Game 5 gameplan backfires on Yanks


A.J. Burnett was atrocious last night. There’s no other way to describe it. He settled down in the first after Dave Eiland gave him an earful, but he fell back into his wild ways before long. With none out in the third inning the Yankees found themselves in a tough spot. They’d have to piece together the game from a bullpen that has failed in the postseason where it thrived during the regular season.

That’s on Burnett. He wanted the ball on short rest in Game 5, and the Yankees decided that was the best tactic. Yet it was clear from the first inning that Burnett didn’t have what he had in Game 2. He left fastballs up in the zone, signaling a mechanical issue. We’ve seen it plenty of times during the 2009 season. Against a lesser team, maybe Burnett gets away with it and makes his way through six innings. Against the Phillies, that wasn’t happening.

In the New York media market, the blame will flow. Some will blame Burnett for not being mentally tough enough to put away the Phillies. Most will blame Girardi and the Yankees organization (because I don’t think Girardi made the decision alone). There was an alternative tactic which would have led to the same result, but would have left the Yankees with their top three pitchers ready to pitch in the final two games. In terms of results, the decision didn’t work out. There’s no denying that.

Does the bad result mean the Yankees made a bad decision? While that’s a question that requires thought and reflection, I’m sure many people already have an answer in mind. It’s either yes, the Yankees made the right move and it backfired, or no, the Yankees made a poor decision and paid for it. In scenarios like this the answer is never black and white, though the result points towards the Yankees making a bad decision.

In order to determine if it was a bad decision, however, we have to rewind to Sunday, before the start of Game 4. That is when the Yankees made the decision to start Burnett in Game 5. The decision was made without knowing that the Yankees would take a 3-1 series lead that night. That’s a wrench in the argument that the Yankees should have started Gaudin when up 3-1 — they would have had to decide it before they had that information.

Since there was time to run an end around after Game 4, let’s explore that path. The Yankees take Game 4, going up 3-1 in the series. Next up is Cliff Lee, followed by Pedro Martinez and then J.A. Happ or Cole Hamels. If the Yankees changed plans after Game 4, they would have lined up their worst starter, Chad Gaudin, against the Phillies best. They then would have had Burnett on five days’ rest against Pedro Martinez on the same, with both Andy Pettitte and CC Sabathia ready for a possible Game 7. That doesn’t sound so bad, does it?

Here’s a statement I think we can all agree on: Chad Gaudin could have done what Burnett did in Game 5. We’re able to agree on this statement because we have the benefit of hindsight. But let’s say Gaudin did post the two-plus innings, six-runs line, and the Yankees still lost 8-6. The results would have been the same, except under that scenario the Yankees are going back to New York with their three best pitchers ready to go. Put that way, it sounds like a better scenario.

Mike put it well in the postgame reaction. “AJ Burnett completely crapped the bed, which had little to do with short rest and almost everything to do with the fact that he’s AJ Burnett.” What if Burnett had this kind of game in Game 6? That could force a Game 7, something the Yankees surely don’t want to face after being up three games to one. If they had punted Game 5 and then Burnett folded in Game 6 as he did last night, that’s where they’d find themselves.

Coming into the playoffs, it was clear the Yankees had a strategy, and that was to ride their best arms as long as they could. Until Game 5, it had worked. The Yankees had used Sabathia, Burnett, Pettitte, and Rivera to cover 84 percent of the team’s postseason innings. Going with Burnett was a tactic consistent with that strategy. If they’d gone with Gaudin, it would have been altering the strategy because they felt comfortable with a 3-1 lead. In the World Series, no team should feel comfortable.

As the game played out, the tactic backfired. The strategy, however, remains strong. They knew that losing tonight was a possibility, but it was a possibility they’d be able to stomach knowing that their other two best pitchers, Pettitte and Sabathia, are waiting to take the ball. That’s the point. Even if the Phillies win a game or two, the Yankees still have their best guys waiting.

I know a lot of smart people who endorsed Gaudin for the Game 5 start, so I’ve given serious thought to the tactic. Each time I think about it, though, I’m less and less convinced. Even the morning after, I still think it was the right call to go with Burnett. Altering a strategy that works is hardly ever a good idea, especially when the alteration makes your team weaker. The Yanks made the right call. Unfortunately, as happens many times, it didn’t work out. Thankfully, the Yankees had planned for this.

(There’s obviously a question of Pettitte pitching on three days’ rest, but that’s another story, one we’ll surely discuss in the next two days.)

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  1. Jake H says:

    Here is the question. Who do you have more faith in, Andy P the guy who has the most post season wins on 1 day less of rest or AJ on normal rest? I would give Andy the ball every time. He is less likely to lose it and have a game blow up within 3 innings.

  2. Tampa Yankee says:

    I just posted this in the last thread without seeing that this was up but it definitely applies here as well.

  3. I wonder if Girardi was actually too slow to take our Burnett. It was utterly clear from the get-go that he had nothing, and even when he “settled down” in the second, he was still missing his spots. Maybe Girardi should have just pulled him as soon as the base runners reached in the 3rd and cut his losses. He has a mostly fully rested pen.

    Ah well. We’ll get ‘em tomorrow. I hate these off days.

  4. Rose says:


    I’ve been saying this all along. While we put out our best chance to win THAT NIGHT…we set it up so that the next two games we have our WORST CHANCE of winning both games.

    Do you put out your best chance for that night because it’s an elimination game and it’s the very next game??? Or do you think a little smarter about other situations…assuming that there is no guarantee that you win Game 5??

    Hindsight is 20/20 in the end…so it’s easy to look at say that Gaudin could have done the same thing…but who knew before hand. AJ was coming off a nasty outing and had good career numbers on 3 days rest.

    I’m more conservative though…I don’t gamble on the one game while hurting potential further games. I set up the best possible chance to win THE ENTIRE SERIES. Regardless of what order they are in. I’d rather have TWO games set up properly than one…ANYDAY.

    • That’s lunacy. Since when is starting Andy Pettitte and CC Sabathia on back-to-back games at home giving us our worst chance of winning. This is it. You leave everything — as Victorino showed us last night — on the table in the World Series.

      Starting Chad Gaudin, a crappy 5th starter who can’t retire lefties, would be giving us our worst chance of winning. A.J. just didn’t work out last night because he had no command. That happens on 3, 4 or 5 days’ rest.

      I don’t about you, but I’d much rather see Pettitt out there in Game 6 than A.J. any day.

      • Rose says:

        AJ fully rested in Game 6, Andy fully rested for Game 7 OR CC still available for Game 7 on 3 days rest with a fully rested Andy Pettitte in the bullpen…I believe is better than AJ on 3 days rest, 37 year old Andy Pettitte on 3 days rest, and a not-as-effective Sabathia on 3 days rest…in a row.

        But I agree that starting Gaudin is, in fact, lunacy.

        • Doug says:

          You know what’s better than all of that? Clinching the World Series.

          If you can win with one more game, it isn’t smart to go with a contingency plan of taking three games to do it.

          • Rose says:

            Maybe to you. But I would never push all or most of my chips in on one hand. There’s no guarantee you win…especially going up against a guy like Cliff Lee

            • Bob c says:

              So you would completely give up on game 5 to have a slightly better chance to win game 6? Cc still would be pitching game 7

              • Rose says:

                Well the way I look at it is I don’t think it’s “completely” giving up. It’s setting it up poorly against Cliff Lee…but even had Gaudin/Aceves given up 6 runs in less than 4 innings we would still have had a chance…and we would have had AJ on full rest WITH Andy on 3 days rest for Game 6 OR CC on 3 days rest with Andy on 4 days rest for Game 7.

                I dunno, I mean I don’t think it’s THAT big of a deal…but it certainly would make me feel a little better anyway.

                • Sweet Dick Willie says:

                  It’s not like we haven’t seen performances like that from AJ on full rest.

                  Your argument is based on the false assumption that AJ would have pitched better were he on full rest.

                  If we had never seen AJ pitch like that on full rest, your argument might hold water. But even he said afterwards that he felt strong.

                  Joe is right. It was the correct strategy, it just didn’t work. That happens sometimes.

            • Doug says:

              Cliff Lee’s line: 7 IP/5 ER/3 K/3 BB. If AJ has even a marginally less worse start like in the ALCS (5 IP/4 ER), then we would have had an excellent chance.

              I’ve never heard of a professional sports team win a playoff series with the attitude of “Let’s win four of seven.” The basic premises of that attitude are self-defeating. Matt G further down the thread said that if you have to be in good faith you can win the game, otherwise it’s deflating to the team. The Yankees already demonstrated they do not have faith in Gaudin when they chose the longer series against the Twins.

              Even if sending out AJ is going all in, sending out Gaudin is folding. These guys are fucking WINNERS (to quote KSK Rex Ryan) and they won 103 games and are up 3-2 in the World Series because they are fucking WINNERS. Now is the worst time to get cute, or hedge your bets, or manage not to lose.

            • The Honorable Congressman Mondesi says:

              “But I would never push all or most of my chips in on one hand.”

              Careful, you’re misreprestenting the counter-argument. Pitching AJ/And/CC in 5-6-7 isn’t pushing all your chips in on one hand, it’s getting your 3 best pitchers starts instead of giving a start to your fifth starter in place of one of them. And really the only differences between your plan and the plan the Yankees chose (that I agree with) is that you

              1. substitute Gaudin (who hasn’t pitched in forever and isn’t very good and is pretty bad against lefties and would be pitching in Philly – yikes to all of that), for AJ on short-rest, then
              2. substitute fully-rested AJ for Andy on short-rest, then
              3. have Andy in the bullpen for Game 7, since CC is starting that game, if necessary, on short-rest, no matter what.

              Really, having Pettitte available in the ‘pen in 6-7 is only going to come into play if CC has to come out early (or AJ, but I’d assume you’d want to save Andy for 7 so he’s fully-rested since that’s part of the lynchpin of this whole argument), in which case the Yankees are in an enormous amount of trouble anyway and I don’t know that foregoing a Pettitte start just to have him back-up CC is going to make that much of a difference in that situation – at least not enough of a difference that it’s worth not getting him a second start prior to Game 7.

              There are two theories here, but you really can’t characterize the one the Yankees chose as being short-sighted or forfeiting some sort of advantage in 6-7. You’re assuming a whole lot of things that aren’t established (that AJ’s struggles were caused by short-rest, that AJ on full-rest in 6 would be better than Andy, that Andy will be less than optimal on short-rest, that Gaudin wouldn’t get destroyed, that you wouldn’t be completely wasting Pettitte by not starting him again, yadda yadda) and misrepresenting the opposing point of view.

    • I don’t think it’s their worst chance. They still have two of their three best guys going in the next two games.

      There’s no guarantee that you win any game. That’s why you come up with a strategy to win the most possible games. As I said in the post, I think starting Burnett is consistent with that strategy, and I’d rather see the Yanks continue using a strategy that works than tinker it because of a situation. And that goes right back to the first sentence in this paragraph.

      • Rose says:

        Well not their worst chance…but worse than what the final games could have been.

        Fully rested AJ at home (where he had just previously thrown a gem) with Andy on full rest for Game 7 for the bullpen behind CC on 3 days rest is far better in my eyes than starting AJ on 3 days rest on the road where he doesn’t particularly have good numbers at (although that’s not any real reason just adding some measure).

        I dunno. Assuming Game 6 is no guarantee either…CC on 3 days rest with a fully rested solid Andy Pettitte sounds better to me for Game 7 than CC on 3 days rest with an ineffective AJ Burnett as an option in the bullpen (again on 3 days rest)…thats all.

        • It’s easy to be doom and gloom when all you focus on is the negative, which you have a tendency to do.

          See what I wrote below:

          Andy: good pitcher
          CC: great pitcher
          Bullpen: important pieces (Mo, Marte, Joba) will be well rested
          Lineup: essentially back to full strength
          Game: In the Bronx

          • Rose says:


            I’m not saying we’re doomed or throwing in the towel. I’m just pointing out some concerns, that’s all. It’s a genuine argument. I believe we could have had a better situation for Game 6 and 7. You and others feel otherwise…that’s the beauty of America…we can disagree on things and agree on others.

            • Yes, it’s a genuine argument but you failed to acknowledge any positives in that argument. Starting Pettitte on three days rest may not be optimal, but it’s not bad either, especially considering that the Yankees will be trotting out their best possible lineup, playing at home, and featuring a rested bullpen.

            • Also, worst chance would mean Chad Gaudin or someone else other than Andy/CC would be starting. That’s a worst chance scenario. Starting two veterans who can dominate at any time (shit, one of them has all playoffs) is not giving the team its worst chance.

              • Rose says:

                Yes, I agree. I didn’t mean Worst as it Worst possible chance…I simply meant it as “worse than the alternative option that I was talking about.”

                • Sweet Dick Willie says:

                  It is an arguement based on a false premise:

                  That AJ would pitch better on normal rest.

                  The reason that is a false premise is that we have all seen AJ pitch like he did last night while on normal rest.

                • Rose says:

                  That’s what you’re all not understanding. He JUST pitched AT HOME on NORMAL REST in Game 2. He DIDN’T just pitch on the Road on 3 days rest in Game 2.

                  While yes, some of it was based on rest…there were other reasons as well. He would have been at home, on regular rest, against the same pitcher. There are all sorts of factors. Does this guarantee he do well? No. But arguably, based on information, he may have had a better chance.

                • TheLastClown says:

                  AJ’s even said that the opposing pitcher makes no difference to what you yourself are trying to do out there.

                  The pitching at home thing has more credibility than the rest thing, but it’s flimsy all the way around.

                  Yankees win tomorrow night.

    • I’ve been saying this all along. While we put out our best chance to win THAT NIGHT…we set it up so that the next two games we have our WORST CHANCE of winning both games.

      Again, how? The Yankees have a good pitcher going tomorrow, even on short rest, and a great pitcher, even on short rest, going on Thursday if needed.

      The Yankees will also have a fully rested bullpen as Damaso Marte and Mariano Rivera will have had two days in a row off. The same goes for Joba Chamberlain. Also, Robertson and Hughes will have a day off after pitching some low-stress innings.

      As the game is in New York, the Yankees will be trotting out their A- lineup (everyone but BG swapped for Melky) rather than their B- lineup (No Jorge, no Melky, no Matsui). How does that hurt the Yankees’ chances?

      • Tampa Yankee says:

        As the game is in New York, the Yankees will be trotting out their A- lineup (everyone but BG swapped for Melky) rather than their B- lineup (No Jorge, no Melky, no Matsui). How does that hurt the Yankees’ chances?

        This is important to remember as well. While Pedro was good the 1st time through the line-up, you began to see the Yanks get to him the 2nd and 3rd time and that was after not seeing him for some time and him having extended rest. I think they can get to him earlier having just seen him 5 days ago.

        • Doug says:

          Someone brought up last night that this is Pedro’s first start of the postseason on regular rest. After his start against the Dodgers, he had extra time since the series ended in 5.

          If the Yankees can finally touch up Cliff Lee (After 16+ innings, granted) the second time they face him, think of how much worse it could be for Pedro.

    • Doug says:

      I’d rather clinch the World Series in ONE game rather than two… any day.

      To write off a World Series game at the outset isn’t “conservative.” It strikes me as bad managing. What do you think it says to your players when you don’t come out confident of winning?

      Punting Game 5 would also be a gamble, since every AJ start is essentially a gamble. You know that he could have melted down just the same in a Game 6. Therefore the worst-case scenario of “setting up TWO games properly” is losing two games, not one.

      • Rose says:

        Doug, it says that you’re very confident. Just because you set up your team a certain way doesn’t mean you’re playing to lose. Charlie Manuel put Joe Blanton out there knowing everybody wanted Cliff Lee on 3 days rest instead…but had confidence in his starter and you know what? He did pretty well…and the Phillies almost won that game against our Ace.

        The Phillies didn’t see Joe Blanton going up against Sabathia and throw in the towel thinking Manuel just didn’t want to win the game. He wanted to set it up so he had his best chance of winning overall regardless.

        That’s the same way I look at it.

        • Doug says:

          Well, that’s a good point because I think it was the same situation for Charlie Manuel.

          The crucial difference, however, is that Joe Blanton is several orders of magnitude better than Chad Gaudin. If the Yankees had an average mid-rotation starter like Blanton waiting in the wings, then maybe I would be ok with it. But we do not.

          Joe Blanton has been in the Phillies’ rotation all season, with an ERA+ of 106. He also had a great start against the Dodgers in the NLCS. Chad Gaudin hasn’t pitched in a month and gets lit up by lefties. Who do you think is more likely to give you 6 IP/4 ER and keep you in the game? Since Blanton is a much, much better pitcher, pitching him gives Philly a much, much better chance of winning the game.

          It’s not throwing in the towel to send Blanton, because he is a reliable piece of their postseason rotation and has proved himself as such. The Yankees took the short series against the Twins so they wouldn’t have to pitch Gaudin.

          I’m not necessarily confident because I have a sense of optimism. I’m confident because I have watched this team all season and I am fully aware of their capabilities.

          • Rose says:

            Agreed. I was just making somewhat of a point…but you’re right. Chad Gaudin is much much worse than Joe Blanton.

            And I’ve said that Gaudin would have been an awful choice…my point was merely talking about setting up the remaining games better…but in order to do so…you would have had to seemingly “forfeit” Game 5.

            Nothing is guaranteed though…just as AJ’s performance wasn’t last night.

    • Jamal G. says:

      Seeing as how Game 5 was an elimination game, wouldn’t the Yankees putting forth their “best chance” to win last night’s game also be their “… best possible chance to win the entire series?”

      • MattG says:

        There best chance of winning the entire series is (and was before last night) CC Sabathia vs Hamels or Happ at Yankee Stadium. Their second best chance was Burnett vs Pedro at YS. Their third is Pettitte (on short rest) vs Pedro at YS.

        Their 4th best chance to win the series was Burnett, really on any rest, vs Cliff Lee at LFF.

        Their 5th through 47th best chances were an assortment of ugly bus accidents and natural disasters, and their 48th best chance was Gaudin vs Lee.

  5. MattG says:

    Except, if Burnett gave you the same performance in game 6, Joe would’ve gotten him a little sooner (with Robertson), it would’ve been Pettitte who relieved Robertson, and Coke never would’ve seen the light of day in that game. I dare say the Phillies would not have scored 8 runs.

    It’s an interesting and predictable decision Girardi made. Nobody wants to punt a game, but in the course of a 162 game season, managers do exactly that dozens of times. Usually, it is in game, when they realize that they can’t use their core relievers, because they already trail by too much today.

    This postseason, Girardi had to decide if he wanted to punt a game before it had even started. I have a reason I think he made the wrong decision: if you look at this series, there is only one way the Yankees lose up 3-1–by having 3 bad starting pitching performances. They are going to score runs, especially against the Philadelphia bullpen. All they really need is one quality start and a 2 inning save from Mo.

    But if they don’t get the quality start, they might actually lose.

    So I would’ve let Gaudin pitch yesterday, and given AJ & Pettitte a chance at the one QS needed on Wednesday.

    If you look at that, though, that’s managing not to lose. I recognize that, and it worries me. I still think it’s the right thing, but I also admire Girardi for managing to win. It didn’t work yesterday, but I am sure his team appreciates it.

    • Doug says:

      This is a gut feeling of mine, but I think managing not to lose would be harmful to the team’s attitude. A team can’t win the World Series with an outlook of “Let’s win four out of seven games.” You can’t show up to play with a macro view of the series. Athletes perform best taking it one game at a time.

      If Girardi send out Gaudin, then it throws a spanner into the works. Now this is a bit hindsight-ish, because it takes into account Melky’s injury, but it would be a subpar lineup. Pitcher batting, Gardner in, no Matsui. The chances of “hey guys, let’s hope the offense carries the day” is even less since it’s in an NL park.

      Basically, I find the idea of not putting yourself in the best position to win each game one at a time distasteful.

      • MattG says:

        Which is why you need to give Girardi the benefit of the doubt. Theoretically, you could spin it. We have total faith in Gaudin, we expect to win game 5, our hitters can hit anyone, and so forth…

        …except, if you have total faith in Gaudin, why hasn’t he pitched?

        If Girardi can’t spin it, and the team feels like it can’t win that day, it’s got to be deflating. This is a consideration in the decision, and that means the decision was made way back on October 5th, when the Yankees chose the longer series.

        I can accept that. You live and die by a certain set of rules. Here’s hoping Andy, CC or the offense can make it work.

        • Tim says:

          I think it is funny that about 10 days ago, people were killing Girardi for using Marte instead of Coke to get out lefties in the Angels series. Now you say that using Coke is waving the white flag, and consider Marte one of the strong links in the bullpen. Fickle fans, aren’t we?

  6. I have no problem with A.J. starting, even with the crappy outing.

    Speaking of gameplan, here’s a new one: no hittable pitches to Chase Utley. Ever.

  7. naiqui says:

    I agree with placing the blame on burnett. Jeter shouldn’t get much blame because baseball is a game where you’re great if you fail 7 out of 10 times. the blame should be placed on the shoulders of Girardi. I like to think of myself as a smart baseball fan and i cant for the life of me come up with a decent explanation as to why Matsui was left in the game. he couldn’t bat again if the game went to extra innings and he cant run wort a dime. Isn’t that why you have speed on the bench to begin with. Pena should’ve been in the game and girardi should’ve made a call to help them stay out of the double play. Like maybe have Pena run. Maybe the phils don’t trhrow the ball because that run was meaningless but at least you get out of the double play. Girardi was saves from most of his moves this post season by late game heroics. Late game heroics can not be relied upon. His inability to manage the game is evident. Waiting for the long ball is a surefire way to give yourself a long off-season.

  8. Rose says:

    Andy Pettitte Career on 3 Days Rest

    Regular Season
    4-6 record, 4.15 ERA in 14 starts

    Post Season
    3-1 record, 2.80 ERA in 5 starts

  9. Tank Foster says:

    That’s a nice analysis, but one statement which I think needs to be challenged is the idea that Burnett’s performance was just “him” and had nothing to do with pitching on short rest.

    Certainly that may be true, but there is absolutely nothing in his performance that proves he wasn’t adversely affected by pitching on short rest.

    Fox ran a graphic on the history of pitchers pitching on 3 days rest against those on normal rest, and the pitchers going on 3 days are like 12-35 in those games.

    The other thing that I believe is being taken for granted that isn’t necessarily true is that Gaudin would have been shelled. No guarantee of that. Yes, lefties hit him hard, but that doesn’t mean he couldn’t have been effective for a few innings. He’d have no pressure on him. The big wildcard for me was Aceves. Aceves was pretty good last night. Had we had confidence that Aceves could go 2-3 effective innings, it would have been, I think, a no-brainer to start Gaudin.

    Of course, you can spin scenarios until you go crazy….what if Gaudin/Aceves do well, but the Yankees lose anyway. Then, if AJ bombed in game 6, you’ve got no long men to mop up the mess, and you’re behind the 8 ball potentially in game 7.

    I’d love to know the details of the decision to start Burnett–who in the FO was in favor, who wanted to just let Girardi do what he wanted, what Girardi wanted to do, etc.

    • “That’s a nice analysis, but one statement which I think needs to be challenged is the idea that Burnett’s performance was just “him” and had nothing to do with pitching on short rest.

      Certainly that may be true, but there is absolutely nothing in his performance that proves he wasn’t adversely affected by pitching on short rest. ”

      Yeah, I think that’s just an extreme statement to make the point. We’ve seen A.J. do this plenty before on normal rest, and even extra rest. That’s the only reason why I emphasized what Mike said.

    • MattG says:

      If Gaudin and Aceves were unavailable in game 6, you’d have Pettitte on 3 days rest. The Yankees definitely have enough pitchers for this series. Odd that the line next to Starter 4: is so very blank.

    • Chris says:

      That graphic about pitchers going on short rest having bad records is basically meaningless. In almost every case where it happens the team that uses a starter on short rest is an inferior team trying to grasp at straws for a chance to win. Inferior teams will generally lose to superior teams, no matter who is starting.

      Also, I think most of the struggles of starters on short rest are due to their routines being disrupted. If you identify ahead of time that a pitcher will go on 3 days rest (which the Yankees did), then it makes it easier to adjust to the change in routine.

    • Joe D. says:

      re: Fox ran a graphic on the history of pitchers pitching on 3 days rest against those on normal rest, and the pitchers going on 3 days are like 12-35 in those games.

      FOX is picking and choosing, selecting a small sample size.

      Since 1969, pitchers pitching on 3 days rest have a cumulative ERA
      about 0.20 than those pitching on four days rest. This is a nice beefy sample size of all such starts in the regular season and postseason. The difference, overall, is miniscule.

  10. larryf says:

    And would you have pulled Lee when it was 8-2? Save his arm a bit if they need him in a game 7? I guess Charlie really doesn’t trust his pen and I can’t say I blame him. We need to make Pedro throw a ton of pitches and have damon-type at bats fouling off his fastball and sitting on his junky curves and changeups….

    • I said this last night at the time. That’s a dumb move by Manuel. Why let Lee go so many in a blow out?

      Of course, 15 minutes later, it was a two-run game, but still.

    • Tank Foster says:

      I think the Yankees will get much better swings on Pedro this time. They were much, much better against Lee in this game than in the 1st.

      • MattG says:

        The Yankees were sitting on his change up last game, which was unfortunate because he was featuring fastballs. Rodriguez in particular fouled back 6 very hittable heaters.

        So, that won’t work again. Will Pedro reinvent himself for this start? He’s smart enough.

        • He’s definitely smart enough, but the Yankees still got to him despite his effectiveness. They adjusted pretty well to Lee in game two and I have full confidence in them adjusting to Pedro for game six.

          • Tank Foster says:

            Unless the Yankees absolutely choke, there is no way Pedro is effective for 6+ innings at the same level he was in game 2. They are going to score runs off him, perhaps many.

      • Rose says:

        The difference is Lee pitches to contact…and is the type of pitcher you can figure out after so many circumstances.

        Pedro would throw one pitch for 90 mph…then the next for 83mph…and just when you were looking for one of the two…he’s toss a 67 mph pitch…and anything in between.

        It’s hard to sit on a pitch or get a groove when the guy is throwing so many different speeds…and locating them perfectly.

  11. AJ starting last night was the right move, and sometimes right moves fail. Burnett just failed to make quality pitches, and you could tell we got the “Bad AJ” right from the time Rollins stepped in.

    I thought that inning was huge. The Phils, facing elimination sent their Ace to the bump, and we got one off him (should have got more). I’m sure the players were a little down, and the fans were certainly out of it, you could hear a pin drop.

    Instead of coming in and shutting them down, he obvs gave up the 3 run jack to Utley…know I know why Mack from “Always Sunny…” wrote him a love letter.

    Burnett also could have got it together after the first, an let the Yanks try and chip away, something he didn’t (and couldn’t) do.

    Either way, it’s 3-2, and I like our chances against Pedro (who doesn’t have a week’s plus rest) and with Andy on the bump.

    Also, come on, the Yanks had the tying run at the plate…

    • mike says:

      Your last sentence makes the perfect point – irrespective of whether AJ or Coke or whomever sh*t the bed, every Yankee fan – in a game against Lee – would have taken tying run at the plate with Jeter, Damon Tex etc coming up in the 9th with no outs before the game started.

      While i have little confidence in Pettitte shutting down the Phillies, i feel much better with him pitching in a like-to-win-but-not-imperative-game ( with Rivera fully rested)than would I be a Phillies fan having Pedro pitching for the 2nd time against the Yanks.

      Sit Cano, start Harriston/Pena (whose slower bat speed might work against Pedro…..) and this will be a nice victory for the Yanks

  12. I’m still waiting for an explanation as to how Burnett’s poor performance yesterday bodes badly for Andy tomorrow. Something tells me I’ll always be waiting for this.

    • Tank Foster says:

      Well, if you believe AJ’s performance was in part due to pitching out of his usual routine, then the same thing could apply to Andy.

      Not being able to prove a positive does not prove a negative. The fact that we don’t know if short rest will hurt Pettitte doesn’t mean we know that it doesn’t.

      I think the Yankees still have a big advantage. A friend of mine likened the current Phillies pitching situation as similar to Wile E. Coyote piloting a plane, which is falling apart around him….first the tail, then a wing, then another wing, until just Wile E. is sitting in the pilot’s seat in his jump suit, waiting for gravity to drop him. I think we might see high scoring games in 6 and (if needed) 7, and I like the Yankees in high scoring games.

      • Well, if you believe AJ’s performance was in part due to pitching out of his usual routine, then the same thing could apply to Andy.

        I guess, but even that is speculation. My point is that last night people were saying that A.J. pitched poorly so that means Pettitte will as well with no logic behind it.

        • Tank Foster says:

          Well, isn’t is speculation that AJ wasn’t affected by the short rest? That’s my point–we don’t know why he was bad, but we know for sure he was pitching on short rest…as is Andy Pettitte. So it’s not crazy to worry.

    • Rose says:

      It doesn’t. They have absolutely nothing to do with one another. Andy could go out there and throw a gem for all we know. My only concern was him starting on 3 days rest at his age. And Utley seems to be locked in…and Werth has shown that he owns Pettitte.

      Why aren’t we at least brushing Chase off the plate?? Why not hit him a few times? They hit Arod 3 times in 2 games. Utley looks WAY too comfortable at the plate. Why not rattle him and get him thinking or something??

  13. Jay says:

    Burnett is to blame (as is numerous other Yankees, namely Phil Coke), but it’s not fair to second guess the decision. I don’t know, the strategy has worked thus far, and you throw your horses. Everyone knew Burnett could blow up; there was worry against the Angels, Twins, and in Game 2. Sometimes, it’s just what he does. I do worry that we are going to see a game 7. I have tickets, and I hope like HELL I don’t have to use them.

  14. KayGee says:

    When does Chase Utley start getting the Bonds/A-Rod in ALCS type treatment?

  15. Kiersten says:

    I don’t understand why people are making such a big deal about AJ starting on 3 days rest. There were no other options. Chad Gaudin has not started a game since September, over a month ago, he is not currently a starting pitcher. Yes, AJ sucked, yes it sucks that AJ and Andy have to go on 3 days rest, but that’s what happens when you use 3 starters in the DS and CS.

    • Rose says:

      It wasn’t necessarily AJ starting on 3 days rest as it is ALL of our starters…starting the remainder of the World Series on 3 days rest in a row…

      • Bo says:

        You would really start Gaudin over these 3?

          • The Honorable Congressman Mondesi says:

            But that’s precisely the argument you’ve been making the last 2 days.

            • Rose says:

              I offered a different alternative to setting up the games. Thinking of the other 2 games as well. I understand Gaudin is a terrible option and would have been a bad move. I also understand that there was never a guarantee to win Game 5 regardless…and I thought the match ups with full rest at YS would have been better than not on full rest.

              Like I’ve stated the past 2 days. I’m not campaigning for this. It was merely a suggestion that I would have agreed with…although I am also aware Gaudin starting would have been terrible at the same time.

              That is all.

          • So, what you’re saying is, you’ve been wasting your breath all along?

            You don’t like the strategy Girardi has chosen, and you want to make clear to everyone that you think it’s wrong and the incorrect choice, but you also don’t want to chose the alternative?

            Great. Thanks a lot.

  16. MattG says:

    Can we get a rain storm tomorrow night, and get this rotation back on regular rest? Is a YouTube of a dance I should be doing?

    • Mike Pop says:

      We got this man. They’ve won 2 games this series – both started by Cliff Lee. We’ve won 3, none started by Cliff Lee but started by A.J., CC, and Pettitte. We got this.

  17. Rose says:

    The Bad

    Before Game 6 of the ALCS this year…Andy Pettitte was 0-2 with a 7.07 ERA in 3 starts in Game 6′s in his career and 4-2 with a 4.14 ERA in potential clinchers.

    The good news is that those stats didn’t effect his 2009 ALCS Game 6 start against the Angels…

    …then again, he wasn’t on 3 days rest.

    • Didn’t you just post something else that showed how great Andy was on three days rest in the playoffs?

      • Rose says:

        Yes. I show all sides. I’m not trying to be negative…I just notice that a lot of people don’t talk about some legitimate concerns at times so I bring them up. It doesn’t necessarily mean I feel so strongly about it I have no faith in the team.

        • Bo says:

          So Andy is great on 3 days rest but you dont want him you wanted Gaudin?

          Headache time.

          Im sorry. I cant take anyone seriously if they wanted gaudin to start over Andy.

          • Rose says:

            Nobody is asking you, specifically, to take anybody seriously. I never was advocating to have Gaudin start…in fact, if you read my posts…I admitted that it would be a bad move and be as close to a guaranteed loss as you could have. My point was merely bringing up a different tactic in setting up the following games better. That’s all. I’m not rallying or campaigning for anything here.

            • The Honorable Congressman Mondesi says:

              Oh come on, yes you are. If you think the right move is to start AJ/Andy/CC on short-rest, then why have you been making the counter-argument for the last 2 days? You clearly prefer the Gaudin/AJ/CC with Andy in the ‘pen for 6/7 strategy.

              You have an argument. I don’t agree with it and a lot of other people don’t, but that doesn’t mean you have to hedge. Stick to your guns.

              • The Honorable Congressman Mondesi says:

                Stick to your guns... Or change your tune and say you think the counter-argument is actually the better strategy, I didn’t mean you should blindly stick to your original argument if reason/evidence leads you to prefer another argument. Just don’t play both sides of the fence and deny you’ve been arguing for 2 days that Gaudin should have started Game 5.

                • Rose says:

                  Had SOME of the stipulations been different (Gaudin didn’t have so much time off, etc) I probably would have started Gaudin/Aceves for Game 5…saved AJ/Andy for Game 6 and/or CC/Andy for Game 7…with AJ and Andy being AT HOME and on full rest.

                  But this is at first glance. Managers don’t look at something for less than 2 days total and less statistics than they currently have and make a decision like I do.

                  My ORIGINAL point was that just because one game comes before the other two…doesn’t mean you can push them aside and view them as seemingly less important. Perhaps AT THE TIME they are…but since there is no guarantee you win Game 5…you have to also think about those games.

                  Not saying he didn’t. I was just saying it in general.

            • Nobody is asking you, specifically, to take anybody seriously.


              I never was advocating to have Gaudin start…

              Hot fucking bullshit.

              …in fact, if you read my posts…I admitted that it would be a bad move and be as close to a guaranteed loss as you could have.

              And yet you still advocated for it, over and over and over again. Yes, you acknowledged Gaudin’s shittasticness, and then you went right the fuck on and called for him to start. Don’t you dare say you didn’t. You did.

              My point was merely bringing up a different tactic in setting up the following games better. That’s all.


              I’m not rallying or campaigning for anything here.

              You most certainly are. Stop pretending to be something you’re not. I’m thisfuckingclose to assuming you’re Axl/Makavelli in yet another new pseudonym. That’s a classic Axl move: Call for something repeatedly, then back away from it and pretend you never said it and we all just misinterpreted you.

  18. GG says:

    This game cannot come soon enough, what on earth are we supposed to do till then???

  19. MattG says:

    We need a little Damon appreciation here. Even down 0-2, I knew he was getting on.

    Oddly, I was equally as convinced Teixiera would not reach, especially after flinching on the fastball and flailing at the change.

    I’m a Yankee fan and all, so I want to see the Yankees win, but if I were totally unbiased I would still want to see the Yankees win, so we can see the rarest of occurences–an MVP from the losing team!

  20. Moshe Mandel says:

    Last night’s game supported Girardi’s move, not the other way around. It showed that you never, ever punt on a playoff game, because Cliff Lee can give up 5 runs. A well pitched game last night wins the World Series, and AJ was a much better bet to provide that than Gaudin. Now you have Andy Pettitte on 3 days rest, but he had 7,7, 5, and 5 days rest before his last 4 starts, so he’s perfectly well rested.

    • Tank Foster says:

      Very sensible, Moshe. I hope you are right. I’m rooting for your spin on this.

    • MattG says:

      I suppose this is true, but it doesn’t prove anything. There was a chance Lee would not pitch well. There was a chance, maybe even an equal chance, that Gaudin would pitch well.

      Of all scenarios, the most likely had to be Lee would pitch better than Burnett or Gaudin.

    • Tubby says:

      100% agree. If AJ gives us a league average performance last night, we’re all discussing parade plans today. A poor result does not always mean it was a poor decision.

      The Phillies need to win two games in the Bronx against Andy and CC with a six-inning pitcher in Game 6 and a guy who doesn’t want to pitch in Game 7. They are going to need to get 15-20 big outs out of their bullpen to pull this off. I like our chances.

    • TheZack says:

      Just what I was going to point out. Last night the Yankees had a very good shot of winning the game, so how does willingly throwing it away by starting Gaudin make a better move?

  21. Moshe Mandel says:

    Also, for all the people who said that EVERYONE in the MSM thought they should have gone with Gaudin yesterday, that’s just a lie. In fact, I have seen that most of the sabermetric community and plenty of MSM writers (Feinsand and Sherman off the top of my head) thought Joe made the right move.

    • Bo says:

      You dont punt games in the series. Gaudin starting would have been a punt.

      I like Girardi would def take my chances with Burnett at least giving me 5 solid over Gaudin. Just didnt work out.

  22. TLVP says:

    Everyone is assuming that Gaudin has started he would have done as poorly. I find that a bit harsh. I’m not saying that he might not have done as poorly but there are some reasons to moderate the language.

    Gaudin pitched 2 innings or more 9 times for the Yankees this season and never gave up more than 3 earned runs. None of those outings were against the Phillies but give the average AL team some credit.

    I think it is reasonable to assume

    1) He would probably have lost anyway but that probability is not 100%
    2) He would likely have gone considerably longer than 2+ innings
    3) He would probably have kept us in the game longer than AJ did
    4) Whether you had line up Andy or AJ for game 6 our bull penn for both game 6 and 7 would have been stronger of the other one would have been availble for relief

    Give Gaudin some respect, don’t simply assume he would have been as horrible as AJ was last night.

    • TheZack says:

      On all of your points, I counter with: look at Guadin’s stats vs. lefties. Add in the Philly ballpark. Sprinkle in the fact that he hadn’t started in over a month. If you still can reach any of those conclusions, you need to go back to your recipe and check your measurements.

      • TLVP says:

        I hear you, and i know he’s poor against lefties, i know he hasn’t started for a long but still, to just assume he would have been as bad as AJ was is plain wrong in my mind

    • Tubby says:

      Let’s say Gaudin did pitch last night. Who would be your starters in games 6 & 7? AJ and CC or AJ and Andy?

      Personally, I’d still rather see Andy and CC even if Gaudin did pitch last night.

      • Bo says:

        Gaudin isnt a serious option.

        Girardi has barely given 2 thoughts to him starting a game here and thats for a reason. he isnt very good.

        • TLVP says:

          Starting Gaudin in game 5 was never about improving teh chance of winning game 5 – it was all about imprving the chance of winning one out of game 5, 6 and 7

          I know Girardi had good reasons for going with AJ – one of them is that you won’t get fired for starting your three best pitchers in games 5, 6 and 7. You could however get fired for starting Gaudin because if he was as bad as AJ was last night Girardi would face 100 times more critique than he is doing now.

          Still doesn’t mean it was the right decision for the organization

      • TLVP says:

        AJ and then CC. I’d take AJ on full rest over Andy on short rest any day (at least now that Andyis 37 years old and was pretty poor in his last outing)

        • Tim says:

          How do you figure that? If Posada could field a bunt, he would have given up 2 runs in 6 innings. In that little ballpark. Only Werth hit Pettitte in Game 3. You need to do more than just look at a line score to see how well someone pitched. Pettitte was pretty good in Game 3.

          When did we all become Red Sox fans? Why all the hand wringing? The Yankees are clearly the better team, Lee is their only reliable pitcher, and we have two excellent pitchers lined up Wednesday and Thursday, plus the ultimate weapon in the bullpen. This baby is over – it ended in the ninth inning on Sunday night. Mark it down.

  23. larryf says:

    agreed. Not listening to anything and thinking about turning off Buckarver next game. TRULY AWFUL in every way…

  24. None of this is gonna matter when we’re famous singers.

  25. Nady Nation says:

    For everyone that wants to play the hindsight game – if you knew the Yankees were going to score 6 runs last night, which pitcher would you have been more confident holding the Phils to 6 or less, Burnett or Gaudin? It works both ways.

    • Sam P. says:

      Unfortunately the game itself doesn’t work that way, though.

      • Nady Nation says:

        Huh? That’s exactly my point. My comment was directed at everyone saying that Gaudin wouldn’t have fared much worse than AJ did. We had no way of knowing AJ would totally crap the bed. And it’s hard to totally chalk it up to pitching on short rest when Burnett’s entire career, featuring starts on short, full, and extra rest, is littered with bed-crappings. He certainly could’ve went out there tomorrow night on full rest and pitched exactly the same as he did last night, because that is the type of pitcher he is. Burnett is a better pitcher than Gaudin, so heading into last night’s game, one would have to believe that he gave us a better chance of winning.

  26. John Duci says:

    I hope Andy gets rocked in game 6 too. Thank you AJ. My hopes for a game 7 are still alive!!!

      • John Duci says:

        It wouldnt have been thrilling enough for me to see the Yanks win it on T.V. in Philly. I want a game 7 in New York.

        • Bo says:

          Yea. You make a lot of sense.

          What is with some people?

          You may be a Fox exec hoping for ratings. But you’re obv not a Yankee fan.

          • John Duci says:

            Your right I’m not a Yankee Fan. If the Yanks win wednesday there will not be a person in the world happier then me, trust me. But, I would like to be at game 7 of the WS at the New Yankee stadium with CC on the mound. To me thats the most amazing baseball setting you can have and theres not going to be too many of those in our lifetimes.

          • John Duci says:

            Your right I’m not a Yankee Fan. If the Yanks win wednesday there will not be a person in the world happier then me, trust me. But, I would like to be at game 7 of the WS at the New Yankee stadium with CC on the mound. To me thats the most amazing baseball setting you can have and theres not going to be too many of those in our lifetimes.

            • Bo says:

              So why are you even here?

              It amazes me that people dont have lives. How bored and lifeless would any of us have to be to go onto Philly blogs and post nonsense???

            • Nady Nation says:

              “If the Yanks win wednesday there will not be a person in the world happier then me, trust me.”

              This certainly contradicts your “I hope Andy gets rocked in game 6 too” comment.

  27. Bo says:

    I dont get the Gaudin love.

    Who wouldnt want Andy P getting 2 starts in the WS?

    Anyone really want to see Gaudin get the same amount of starts as Andy???

    The 3 starters are so far and above Gaudin in all aspects it wasnt a logical move. Its not like its 2 days rest here. 3 days is plenty for a starter.

    Gaudin is what he is. A good long reliever/spot starter.

  28. Michael says:

    I’m sorry, but you DO NOT start Chad Gaudin in a WS game, period. Imagine if they started him and he got lit up, then Burnett was the Bad AJ in Game 6? I’m far more comfortable with Pettitte and Sabathia at home with a 3-2 lead then rolling the dice with AJ in a Game 6 with a 3-2 lead.

    You can blame the Yankees for not having a plausible alternative to Gaudin as a 4th starter, but the decision not to pitch him was the right one.

  29. JohnC says:

    Was anyone else surprised that Jeter let that 2-0 fastball go by? I was sure he’d be sitting on that pitch, ready to hammer it. Sure enough, it was right down the pipe. I knew then what was coming. Sure enough, he got jammed on the next pitch and hit a tailor made DP. As well as he’s been swinging that bat, I was sure he’d be hacking there with the big bats coming up.

  30. Lance says:

    Who were those guys last night Alfredo Aceves and David Robertson? They were pretty good. Maybe they should pitch more often. Who knew they were even on the roster…

  31. cheddar says:

    I am one of those who thought the Gaudin option was mullable with a 3-1 series lead, but in hindsight I’m glad we didn’t go with him. Because that would have meant AJ tonight, and I now have zero confidence that he can be counted upon to give us a quality start on any amount of rest, home or away. Which is disappointing for me to admit since I was a huge proponent of signing him.

  32. Jeff Nelson says:

    I’m in the camp that you could never completely trust Burnett no matter how many days’ rest he had. It’s not ideal to have Andy pitch on three days’ rest, but he’s not your average 37 year old. The biggest gamer the Yankees’ staff has had in the last 15 years… the guy who has always stepped up, especially following a Yankee loss… I want to give him the ball no matter what.

  33. hal says:

    forget game 5, if the yanks beat up Pedro like they are supposed to do, even a less than stellar Andy and a rested bullpen to choose from should bring it home. More concerned about offense right now but getting the “A” lineup back should be the difference.

  34. JackC says:

    I’m not a big fan of Girardi, and the idea of setting up his starters to go on short rest (especially Pettitte) from here on in doesn’t make m ehappy, but the fact is they don’t really have a viable 4th starter. This in fact, may be the greatest team in the history of baseball without, quite literally, ANYONE even close to reliable to pitch fourth. It’s a flaw — and I do like Cash but in addition to deserving praise for his many astute moves, he needs to take a hit for that. The only thing you can maybe get on Girardi for is A) sticking a little too long with Burnett and B) insisting Molina catch him in an NL park, which made the bottom third of their lineup one of the wekaer ones in my lifetime of watchign WS games.

    What’s done, however, is done. I loved the way the Yanks fought back. It’ll be nice to beat Pedro, which is what I firmly believe they’ll do.

  35. pete says:

    here’s the way i see it:
    Good AJ can and probably will beat cliff lee. No amount of chad gaudin will beat cliff lee. So for last night’s game, it’s fairly safe to say that the likelihood of winning w/ aj was higher than w/ gaudin.

    Bad AJ can still lose to pedro, while consistent Pettitte is likely somewhere between as good as pedro and much better than pedro. not saying we can’t lose to pedro tomorrow, just that the matchup still objectively favors the yanks. Sure it’s 3 days rest and pettitte’s not very young, but he’ll be pitching his final game of the season, at home, world series. His tiredness could very well be countered by adrenaline, and unlike AJ, who can be hurt by adrenaline at times, andy generally seems to channel his adrenaline into extra focus. Pedro, meanwhile, like lee last night, will be facing the yankees for the 2nd time in under a week and will have to deal w/ the stadium, his own mediocre stuff, and a yankee lineup that’s actually starting to hit and not coming off a long layoff. Thus, so far we have a better chance to win games 5 and 6 under the current plan.

    Now comes game 7. Under one argument, the yankees would be worse off because of the temptation to start Andy with CC in the bullpen, but i think most would agree that having andy and CC both available for game 7 is a good thing, and more advantageous than just andy. So advantage, in game 7, goes to the gaudin plan. Still, CC vs. hamels/happ is advantage cc, so it’s not like you’re giving up game 7 for 5 and 6. you’re just not putting all your bullets in the game 7 chamber instead of doing all you can to win before game 7 when doing so doesn’t even disadvantage you in that game.

    In other words, the yankees have an advantage in games 6 and 7 regardless, and a disadvantage in game 5 regardless, in terms of pitching matchups. Would you rather give yourself a decent chance to win game 5, while still having an edge in 6 and 7, or sacrifice 5 altogether in order to extend your advantage in game 7, and maybe further your advantage in game 6? I say maybe because while AJ is probably capable of pitching a better game than pettitte, his chances of stinking up game 6 are higher than pettitte’s. Personally, in the world series, i’d rather have a good chance to win every game, rather than all but one.

  36. I just don’t think the Yankees had many options. Can we really trust Chad Gaudin? He’s barely pitched for the Yankees. At this point of the season, the Yankees have only three reliable starters.

    I think Pettitte will be fine tomorrow night. He almost always gives you a quality start. He should keep the Yankees in the game. With Philly’s God-awful bullpen the Yanks should be able to plate some runs, as long as Pedro only goes 5 or 6 innings.

  37. A.D. says:

    One can sit here now and say, Gaudin could have done that last night, and I’m sure if Burnett had said “Joe, I’m going to suck it up tonight” then they wouldn’t have started him.

    In terms of people’s arguments against starting Burnett last night:

    Gaudin could have done that: Very true, he could have even been somewhat better, but no one knew AJ would suck that much, and Gaudin was more likely to put up that type of performance.

    Blaming short rest on AJ’s performance: As the writers here have noted AJs troubles seemed more mechanical/the general downside that is AJ Burnett, vs anything in terms of being tired, as is noted realistically he could have had this type of game regardless of rest.

    We could have Burnett on full rest tomorrow instead of short rest Andy Well after watching Burnett pitch last night, I’d prefer short rest Andy compared to the Burnett that threw that performance. As is noted if you punt game 5, then have someone crap out game 6, all the eggs are in game 7. I prefer that the Yanks took the best chance to win all 3 games, vs punting game 5. Chances that AJ & Pettitte suck it up are less than the chance that Gaudin & AJ suck it up. Plus frankly win or lose you want your best on the field.

  38. wanger says:

    I’m a little worried about pettitte pitching on 3 days rest due to the extremely difficult outing he survived last time out. I am pretty certain the yankees will take pedro to task, charlie might have a quick hook with pedro and we could be dealing with some effective innings from hammels.

    hopefully the crowd will rattle the philly bats a bit. I don’t see how the yankees will be able to breeze through either of these games.

  39. Rob in CT says:

    I have faith in the Yankee offense to smack Pedro around more than in game 2. AP just needs to be ok (same was true of AJ last night, but it was not to be) and Girardi needs to use the right relievers (IMO, this means as much Mo as possible, with Marte, Robertson and/or Hughes if needed).

    The offense was good last night, especially considering Molina started and Burnett batted once. Even Cano, who has been terrible, hit three balls hard (though only one fell in).

  40. dkidd says:

    someone in the previous thread wrote that we’d be feeling better this morning if it was gaudin who put up aj’s line. i disagree. if gaudin started, got rocked, and we lost despite scoring 5 runs off cliff lee, i’d be pulling my hair out

    to all the nervous nellies: we’re the gonna score bunches of runs tomorrow night

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