Rosenthal: Hairston close to deal with Pads

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On July 31, Brian Cashman sent Chase Weems to the Reds in exchange for Jerry Hairston, Jr., and for three months, Hairston got the job done. He served as a versatile utility player with decent speed and hit .237/.352/.382 over 93 plate appearances. He scored the winning run in Game 2 of the ALCS and filled in during the World Series when both Melky Cabrera and Johnny Damon went down with leg injuries. Today, Ken Rosenthal reports that the San Diego Padres and Hairston are “closing in on [a] deal.” Hairston will be joining his brother Scott who arrived in San Diego yesterday, and the Yanks will be out a potential bench player.

Football Open Thread: Jets at Chargers
The Boss stops by
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    • jsbrendog officially approves signing fernando tatis


  • WIlliam

    Thank god. Pena had a whole 50 points higher avg then him, and we didn’t need to spend 2 mil on a bad hitting utility player. Save it for the 5 mil we’re gonna pay Damon.

    • Doug

      no chance that pena can outhit hairston by 50 pts (or at all for that matter) on a full sample size

      • jsbrendog officially approves signing fernando tatis

        pena ops+ was 86 in limited duty.

        hairston’s career ops+ is 85.

        • Mike Axisa

          Well yeah, but there’s that whole limited duty thing…

          • jsbrendog officially approves signing fernando tatis

            true, but wouldn’t you be willing to give pena the chance at ~$450,000 to put up an 85-90 ops+ and play 2b/ss/3b/lf/rf instead of paying hairston 2-3 mill to put up an 85-95 ops+ and play the same positions?

            if it doesnt work out you trade another marginal prospect for hairston or a guy like him in july and only pay him half that 2-3 mill. I know im usually against the “we can just get someone in july” thing but its not like its hard to trade for bench depth around then esp if youre cashman, as he has shown the past few years

            • Doug

              i know he worked about a bit in the OF the end of last year in AAA, but would you really feel comfortable sending him out there?

    • Jack

      This year with the Yankees:

      Pena: .317/.383/.699 86 OPS+
      Hairy: .352/.382/.733 96 OPS+

      Ramiro Pena, in a season where he hit better than he has at any level in the minors, was still outproduced by Jerry Hairston.

      • Drew

        Who cares about stats! J-Hair blew AP’s perfect game!

        /Still a little but not really bitter’d

        • Jack

          To be fair, he did save it earlier in the game.

          • Drew

            Make the play.

      • OldYanksFan

        Does Pena’s better fielding count at all? And JHJr in the OF isn’t exactly poetry in motion.

    • Riddering

      Very belatedly but:

      SMALL SAMPLE SIZE, okay?

  • Salty Buggah

    It’s alright, we’ll trade for him again midseason. Maybe this time, we’ll trade for his brother.

  • Drew

    Good for him he can go play with his bro. He got his ring, now get payed.

    • Bo


  • miketotheg

    I think his versitility and plus defense make him really valuable. Who cares about 2 million with a 60 million + infield?

    Screw the padres I hope we keep hairston. I’m sure he wants another ring.

    • jsbrendog officially approves signing fernando tatis

      why does everyone think hairston is this amazing player? he plays lots of positions,good.yes.that is awesome.

      his career ops+ is 85. yeah, not so great. it is worth it to see what pena/russo can do for the league minimum ESP since pena got some reps in the OF at aaa last yrand might be able to play out there.

      what cashman should do is sign fernando tatis who can play every position hairston jr can but had an ops+ of 105 last yr in ~350 abs.

      Fernando Tatis>>>>>>>>Hairston Jr.

      and, based on cost and the total package if they’re not going to sign tatis who is a solid upgrade over pena it makes no sense to waste 2+ mill on hairston who is a marginal at best upgrade if an ugrade over pena at all (mlbtr reports the padres will give him over 2 mill)

      for god sakes sign tatis and there yo go. boom.

      • Drew

        Tatis has about 60 total innings in his career at 2nd and ss combined.

        • Drew

          68 innings*
          Also, he’s below average at third, his primary position.

          • Short Porch

            Old. 35. Roid boy. It will come down hard. 98-2000, team mate of one Mark McGwire, St. Louis — OPS of 127, 139, 116, then bupkis. In ’99 he hits 34HRs 107 RBIs at 24 when Big Mac hits his 65. Then injuries. Big surprise. Small resurgence with The Mets. Who cares about their leftovers?

            No broken down exjuicer on my squad. Sorry.

            • Drew

              I don’t mind the fact that he probably took steroids. He can still hit pretty decently. My only issue is that as a utility man he can really only play the OF at a +UZR level.

            • jsbrendog officially approves signing fernando tatis

              right, because steroids mean you shouldnt be signed. because no one did them. you sound like DBHOF. we should dump arod, roid user. whatever. that is the worst excuse ever.

              it doesnt matter what the guy did in 99, or 200 or even 2004. 05.or 06.

              in 08 he had ~300 abs and ops+ 123 while mostly playing lf and rf. he ops+ 105 last yr in ~350 abs playing 1b, 3b, and lf.

              last 2 years hairston has ops+ 86 and 126. Now, you tell me which is the career avg and which one is the outlier. his previous OPS+ prior to 08 were, ahem, 41 (07), 36 (06), 82 (05), 105 (04), 93 (03), 92 (02), 75 (01), 87 (00). i’ll take the 126 as the anomoly and the 86 as the norm.

              reed johnson hasn’t ops+ over 100 since 06 (124) and since it has been 66, 98, 89.

              johnson only plays of. hairston plays the infield and plays it well. tatis can play the infield, but not great but i’d rather have tatis’s bat over hairstons, and pena’s glove makes up for tatis lack of defense at ss,2b,3b,1b.

              • Drew

                I agree with you. But, the other day your case for Tatis over Byrnes was the fact that Tatis can play the IF. You never replied to me when I stated my concern of Tatis on the IF(stated again above).

                If Ramiro is going to play the IF anyway, why would you be against the higher upside OFer?

                • jsbrendog officially approves signing fernando tatis

                  Eric Byrnes, who was recently designated for assignment by the D-Backs, told Shea that San Francisco would be the “best fit” for him geographically. Byrnes grew up a Giants fan and makes his offseason home in the Bay Area. The 33-year-old outfielder also admitted that he’s not in a position to call himself an everyday player.

                  thats why.


                • Drew

                  Um… you’re against signing him at the minimum because he likes San Fran geographically? Are we looking for an every day player or for a guy who can platoon with Grit?

                  Are you expecting Tatis to be an everyday player? Because he’s not an everyday player. He hasn’t played a full season in over 10 years.

                • Drew

                  Dude-bro, I wish you’d reply to my reasoning for not having Tatis as my first option. This isn’t the first thread I’ve tried healthy debate with you on the subject.

                • jsbrendog

                  sorry, 24 was on. you must catch me when im on my way out.

                  tatis’s lack of +uzr defense isnt enough of a concern to discount the upgrade in offense he allows. plus as discussed the other day uzr and uzr/150 isnt perfect especially with less than 3 or 4 season of data but you said he cant play +uzr defense anywhere but the of.

                  tatis in 09 by position:
                  1b: 3.0 uzr/150 in 300 innings
                  2b: -1.6 in 52 innings
                  3b: 7.4 uzr\150 in 192 innings
                  ss: 0.0 uzr\150 in 7 innings
                  lf: 17 uzr\150 in 179 innings
                  rf: -64.9 uzr\150 in 2 innings

                  career at each position:
                  1b: 3.7
                  2b: -1.6
                  ss: 0.0
                  3b: -8.7
                  lf: 4.0
                  rf: -0.8

                  so what is wrong with all that? add into that a 105 ops+ and how is he not a better option than hairston?

                  hairston jr in 09:
                  2b: 4.1 uzr\150 in 84 innings
                  3b: -7.6 uzr\150 in 351 innings
                  ss: 3.1 in 246 innings
                  lf: 40.3 in 145 innings
                  rf: -17.7 in 29 innings
                  cf: -25 in 32 innings

                  career uzr\150 by position:
                  2b: 5.6
                  3b: -7.1
                  ss: -5.1
                  lf: 37.7
                  cf: 17.5
                  rf: 3.2

                  hairston’s defense isn’t that earth shattering to make up for the 19 points in the ops+ and the 100 point difference in ops vs lefties (the numbers are in an above post)

                  so 4 man bench. cervelli definitely. then pena and the loser of gardner/hoffmann. tatis is a better option due to his offense and better bat against lefties ESPECIALLY since hairston’s best defense is in the outfield where he won’t be needed. Pena plays better IF defense and if he can sustain what he did last year and put up an ops+ of between 80-90 he is hairston minus the OF defense, which, with tatis, is mostly irrelevant. Plus, don’t you want a bat off the bench? if tatis isn’t the bat off the bench then who is? would you rather have tatis pinch hit for gardner/hoffman late in a game against a lefty or hairston jr?

                  again sorry for the long reply time, 24 was on lol

                • Drew

                  Word I wasn’t arguing Hairy vs Tatis. I think either would be good off our bench, in different roles. My only issue is that the Yankees can’t throw Tatis at ss/2nd base like the other NY team. The hapless, under .500 Mets can get away with it.

                  As far as UZR, the only position that Tatis has played that can be UZR ref’d is 3rd. Other than that the sample size is way too small. I think he can provide near to slightly above average D in the OF, as far as the infield, it’s really only one position that he can be relied on for, maybe 2 if you include 1st.
                  Let’s face it, Swish is our backup 1st baseman, not Tatis/J-Hair/Pena/etc…
                  So, if we sign Tatis, I only see him playing 3rd and left field, I don’t think he’s as versatile as you may give him credit for.

              • Short Porch

                Zero principles. Zero. And not much sense either. You want a guy who abused his body like that at 35 as your LF platoon? With his no doubt roid induced injury history?

                The argument ‘well everyone did it’ cuts no mustard here. If ARod had not fooled us all, would he have gotten that kind of contract through age 42? I think not. Nice bounce back. I am rooting for him. But we will find the out years quite painful because guess what in the absence of juice people age.

                At 2 mil max to fill the gap, beggars can’t be choosers, but seriously can’t you find it in your head to sacrifice .2 OPS to sign a guy who was clean over a guy who was a cheat? You want to continue to reward that behavior? I wouldn’t be surprised at all, further, if he isn’t doing other things now, just being a lot more discrete. There’s HGH, other things an aging player can do to prolong a career.

                Sorry, NOT IN MY CLUBHOUSE. Sends the wrong message, not worth the fraction of a win share.

                A-Rod, Pettitte, well they are under contract, nothing to do about it, and repentant, though A-Rod maybe has another 5 good years left before nature sets in.

                • jsbrendog

                  1. not your clubhouse
                  2. thank god youre not the gm because youd field a shitty ass team
                  3. get over it. he did steroids. whoopdy fucking do.
                  4. he has been solid for 2 years in a row without any injuries. that is not somehting you can say for reed johnson.
                  5. he has offensively outperformed hairston jr by a wide margin over the past 2 years.
                  6. you cant give me a “he’ll be overexposed” argument since he got ~350 abs due to mets injuries last year and performed well.

                  so he abused his body. OH NOES!!!!!111!1!1!!1!! TEH STEROIDS!!!!

                  please. try to find an actual comcrete reason other than your personal opinion

      • Bo

        The Tatis thing has to be a joke right?

        It is if you’ve seen him play the past 2 yrs with the Mets.

  • Crazy Eyes Killa

    scoop on in Cash!

  • Reggie C.

    Could be Cash is looking for more pop out of this designated platoon/bench role, in which case, guys like Tatis and Baldelli are in play. In terms of Eric Byrnes, i wonder if he’d be looking for a guarantee of more playing time than what Cash could offer. Byrnes would likely have to be given a shot to win the starting LF job.

    • Drew

      I think he might be happy with a glove first utility guy for when Jetes, Al and Robbie get a day off. Hence, Ramiro.

  • P. Allen

    Can they please just sign damon and get it over with?

    • Mike Axisa

      I remember at this time last year, people were talking about DFA’ing Damon and/or Matsui. Funny how things change.

    • WIlliam

      It won’t happen ’til Damon realizes Boras excepts that JD isn’t getting more than 1 year, 5 mil. That won’t happen ti around mid february, if not right before st begins.

      • WIlliam

        OOps, I forgot to delete “Damon realizes”, oh well.

        • Richard Iurilli

          You also forgot to use spell check.

  • Crazy Eyes Killa

    On the real though I did see this coming as soon as they traded for his brother. He’s going to do a lot more for them than he would have had the chance to do for the Yanks, and he’s a pretty decent player. Who wouldn’t want to play with their brother?

    • putt

      You had me at, “On the real though.”

    • Doug


  • Francis Isberto

    That leaves Reed Johnson as the best option for the Yankees. Damon is uncertain and the Yankees should make a move now while Reed Johnson is still available.

    • jsbrendog officially approves signing fernando tatis

      reed johnson:

      only plays of. OPS+ 89 last year, 98 the yr before and 66 the yr before.

      Tatis>>>>>hairston jr>>>>>reed johnson

      tatis is tops cause of his versatility combined with his bat, hairston next because his offense is on par with johnsons but he plays more positions and better. johnson is the last on the list because he only plays of and his bat isnt anything special.

      and to quash the splits argument:

      reed johnson ops .841 vs lhp
      tatis ops. 808 vs lhp
      hairston jr .708 ops vs lhp

      agains, the 33 point difference between johnson and tatis is outweighed by tatis’s versatility and overall better offensive output.

      unless johnny damon will take 1 yr 2-4 mill (don’t hold your breath) tatis is the best option. ESP if hairston wants over 2 mill like SD is offering.

      • Hughesus Cristo

        Tatis isn’t actually versatile. He’s a bad infielder and really not an option anywhere by 3rd.

      • WIlliam

        You say Hairston and Reed are same on offense and then go on to show a stat putting Reed with a 131 ops advantage over Hairston.

        • jsbrendog

          against lefties only.

          read what iw rote. those are splits. so reed is much better against lefties, hairston against righties.

          over all, ops+ are equal.

          please read what is written and try to follow here.

        • jsbrendog

          and to quash the splits argument:

          reed johnson ops .841 vs lhp
          tatis ops. 808 vs lhp
          hairston jr .708 ops vs lhp

          .033 point difference versus LEFTIES is not a reason to sign the guy with the 89 ops+ over the guy with the 105 ops+. plus reed johnson has had injuries recently tatis hasnt had anything bad enough to be serious.

          but, even though you said it for the wrong reason, they are not the same,. reed johnson has a 95 career ops+ while hairstons is 85. so my above comment about ops+ being equal was only for last yr not career.

      • Bo

        Tatis is a terrible defender. And he really cant hit.

        • jsbrendog

          bo: statistics are dumb, my eyes are awesome

  • P. Allen

    This time last year, Nady was the starting RF and CMW was the #2 starter. Never hurts to have depth, Damon will realize that he isn’t getting his asking price elsewhere and his numbers won’t be the same outside of NYS. Yankees allow him to put up better numbers (helping his boarderline HOF candacy) and play for a winning team. Hopefully his ego (or his agent’s) isn’t that big.

    • Januz

      I can’t blame Hairston for taking the opportunity to play with his brother (Particularly after he played in the World Series and got his ring). As for Damon and Boras, everyone knows what an ego Scott Boras has. But the ego issue sometimes has to take a back seat to reality, and just like with Veritek last year, it likely will.

      • Reggie C.

        If Hairston’s really signing to a deal around $2 mm, he’s probably taking the highest offer too.

        • Bo

          What player doesnt take the highest offer?

  • Manimal

    I find it hard to believe that the yanks couldn’t at least match what the padres are giving him

    • Doug

      probably could, chose not to. that, or he wanted to play w his brother

    • Drew

      We could match what the Cards payed Holliday. It’s not a matter of “could/can,” it’s a matter of want. If Cash says peace then I say word.

    • Reggie C.

      Contract length + Money being equal , its ridiculous to think the anyone would pass on SoCal weather.

  • Jack
  • pete luciano

    Save the $2 million, sign Damon and put Pena as utility until the trade deadline. Believe me everyday players are hard to find that perform at high levels. The more part time players play the more they’re exposed. We’re the Yankees for God’s sake, Gardner in lf is an embarrasment. Open the purse strings just a little and sign Damon.

  • Bo

    It’s really easy. Sign Damon. Move on.