Yankees sign Reid Gorecki


Via Baseball America, the Yankees have signed righty hitting outfielder Reid Gorecki to a minor league deal, presumably with an invite to Spring Training. The 29-year-old from Queens is a career .268-.342-.428 hitter in the minors (.273-.342-.432 in Triple-A), and TotalZone says he’s been superb defensively in right and center over the last three years. He got his first taste of the big leagues with the Braves last season, hitting .200-.222-.200 in an irrelevant 27 plate appearance cameo.

I could have sworn Gorecki got Rule 5′d a few years ago, but I confused him with Ryan Goleski. Silly me. Once upon a time BA ranked him as the 11th best prospect in St. Louis’ system, confirming the TotalZone data by saying he was legit big league CF with speed, good instincts and a strong arm. Much like the Jon Weber signing, this is just a depth move. He’s actually got a slight reverse split for his career, so there’s really no point in even entertaining the idea of platooning him with Brett Gardner in left.

A few more minor league signings will trickle out over the next few weeks; probably a few arms, maybe another outfielder, another infielder, the usual.


  1. We got Reed Gorecki? CHECKMATE, BITCHES.

    (starts serving pancakes to the other 29 teams in baseball)

    • Mike Axisa says:

      No no, they got Reid, not Reed. Sorry to get your hopes up.

      • Right after I hit “Add comment”, my first thought was “I probably spelled his first name wrong, didn’t I?”

        My second thought was “Meh, it probably doesn’t matter. He probably never amounts to shit anyway. 5 years from now, he’ll be nothing more than a face you see in the background of a spring training picture of some other Yankee, scratching your head and saying “Who the hell was that guy? Was that Mike Rivera? No, wait, maybe that was Ryan Zink. Damnit, what year was this picture taken? Is it Mike Vento? Doug Bernier?”

  2. Are you sure it’s not Johnny Galecki?

  3. There’s a sick part of me that hopes that “Reid Gorecki” is just a thinly veiled alias. That the dude who shows up at spring training named “Reid Gorecki” is actually… Reggie Stocker.

    Or Jon Dowd.

    • Brooklyn Ed says:

      \MLB The Show’d


      • Tom Zig says:

        \MLB The Show’d

        MVP 2005

        p.s. I hope you mean Jon Dowd as in the guy who replaced Barry Bonds in MVP 2005 and not the guy who played shortstop for the NY Highlanders. Although I suppose he’ll hit more like the latter and not the former.

        Anyone still play that game? (Shamefully I admit I do)

  4. Manimal says:

    We signed a right handed Brett Gardner. Combined they make… GARD-ECKI(Gord-ner doesnt sound as cool)

  5. Michael Kay says:

    Impressed? Just wait till March when one lucky Cinnamon Toast Crunch eater will get the cereal prize of a lifetime……A CONTRACT WITH THE NEW YORK YANKEES!

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  7. Bo says:

    Now cue all the people who think hes going to be a major find. Like Hoffman.

  8. Royce Ring and David Winfree too!

  9. John says:

    I had this guy’s dad for a gym teacher about 10 years ago. His other son, Ryan, was once in the Texas Rangers (I think) system, and eventually ended up playing for the Long Island Ducks.

  10. yankeees4life says:

    although this guy doesnt have the major league experience like gardner but ive grown up watching this kid and playing football on the block with and if you just give him the experience youll know he is just as good if not better than gardner
    hes got the speed and defense to play in the majors
    all he needs is experience and the hits will come

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