Report: Huff lands in San Francisco


According to television reports on CBS 5 (KPIX) out of San Francisco, the Giants have signed Aubrey Huff to a one-year deal worth $3MM. He’ll man first base for the Gigantes, pushing Kung Fu Panda to third and Mark DeRosa to left.

Why do you care? Because Huff’s signing presumably eliminates another potential landing spot for Johnny Damon. With the Mets, Cardinals, and now the Giants out of the Damon sweepstakes, the only two realistic suitors left are the Yanks and Braves. I suppose Scott Boras could find another mystery team to show interest in Johnny, though we all know that would be a load of crap. Damon’s options are dwindling, and that could be very good news for the Yanks.

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  1. WIlliam says:

    JD is this year’s Abreu. He’ll come crawling back for 6 million come february when he has no team…..



  2. I pray to Melvin, Mo and Jesus every night that Johnny comes marching back to patrol LF.

  3. Is Atlanta still possible?

  4. He’ll man first base for the Gigantes, pushing Kung Fu Panda to third and Mark DeRosa to left.

    Not buying the rumor that they’d move Kung Fu Panda back behind the plate for a year, because Posey’s not ready yet?

  5. Salty Buggah says:

    So, this puts Uribe (assuming Panda at 3B, Huff at 1B, and Renteria at SS) at utility INF now for SF? A 3.25 million utility infielder? Bad decision

  6. pete luciano says:

    Damon and Hairston are getting closer to coming back. I really don’t think Atlanta wants Damon at that price. If Damon signs we become very very left handed. We need a solid righthanded bat off the bench that can play the outfiels. Marcus Thames comes to mind and could be Grandersons late inning caddie ve leftys letting Gardner taking over in cf late. The order: Jeter, Damon, Tex, Arod, Posada, Johnson, Cano, Swisher, and Granderson. Vs right handed pitching that’s 8 lefties. Vs rightys we’ll have 4 starters, Damon, Johnson, Cano, and Granderson might as well be left because he can’t hit right. Very susectable vs leftys especially is Posada isn’t catching. Possible righty bench players, Mora, Thames, Gomes, Tatis.

  7. I love watching this play out. This is embarrassing for Boras. How long till Damon fires him?

  8. cameron datzker says:

    The Giants acquistion of Aubrey Huff is my words a”steal”.
    I think that if Aubrey can hit no. 4 or no.5 after Pablo Sandoval, his RBI production can be 100 RBIS. with Mark DeRosa batting 6th, you have a formitable line-up. I still think that The Giants have some money left as they offered Adam LaRoche a 2 year contract worth about $17 million dollars.. LaRoche is a fool not to take the money as this team with a little more twenking is a definite threat in The NL West. They now need a veteran catcher, one more starter, and 2 right handed set-up guys to bail out Giants Closer Brian Wilson.

  9. cameron datzker says:

    Johnny Damon not an automatic target for The Yankees.. I think that The Atlanta Braves as well as The Giants are still contenders.
    what people don’t know is that The Giants were the 2nd largest b idder for the Mets Jason Bay and 2nd for Matt Holliday. Don’t count them out. The Giants could use his leadership and I think San Francisco could be a landing spot. The Giants only entered a one year $3 million dollar contract for Aubrey Huff.

  10. JohnC says:

    Welcome back JOhnny!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. OldYanksFan says:

    It’s too bad players egos are so fragile.
    Does ANYONE doubt where JD WANTS to play?
    YSIII is designed for his swing and the Yanks are the favorite to Win. These guys have made $50m – $100m in their careers, yet will let $2m or $3m get in the way of where they want to play… even when there is even a Ring on the line?

    Suck it up JD and come on home.

  12. The Braves still has a chance to sign Damon if they trade Melky. The Yankees should go for the kill and get Damon.

  13. Go Johnny please! says:

    Johnny will hurt the chemistry of the team. It’s by default that he would come back to the Yankees.
    He allowed his options to dwindle because of his Greed,Ego, and Agent, coming back to the Yankees should not be an option.

    Both he and his wife wasted time talking to the media instead of to Cashman, and forced Cashman to go in a different direction, and move on. I personally love how Cashman stuck it to Boras!!

    All you heard was how many teams were calling with interest, WHERE ARE THOSE TEAMS?

    Go Johnny Go!!!

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