Open Thread: The highest paid players in baseball history


Who’s the highest paid paid player in baseball? Alex Rodriguez. Duh. In terms of average annual salary, he’s held the title since 2000 (though in certain years, like 2004, other players’ escalators might have put them ahead). He supplanted Mike Hampton, who had signed an eight-year, $123 million contract just two days prior. If you think that’s a quick change of the guard, well, then you’re not familiar with the situation in 1989.

In one of my favorite articles in recent memory, Larry at Wezen Ball chronicles the highest paid player in baseball, starting with Nolan Ryan in 1979, when he signed a three-year, $3.5 million contract. If you have a few minutes to kill, I absolutely recommend you browse the list. There are quite a few amusing sequences, especially the aforementioned 1989 situation.

In the span of less than a month, five different players held the title of baseball’s highest pay player (again, in terms of average annual salary). First it was Kirby Puckett with a three-year, $9 million contract on November 22. Rickey Henderson quickly followed with a four-year, $12 million contract, putting him on even ground with Puckett. Mark Langston, however, topped them both three days after Henderson when he signed a five-year, $16 million deal. Ten days after Langston, Mark Davis signed a four-year, $13 million contract with the Royals that paid him $3.25 million per season, or $50,000 more than Langston.

The craziest part? Four more players held the title before the end of the 1990 season, including Don Mattingly for a little over two months. The title changed hands frequently until 1993, when Cecil Fielder signed a five-year, $36 million contract with the Tigers (the Yanks would benefit from the tail end of that one). From there no player made more per year than Fielder (or Bonds, depending on how you view it) until Ken Griffey Jr. in 1996. The title then changed hands frequently again until 2000, when A-Rod took the title and kept it.

Seriously, check out the post. And then, when you’re done, check out Joe Posnanski’s post about the first X million player. Who was the first $10 million player? The first $15 million? Joe’s got all the answers.

When you’re done with that, come back for our open thread. I hear we’re serving punch and pie inside.

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  1. “Larry at Wezen Ball chronicles the highest paid player in baseball, starting with Nolan Ryan in 1979, when he signed a three-year, $3.5 million contract.”

    3.5M over 3 years? What are you, the King of England?

    Idiots from 1979


    Where were these teachers when I was in High School?

  3. Teix is the Man says:

    Why are so many people claiming the Yanks are gonna trade the Swish? That’s dare I say…BATSHIT INSANE!

  4. Salty Buggah says:

    Will Felix or Mauer break A-Rod’s record?

    I know Jesus will.

  5. X says:

    When you’re done with that, come back for our open thread. I hear we’re serving punch and pie inside.


  6. Salty Buggah says:

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    What do you guys suggest?

  7. Riddering says:

    Verizon didn’t tell me when I got a cell phone update that trying to sync the new phone to my laptop would cause me frustration to the power of bashing my head against a wall.

    Thanks, V.

  8. Kiersten says:

    Nolan Ryan, 3 years for $3.5MM?

    Get it done, Cash!

  9. Steve says:

    analysis of Granderson Deal ^^

  10. Keanu Reeves says:

    Here’s an interesting one: Stark says on his Twitter that after the Yanks dealt for Granderson, the Royals called to see if Gardner could be had.

    Gardner for Soria. Get it done Cash.

  11. Salty Buggah says:

    So Cash won’t go more than one year on Damon. Take it or leave it.

    And on DHs: “You can turn left, you can turn right, you can look up and down, and you’ve got a DH sitting right there begging for a job.”

    That’s what I wanted to hear. Cash rules.

  12. Alex S says:

    Mariano Rivera gave up 7 hr’s in 2009. guess who hit one of them?;c_id=det

  13. Salty Buggah says:

    RAB took a small step forward today. RAB’s own Joseph Pawlikowski broke the news of for the time of the Grandy trade’s press conference. He beat everyone else (I think).

  14. pat says:


    You’re Welcome.

  15. Salty Buggah says:

    Those 30 seconds commercials before the videos are so fuckin annoying.

  16. Scranton’s LF for 2010 (fingers crossed), Wily Mo Pena, is playing for Licey and ESPN Deportes right now.

  17. Omg!Zombies! says:

    If Hank didnt go behind Cashmans back and resigned Arod. What kind of deal would Arod have gotten out on the FA market?

    • JMK THE OVERSHARE's Milton Bradley Fat Park Factor says:

      An 8-year deal at around $25 mil. would be my guess. That’s what, $200 million total?

  18. John NY says:

    I saw Cash on MLB Network where he mentioned he will look at adding to the bench. Does this mean Melk or Gardner are on the move?

  19. Steve H says:

    According to Craig Calcaterra of, the Rangers have agreed to a one-year, $7.5 million contract with right-hander Rich Harden.

    I like this, in that maybe it takes Texas out of the Ben Sheets running. Even though they just traded Millwood, would they really want to give 2/5 of their rotation to guys who are far from sure bets healthwise. Also, with their financial issues, I don’t see them bringing Sheets in if the Harden report is true.

  20. Former Yankee Player X Platoon Splits

    vs RHP as LH .278/.381/.556/.937
    vs LHP as LH .206/.260/.315/.575

    vs RHP as LH .256/.379/.415/.794
    vs LHP as LH .226/.273/.292/.565


    vs RHP as LH .342/.400/.573/.973
    vs LHP as LH .230/.279/.319/.597

    vs RHP as LH .380/.469/.616/1.085
    vs LHP as LH .305/.439/.571/1.011

    Figured it out at age 31 and was good against Lefties for much of the rest of his career. Anyone know who it is?

          • Should have stuck with your first answer.

            My point is that Paul O’Niell was a guy who had a tag that he “couldn’t hit lefties” when he got here, yet figured it out and had some truly great years here. It can be done.

            People think that the short porch can be too tempting and it can make a guy pull the ball more. Sometimes that’s true, but for a guy who has just recently become pull happy like Granderson I think the short porch will help him relax. Seeing that he’ll get a few easy bombs he can afford to think up the middle more, and then everything falls into place.

            We’ll see how it all works out, but everyone says that Grandy’s a very bright guy. I have to believe he’ll figure it out.

            • Keanu Reeves says:

              Haha I checked baseball reference and saw O’Neill wasn’t a Yankee in ’91. Then I realized that you never said this player was a Yankee in ’91 and that the splits you put up were in fact his.

              But I agree with your point and even though I’ve been a skeptic of Granderson, I’m on board and hoping I’m 100% dead wrong.

              • When you buy a player you’re not just buying his stats, but also the type of person he is and the character behind that person.

                Grandy’s SUCH a good guy, a smart guy, plays the game hard, and does everything the right way that I have to believe if anyone will figure it out, he will. I’ll put my money on him and sleep like a baby.

            • JMK THE OVERSHARE's Milton Bradley Fat Park Factor says:

              I see your point, but if anything, Paul O’Neill is likely an extreme outlier. Don’t count on anything like that repeating.

              If Granderson can improve to .235/.340/.450 against LHP, we’d be thrilled.

  21. crapula says:

    I was wondering, just today, what the hell ever happened to Alex Rodriguez.

  22. pat says:

    Bringing Chapman in would be a nice way to fill that 2nd-best-prospect-in-the-system hole that Ajax left.

    • Crazy Eyes Killa says:

      It certainly would, but the team has needs that need to be addressed before that like LF and DH

      • I wonder how much those two things are really related.

        Chapman may be viewed in a separate budget. He’s like an IFA, for all intents and purposes.

        • Crazy Eyes Killa says:

          This is definitely true. Personally I’d like to see Cashman finish the “A-lineup” though before possibly moving onto Chapman. Let the market for Chapman develop, the later NYY gets in, the smaller it will be (dollars wise). I know people want Damon’s bat, but I think he’s just a clog standing between Posada hitting 5th via the DH spot several times a week (Assuming they can sign 1 of Cameron, Damon, Matsui) or having Johnny breakdown in the field. I’d say sign Cameron before you do anything else, Scott Boras is going to hold Damon up, but if he’ll quickly take a 1 yr than it makes your decision more difficult.

  23. Crazy Eyes Killa says:

    I’m thinking about how good this team is going to be with Granderson patrolling Center, and I’m asking who in their right mind wouldn’t want to be a part of that. Matsui and Damon both have so much money, they can each sacrifice a few mill to be back. I bet Matsui wouldn’t mind if Cash has a roster spot open for him. I want Matsui back, but I’m also really liking the way Cashman is operating right now, I feel like the 2009 title, (regardless of how much money he went out and spent the offseason before) has taken a lot of pressure off his back and its safe to expect some more pretty shrewd moves of the organization going forward.

  24. Chris says:

    If Damon refuses to sign a one year deal or one with an option. Would anyone entertain the idea of milton bradley for left/DH? Have the cubs pick up some of the salary and he would be cheaper than Damon. Switch hitter and a better fielder. He is injury prone but there is a clause in his contract that if he ends up on the DL for a prolonged amount of time the 3rd year turns into a club option. As for the attitude I would hope the chance of winning a world series would calm him down. Any takers? It would cost nothing. Or maybe they could throw in Igawa to offset some salary.

  25. Kiersten says:

    Call me crazy, but I can see the Yanks signing Holliday out of nowhere and trading one of the other OFers for a back-end starter.

  26. Salty Buggah says:

    So the Angels offered Saunders, Aybar, and Bourjos for Halladay. Is that a horrible package or a horrible package?

  27. Chip says:

    I had a crazy idea. What would it take to get Seth Smith for out left field vacancy? He really doesn’t have a place in Colorado with Fowler, Gonzalez, Spilborghs and Hawpe all there. I know the Rockies are looking at signing Torrealba for two years at like 5 million dollars. Why not trade them Cervelli plus a pitcher and get a guy in Seth Smith who could give us at least adequate production with a bunch of speech and above-average defense at the major league minimum.

    I figure it helps the Rockies today as they can plug Cervelli in at catcher at least half of the time with Iannetta plus gives them an arm while only really losing a guy who is going to be a fourth outfielder for them. Am I crazy? Thoughts?

    • A) Cervelli actually has a good amount of value to us. If we deal him away, we’d have to bring back Jose Molina or some other catcher at a 2-4M salary to be the backup.

      B) In order to clear their OF logjam, I think they’re vastly more interested in moving Spillborghs or Hawpe than Smith. Smith’s younger and better. He may not be available.

      You’re not crazy, though. I just don’t think the deal lines up the way we’d like (or they’d like, for that matter.)

      • Chip says:

        I was thinking along the same lines. But I also concluded this, Cervelli certainly does have considerable value to us but that I could live with having Jose Molina hang out (and catch AJ of course!) for a season or two before Montero and/or Romine are ready. The money we save by no longer having to sign Damon would more than make up for the money we’d have to pay a decent backup catcher.

        As for him not being available, yeah it wouldn’t really surprise me if he wasn’t. But, Hawpe is currently one of their only power threats so despite the fact that he’s an annual winner of the iron glove, I don’t think they’re going to move him. Also, Fowler and Gonzalez aren’t going anywhere. I doubt they’d get anything of value for Spillborghs as he’s going to be 30 next season and doesn’t hardly hit well enough to be a fourth outfielder. I just thought it would be an interesting trade idea

  28. JobaJr says:

    “Yankees aren’t satisfied with OF even after Granderson acquisition, source said. Still a strong player for Holliday, with Damon as fallback.”

    Twitter: Steve Henson.

    I’m calling BS.

  29. Riddering says:

    My phone finally connected. PARTY AT MY PLACE.

  30. Crazy Eyes Killa says:

    Well I just don’t believe that at all, but yea he would he look good in pinstripes.


    Nice to see Forman get recognized. That’s one HOF ballot that should be reliably informed.

  32. JMK THE OVERSHARE's Milton Bradley Fat Park Factor says:

    I still can’t believe the Knicks have Jordan Hill when Jennings is pwning bitches. Jordan Hill…

  33. Rose says:

    Boston and Texas in trade talks for Mike Lowell?

    First of all, where is he going to play?? And secondly, this clearly means they’re going to try to go all in for Adrian or Miguel or somebody of that nature…otherwise, you just keep Lowell…who can probably only hit at Fenway Park and not anywhere else.

  34. “Yankees GM Brian Cashman doesn’t consider Aroldis Chapman an option for the team’s rotation next year, according to Newsday’s Ken Davidoff.”

    That’s a question that so colossally stupid I can only imagine what was going through Cash’s head before he answered.

  35. Crazy Eyes Killa says:

    Are others also under the belief that the Rangers could well become a powerhouse in the AL. They’re roster and system is completely stacked with guys who can play.

  36. jorgearangure: RT @ACardenas13: #Diamondbacks OF Gerardo Parra suffered partial tear of the rectus muscle in his left thigh in the Venezuelan Winter League


  37. JMK THE OVERSHARE's Milton Bradley Fat Park Factor says:

    To piggyback off Chip and TSJC’s convo, what would you guys think about Ryan Spilborghs?

    He appears to be around .290/.350/.440 hitter with good defense in LF. Looks like a DeJesus-type. Oh, and he hits lefties well (.294/.367/.483).

    He has his concerns but he might be a decent player.

    • Steve H says:

      Pass, got his most AB’s last year and was terrible. Career on the road (outside of Coors) .260/.330/.400.

      Maybe for Wordkemper.

      • Rose says:

        There we go…answers my question (below).

      • JMK THE OVERSHARE's Milton Bradley Fat Park Factor says:

        Yeah, but if he wasn’t healthy last year and you go more on his previous totals, he looks pretty good. Now, he’s getting up there in age, hasn’t shown the ability (or had the opportunity) to play the whole year, and is pedestrian away from Colorado (though a lot of that is skewed by his poor 2009; players almost always hit better at home).

        Just throwing ideas out there.

        • Steve H says:

          Any idea how he hits on the road vs. LHP? I was looking further at his stats, if he has hit LHP on the road, I’m more intrigued.

          • JMK THE OVERSHARE's Milton Bradley Fat Park Factor says:

            Yeah, he does pretty well.

            He looks like more of a 4th OF type, but a platoon with Granderson against tough LHP may be an option.

            Not sure he could handle starting LF. Again, just kicking the can.

            • Chip says:

              He’s definitely a tweener. Doesn’t quite have the speed to be a good defensive centerfielder and doesn’t quite have the bat to play in a corner

    • Rose says:

      Are those numbers inflated with Coors Field? How are the Home/Road splits?

      • JMK THE OVERSHARE's Milton Bradley Fat Park Factor says:

        Career home/road splits:

        Home: .304/.376/.486/.861
        Away: .260/.330/.400/.730

        He did struggle in 2006 and 2009, though he struggled across the board in 2009. However, he did well on the road in 2007, 2008.

    • Worthwhile. All depends on price. If they’re motivated sellers, sure, why not.

    • Steve H says:

      In fact, taking Spilborghs out of Coors is like taking the Michelin Woman out of VT. Loses a lot of appeal once you cross state lines.

    • Brooklyn Ed says:

      Spilboroghs would be nice but he’s not a full time player.

      • JMK THE OVERSHARE's Milton Bradley Fat Park Factor says:

        Probably not. I think I’d rather have DeJesus or Cameron, with Cameron being the top option.


        *Trade Gardner for a relief pitcher or straight-up for DeJesus if they’re willing.

        *Crazy long-shot: small deal as depth, platoon LF for Matt Murton. To get him away from Japan we buy him an anime dvd set and some funny-flavored ice cream. And a schoolgirl whore.

    • Chip says:

      I looked at him as well but like TSJC said, it’s all about price. He’d play great defense but I’m skeptical he could really hit much more than Melky. Plus he’s 29 and will be entering his first year of arbitration. Also, the dude has like zero power.

      All those things favor Seth Smith much more. He’s got a ton of years of control left, won’t be making anything for at least three more years and has power.

      For Smith, I’d be willing to give something of value up for him for the chance that he might be a steady contributor for super cheap over the next 4-6 years maybe putting up a .280/.350/.480 line while playing great defense. For Spilborghs, I’d take him if they left him on the front door but that’s about it.

  38. Brooklyn Ed says:

    Josh Willingham as DH/LF, anyone? he would be a nice option if Damon and Matsui goes elsewhere.

    • JMK THE OVERSHARE's Milton Bradley Fat Park Factor says:

      I think he’d cost too much.

      • Keanu Reeves says:

        This. He’d be a good option, but the Nats will probably want to sell high on him and like JMK said, that price would likely be e too much.

      • Steve H says:

        Yeah, especially considering the cheap DH’s available on 1 year deals, no need to trade for one. Though I do like Willingham, probably because the day I picked him up this year in fantasy was the day he had 2 grand slams. That and the 119 OPS+.

  39. UConn has the chance to get slapped around tonight.

  40. This is just all sorts of cool


  41. Attn: Stanley Robinson:

    Do not shoot more than like…five times tonight. Just dunk, rebound, and block. Please.

  42. Will says:

    Buster Olney just said that if the Yanks sign Damon they’ll try to trade Swisher? What’s everyone take on that? Is he just talking out of his ass?

    • Reggie C. says:

      Clearly. Swisher’s still relatively cheap, under 30, and predictable in terms of production and defense. Swisher isn’t going to fall off a cliff. Damon’s expendable since he’s not a premium defender, and that offensive swoon at those last 2 months can’t be swept under the rug.

    • Drew says:

      Swisher is a commodity.

      Low cost. Switch hits for power. High On Base. Plays the OF, First and Pitcher. Hits anywhere in the lineup.

      We could probably get a solid piece/prospect for him. A lot of people here would hate it but if we have the pieces in place and can afford to do it, I’d probably welcome it.

    • Yes. Along with Grandy, Swisher’s actually an OF under contract and on a team frineldy deal. Do not get rid of him.

    • Taintstick says:

      Based on Cashman’s comments earlier today, I don’t think we’ll see Damon in pinstripes. I don’t think he would have said Granderson would be in the 2 hole if he had plans to bring back Damon.

      Holliday will be the opening day left fielder.

      • JobaWockeeZ says:

        Oh wait so by big bat you DID mean Holliday. I seriously doubt it will happen HOWEVER he is the most likely huge move for the Yankees to make out of signing Jason Bay, signing John Lackey or trading for Doc Halladay. But I still doubt it.

  43. Millwood to the O’s for Ray, huh? Wonder what the Rangers will do with the rotation now.

  44. Riddering says:

    “The starting pitching market is a headache. That’s why I’m very happy that we got Andy done. I have less of a headache. I’m not saying we don’t have more needs there, but listening to some of the price tags so far, we might have to wait this thing out or refocus.”

    Anthopoulos: Let’s say Montero plus–
    Cashman: Not tonight. I have a headache.
    Anthopoulos: You’ve had one all week.

  45. Hey ZZ says:

    Does it annoy anyone else to no end that Scioscia is the only “manager” in baseball that is constantly talking to the media about personnel moves. Does he know that there is no “general” in his job title?

    You do not hear Girardi or anyone else saying things like the Yankees are not going to sign Holliday.

  46. Jake K. says:

    Does anyone else think that the $200 million budget number being tossed around is bogus? Maybe they’ll stay in that range this year, but I don’t see any way the Yanks can–or should–stick to that long term.

    Given the scheduled increases in salary for Arod and the fact that guys like Joba and Hughes aren’t far from arbitration raises, the only way they stick to $200 million is by playing league minimum guys at every open position. It means letting Ajax grow into the CF position, not trading for a guy due around $23 million over the next few years. There is no more dead weight like Pavano coming off the books. Igawa’s is the only significant salary that won’t need replacing.

    Furthermore, it seems like an arbitrary figure. Given the increased revenues from the new stadium it’s hard to believe they can’t afford a $210 million payroll or $220 or $230.

    Even just looking at this year, I don’t think you invest this much in the roster then decide you have to fill LF, DH and maybe add another starter for only $10 million. Like I said, I don’t buy it.

    • Taintstick says:

      Totally bogus. They have the resources and should use them to improve their product. Cashman always throws out comments about budget before the winter meetings, then cleans up the market. We’ll have another big bat and a top pitcher before spring training.

      • JobaWockeeZ says:

        If by big bat you mean either Johnny Damon, Hideki Matsui, Mike Cameron or Nick Johnson and not Jason Bay or Matt Holliday then yes. And if by top pitcher you mean Harden, Sheets or J-Dush and you don’t mean Lackey or Halladay then yes again.

        But if you mean Holliday AND Halladay then it ain’t happening.

        • TheLastClown says:

          Harden’s a Ranger.

        • Taintstick says:

          And this time last year you were expecting Swisher to be our opening day first baseman, right? And you’re still wondering why Bubba Crosby isn’t playing CF?

          • aj says:

            Because Bubba Crosby got blindsided by the Gary Sheffield bus. God I hate Sheffield.

          • JobaWockeeZ says:


            So not getting Holliday and Halladay suddenly means I’m wondering why Bubba Crosby isn’t playing CF. Gotcha.

            So I take it your one of those sign Jason Bay, sign Matt Holliday, sign John Lackey and trade for Halladay guys or the Yankees won’t repeat?

            • Taintstick says:

              Nope. I’m one of those sign Holliday guys. I have no use for Bay. I want no part of Lackey. I don’t think we need Halladay, but I would not be shocked if he’s starting game 2 of the 2010 alds. My point is that people are foolish if they think the Yankees are going to have a payroll under $200 million. Cashman let the cat out of the bag today. Damon’s not coming back. If Granderson’s batting 2nd and if DH is not on the list of priorities, then my feeling is that it’s Holliday in left, Melky in right, and Swish to DH.

              • JobaWockeeZ says:

                Unlikely to have a payroll under 200 million sure but that doesn’t mean sign Holliday. He’s a very very good player who’s asking for Teix like money. He may or may not be worth that type of money but signing Holliday adds another huge contract to the already large collection of the Yankees. It hurts flexibility if he shows that he isn’t as good as the AL.

                If the Yankees didn’t have so many huge contracts I would definitely be all for it. Not this year though.

                But as I said I find it to be the most possible out of Lackey, Bay, him and Halladay.

                • Kiersten says:

                  The only team that would give Tex a Tex-like contract is the Yankees and they’re obviously not going to give another one. Therefore, there is no way Holliday is getting a Tex-like contract, no matter what Boras spews out of his mouth.

          • TheLastClown says:

            Right. I just meant he’s likely off the radar.

        • Jake K. says:

          I’m in no way advocating for Holliday or Halladay or any specific player. I’m just saying that the $200 million figure doesn’t jive with the Yanks’ future salary commitments, their historic tendency to try to fill each position with the best possible available player, with their spending last offseason or with moves like the Granderson trade.

          It is possible that the Yanks intend to: 1) let Melky play, LF 2) rotate players through the DH spot, 3) depend on Joba and Hughes to be healthy and effective starters all year (not to mention injury prone Burnett and soon to be 38-year-old Pettitte), and 4) fill the three bullpen spots vacated by Bruney, Coke and Hughes with guys from inside organization. They could do all of those things, but (aside from #4 maybe) I doubt they will or should.

          • Evil Empire says:

            It is fun in theory to strictly adhere to the $200M payroll because that’s the figure we as wanna-be GMs have to go by, but its true, I always have it in the back of my head that the Yankees make obscene amounts of money every year and that they have no problem making their core product as good as it can be. So if we did something like sign John Lackey, it wouldn’t surprise me. But the team really is a left fielder or DH away from being complete and able to kick some ass.

          • Taintstick says:

            Exactly. Cashman said that the priorities are “pitching, pitching, pitching, then left field.” I’m 100% certain he does not mean moving Melky to left or going with the pitching staff as is. Big moves are coming. CF wasn’t even a priority and Cashman still pulled off a blockbuster. He’s just getting started. With the WS victory and the economy due to turnaround, YSIII will be a cash machine in 2010. They have the money and have a chance to build a dynasty to last into the middle of the next decade. They aren’t going to pussyfoot around with Nick Johnson at DH, Cameron in LF and a bunch of rehabbing pitchers. Cashman is going big.

            • Evil Empire says:

              I’m not sure that blockbuster is happening in 2010. The Yankees already have a stacked team. You can never tell with these fuckers, but I do know that the next two free agent classes have some true premiere players. The Yankees will be knee deep in with those guys.

    • Evil Empire says:

      This makes sense. Yankees are at around $190M now with Pettitte? It sounds like they still want Damon and a starting pitcher. Cashman don’t give a fuck, he’ll make it rain. Plus we want Chapman. Does he count?

  47. Alright it’s a game now!

  48. ROBTEN says:

    What it’s like to live in Lake Wobegon:

    There was real excitement on the news tonight about the Brewers’ deals with Randy Wolf and LaTroy Hawkins.

    /you betcha!

  49. pollo says:

    I think it’s pretty clear what Cash wants to do. 1 year for Cameron at 7.5-8 mil at most, and then a DH of the 5 mil variety.. (Cust/Dye(please no)/Giambi) with Juan Miranda as a viable backup.

    Hopefully he snags a low cost/high reward pitcher while he’s at it..but he doesn’t have to.

    I’m pretty sure we do have a real budget this year. Just get me Cameron and I’ll be happy.

    • No way in hell does he go for Dye. No way. He’s too smart for that. He’d go Thome before Dye.

      • Steve H says:

        I’m good with Thome or Delgado cheap. Again, if they sign a cheap DH who fails, he will be easily replaceable at or before the deadline.

        • Evil Empire says:

          Delgado > Thome > Miranda > your grandpa > Dye > Vlad

          • Matsui = Damon > Johnson >> Thome> Delgado >>> Dye = Vlad

            • Steve H says:

              All depends on the cost (if there’s a hard budget).

              If it’s going to cost around $10 mil for Damon/Matsui, I’d rather spend that money on Sheets and then go cheap on the DH.

              • But will Sheets come w/o being guaranteed starts?

                • Steve H says:

                  Steaks, blowjobs and pussytubing>>>>>>>>>guaranteed starts.

                  I would guarantee him starts, if he stays healthy, you’re damn right he’s in the rotation. Between him, Aj/38 year old Pettitte and Phil and Joba (not exactly Cal Ripken’s) there will be starts needed. If Sheets is healthy, he gets them, as he’d likely be the 2nd best pitcher.

                • So you’d bump one of Joba or Phil out of the rotation for Sheets?

                • Evil Empire says:

                  Yeah its one of the kids that slides into the pen if we get Ben Sheets.

                  Serious depth with Hughes as your #6.

                • I know that makes sense, but do the Yankees really wanna retard the growth of one of them again? It’s time for them to be full time starters.

                • Steve H says:

                  I’d see how it all works out, but yes. And you know me, I am as anti Phil and Joba in the pen as possible. I certainly think that in a 6 man rotation including 5 potential question marks, they could all get 15-20 starts, not damaging the growth path for Hughes/Joba. In 2010, a healthy Sheets is simply better than Hughes and Joba (and Pettitte and Burnett). Sheets is the only health risk out there that I’d consider this for though. He is THAT good. Wouldn’t consider it for Harden/Bedard/Duke etc., but Sheets is an entirely different animal to me.

                • Evil Empire says:

                  Its just be playing the odds. In the best case scenarios Hughes replaces Pettitte in 2010 and we pick up a Sheets option. If something goes wrong, the team is covered. I want Hughes to start too but having a rotation so good that you have no choice but to throw him into the fireman role one more year is a good thing.

                  I’d stay committed to Joba though, the entire season – no matter how ugly it gets. If it takes another year for that man to turn into a quality starter than so be it. He needs to pitch 180 innings.

                • I’d stay committed to Joba though, the entire season – no matter how ugly it gets. If it takes another year for that man to turn into a quality starter than so be it. He needs to pitch 180 innings.


                • I certainly think that in a 6 man rotation including 5 potential question marks, they could all get 15-20 starts, not damaging the growth path for Hughes/Joba.

                  Good luck with that shit.

            • Evil Empire says:

              Damon > Matsui = Johnson!

    • Kiersten says:

      Am I the only one who didn’t miss the Giambi mention in this post? You have got to be kidding, right?

  50. Steve H says:

    Has Cash been asked about the “Bring Melvin to America” movement yet?

  51. Steve H says:

    Any good reason why the Padres are non-tendering Correia?

    • Evil Empire says:

      Is he in his final year of arb? They’d probably prefer to save the money.

      • Steve H says:

        He wants 3-4 mil, Padres want to pay him 2 mil. For one year, why not just keep him? Maybe you can trade him at the deadline. If saving 1-2 million and letting a decent pitcher go is your idea of running a baseball team, time to fold. He had a better ERA at home last year, but on the road had better k/9, k/bb and had a much lower HR rate. Babip at home was extremely low at .260, but extremely high on the road of .343. Maybe last year was a fluke (or not), but it’s not like they’d be locked in long term. I just don’t get it.

        • Evil Empire says:

          He got non-tendered for the same reason Randy Wolf didn’t get offered arb.

          I just don’t know what that reason is.

  52. Hey ZZ says:

    The Yankee hitters can not be too happy about Chris Ray leaving the AL East.

  53. Fucking ESPN. I want to see the game and not hear Dickie V. and Dan Schulman.

  54. danny says:

    grandy seems like such a genuine, nice guy and most tigers fans are really sad to see him go. I can’t wait to see what he can do in ys3, he’ll easily become a fan favorite.

  55. Rob NY says:

    hey I’m sure that at least some of you have seen this but Ron Burgundy making fun of sports center? Gold Jerry, gold. Hope somebody enjoys it. If not? Go fuck yourself San Diego

  56. Jim Calhoun just made a cross-racial and cross sport comparison.

  57. How is UConn this bad at free throws? It’s embarrassing. I don’t get how Calhoun doesn’t eat their faces for all the FTs they miss.

  58. Steve H says:

    Has there been any noise on Delgado for any team? The more I think about it, the more I’m intrigued. Bring him in solely as a DH, I think he’ll produce. I don’t know how much $$$ it would take, but I doubt it’s much. I know he’s coming back from serious injury, but he was raking in 2009 before he went down, and was great in 2008.

  59. Reggie C. says:

    VIA MLBTR: Ed Price of AOL FanHouse has the specifics: Harden makes $6.5MM next year, with $3.5MM in incentives based on innings pitched. The deal includes an $11MM mutual option for 2011 that includes a $1MM buyout in case either side wants to decline. So the deal, which is still pending a physical, guarantees Harden a minimum of $7.5MM.

    So Harden’s 2010 salary is 1 million less than originally reported. Maybe Sheets will take a 1 yr/$9 million offer sheet.

    • What’s the Rangers rotation at this point?


      Or do they (stupidly) leave Feliz in the pen and give the 5th starter spot to either Harrison or Hunter?

      Either way, I wonder if the Rangers are now officially done with FA starters. No Lackey (obviously), but more significantly, no Sheets.

      • Evil Empire says:

        I do believe all signs point towards Feliz starting. I bet just about everyone is in on Sheets though, right? He’s got the upside to be worth it for about 10 different teams.

        • Reggie C. says:

          Yeah. I’d actually love to see the Mets sign Sheets. They almost have to … right?

          The Mets rotation is in tatters. Heck… the Mets can do BOTH lackey and Sheets, but at least get Sheets and get your fan-base excited. Its no fun to make fun of Mets fans anymore.

      • Drew says:

        Do you know why they messed with Feliz this year? He only had 13 starts out of 40 something appearances. I’m wondering if he had an injury or something.

  60. More like Patrick Pwnederson, amirte? Meet Gavin Edwards, bitch!

  61. Reggie C. says:

    Dyson got fouled.

    UCONN must pull this win out.

  62. John Wall: good at basketball.

  63. JMK THE OVERSHARE's Milton Bradley Fat Park Factor says:

    Here’s what I love most about college sports: Dudes with IQs in double digits regularly get free passes to college because the school makes tons of money on them because guys like me are jealous and envious of their athletic ability (and will subsequently watch their athletic feats, providing money through advertising).

    So awesome.

  64. Brooklyn Ed says:

    The Nats will choose Kroenke instead.

    • JMK THE OVERSHARE's Milton Bradley Fat Park Factor says:

      Really hope that’s not true.

      • pat says:

        Me too, fuck that. Cashmoneyninja wouldn’t let us down like that.

        • JMK THE OVERSHARE's Milton Bradley Fat Park Factor says:

          Exactly. It doesn’t make any sense. First of all, who knows how reliable this information is? That dude could be the Madden of DC. All the while, you could have just DFA’d Bruney or Edwar and added Kroenke to the 40-man (and not needed him on active) if you wanted Kroenke protected. You’re essentially swapping Bruney for Kroenke but you put guys like Reggie Corona on the 40-man? Insane.

          Besides, it’s doubtful he’d even stick on a 25-man the whole year. You’d probably get him back anyway.

          I call bullshit on this “report.”

      • Hey ZZ says:

        So the Yankees would be trading a player on their major league roster for a player on their minor league roster…

  65. Reggie C. says:

    Wall is incredible.


    Kid’s got a NBA body.

  66. Reggie C. says:

    I hate John Calipari. This dude is a walking NCAA violation.

  67. Stryker says:

    nationals are gonna draft kroenke. way to mess that one up, yanks.

  68. Just says:

    Fabulous article! Open Thread: The highest paid players in baseball history | River Avenue Blues certainly tends to make my day a little bit nicer :D Keep going together with the amazing posts! Best regards, Just

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