Unconfirmed Rumor: Yanks reach agreement with Baldelli (UPDATE: No they don’t)


Update (11:23am): Cashman on the news: “That would be false.”

11:06am: Via Rocco Baldelli’s Facebook page, the Yankees have reached an agreement with the free agent outfielder. Joe wrote up the case for Baldelli earlier in the week, and of course it’ll all come down to his health. If he can stay on the field and produce in a platoon role, then there’s nothing not to like about this move.

We’re still looking for more confirmation on this, so don’t take it as gospel just yet. For all we know, that could be a fake page.


  1. Pasqua says:

    If true, I like it, though it’s a signing that definitely requires some foresight, as in “What do we do when he goes down?”…’cuz there’s a pretty good chance he’s going down. If they are keeping that in mind (obviously, they have to be) then I second the motion.

    • Zack says:

      Well you have Gardner/Hoffmann/Baldelli for LF and bench.
      You can sign another OF but only if they give Hoffmann back or make a trade and send him down. But they could sign Hairston- give them an OF option without clogging then bench because he would also be there backup IF.

      • Pasqua says:

        Right. I am presuming Baldelli will platoon with Gardner and that this move might preclude Hoffmann from being kept on the 25-man (not sure). Therefore, I imagine that they need to be thinking ahead in terms of a backup plan (b/c this move suggests that they may not want Gardner playing every day).

      • Barney says:

        Just look at the no-names you are tossing out as Yanks LF! And Granderson’s ‘brain cramps’ are going to haunt even worse than JD… esp without Melky for late inning LF guy… but the biggest haunting will come from Austin Jackson. Call ghostbusters !

  2. Jake H says:

    You have to wonder about it since the Yankees have said they had 2 million left to spend.

  3. Andy in Sunny Daytona says:

    Nice. He really should update his page a little more often, but whatevs. At least he has a picture up. *cough cough, Axisa*

  4. SamVa says:

    Isn’t Baldelli a rabid Sox fan?

  5. pete says:

    ok. should be intriguing…i can see him fitting a good month in somewhere, but that’s about all i’m willing to expect of him

  6. andrew says:

    I would’ve preferred they wait on Damon’s price to continue falling. If they missed out on Baldelli by waiting for Damon, there were still other comparable options like Johnson and Tatis.

  7. Hey ZZ says:

    How the hell did you guys find that? Tip from a reader?

  8. pete says:

    actually, looking closer at that FB page, i’m not so sure about it. just doesn’t feel legit

  9. JFH says:

    why even bother with baldelli? there is no big upside. if there were, the sox, who signed him for a bag of chips, would have kept him.

    • Slugger27 says:

      though i dont agree with your sox argument, i agree with your overall point… i dont really get why everyone says baldelli is a “high upside” guy either

      the highest obp of his career is 344, and that was in 80 at bats… it seems to me even if everything goes right for him in 2010 and he stays healthy (which is an astronomical if), we should expect a 270/330/450 line… its not horrible for a platoon LFer but its certainly not “high upside”, and again, thats an optimistic triple slash

  10. Yardisiak says:

    Looks like a fake page.

  11. Greg F. says:

    If this is true, very nice scoop, Mike.

  12. pat says:

    I really do not want to sign Rocco Baldelli.

  13. Brian says:

    Wow, Cash is quick, huh?

  14. Mater of all Trades says:

    Cashman to the rescue!

  15. john says:

    come on cashman get rocco baldelli

  16. Peter says:

    hmmm….really RAB? just look at the freaking page…its fake as all get out.

    ..although i would not take Cash’s words as gospel either. i’m still under the impression that nick swisher is going to be the yankees 1st basemen. ;) he he

  17. Brent says:

    Thank Jesus this is false.

  18. Joey Time says:

    So happy that Yanks are not getting this guy…
    *that facebook page looked so fake….
    I say hold off and scoop up Damon for a nice discount… forget all these disasters and reclamation projects… Only quality for the Yanks

  19. Andy in Sunny Daytona says:

    Ca$hmoney Trillionaire quote:

    ”We’re trying to assess our legitimate choices in the sandbox we’re playing in,”

    Doesn’t he mean “Bandbox”?


  20. SVJ says:

    Thank the good Lord this is false.

    I cringed at the thought of Baldelli coming aboard.

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  22. Joseph M says:

    What are they doing here? First Nick Johnson now Baldelli sign Pedro Martinez and we can put together an all disabled list team.

    Note to Cashman, please sign Damon before it’s too late.

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  25. nycornerstone says:


  26. Steve B. says:

    Mike, please let us know when Reed Johnson signs with the Yankees…that’s the guy we should get.

  27. pete luciano says:

    Reed Johnson is no Johnny Damon. Stop the nonsense with this platoon talk. The lefty bats way more than the righty anyway giving Gardner more bats than righty platoon player and Damon vs Gardner is not even worth wasting my breath on. Damon is cheap enough now, just sign him. PS Baldelli stinks, did nothing for Boston and will do nothing for NY. I’m also concerned we’re losing too much experience, remember the Yankees must perform in the playoffs and it’s not a good idea to have too many inexperienced players in key roles, ie Granderson, Nick Johnson, and now this inexperienced platoon. Damon’s a lousy fielder but solves many problems, hits leftys, hits in the clutch, helped the 1-2 punch at the top of the order, he makes sense now that he’s cheap.

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