Jackson, Nova among 40-man additions


The Yankees have announced seven additions to the team’s 40-man rotation in advance of December’s Rule 5 draft. Among them are Austin Jackson and Ivan Nova. What a difference a year makes for Nova, who was selected and then returned to the Yanks in 2008.

To go along with this move, the Yanks also outrighted Shelley Duncan to AAA Scranton. I’m sure the Yanks would be happy to trade him for some cash. Here’s the full list:

Hector Noesi
Ivan Nova
Romulo Sanchez

Reegie Corona
Eduardo Nunez
Kevin Russo

Austin Jackson

Interestingly enough, the Yanks now have 39 of their 40-man spots filled, but the team is down a left fielder, a designated hitter and a starting pitcher. Either the Yanks don’t plan to resign more than one of their three big-name free agents so quickly or they will be prepared to cut loose someone on the 40-man if need be. Of those on the current 40-man, Christian Garcia looks awfully expendable.

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  1. Mike Axisa says:

    Sheesh, overkill much? Oh noes, we can’t lose Reegie Corona!

  2. Tom says:

    Where’s Kroenke?

  3. AndrewYF says:

    Noesi put up some insane K/BB ratios this past year.

  4. larryf says:

    I like Nova over Sanchez. Better mechanics and in better shape. Saw them both last year. Romulo threw 99 at Scranton but lost to Lehigh Valley and John Mayberry Jr (and the great Miguel Cairo!)

  5. steve says:

    What’s with the Reegie Corona hate? He made massive improvement this year, especially with walking.

    • Because he’s probably not going to amount to much of anything in the Majors, doesn’t deserve a 40-man spot and wouldn’t be missed if some team claimed him in the Rule 5 draft. He’s 23 and hit .257/.347/.364 between AA and AAA this year. That translates into Jose Molina at the big league level.

      • The Scout says:

        What important prospect’s place is Corona taking?

        • None right now, but why bother really? They don’t have to add him. In the grand scheme of things, this won’t matter. He’ll be among the first to go as soon as the Yanks have to clear some 40-man space.

        • feasor says:

          It’s not about who’s spot he’s taking. It’s about the yanks’ ability to hold on to him. It they hadn’t added him and he were taken, then he’s coming back without being on the 40 man or passing through waivers. Now when they need to clear a spot, he gets kicked and likely does not pass through waivers.

      • steve says:

        Yes he sucked at Scranton, but had a .794 OPS in AA as a 22 year old second baseman. Not too shabby. He had an ISO of .110 in AA and has excellent speed.

  6. Salty Buggah says:

    I dont get the Corona addition either. I’m pretty IF he got selected by someone, he would be released at some point and would be returned.

  7. Davor says:

    If they don’t tender Wang and Bruney, they have 3 spots for their free agents.
    What is the rule for picking in Rule-5 draft – free 40-men spot at 20. Nov, or at the time of draft?

  8. Mike bk says:

    this leads me back to my question in the thread about the cuban lefties. will either of them sign without a ML deal? If they wont, moves like Corona are more perplexing even if only temporary.

  9. Charlie says:

    agree with most people here, corona is kinda unnecessary. also i’m not sure about noesi. i don’t know much about him, but is he worth a 40 man spot?

  10. theyankeewarrior says:

    Does anyone see this as a sign that the Yankees are really trying to stock up on middle IF types that could replace Jeter in a couple/few years?

    Obviously they will need a SS at some point, but does this suggest they think it may be sooner than later?

    Jeter is still a top 5 MLB SS.

  11. Steve says:

    No Kroenke? Duff? Curtis with that AFL performance? I thought those three were better choices than Corona.
    I was also slightly expecting Texeira and Kontos but not surprises with only AA and the injury respectively.
    Hope Whelan isn’t taken, but wasn’t expecting him to be added anyway.
    Didn’t even know that Noesi was eligible. Still shocking seeing that he only reached High A.

  12. Damon Pettitte says:

    I suspect Ramirez and Mitre will not be there too long.

  13. Christos says:

    No George Kontos? I bet you we lose him to a Major League 60-day DL.

  14. Mo Wang says:

    Well the Yankees can just non-tender 2 guys – Wang is almost a definite. I’d imagine Mitre is also likely to be non-tendered. Then they have the 3 open spots for the free agents DH, LF, and SP.

    They could also work out some trades, I guess.

  15. JK says:

    Corona is hitting really well in winterball…

    .353 ba, .459 obp, .549 slg, 1.008 ops

    Maybe what their scouts reported back influenced their decision making. He also has plus speed and plus defense @ 2b.

    • I really hope they didn’t make their decision based on 50 ABs in winter ball. I’m not anti-Corona; I just don’t understand the need to protect him from a draft in which he probably wouldn’t have been taken.

  16. MikeD says:

    Wang looks like another likely victim when they need an additional spot.

  17. [...] Rule 5 Draft in 2009, the Yankees made sure no one else would be able to get their hands on Nova by adding him to the 40-man roster on the November 20th [...]

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