute and took out K-Rob in favor of Al Aceves. Inevitably, Kendrick picked up a hit anyway, and two pitches later Mathis lined a double into the gap for the win. The Yanks lost for the first time this postseason, on a pitching move that was never necessary in the first place.

In the end, the Yankees inability to hit with runners in scoring position was every bit the goat as Girardi’s overmanaging. They went 0-for-8 with runners in scoring position as a team, and the bottom three hitters in the order were a particularly dreadful 0-for-7. They had chances in the 2nd, 4th, and 8th innings, but didn’t bring anyone home. That said, the game of baseball just isn’t as hard as Joe Girardi makes it.

The Yankees still lead the best-of-seven series 2-1, and are still sending CC Sabathia to the mound tomorrow. Things could certainly be worse.

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  1. Double-J says:

    Any thoughts on letting Rivera stand there and take an out instead of putting Cervelli in? Granted, in hindsight, Cervelli resulted in a strikeout anyways, but when they put him in I was wondering if there was any consideration to conceding the inning and letting Rivera try and pitch the next one, with the heart of the Yankee order coming up.

    Apologies ahead of time if that sounds stupid, I was just wondering that was plausible/logical, or if you always go with a batter in that situation because you “never know what’s going to happen.”

    • donttradecano says:

      very plausible in my opinion.

    • Borikwa51 says:

      Absolutely…Cervelli wasn’t going to do squat against that right-hander.

      Had we scored before Mariano’s spot, he would have let Mariano hit and pitch the bottom half

    • Pasqua says:

      Here’s why I don’t think you do that:

      If Rivera pitches the 11th, the best he can do is preserve the tie, which means that someone else is going to have to close the game anyway. On top of that, you probably (definitely) can’t pitch Rivera tomorrow night because of the innings today.

      At least, in this situation, Rivera can pitch in Game 4 (I assume). I know it’s not much of a consolation, but if the situation arises, we’ll be glad he’s there.

      • Double-J says:

        That makes sense, but I think at that point you throw Rivera out there and get the win today if you can. I wouldn’t have pushed him more than two innings, though. Robertson also did a fine job, so I share everyone’s frustration with Girardi over-managing there.

        I just thought that, with the heart of the Yankee order coming up (theoretically), you take a chance with Rivera and let A-Rod take a shot…

        Alas, my lucky cap that ensured Yankees wins in the playoffs is now no longer lucky (apparently), and I’ll be in a grad seminar tomorrow night during the game. Fail. :P

    • Joseph M says:

      The problem is Rivera may be needed tomorrow night so Girardi was painted into a corner. The ridiculous decision was removing Robertson for Aceves (I have very little confidence in Aceves).

      • The Three Amigos says:

        I think it is time to make the bridge to Mo- Robertson and Hughes. How has Joba earned that spot… his shaky pitching thus far finally came back to bite him.

        • hats-all-folks says:


    • Jared says:

      I agree. I wanted Mo to hit and (I swear) I said it at the time. I bet the WPA from letting Cervelli hit (who has little power) with two outs needing another hit from Tex who hasn’t hit at all over Mo hitting, is less than the WPA lost from losing Mo for a full inning. Even if Mo makes out there, odds are he gets through the eleventh allowing the Yanks to send 3-4-5 out in the top of the next inning. I understand the “at best Mo can preserve the tie argument,” but I think letting Mo preserve the tie was a better strategy then trying to get two or three things to go correctly to win immediately. And hey, you never know – Mo had some good swings in Atlanta this year.

  2. C says:

    What bugs me is that the Yanks haven’t gotten a hit with RISP since the 6th inning of Game 1. You can’t expect to win playoff games like that. Hopefully they turn that around starting tomorrow.

    • pat says:

      Exactly, a few timely hits and we’re not fussin with this extra innings bullshit.

    • Double-J says:

      Agreed. Some of the Yankees really have to come up bigger at the plate. Teixiera’s defense is stellar, but he’s come up empty this LCS at the plate…Melky has looked lost, Swisher and Cano are confuzzled. It’s hard to overlook this with Jeter, A-Rod, Matsui, and even Damon coming on of late, but it needs to change ASAP.

      • Joseph M says:

        Girardi has got to get control of himself before he overmanages the Yankees right out of the postseason. Molina for Posada when AJ pitches, fine. If he wants to start Gardner over Melky for a game, fine. He manages the pitching staff like this is an all star game (everybody has to get into the game). In the bottom ofthe 11th we were left with one viable pitcher in the pen (after Andy went 6and a third). Makes no sense.

        • hats-all-folks says:


  3. Chili Davis says:

    Couldn’t agree more with the write-up, Mike. Extremely tough loss to take, but CC will get ‘em tomorrow.

  4. pat says:

    Joe Girardi overmanages so much clearly this team would be undefeated without him.

    • Mike Pop says:

      I’m not for letting him off the hook(and i doubt you are either, i just decided to respond here) but I don’t put full blame on him. There were plenty of times the Yankees should of scored and didn’t. Just sucks to get stomped on like that, we all wanted to see Teix and ARod come up for those 2 at bats.

      The pen has been great this postseason, I can’t complain. Just wish we had a time machine.

      • pat says:

        All very true. It really really was a questionable and almost indefensible move by Girardi. My problem is that I’m the guy sitting at home drinking beer watching the games on TV. Joe Girardi is the Ex-Manager of the Year and current manager of the New York Yankees. I can’t sit around and act like a douche and call him an asshole because of a decision. I guarantee there is at least 50 things to consider when making that decision that we have no idea about. Maybe he saw something in D-Robbs mechanics that meant his arm was hurting, there’s so much shit we don’t know. That’s why I for one, am pretty much always loyal to a Manager because he knows 100x more than I or anybody else bitching on an internet message board. To me, it’s just retarded for people go get up on here and cry and complain and say dumb shit like “Fire Girardi” when he;s in the driver seat of the best team in baseball. To sum everything up I hate douchebags.

        • Mike Pop says:


          I’m the guy adjusting my couch cushion because my back is starting to hurt, and I’m going to bitch about managerial decisions constantly? Hell no.

          How many times do you see comments on here saying who should bring in or take out, etc. when they’re wrong, we don’t harp on them.

          Simply as you put it: Girardi and his staff know more than us, and they lead our favorite team to 103 wins in the regular season. One bad move isn’t going to change my confidence in this team.

          • Accent Shallow says:

            Bad moves happen to all managers, no matter how smart or well-prepared they are. And us armchair bench coaches are wrong more often than not.

            However, this move is so inexplicable that it shakes my faith in Girardi a little bit. Maybe something comes out in the next few days, and we learn he had a reason other than “Aceves matches up better”, or saving Robertson for Game 4. But until then, I’m perturbed. Not calling for Girardi’s head, or Torre’s return, but my confidence in Girardi has decreased. I can’t think of any move he made in the regular season that made me feel this way — maybe one of the bunts.

        • SportsPat8 says:

          Agreed! From one Pat to another, we’re on the same page. Girardi has made a lot of BRILLIANT moves so far, and his job over the season on molding the bullpen into the juggernaut that it is now, is simply AMAZING.

          He wanted Aceves in there because he throws better offspeed stuff than D-Rob, and Kendrick is a great fastball hitter. I’m actually fine with it. It didn’t work out, OK, but this BRILLIANT move to throw CC on 3 days rest tonight will recapture all you fairweather fans tonight.

          • Chris C. says:

            Great balls of shit!

            The guy is checking out a looseleaf binder in the 11th inning of the ALCS championship series, and you’re calling him BRILLIANT, AMAZING, and BRILLIANT again????
            So in other words, if Rivera was in the game, he’d have been lifted as well for Aceves, because he too does not throw a slew of offspeed stuff?

            Did you see what Mathis did to that offspeed stuff? What’s his scouting report say?

  5. YFM says:

    Joe lost this game for the Yanks! Damn move pulling Roberston and replace him with shaky Aceves!

    • The Fallen Phoenix says:

      No, I think the Yankees offense lost this game. They had opportunities to tack on runs throughout the game, but just could not capitalize with runners on base. I will never, ever complain about home runs – solo or not – but there’s no reason why the Yankees cannot hit balls hard while there are runners on base.

      Of course Girardi did not necessarily do his team any favors when he lifted Robertson for Aceves, but either pitcher should be able to get Jeff Mathis out.

  6. JackC says:

    “That said, the game of baseball just isn’t as hard as Joe Girardi makes it.”

    Well said, sir.

  7. Saying it again:

    let’s just put it behind us, take a deep breath, and let CC do his thing tomorrow night.

  8. albany says:


  9. Mike Pop says:

    I would be lying if I said I wasn’t just a wee-bit microscope needing to see concerned. CC just has to go out there tomorrow and do his thing to be up 3-1. Sucks that we got 4 home runs and didn’t win the game, but such is life. Move on.

    Then with 2 games left at the stadium, I am full of confidence.

    Mo was just masterful though, like wow, really? You just have to appreciate that.

  10. Accent Shallow says:

    Pettitte made a big mistake to Vlad, but the offense has to produce with runners on.

    As much as you want to win with your best arms, I’m not sure pulling Marte for Coke to get Abreu is necessary.

    Mo is clearly not human.

  11. mustang says:

    “That said, the game of baseball just isn’t as hard as Joe Girardi makes it.”

    Damn right how about taking your eyes off the damn charts for a minute and looking at what your pitchers is doing on the mound.

    But I agree with Mike it was more than just Girardi.

    They will get them tomorrow.

  12. Jake K. says:

    Absolutely indefensible decision by Girardi. Hopefully he learns from it. Today it seemed like he needed an experienced bench coach to keep him from out out-thinking himself.

    I also don’t understand what Joba did to earn a spot as a high leverage reliever.

    I still think the Yanks will win the series, but this hurts a bit. They let the Angels off the ropes today.

    • Accent Shallow says:

      Yeah, I haven’t been thrilled with Relief Joba(tm). The velocity’s been there, but he hasn’t looked sharp at all. Perhaps Robertson gets first call tomorrow, if necessary.

    • Confused says:

      Agreed. I do not care what anyone says about Joba. He is not the old Joba and has done nothing to deserve being a high leverage reliever.

      KRob has been the Yankees 2nd best reliever the entire postseason. He needs to be the 7th inning guy. Hell, he needs to be the 11th inning guy at least.

      The Yankees really should be down 2-1 right now and a lot of that is on Girardi. He has gotten bailed out by Mo twice going 2 1/3 the other night as well as AROD

      • steve (different one) says:

        The Yankees really should be down 2-1 right now and a lot of that is on Girardi. He has gotten bailed out by Mo twice going 2 1/3 the other night as well as AROD

        not sure i understand this, his trigger finger was a little quick on Saturday but if A-Rod doesn’t homer, that loss is not on Girardi. it would be b/c the offense scored 2 runs in 11 innings.

  13. marc resnick says:

    kendrick is a dead fastball hitter. he has spent time in the minors this year because of an inability to adjust to off speed pitches and ace throws the kitchen sink at you. Letting up a single to kendrick wasnt the issue its letting jeff mathis slam 2 double off os us. whats the book on him?

  14. Tony says:

    I remember when Girardi did this all year and people were like, “Who cares, they won,” or “Who cares, they have X wins.”

    This is why you care. He wasn’t going to stop doing this all of a sudden because the playoff started.

    • Zack says:

      Who cares, we’re up 2-1?

    • Accent Shallow says:

      He hasn’t made a single move all year as bad as this one. All of the other moves at least have some justification. The only one I can come up with is trying to save Robertson for tomorrow, which I don’t like at all. You play to win the game.

    • ROBTEN says:

      I really don’t know how the Yankees survived Girardi this season. I mean, winning the division, having the best record in baseball, and sweeping the ALDS…pure bush league. If he doesn’t stop soon, he might manage them to the World Series…

      Wait…what were we talking about?

    • Drew says:


      Why use results as a barometer? Oh wait, that’s what you’re doing now. Hmm, I’m confused.

      • Tony says:

        Interesting parallel to your brilliant idea that’s ok for Melky to overthrow every cutoff man he has ever seen because Jeter happened to save his ass today.

        • Drew says:

          Say what you want. If Melky had thrown to Cano, Bobby would have been on 3rd with no outs and the game may have ended earlier. Again, the play was at third until Bobby saw the throw coming on a line towards third and had to turn around.

          It’s funny you argue that the result doesn’t matter(Abreu out). Yet the result does matter with Ace(Mathis double).

          • Tony says:

            With Ace the decision and result both sucked, so I don’t know where you’re going with that one.

          • Sam P. says:

            Not so sure I agree Drew. I realize you might not be back through the comments and see this, but thought I’d comment quickly.

            Cano wasn’t that far away from Jeter. Cano was more north of the 2nd base bag while Jeter was over north of the shortstop position. If Cano ends up with the ball after Melky throws a bullet to him, I think Cano’s got a good chance to fire to A-Rod or turn and flip to 2nd for a tag.

            But what about on the winning run? Melky’s throw, while it got there, had lost a lot of steam by the time it got to Posada. I think his hitting Jeter as the cutoff man would have helped the relay as Jeter could have thrown a strike to the plate. I’m not saying he would have gotten Kendrick, but I think that by hitting the cutoff man, Melky could have given the Yanks a *chance* for a play at the plate.

      • The Artist says:

        Yeah, not sure where he was going there. I think he was arguing that DESPITE the fact that the Yanks won 103 games and went 5-0 in the playoffs up to tonight, it’s still wrong.


  15. There is some lingering fear from this move that I have. Girardi’s quick hook had worked up until this point, but today it burned him. Hopefully, he doesn’t now go too long with guys.

    • Pasqua says:

      I actually felt he played with fire re: Pettitte today (especially after the quick hook in Minnesota). Andy, I felt, was losing his location in the 6th, so I was surprised to see him in the 7th, even for an out. Girardi is an intriguing dude, because it’s difficult to identify a method to his maneuvering. He likes to talk about “gut” moves, but also appears married to the numbers at times.

  16. marc resnick says:


    thats why girardi went to ace

    • Accent Shallow says:

      Except Robertson has a great curve.

      • Drew says:

        He threw one curve out of 11 pitches, albeit a nasty one.

        There is a reason Joe went to Ace and it wasn’t so Ace could fall behind 3-1.

        • Rocky Road Redemption (formerly RAB poster) says:

          It was a dumb reason. Robertson was going great, Ace had given up a run yesterday. Plus we’re running out of pitchers. Horrible managing.

        • Accent Shallow says:

          But Robertson appeared to be cruising, and you’re running out of pitchers. Sure, if there’s a running in scoring position, go to Aceves. Hell, if there’s a runner on first, go to Aceves. But Robertson had just easily retired two very good hitters on few pitches, so why go to a long reliever to matchup with someone who’s not a home run hitter?

          Of course, if Aceves/Cano makes a great play, it’s on to the 11th. Or if Aceves doesn’t give up a shot to Jeff freakin’ Mathis.

      • Salty Buggah says:

        Yea, true but that’s all. You can’t just throw him that one pitch. Kendrick hits fastballs well. Ace has more off-speed pitches.

      • Chris says:

        It’s not like the move backfired. Aceves got Kendrick to ground up the middle. That could easily have been an out – if it were a foot to the left or right.

  17. Mike HC says:

    CC is going to have to carry us this series and I think he is up to the challenge. I don’t think there is one other pitcher in baseball I would rather have on my team in a situation like this.

  18. Salty Buggah says:

    I’m still confused to why these shitty hitters like Kendrick and Mathis kill em all the time. I hope Ace gets his game back because he is sucking. Also, can someone pleas get a fuckin hit with RISP? TSwish needs to get himself going. As does Tex. This bullpen managing wouldn’t be necessary if someone drove that fuckin run in 3rd with less than 2 outs.

    Kendrick and Jeff fuckin Mathis? Ugh

    /Rant over.

  19. Guest says:

    Im still at work. I had a meeting and came back to my desk just in time for the inevitable Aceves implosion. What in the heck was Joe thinking? Has he not been paying attention? Robertson is clearly in a better place right now than Aceves and he had just gotten out two very good hitters without breaking much of a sweat.

    If he made that move because Kendrick is 1 for 2 lifetime against Robertson, I think my head would explode. To call that a small sample size would be an insult to small sample sizes everywhere. I think I saw another thread that Joe may have made the move because Kendrick is awesome against fastballs and struggles with breaking pitches. Aceves is a junk-baller, so go with him over Robertson. Question: Isn’t Robertson’s curveball the best off-speed pitch that anyone in our bullpen currently has?

    Just a mind boggling decision. People have been saying it all year: Joe has done a great job with team comraderie, has often pushed the right lineup buttons, and done a great job getting people rest when they need it; but his bullpen over-management is going to cost us a game in the playoffs. Well, we just witnessed that game. (OK, I know that we don’t know what would have happened; but I like my chances with D-Rob v. Kendrick and Tex & A-Rod were leading off the twelfth).

    Hopefully, we still win the Series. The odds remain overwhelmingly in our favor. The good news is, I think Joe learned a valuable lesson. I think a manager need only get burned that hardcore on a decision to never repeat that mistake again. If we survive the ALCS, (BIG “if,” I know) this game VASTLY improves the chances we won’t see Joe over-manage in the World Series.

    Another sign you have over managed: You need to pinch hit your third catcher for your closer in an American league game. Probably used to many players there, if you get to that point. Just a thought.

  20. JackC says:

    I don’t think anyone’s arguing Girardi’s the sole reason the Yanks lost today. But, presumably, the Yankees at SOME point will get hitting again. Whereas GIrardi’s overmanaging likely won’t be going away anytime soon, which is perhaps why this loss strikes such a nerve with many of us. I had sort of reconciled myself to the loss and was pissed at the Yankees RISP anemia, but this last touch of joe G lifts it out of the arena of a team battling a mini-slump and moves it squarely into the realm of an existential problem.

  21. bonestock94 says:

    Girardi managed the 10th so brilliantly, it’s a damn shame the 11th went as it did.

  22. Mike Pop says:


    Should we not trust Girardi? I know our gut told us Robertson but man, I’m all for the better matchup. IF he really did have something where they thought it was a better matchup, I’m all for it.

    Plus, what Marc posted above was interesting:


    • Rocky Road Redemption (formerly RAB poster) says:

      Except that Robertson was pitching well, Ace was pitching poorly, both were righthanders, and we were running out of pitchers, not to mention the smaple size was ridiculously limited.

      • Chris says:

        But Ace basically did his job with Kendrick. He got a groundball. If that ball was a foot left or right, then it’s an out.

        • Accent Shallow says:

          Eh, Kendrick hit it pretty freaking hard. I wouldn’t say he did his job, even though they could have retired Kendrick.

          Of course, he pitched Kendrick better than Coke pitched Abreu.

  23. Reggie C. says:

    Aceves had no zip on the handful of pitches he threw today. Only way he sees the mound tomorrow is gonna be in a laugher , either way.

  24. marc resnick says:

    would people here think girardi over managed if the yank score and mo isnt there to save it?

    • steve (different one) says:

      no, of course not.

      bringing in mo there was a great move.

      it’s unfortunate that Joe temporarily lost his mind in the 11th.

      • Accent Shallow says:

        Yup, bringing in Mo in the late innings is hardly ever a bad move. Hughes is good, but wouldn’t you rather have Mo pitching to avoid the walkoff?

  25. Salty Buggah says:

    We need only 2 more wins. Hopefully CC gets one tomorrow. I’m kinda worried about our offense they’ve struggled against Kazmir but they’re overdue for some RISP correction.

  26. steve (different one) says:

    lifting Robertson was a horrible, horrible decision.

    and now that Aceves has given up TWO leads in extras this series, let’s hope that is the end of that nonsense.

    a really bad decision, but….Nick Swisher, how about a sac fly??

  27. Dela G says:

    god that game made me angry

    however, there is tomorrow

  28. Being at the Stadium for the game (along with TSJC) was an experience in itself


  29. sangreal says:

    Wasn’t the hit off Hughes a leadoff double, not single?

  30. billbybob says:

    About 40 minutes ago I was seriously fucking pissed. Now that I’ve had some time to cool down, I am feeling way better. Yanks are still up 2-1….A-Rod is still the man and Mo is a God. Go get ‘em tomorrow CC.

  31. danny says:

    well.. at least they can clinch at home now :)

  32. ShuutoHeat says:

    Let’s just dust ourselves off and look towards to the future.
    Yanks need to just out right crush those pesky Angels. These close scoring affairs is taking days and months off everyone’s life.

  33. Accent Shallow says:

    It’d be nice it Robbie, Swish, and Melky can make themselves useful tomorrow.

    I’m sorta giving a pass to Tex, due to his clutch hitting in Game 2 of the DS, but he’s gotta wake up as well.

  34. donttradecano says:

    anyone else get the stubhub email about great seats available for Mets playoff games?

    Girardi should have never taken out DRob, and probably should have left mo in there to look at 3 pitches and pitch the next inning.

  35. marc resnick says:

    ok and my last point tonight. charlie manuel went and brought in chan ho park with a 1 run lead. CHAN HO PARK! and the phillies lost a brutal game… how did they respond? Cliff went out and shut out the dodgers and offense laid down 11 runs. Thats what i expect my yanks to do.

    • ICEMAN says:

      hope CC will shut them down tomorrow!!!

    • Rocky Road Redemption (formerly RAB poster) says:

      Hells yeah.

    • marc resnick says:

      great teams. championship caliber teams, shake these off and take care of the next game. So we will see what kind of team we are watching. The mighty mighty angels came back to beat the yanks tonight after a brutal loss where there closer threw an 0-2 fastball to the playoff version of god. lets see how much fight this team really has. you wanna win a championship then face some adversity and over come it. plsu we all know if this loss came tomorrow after us winning today would make us all feel like its 2004 all over again.

  36. t says:

    Girardi’s a dumbass. The sample sizes are incredible small. This isn’t taking a pitcher out whos given up 5 homers but someone whos only faced the other guy twice. The Andy pull for Joba was also questionable. He’s made some stupid moves this year but I can’t think of any that unquestionably lost the game for us. We should of won this. Girardi f’d it up.

    • Salty Buggah says:

      Yea, he forced Alfredo to stink and Swish (and Melky and Robbie) to fail with RISP. That Girardi, forcing our players to suck.

    • steve (different one) says:

      agree that pulling Robertson was terrible, but i think Andy was pulled at an appropriate time.

      he made an awful, awful pitch to Vlad.

  37. Salty Buggah says:

    PeteAbe seemed happy as he said that Girardi’s overmanagaging in the playoffs will cost us a game a while back. (Then he added this: Love the Philly Phanatic destroying the Dodgers helmet to tune of “I Love LA.” Best mascot in baseball outside of George Steinbrenner) Fucker.

  38. Pasqua says:

    The fact that Girardi wouldn’t elaborate on why he “liked the matchup with Ace better,” AND considering the non-existent sample size he had to choose from, this looks more and more like a pure “gut” move that just didn’t work. I don’t know if that frustrates me more or less.

  39. PsiFighter37 says:

    From LoHud:

    Joe Girardi’s postgame press conference lasted about three minutes, and his explanation for taking out Dave Robertson and bringing in Alfredo Aceves was that the Yankees “liked the match-up better.” Asked to elaborate on that since Howie Kendrick was 1-for-2 lifetime against Robertson and had never faced Aceves, Girardi declined. Pitching coach Dave Eiland did the same.

    Completely freakin’ clueless.

    • Dela G says:


      effing incredible

    • Pasqua says:

      I think he’s probably too embarrassed to just say, “It was a gut move.”

    • Drew says:

      Why does everyone have such an issue with a manager “going with his gut” or “choosing a matchup?” Isn’t that what managing is all about? Baseball isn’t played on paper, Joe just went with his gut. It didn’t work out today.

      • PsiFighter37 says:

        I have a problem because he was looking at his stupid binder before the matchup.

        Also, 2 outs, no one on does not call for a gut move.

      • Rocky Road Redemption (formerly RAB poster) says:


        Except that Robertson was pitching well, Ace was pitching poorly, both were righthanders, and we were running out of pitchers, not to mention the smaple size was nonexistent.

        • Drew says:

          You didn’t need to repost, I read it the first time.

          I haven’t once said it was the right or wrong move. I said I understand why he did it.

          You telling me you like D-Rob vs Kendrick is almost the same as Joe telling me he likes Ace vs Kendrick. The slight difference is that Joe is a Professional Manager and former MLB catcher.

          • Rocky Road Redemption (formerly RAB poster) says:

            Not, it’s not. There is substantial, logical evidence backing this up. Not mention several MLB players and managers, in fact every single one I’ve heard, all thought it was a ridiculous move.

            Sorry, I thought it was dumb.

            • Drew says:

              Where is this substantial evidence man? “Thinking” that someone was pitching well and “thinking” someone was pitching poorly is not substantial logical evidence.

              • Rocky Road Redemption (formerly RAB poster) says:

                I’m not “thinking” he looks better. Robertson had just struck out a batter and gotten another batter out on a weak ground ball. The Yanks were running out of pitchers. Yesterday Robertson had pitched a scoreless inning (technically 2/3 but Robbie mad an error) and Ace allowed a run. There’s a nonexistent sample size. Both are righthanded. But because Ace throws a couple more curveballs that nullifies all the other evidence? It’s a defensible decision, but still bad.

                • Chris says:

                  There are scouting reports about the pitchers and hitters. That was the evidence supporting the move. And it’s not just curveballs. Ace throws curveballs, changeups, and cutters. That’s a pretty good arsenal to go after a fastball hitter with. A curveball is not.

                • Rocky Road Redemption (formerly RAB poster) says:

                  The scouting should have more credence than how the two have actually pitched?

                  I at least don’t think so.

                • Chris says:

                  The scouting reports are based on how well they’ve actually pitched. Aceves lives on his off-speed stuff. The same stuff that Kendrick struggles with.

    • Rocky Road Redemption (formerly RAB poster) says:

      Pete Abe is a fuck.

      I’ve lost more and more respect for him the more I’ve read his posts, both from lohud and from the Globe. He acts like he’s King Shit and uses his platform to bash people.

      Not to mention, there actually IS a reason. A bad one, but at least a defensible one.

      • Mike Pop says:

        I never had a real problem with him. But he basically told me I’m an idiot in a personal message on twitter.

        Defamation suit baby.

        • Rocky Road Redemption (formerly RAB poster) says:

          I never had an issue with him either. I used to repect him. But the more I read what he writes the more I realize what a jackass he’s been. Once someone posted that he thought he was biased against A-Rod, and his answer was that he would insult him but it would be such a horrible insult he’d have to ban himself from his own blog.


        • count crapulent says:

          that’s not a defamation suit. though I wish it was. I do not like that guy.

        • Mac says:

          I was in the group of “Crack addicts” who were dumb enough to believe that the Yanks were going to sign Tex. I lost most of my respect for Pete Abe after he let himself off the hook for ridiculing those who thought Cash was playing possum.

          No mea culpas from Pete, just a quick blurb that he’ll never believe Cash again.

          He’s a talented writer and probably a pretty smart guy and less naive than most, but I was getting tired of the way he was conveying alot of his info – he was getting pretty full of himself – all JMO.

  40. albany says:

    My Giants Rangers and Yankees put in poor performances the last 2 days.

  41. Salty Buggah says:


    -Jeter, Damon, A-Rod, and Posada are still the balls. Matsui is good too.
    - Pettitte pitched a decent game.
    - Mo is GOD
    - Today should prove to people (especially B-Jobbers) that moving a pitcher into the bullpen does not make them better. It all still comes down to location. Velocity doesn’t do shit and it was evident with Joba today. Joba must still pitch and not just throw. It doesn’t matter if he’s relieveing or starting, he has to locate.

  42. stuart says:

    why is tex swinging at cano and swisher type pitches?

    the robertson move is the bad move, inexcusable and i thought it at the time.. he uses 8 pitchers but they throw 10 pitches each. the angels threw 40 more pitches then the yanks today……….

  43. Mike HC says:

    Even though it did not result in a win, you have to give Teix a mention for some perfect defense. He had a ton of opportunities and he made every play. You can’t say it enough, what a pick up this guy was.

  44. mike jones says:

    Anyone know if they are gonna let people watch the game at the stadium tomorrow or if that was just a one time thing?

  45. The Artist says:

    Homer Bailey is back, huh?


    Just when we all forgot about him.

  46. Bob Michaels says:

    Too much use of the Bullpen smells of Panic.Why use guys to face only one batter.If the game went any further the only one left would be Gaudin.

    • The Artist says:

      You know what smells of panic? 3 out of every 4 posts in this thread, and the last spillover thread. You guys are the only ones panicking. Girardi has manged this way all year.

      All year everyone bitched about how quick his hook was with Hughes, and now that he’s doing it in the playoffs people are overreacting to what he’s done all year. Which is how he managed us to 103 wins, the most in baseball.

  47. dkidd says:

    thank god we play tomorrow

    i predict an offensive explosion

    what’s up with joba?

  48. jim p says:

    Bret Gardner this year:

    9th Inning: .412BA/.444OBP in 37 PA.
    Man on 1st, .368/.400OBLP in 38 PA.
    Tie Game, .347/.411 in 49 PA.

    When Girardi put in Hairston to bat instead of Bret, well, I didn’t understand that at all. Seem to be another sign of over-thinking to me.

  49. Salty Buggah says:

    Some words for the Yanks tomorrow:

    Turn your wounds into wisdom – Oprah Winfrey

    We must embrace pain and burn it as fuel for our journey – Kenji Miyazawa

    You may not realize it when it happens, but a kick in the teeth may be the best thing in the world for you – Walt Disney

    The problem is not that there are problems. The problem is expecting otherwise and thinking that having problems is a problem – Theodore Rubin

    Every path hath a puddle – George Herbert

    There are some defeats more triumphant than victories – Michel de Montaigne

    Defeat may serve as well as victory to shake the soul and let the glory out – Edwin Markham

  50. The Artist says:

    Mike, when Girardi wins the World Series this year, I want to see this headline:

    “Girardi overmanages his way to a World Series Championship”

  51. Salty Buggah says:

    Girardi is not why we lost. This is why:


    That’s as much as a meatball as one can throw.

    • Drew says:

      Making a player accountable! Preposterous. How dare a manager have faith in a man that pitched well for over 80 innings this year.

      • Accent Shallow says:

        It’s Aceves’ fault for making bad pitches to Kendrick and a horseshit hitter like Mathis.

        It’s Girardi’s fault he was in the game in the first place.

        Even if Aceves gets one of the two, and the Yankees go on to win the game (not a given, the way the lineup had been ravaged), it’s a move that deserves to be second guessed.

    • Riddering says:

      “In play, run(s)”

      Man, I miss seeing that from the Yankees with two outs.

  52. Accent Shallow says:

    Decision is getting killed on other sites, including non-Yankee sites (like BBTF). Ugh.

  53. Rocky Road Redemption (formerly RAB poster) says:

    That’s two straight games Girardi left Arod without protection after pulling Matsui for a pinch runner. Scioscia took advantage of it today. Hopefully Posada and Matsui switch places in the batting order tomorrow so the intentional walk is not there tomorrow. Scioscia will think twice about walking Arod if Jorge follows as compared to Hairston (or Gardner or Guzman).

  54. The Artist says:

    OK haters, I have a question for you.

    Define ‘over managing’. You guys use the word so much, I’m sure you must have a firm grip on its definition.

    Define it for me.

    • Mike Axisa says:

      Making a move that doesn’t have to be made.

      • Rocky Road Redemption (formerly RAB poster) says:


      • Drew says:

        Okay but Mike, when do you ever really “have” to make a move? I mean yeah some moves are obvious, guys are way over 100 pitches and getting smacked around. But really, if you only made the moves when they are that obvious then anyone could manage and that is just not the case.

        • Mike Axisa says:

          Anyone will an understanding of the game could manage. I absolutely could manage a team on the field. In the clubhouse, forget it, I’d be way over my head. But filling out a lineup and changing pitchers based on the information available to me, yeah I could do that easy.

          Maybe I’m being cocky, but I believe it.

          • Chris says:

            It’s always easier to judge someone elses decisions than to make the decisions yourself.

            That being said, inducing a groundball from Kendrick didn’t seem that bad a result, so it’s not like the move completely backfired.

        • Reggie C. says:

          Robertson didn’t have to be pulled. His performance tonight dictated as much. In the 11th inning , Girardi should’ve stayed with Robertson another batter. Introducing Aceves against a hot hitter was a mistake. Its really clear.

          • Drew says:

            Whether you like it or not; “Girardi should’ve stayed with Robertson another batter,” is an opinion. It seems like everyone values their own opinion over the opinion of our manager.

      • The Artist says:

        Which according to many on the site is

        -Every time he takes out Joba
        -Every time he takes out Hughes
        -Every time he puts in a pinch runner
        -Every time he bunts
        -Every time he catches Molina

        and it’s funny, but we didn’t hear the ‘over managing’ charge for Joba and Phil tonight. Actually, he WENT FURTHER with both of them as all of YOU GUYS WANTED him to do and got burned for doing so. Yet had he pulled him out in the 10th, he would have been over managing again. Gotcha. Everyone’s a genius after the fact.

        • Mike Axisa says:

          Don’t even.

          The only reason I complain about some of the pitching moves is because he’s often lifting guys for inferior pitchers, like he did tonight. I have no problem lifting Hughes for Mo in the middle of an inning. When you lift Robertson (one of the team’s most effective relievers in the playoffs) for Aceves (arguably their least effective) to face one of the other team’s hottest hitters, yeah, we should all have a problem with that.

          Don’t even get me started with bunts. They had the best offense in baseball this year, and it wasn’t because they played for one run at a time. It’s because they swung the damn bats.

          And just for the record, I had no problem with how he used Joba or Hughes tonight. Joba had to be taken out because he was awful.

          The more pitchers Girardi uses in a game, the more likely it is that he bring one in that’s just not going to have a good game. That’s what happened twice tonight.

          • Chris says:

            If it were a lefty due up and he brought in Coke to face hI’m would you also consider that overmanaging? Robertson is better than Coke, but the matchup is better with Coke. The same could be said with Aceves.

            • Mike Axisa says:

              That’s different because platoon advantages are much more tangible. Bringing in a righty to replace another righty because one righty throws more breaking stuff? That’s asinine.

              If it was such a big deal, Robertson could have fed Kendrick a steady diet of curveballs. Phil Hughes managed to get Kendrick out with a fastball, it can be done.

              • Chris says:

                Your opinion that it was asinine is clouded by the results of the game.

                Per fangraphs:

                Kendrick is 1 run above average per 100 fastballs. He’s above average .3 runs/100 curveballs, and negative for other offspeed pitches. Robertson is above average for his fastball (1.03 runs) and below average for his curveball (-1.43). Aceves is below average for his fastball (-.06) and above average for his offspeed stuff (CT: .99, CB: 1.42, CH: 3.42). That seems like solid logic for making the change.

                Oh, and Hughes got Kendrick with a cutter, not a fastball.

                • Mike Axisa says:

                  Aceves threw Kendrick four fastballs and a changeup (not in that order). Zero breaking balls.

                  A cutter is a fastball with just a bit of extra movement. If Girardi’s basing decisions on how a hitter does against cutters compared to fastballs, then we’re all screwed. The difference should be negligible when you’re talking about going from an effective pitcher like Robertson to one that hasn’t been effective like Aceves.

                • Chris says:

                  Aceves threw Kendrick four fastballs and a changeup (not in that order). Zero breaking balls.

                  Then the complaint should be Posada’s bad game calling, or Girardi not saying to Aceves “don’t throw any fastballs.” (of course, that didn’t work so well with Pettitte/Vlad)

                  A cutter is a fastball with just a bit of extra movement. If Girardi’s basing decisions on how a hitter does against cutters compared to fastballs, then we’re all screwed. The difference should be negligible when you’re talking about going from an effective pitcher like Robertson to one that hasn’t been effective like Aceves.

                  What Hughes threw probably had no bearing on the decision. It was based on the scouting reports and history of the pitchers/batter that I cited above. Is there something wrong with bringing in a new pitcher that provides a better matchup?

          • kunaldo says:


            i dont think girardi is an idiot, and i don’t completely blame this loss on him. i also have complete faith in this team going forward and winning the series.

            however, this does not mean i’m ok with bad decisions made by the manager. as mike said, robertson is simply the better pitcher(not to mention K-pitcher vs. contact hitter). he has to realize he doesnt need to put his imprint on every bit situation

        • Zack says:

          Yup, last game it was why do you pull Joba after 0.1 IP, today it’s why is Joba pitching in a high-leverage spot.

          Girardi cant win no matter what he does, and thankfully he knows that he’s not going Ozzie or whoever and fighting with the media. He gives his reasons, if the media/fans dont like it then it doesnt matter because if it was something else they’d criticize him for that too.

          • Mike Axisa says:

            I had no issue with bringing Joba in when he did tonight. I actually thought he should have started the inning.

            • Zack says:

              Didnt mean it towards you, just other comments I’ve read on here.

              Just like a week ago people didnt even want Marte on the roster, tonight its why didnt Girardi let him pitch more.

              Fact is, you cant please everyone as the manager of the Yankees. You win because the 200m team bails you out, and every loss he’s going to get blamed some way or another.

        • Accent Shallow says:

          There’s lots of complaining and quibbling about bullpen moves — no denying that. Some of it is informed, some of it is complaining just to complain. Some of it is both.

          However, pulling Robertson for Aceves (with no one on, in extra innings, and only Gaudin left in the pen) is about as indefensible of a move as Girardi can make. Like I said somewhere upthread, maybe information comes out in the next few days, and we find Robertson was pulled for a reason other than “Aceves matches up well with Kendrick”, such as saving him for Game 4 (which I don’t like either, but it’s better than the given reason). I’ll reserve judgment, but as of now, it looks like an awful move.

          Even if the Yankees had won this game, it’d have been an odd move.

    • Drew says:

      I posted this above but since you asked again. Here it is. It’s quite simple actually.


  55. aj says:

    Why did Girardi put Aceves in?

  56. trueblue says:

    All of this shit is moot if Cano, Swisher or Melky get a fucking hit in the 2nd and especially the 4th. 3-0 is much different than 5 or 6-0. We had Weaver reling and took the foot off the throat.

    This team is 5-1 thus far with an overall horrid offensive performace (save Jeter, Arod, Jorge)… Tex needs to pick it up ASAP. He didn’t do much in LA all year so he needs to start tomorrow.

  57. aj says:

    “just different kind of stuff against those hitters”? WHAT?!

  58. aj says:

    NY will turn on Girardi so fast if he screws another game up.

  59. The Artist says:

    For anyone interested, here’s the post game from YES


    Has the Girardi clips around 1:40, explaining the bullpen moves.

  60. ansky says:

    Meh. Here’s why I’m not worried…according to 4 out 5 posts on here Girardi beat us..not the Angels. So until the ANGELS beat us, or Girardi strikes out with a RISP, my confidences stays at +27.

  61. J says:

    Anyone think Robertson should be pitching in the 7th rather than extra innings. I think Robertson has earned it. Joba has been shaky in the pen. He just can’t rely on Gaudin every time, at some point you should go to him.

  62. aj says:

    It should rain this Saturday at the stadium, great. and Teixeira is not hitting…whY?!

  63. Lanny says:

    Even if the matchup of Aceves was better with Kendrick he still has no reason to take Robertson out of the game.

    The game was in extra innings, tied, on the road! What is the point in wasting bullets when you don’t need to? Thats over managing. Thats Girardi.

    It finally came back to bite us in the arse.

    Now he’ll really be asking for it tomorrow if he lets Melky start with the at bats hes had the past 6 games.

    • Chris says:

      You always want the best matchup. You don’t save pitchers just so you can be prepared for a 15 or 16 inning game.

      • Accent Shallow says:

        But Kendrick isn’t the sort of hitter you need to yank someone who’s pitching well for. If they were so worried about Kendrick, they could have given him the old unintentional intentional walk, and hope he gets himself out. Kendrick isn’t exactly known for his strike zone discipline.

        • Chris says:

          So you walk Kendrick, and Mathis comes up with 2 outs a runner on first. How is that an improvement?

          • Mike Axisa says:

            Mathis had a 55 OPS+ this year, and you’d have the superior pitcher in Robertson facing him.

            • Chris says:

              Kendrick already had a homer and a triple in the game. You manage based on him, not based on the next batter who happens to be crappy.

              • Mike Axisa says:

                Right, and managing based on him could mean pitching around him and going after the inferior hitter. The Angels did this with A-Rod, why couldn’t the Yankees?

                • Chris says:

                  So you would advocate putting the winning run on base in the 11th inning? Would you have supported Girardi if he had done that and then Mathis hits a double to win the game?

                • Mike Axisa says:

                  Oh no, absolutely not. You could pitch around him and still possibly get Kendrick out. He’s not exactly a disciplined hitter.

                  If he walks or whatever, then you have one of your most effective relievers facing the other team’s worst hitter. If he beats you, then what can you do?

                  The entire concept of bringing in a lesser pitcher because of a non-platoon matchup is what I have a problem with.

                • Chris says:

                  You keep bringing up the platoon advantage. The league average for a platoon split is 50-60 OPS points for both RH and LH (about .730 vs 780-790). Kendrick has a .799 OPS vs power pitchers and .710 vs finesse pitchers – so his split is roughly twice as large as the average platoon split.

          • Accent Shallow says:

            Well, for starters, Kendrick’s strike zone judgment isn’t exactly stellar, so maybe he rolls over a curve in the dirt for a 1-3 putout.

  64. Jake H says:

    Reason Yanks lost the game

    1. Offense not doing anything with runners in scoring position. I think there was only 1 back to back hit. Also the Yanks right now are a HR team or single team. Have they hit a double in this series? The only extra base hit that I recall is Cano’s double.

    2. Bad pitch execution to Vlad. I don’t mind the pitch, Andy just didn’t get it inside enough. It happens, your not going to be sharp every pitch out of 100 unless it’s just one of those nights. I don’t think Andy had his A game. I only recall a handful of curves and 2 change ups. Andy down the stretch in the 2nd half was mixing his pitches it and throwing more changes and curves.

    3. Swisher. Not for the Offensive stuff, that everyone knows. The play I’m thinking is when he tried to go up the wall to get Kendricks ball. I think if he is playing it off the wall that the Yanks might have gotten out of that inning without giving up a run.

  65. Lanny says:

    It would also be real nice for someone to actually you know get a hit with a runner on base. It’s a novel concept. Maybe Swisher can get that memo.

    They are making Oliver and Jepson look like studs.

  66. TEEJ says:

    Completely stupid managing

    • TEEJ says:

      To elaborate: Why take Rivera out, it is the post season, you manage to win the game you are in, not tomorrow. Tomorrow you could get blown out or blow the other team out, so there is no sense in saving anyone.

      Robertson should have finished the inning. Horrible call to pull him and insert Ace. Just stupid, awful.

      He pulled Andy too early too.

      That being said, there were too many missed opportunities. The homers all came with bases empty.

      Disgusting that a team with this payroll has a manager with no postseason experience at all. No shocker that stupid calls were made. Torre wasn’t a bad manager and should have been kept. I doubt he would have made such stupid calls.

      What was said when Vlad was up? I would like to know what Girardi told Jorge.

      Girardi is about one step away from a player-manager. If the team stalls in the postseason then he should be canned. He looks like a little league coach.

      • Accent Shallow says:

        If Torre is still here, we probably don’t see Mo in this game. Yeah.

        • TEEJ says:

          Torre also has a few rings, so he can’t hear your criticism over all that bling.

          • Accent Shallow says:

            Look, I love Torre as much as the next Yankee fan, but after 2003 and 2004, when his decisions arguably cost the team a World Series win and a pennant, he’s no longer immune from criticism. In fact, after 2006 and 2007, I was ok with him not being brought back. It sure looked like he’d lost his edge.

          • Ivan says:

            Girardi made a big mistake but Girardi is far from a dumb manager. EVERY manager will make it’s share of dumb moves. EX Scioscia squeeze play last year was god awful, but he’s not an awful manager. Shit happens.

            Torre was great no doubt but from 03-07 his managerial decisions were pretty below average.

      • Lanny says:

        I love Torre but he should have been fired after all his poor decisions in ’04.

      • steve (different one) says:

        To elaborate: Why take Rivera out, it is the post season, you manage to win the game you are in, not tomorrow.

        JEFF F’ING WEAVER. end of story.

        can’t believe you bring up Torre after writing this about Mo.

        you’re full of crap.

  67. jp says:

    Yes, the rally murdering trio of Swisher-Cano-Cabrera had a much greater impact on the outcome. The 0 for 8 with RISP was a bigger deal. And yes, Andy’s awful awful two strike pitch to Vlad had a bigger impact.
    BUT, you can’t control all of that. You can’t DECIDE to get big hits. You can’t decide to locate every pitch perfectly. A manager however does have complete control over pitching decisions. He can do whatever, whenever he wants.

    Overall just a terrible loss with plenty of blame to go around.

    Hopefully Yankees can pull out a win tomorrow, and seize control of the series. A loss, and plenty of Yankee fans are gonna be stressed out.

    • Mac says:

      Bottom of the order was horrible, no doubt – Swish especially has had a very bad offensive postseason (save a double).

      I’m surprised GGBG doesn’t get any heat – getting thrown out before Posada jacks one was devastating. His main role is pinch runner – he’s 0-2.

  68. Lanny says:

    Look on the bright side. This offense is bound to break out sooner or later. It has been horrendous besides Jeter and A-Rod for 6 games here. That won’t continue.

    Maybe a few 8-2 games would make Mr Over Manager relax and take a deep breath.

    • Doug says:

      “Look on the bright side”

      “Look on the bright side”

      “Look on the bright side”

      “Look on the bright side”

      Stop the internet, those words just came from Lanny.

  69. TEEJ says:

    Don’t get me worn, I’m not saying we should be 3-0, but stupid decisions can’t be explained away in the ALCS. The Angels practically gave us game 2, and we gave them game 3. We need a win tomorrow or Thursday and a win in game 6.

    Please no game 7….I think I’ll puke if it’s like the first 3 games.

  70. Ivan says:

    At the end of the day, yanks didn’t play well, didn’t manage well and lost, but bigger picture, yanks have the lead and pressure is still on the Angels. Not to mention CC is pitching, and the yanks will eventually hit in RISP.

    Can’t wait for game 4 and win game 4.

  71. Joey says:

    Sure would have been nice to have Hinske to PH off the bench today…

  72. count crapulent says:

    I think Girardi has a bullpen rotation in his head long before the game. He went to Marte and everyone was freaking out. I think he never doesn’t use a guy who isn’t doing well, he expects them all to perform and doesn’t get jittery about some of the shakiness of the day before. This isn’t a stick up for girardi post but no one in the bullpen is having their arm fall off because he keeps them moving. Maybe sometimes too much and other times not enough, but I think he tries to get everyone in the game in their “spots.”

    I’m really more upset that this game ever got to the 11th inning when we had a 3-0 lead for a while. And that some guys are just not performing offensively (not Tex, his D is great).

  73. BigBlueAL says:

    The moves I really dont understand is stuff like bringing in Marte to face Figgins but immediately removing him for Coke to face Abreu. Same thing when he brought in Joba to finish the 7th inning vs the Twins in Game 3 and the Angels in Game 2 but immediately replacing him with Hughes to start the 8th.

    If you believe that Coke is better than Marte and Hughes is better than Joba, then why the fuck do you bring in the inferior pitcher just to get an out???? Same thing also with Aceves and Robertson. So you trust Robertson to get out Morrals and Rivera who are by far better hitters than Kendrick but you dont trust him to get out Kendrick?? Obviously he didnt want Aceves to face Rivera and Morrales who are the better hitters because if he had faith in him he wouldve started the inning to begin with.

    Again just makes no sense whatsoever. The only time he makes a 100% correct move is whenever he brings in Mo at any time….

    • Mike says:

      I agree with a lot of the things you’re saying. For some reason I think Girardi was over analyzing a lot of the things he was doing. I can understand not trying to tax the pitchers in your bullpen, but if you’re in the position to possibly win the game why don’t you attempt to do that WITHOUT USING ALL YOUR PITCHERS. If you don’t want to tax all of your pitchers don’t make the move of putting Coke in, keep Marte, don’t put Ace in keep Robertson etc… You can save all these guys for tomorrow, this is also the ALCS so why aren’t all hands on deck as much as they possibly can. Giardi probably made a few bone head calls, but the Yankees had way too many opportunities to win this game. They’ve been god awful with RISP, totally not like their team this year. Although they have been known to hit the ball well you never see this many Solo Homeruns. Some of the Yankees really aren’t getting on base. I felt like Swisher and Melky were up 400 times with RISP tonight and couldn’t produce.. The Yankees especially those struggling need to step it up..

      • Mike HC says:

        Girardi plays the percentages and ignores, for the most part, the gut feeling, or the “this guy just looks good tonight” analysis. All of these hitters can hit certain pitches better than others, are more comfortable at certain speeds, etc … If they have a 35% chance of getting a hit against a fastball/curve guy, and a 22% chance of getting a hit against a slider/change/curve/fastball junk baller, than why not make the move? It does not mean that Kendrick had NO chance of getting a hit, chances just decreased. Sometimes the ball just finds the right spot. It missed Ace’s and Cano’s glove by an inch on the way to the outfield.

  74. Ivan says:

    Wow Bronxton blows it. I guess Mo makes everone looks smart.

  75. Joe D. says:

    Yet another quality start.

    Four jacks and seven walks.

    A-Rod coming within a few feet of two big bombs.

    Mo getting out of a 1st and 3rd no out situation when one run wins it.

    The crazy Jete-Tex play.

    Damon backing up Rivera’s errant throw in LF.

    Hairston slamming into the wall at full speed trying track the game-winning double.

    Melky slinging that ball in like a madman, even when there was virtually no shot at all.

    I still fucking love this team.

    Not the least bit worried.

    Doubters and haters can all kiss our championship-winning asses in two weeks.

  76. Hova says:

    Stating the obvious, but we have to forget about this game. What’s done is done. Let’s look forward to tomorrow and CC. The good thing that we have a bunch of veterans who’ve been through things like this and will rally the troops.

  77. aj says:

    Hopefully this game will serve the Yankeeography in a few years, when the Yanks overcome adversity. With the cool music.

  78. acb says:

    girardi has been managing the bullpen in the playoofs like this everygame and it was only a matter of time before it came back to hurt him. he needs to think late in a tie game and not just use every pitcher he has. also robertson has been damn good so far and to bring in aceves who almost blew game 2 was just mind boggling.

    also maybe give gardner or hairston a start for either melky or swisher because they killed us this game. melky had 7 LOB while swisher had 5.

  79. The Yankees offense needs to come to life – it’s being carried by 4 guys. Check out this graphic showing who’s stepping up and who’s choking.


  80. BigBlueAL says:

    Pretty good article about Girardi’s managing in Game 3:


  81. SteveD Fla says:

    feeling a little better this morning. I read somewhere that Girardi pulled D-Rob because Kendrick is a very good fastball hitter. And thats D-robs strength. Aceves strength is off speed. So I guess I could see the move a bit. Also Girardi did not really use any of his pitchers that long so they should be able to go today if needed. Lets hope thats not the case and CC goes a long way.

    • Mike HC says:

      RAB readers already had that fastball vs junk analysis covered just minutes after the game was finished.

      That is just another reason why RAB is the best way to cover and follow the Yanks and just an excellent, well-run blog in general.

  82. phil O'neill says:

    Pitching to Vlad cost us this game.

  83. kunaldo says:

    “We’re trying to win and whatever it takes to win,” catcher Jorge Posada said of Girardi’s moves. “He’s not just going with a hot hand or a guy who’s pitching good. He’s just trying to win the game.”

    posada is sticking up for his manager….but not in a way that makes sense…when it comes to the bullpen, you always go w/ the hot hand

    • Mike HC says:

      Except in this case, Robertson may not just be the “hot hand.” He may just be better than Ace flat out. I would not have pulled Robertson when Girardi did, but who knows, I may not have put Robertson in at all ahead of Ace. Anyway, my point is that Robertson has almost proved that he is just a better one inning reliever than Ace. As a long man, that is another story.

      • kunaldo says:

        Well, yeah, Robertson is better as well as the hot hand in this case. I just don’t get how Girardi justifies this move b/c of the difference in stuff, yet Aceves threw almost all fastballs(which by the way are inferior to Robertson’s).

        • Mike HC says:

          Yea, that was odd. We bring in the junk baller to throw 87-88 mph fastballs? That was the one part that REALLY did not make sense.

  84. Mike HC says:

    I just saw Girardi’s celebration after Jeter led the game off with a homerun. He would probably take that back if he had the chance watching it now.

  85. Mike HC says:

    To be fair, Kendrick did hit the ball pretty hard, but it missed Ace’s glove by inches, then also missed Cano’s glove by inches. Sometimes on a matter of an inch can make a manager look like a genius or a goat. Everything is not as easy as did he make the right decision or not.

    Now, Mathis f’in crushed the ball, so not much I can say in defense of Ace and Girardi there except you can’t expect to win every game in extra innings. It is bound to happen.

  86. currambayankees says:

    Girardi over managed no doubt about it. David was the better choice there.

  87. Raf says:

    hopefully the bats start coming around because you cant keep expecting to win close games on misplays and HRs. the bottom of the order isnt getting it done when it counts and Teix looks lost up at the plate (thank Mo for his glove though). they need to break out of this funk and get rolling.

    • Rose says:

      The bats weren’t there in the ALDS either really…there was only a few guys hitting…the rest were masked by walk offs and good pitching.

      All in all, we haven’t been collectively hitting all that well…our pitching has been so good that we’re able to give ourselves chances for the big hit…and have been successful with it.

      Unfortunately, we’ve seen that anything less than STELLAR pitching isn’t going to get the job done. Andy pitched a solid (yet not stellar) outing and our bats couldn’t do it. We need another stellar outing from CC because I don’t see the bats waking up against Kazmir at home…

  88. Rose says:

    Can Nick Swisher do something this post season? The 2nd and the 4th innings were eerily similar…which unfortunately ended with the same result. I mean I know he strikes out a ton but he had power…he had not one, but TWO chances to lift a ball into the outfield and couldn’t do it. Then Girardi sends Gardner on an 0-1 count…which didn’t make too much sense…the chance of a pitch out on an 0-1 count is pretty good…and at least much better than a 1-1 which you could have gambled on. Either way, a team that runs a lot probably knows how to manage the running game fairly well.

    In the end, the Yankees beat themselves. If they had won this game I would have loved every minute of it but it just didn’t look that way at the end (until Mo did his thing…then I quickly thought we had a good chance). Too many mistakes…solo home runs and 0-8 with RISP…twice had 1st and 3rd with 1 out (previously 1st and 2nd with 0 outs) and couldn’t score either time. Among a slew of other bad decisions…it just didn’t seem like a recipe for a win and ended up resulting accordingly.

  89. [...] feeling confident. The Yanks took the lead early, but ultimately dropped Game Three after some curious pitching changes by manager Joe Girardi. Many fans questioned Girardi’s bullpen antics after the [...]

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