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It seems like everyone caught Johnny Damon Fever over the weekend. It started on Friday, when we heard that the Yankees and Damon had been talking, and grew more intense when Jon Heyman reported that the Yankees made an offer with a deadline attached. Brian Cashman denied such an offer, but things stayed heated when Marc Carig heard from Damon that he’d have a team in a week. That was only the beginning of the latest Damon saga.

Bill Madden weighed in on the matter on Saturday, giving his version of the exchange between team and player.

Still, as recently as a couple of days ago, there was renewed dialogue between Damon, Boras and the Yankees in which the Yankees made one last attempt to have a good Yankee remain a Yankee.

“Tell us your bottom line for what you’re willing to play for,” they said, “and if it’s in the realm of where our budget needs to be we can go to ownership (Hal Steinbrenner) and see if something can be worked out.” But instead of giving them a number, Boras came back with more of his patented “mystery team” hogwash, claiming he had a couple of other offers they were still considering.

That mystery team, it appears, is the Oakland A’s. Buster Olney tweeted about that this morning, noting that the A’s could see Damon as their Plan B, should they miss out on Ben Sheets. Still, I don’t see why the A’s, with their spacious ballpark and roster full of outfielders and a DH, would bring in Damon should they fail to sign a pitcher. Again, it sounds like that could just be a leverage play by Boras in order to extract the most possible dollars out of the Yankees.

I really hope that Damon isn’t just being overly optimistic when he says that he’ll have a team this week. I caught Damon Fever a few weeks ago, and really I’d just like to get it out of my system and move on. But, like a nagging cold that you seemingly can’t shake all winter, the Damon saga continues in waves. It’s almost flu-like now. The sooner it’s over, the more I can enjoy the rest of the winter.

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  1. I caught Damon Fever a few weeks ago, and really I’d just like to get it out of my system and move on. But, like a nagging cold that you seemingly can’t shake all winter, the Damon saga continues in waves. It’s almost flu-like now.

    http://www.hulu.com/watch/1075.....n-sons-bbq (safe)

    • Warren says:

      MLB is going back to the pre steroids days of players going past age 33 meaning a reduction in salary offers due to their bodies breaking down.

      It is going to be hard on those that do not see the new trend of not giving out contracts to older players in general.

      Time to continue their careers in the Minor Leagues as it was prior to steroids.

    • X says:

      took the stadium tour the other day and all johnnys stuff was still in his locker.. actually one of the only players like this.. just sayen

  2. Hughesus Christo says:

    We have enough Boras in the Bronx. Let’s contain the infection.

    • Meh, as a Yankee fan, I love Boras. He’s been a giant boon to our team.

      His insistence in always taking his clients to free agency to maximize their leverage keeps us with a constant stream of quality free agent options. Sure, we may overpay a bit for a Boras client on occasion, but overpaying for a FA in cash is generally better than overpaying for a player under contract in prospects.

      Boras is predictable. Predictability is a good thing for us. I’d love to see more players be Boras clients (and draft advisees, for that matter). Plays right into our organizational wheelhouse.

      • A.D. says:

        Exactly, especially since Boras representation list is probably the most talented of any agent & because some teams try not to deal with him, its even more in the Yankees best interest. They can continue to have access to top talent & top talent that usually mainly wants money and secondly to win(vs hometown feel or any of that), which is the Yanks best resources/selling points.

  3. A.D. says:

    But instead of giving them a number, Boras came back with more of his patented “mystery team” hogwash, claiming he had a couple of other offers they were still considering.

    Good to know Boras hasn’t changed his tricks.

  4. joemomma says:

    joe inglett was DFA…lets invite him to spring training…he is another jerry hairston type

  5. mike says:

    Its really a game of chicken because they Yanks/Damon are the best fit, yet neither will budge.

    I fully expect Damon to give a heartfelt interview to Michael Kay this week on how he loves the Pinstripes and wants to retire as a Yankee…

    Ultimately, Damon signs an incentive-ladden 1yr deal with Oakland/White Sox, and gets traded at the AS break to a contender if either teams are not in the hunt.

    I dont believe any team will give him a multi-year deal, so his best bet is to go someplace, get AB’s, and make his numbers look good

  6. OldYanksFan says:

    I guess it’s all about ego?
    Yeah… JD can pronanly get 2 or 3 million more if he waits out the Yanks and goes elsewhere. But is that worth giving up the best shot at another ring? Playing and living where’s he’s happy?

    Maybe he should suggest $5m plus incentives?
    It’s amazing you can’t base a contract on performance.
    I mean, what else do we get paid for?

    • JD can pronanly get 2 or 3 million more if he waits out the Yanks and goes elsewhere. But is that worth giving up the best shot at another ring? Playing and living where’s he’s happy?

      (thinks about all the shit you can buy with an extra 2-3 million)


      • Drew says:

        Ha for real. Money isn’t going to be coming in forever.

        • Furthermore, the “he doesn’t want to move his family away from NYC” line doesn’t really hold much water either. Say he signs a one-year deal with the A’s or Tigers or Pale Hoes. He wouldn’t relocate his entire family, he’d just rent a place for the 6-7 month baseball season and play out his contract, then hit the market again next year (or retire). His wife and kids wouldn’t move anywhere at all. He wouldn’t sell his NY digs.

          Baseball players are pretty used to living an entire season on the road, if necessary.

        • JMK aka The Overshare's Garden Apartment Complex says:

          Also, bear in mind that he’s had his assets frozen after getting caught up in a Ponzi scheme. He’s looking to take top dollar, as he should.

      • jsbrendog officially approves signing Fernando Tatis says:

        if i’d never won a ring, sign me up for one last chance. but, being johnny and having 2 of them SHOW ME THE MONEY JERRY

      • Chris says:

        That’s not true for everyone. There are plenty of players that will take pay cuts to play for winning teams. One example from the NFL was Sean Payton taking a pay cut to help the Saints hire Gregg Williams. Not everyone goes after the highest paycheck all the time.

        The only thing with Damon is that he’s already got two WS rings, so it may not be that important to him to get a third. Someone who has never won a WS would be more likely to take a pay cut to sign with a team that could win.

        • Drew says:

          Totally different situation.

          Payton is a young(relatively) coach. He will have money coming in for a while. He gave up a little money now to make a lot of money later.

          Conversely, this is probably one of JD’s last contracts. While I don’t think he’d want to sign in Podunk, Kentucky, I do think he’d sacrifice a realistic shot at the WS if it meant another 2 or 3 million dollars for his family.

          • Guest says:

            Bullseye. This is in all likelihood JD’s last contract. He should try to squeeze every last dime out of it he possibly can.

      • OldYanksFan says:

        Yup… my guess is he already spent the $91m he has made so far.

        Anyone here make over $90m in their lives so far?
        If so, maybe you can speak to what another $2m means versus other considerations.

        • king of fruitless hypotheticals says:

          i checked on google, and you can convert that into 107 different currencies, and i still dont make it…(that’s out of 167 according to the cia factbook…)

          • MannyNYbasebalL says:

            king of fruitless hypotheticals: you couldn’t have chosen a better name! You actually wasted all that time converting 107 different currencies!?! You didn’t realize after converting a couple that with the exception of only 2, yes TWO!! (British Pound, Euro) out of all those 167 currencies all other currencies are worth less than the US Dollar?? Meaning that the other 164 currencies you convert are going to come out higher than $91m???

    • robert skollar says:

      I’m exactly with you on the terms…then they can print a face-saving piece on Damon signs for potential $7.5 M deal. Just get it done.

  7. T-Dubs says:

    Where does he even fit anymore? If the Braves are interested they wont have much to spend and they would have to be sold on moving Schafer and Melky to the bench or AAA. Oakland could find room for him but why waste $5-7 for an old player on a bad team?

    Who else is there? White Sox as a DH? Marlins?

    • If his price really is a 1yr/5M, I could see the Marlins surprising everyone and jumping on Damon. He fills a nice niche there, and he’s a Florida guy anyway.

      Tampa Bay would be the ideal spot for him, but they already have a DH and 5 outfielders…

      • pete says:

        if they’re willing to swallow their pride, though, Johnny + Burrell could become a very very effective DH platoon, provided burrell bounces back a bit. otherwise just johnny would be better. even then, though, i could see them swooping in, signing damon, and spinning burrell to the royals for a greinke/hosmer package.

    • Hughesus Christo says:

      Am I wrong for being excited about Melky at the 4th OF spot on a bad team somewhere? I will win many long-running arguments.

      • Warren says:

        Melky will now be in the weak NL, so his B.A. and Slugging will go up.

        Nothing like going from seeing the BEST pitchers to then playing against so-so pitching in the NL to improve your numbers.

        • Hughesus Christo says:

          The NL does suck, but then again, so does Melky…


          • Drew says:

            League average offense(age 24) at a premium defensive position = suck.


            • Hughesus Christo says:

              League average in every way even with 4 years in the majors and being supported by a ridiculous lineup = Would probably suck anywhere else, despite hovering slightly above suck in NY.

              • JobaWockeeZ says:

                Because it’s obvious there is a correlation between the ability of a baseball hitter with their lineup they are in.

                That definitely makes sense.

                • Drew says:

                  Not to mention it’s the toughest most competitive division in all of baseball. Yepp, he sucks. Plus, at 24, he’s reached the pinnacle of his career. No room for improvement. Everyone knows you peak between age 23 and 25.

                • JMK aka The Overshare's Garden Apartment Complex says:

                  For men, two of the most important peaks have already passed at that point. My drinking peak is long over. A few run-ins with some nice Single Malt and I’m done. I could fucking funnel ethanol in college. Now I feel like shit after a few beers.

                  And my fuck peak is long gone. No longer can I simply waltz into a place and play tickle tag with whatever skank I found. I no longer have any interest in going for long periods and making it fun for both of us. Now I simply have my fun, turn over and take a nap. Do you have any idea how many times I’ve seen The Notebook?

                  The only good thing about 25+ is your earning power and cheaper auto insurance rates.

                • Hughesus Christo says:

                  I know the Yankees had no problem with benching/demoting Melky whenever Bad Melky emerged again.

                  As for “protection” I’m not just talking about who is ahead or behind him. I’m talking about all the shitty relievers and tired starters a Yankee gets to hit against. Particularly a bad Yankee.

                • Drew says:

                  jmk ftw. haha

                  Hughesus, I think you’re nuts broseph. In time we’ll all see what Melky becomes.
                  Arguing that he saw crappy pitchers because of our lineup? You expect him to see better pitchers in the NL East?

  8. JeffG says:

    I agree – I’d like to see him back but at this point if he signs anywhere it will be a plus. Just so sick of the run around.

  9. NCpinstripes says:

    Sign anywhere Johnny, I could not care less at this point. I’m soooooo sick of the Johnny Damon soap opera. Please Atlanta, step up and throw a 2 year deal out there for Damon at around 16 million, and put the entire baseball world out of their collective misery.

  10. JMK aka The Overshare's Garden Apartment Complex says:

    Maybe he’s waiting it out to see if the WWF offers him a better contract.

  11. Megatron says:

    Why isn’t the most important issue being covered here? If Johnny signs elsewhere, will the Jesus beard be resurrected?

  12. AeroFANatic says:

    1 year, 5 million offer with incentives to get to 7 million and mutual option for 2011.

    Then, trade Gaudin and add his salary to the 2 million you have for left field.
    Yanks in under budget, Damon is here 1 more year (possibly 2 if Johnson leaves)

    Best case scenario for all parties.

    • JMK aka The Overshare's Garden Apartment Complex says:

      Except for pitching depth, but hey, whatever you say.

      Don’t get me wrong, I’d like to have Damon for 2010, but not at the expense of pitching depth. By adding Damon, we’d go from having an excellent lineup to an unreal lineup. Is it really necessary though?

      I’m not fond of Gardner, but he’s the 9th hitter with excellent speed and should be capable of playing very good defense. Getting Damon and losing Gaudin might actually end up as a net negative, particularly if Hughes loses the ST battle and enters the year as a set-up man.

      We’d be just fine with Gardner and some platoon dude like Reed Johnson or Bobby Bonilla.

      • Steve H says:

        Yup, there’s a strong chance that:

        Gardner+Gaudin+RHH LF platoon guy>>>>>>>Damon

      • Drew says:

        I don’t see us trading Gaudin unless we get something worthwhile for him.
        If we want JD we’ll get him.
        It’s possible, but I’d say very unlikely that 2 mil will prevent us from getting a guy we want. I don’t consider it a budget issue as much as a want issue. Cash wants him at our price, regardless of the budget.

    • robert skollar says:

      Get it done Aero!!

  13. Steve H says:

    From yesterday’s Boston Globe:

    I find the Yankees’ treatment of Johnny Damon baffling”

    Again, the New York Yankees have done absolutely, positively, nothing wrong to Johnny Damon this offseason. It continues to blow my mind that people think he’s being mistreated.

  14. robert skollar says:

    They had the best offer on the table…2@$14M… He (rather Boras) turned it down!

    • Warren says:

      Some people keep forgetting that a good GM for a MLB team thinks to the future and present. The past is the domain of the fans.

  15. austinmac says:

    I completely that Boras and his regular list of quality free agents is to the Yankees benefit. They have the money and should use it to their benefit(and for my pleasure).

  16. king of fruitless hypotheticals says:

    …in all actuality, damon should have been signed by NBC for late night, spinning conan AND leno to CBS for the NCIS family of shows.

    stupids. all of them.

  17. whitey says:

    Pretty tired of hearing about JD. Thanks for what you’ve done, good luck in the future

  18. pete luciano says:

    You’re right, Gardner will hit .230 and slug about .375, plus he lends no help for Granderson who would bat 9th with Damon in the order making the lineup much longer and getting Granderson between 2 rightys (Swisher and Jeter). Without Damon Gardner hits 9th, pushing Granderson up with the leftys and leaving no protection late in games when a lefty comes in. Remember Granderson can’t hit right handed and is a near automatic out late in games when tough leftys come in. Damon really needs to be signed. For those of you comparing him to Gardner, please, don’t embarass yourselves.

  19. whitey says:

    Johnson will fulfill Damon’s numbers. Gardner can run circles around Damon in the OF.

  20. tony says:

    well all I can say is signing Damon will make us a better team, no doubt, the Jeter, Damon combo i thought was great, sign him for 1yr 5million with incentives, next yr hes gone and you go for Carl Crawford, the Gardner in left, hmmm just dont feel it, sure he has great speed, but you need to make contact to get on base for it to be worth anything, plus he has a chicken arm, i know so does Damon, but i do not see Gardner hitting over 10 hrs in a season, you gave Johnson 5 million, give damon 7, and we are in the big show again in OCTober!!!!!!

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