Sit back and enjoy the Derek and Alex show


As the sports world has come to focus on the daily minutiae of baseball, we often forget to look at the big picture. We examine lineup configurations for the optimal daily performance. We look at whether or not star players will sign or resign for how much money they’re actually worth. We second-guess pitching moves and strategic plays. But now and then, it’s worth to let it all go for a little while and enjoy the history of it all.

Beyond the October run, the Yanks and their fans got a glimpse of history, appropriately enough, in a game the team lost. On a Friday night in September — the 11th, in fact — in a game in which the Yanks were beaten badly by the Orioles, Derek Jeter set the record for most career hits as a Yankee. Both teams came together to applaud Jeter’s feat, and the fans loved it even if Andy Pettitte and the bullpen couldn’t salvage a win on a rainy night.

It should be just the first of many milestones Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez reach over the next few years. Assuming that Jeter re-ups with the Yankees — and don’t worry, he will — the Yankees are in for years of milestones, says Times beat writer Ben Shpigel. He writes of the projections that predict record-setting careers for A-Rod and Jeter:

If he stays healthy, Rodriguez, who turns 35 in July, is the top candidate to shatter Barry Bonds’s career record of 762 home runs. Sometime near the 2011 All-Star Game break, Jeter, who currently has 2,747 hits, is projected to get his 3,000th.

It remains highly unlikely that he will break Pete Rose’s mark of 4,256 — he would have to average 216 hits over the next seven seasons — but there is a good chance that Jeter, who turns 36 in June, will end his career with at least 3,400 to 3,500 hits. Only eight players have amassed more than 3,400, and only five have reached the 3,500 mark, beginning with Tris Speaker at 3,514.

Shpigel talked to Kevin Goldstein of Baseball Prospectus about PECOTA and Sean Smith about his CHONE projections. Both analysts believe A-Rod and Jeter to be prime candidates for history. Derek, they believe, will retire among the top hitters of all time, and A-Rod will be right there with him. As long as the two stay healthy, these milestones are well within reach.

For the rest of us — those of us who pay to watch the team play, those of us who are paid to cover the team — we can just sit back and watch history unfold. Maybe A-Rod will be overpaid over the next few seasons; maybe Jeter will get a contract extension that rewards him for being Derek Jeter and not for being a short stop approaching 40. But as history unfolds, we can forget those problems and appreciate the generational talent showing us their wares on the baseball field. It is, after all, what makes baseball great.

Photo Credit: AP Photo/Seth Wenig

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  1. Nary a single comment about ARod passing Cap Anson and becoming the 20th member of the 100 WAR Club this May/June-ish?

    Somewhere (in the Bronx), I shed a single tear.

  2. Kevin G. says:

    I wonder when A-Rod will hit his 600th home run this year

  3. Salty Buggah says:

    We are lucky that we get to see A-Rod, one of the best ever, steroids or not, and Jeter, also one of the best ever, on the same side of the infield everyday.

    (Aside: The picture is clearly photoshopped or they’re posing because they HATE each other’s guts, right?!?!)

  4. bexarama says:

    This is… exciting.

  5. pat says:

    I’ll be honest, I’ve never even heard of Tris Speaker. He did have a pretty badass nickname, The Grey Eagle. They don’t nickname em like that anymore.

  6. Counting stat time. Entering this April:
    Jeter: 2747 H, 438 2B, 224 HR, 1068 RBI, 1574 R, 885 BB, 305 SB, 3973 TB
    Nails: 2531 H, 445 2B, 583 HR, 1706 RBI, 1683 R, 1060 BB, 297 SB, 4779 TB


    Alex chases down HR #600 and 5,000 total bases; Jeter gets 4,000 total bases and possibly HR #250

    Jeter gets hit #3000 and double #500; ARod hits his 500th double and passes Ken Griffey (630 and counting) for 5th on the homer list and possibly passes Willie Mays (660) for 4th

    Jeter gets walk #1,000 and passes Craig Biggio (3,060) for top 20 all time in hits, possibly passes Lou Gehrig (1,888) for top 20 all time runs scored; ARod also joins the top 10 runs scored club and passes Barry Bonds (1,995) to become only the 4th man to ever drive in 2,000 runs

    2013: Jeter joins Alex, Henderson, Cobb, Bonds, Aaron, Ruth, Rose, and Mays as the only men to score 2,000 runs and hits homer #300 and gets hit #3,200; Alex passes Ruth to become top 3 in all-time homers, gets walk #1,500 and joins the 3,000 hit club

    2014: Jeter passes Eddie Collins (3,315) for top 10 all time in hits, gets 5,000 total bases (top 20) and steal #400; Nails gets within shouting distance of Aaron and Bonds

    2015: Unless he’s retired already, Jeter gets hit #3,500 (top 5); ARod breaks the home run record and passes Mays (6,066) and Musial (6,134) for #2 on the all time total bases list behind only Hammerin’ Hank (6,856)

    2016: Homer #800. Top 3 all time career WAR.

    2017: Pussytubing.

  7. pat says:

    Arod’s reign as homerun king will surely be a short one. According to the PFMA projections Montero should overtake him later that week.

    • DP says:

      Arod’s reign as homerun king will surely be a short one. According to the PFMA projections Montero Ryan Westmoreland should overtake him later that week.

      • 2018: Casey Kelly hits homer #900, gets win #512.

        • DP says:

          In the same game.

          • Salty Buggah says:

            Not only that. Kelly throws a perfect game for win #512 and his HR #900 is walkoff platinum slam (which will have happened only 4 times in MLB history…all by him)

            • Salty Buggah says:

              Also, in that same game, Jose Iglesias breaks Pete Rose’s hits record. I mean, the guy has hands of gold and incredible plate balance, it’ll be hard for him not to!

              /Peter Gammons’d

              • bexarama says:


                At the end of this season Manny will have made $205M in 12 years, and is back to his 2008 tricks. McCourt would love him to retire. Today

                Manny, 2008 with Red Sox:
                .299/.398/.529/.926, 136 OPS+
                ZOMG HE WASN’T TRYING GUYS.

                • KayGee says:

                  TO be fair…he did sit out games against the Yankees in protest while claiming injury… and didn’t take the bat off his shoulders against Rivera in his pinch hitting appearance

                • Steve H says:

                  JD Drew sits out games all the time, and Theo and Gammons love him. And it’s far from a fact that Manny sat out games in protest, that’s the Red Sox propaganda machine. To further Bexy’s point, in the month that Manny “quit on the Red Sox” he hit .343/.473/.587.

                • Steve H says:

                  And, in that month where he “quit on the Red Sox”, he played in 22 of 24 games, extrapolate that out and that’s 148 games for the season, which would have put him 2nd on the team in games played that year.

                • KayGee says:

                  It is not “far from a fact”…and that is not the Red Sox Propoganda Machine..his teamates and coaches/owneership all agreed….that is a guy with no real physical ailments who was sent for x rays and MRI’s and given a clean bill of health refusing to play against a division rival…it was clearly a protest over a contract situation…if you think he didn’t protest those games and that at-bat against Rivera, I guess there is no point in arguing this further…there are no stats to back up a claim like this…but it was very clear what he was doing

                  JD Drew is labeled soft by many, but Ive never seen him questioned the way Manny was.

                • KayGee says:

                  You are a character…I’ll give you that

                  If you don’t realize that this is a respnse section of a blog and some people have to write quickly without 100% regard for proper punctuation..then honestly you are an asshole

                  That is how some people write quick thoughts down…it is not an attempt to be fucking gramatically accurate…

                  I read your comments on here all the time…you are obviously very intelligent..but you are constantly calling people out on little things like that because you are an arrogant prick…if these comments get deleted…so be it…you are not better than everyone because you take time to check your MLA handbook before you click the add comment button

                • I don’t have to check the MLA handbook before every comment, because over time, when someone pointed out to me the things mistakes I’d been making in my writing, instead of defensively saying “Dude whatever… its just a chat board its not a big deal stop being a dick”, I actually listened to their constructive criticism and took their advice to heart, eliminating my habitual mistakes one by one until eventually I became a better, clearer, more grammatically correct writer.

                  There’s no excuse for willful ignorance.

                • KayGee says:

                  That is not constructive criticism..constructive criticism would be saying…”Hey Kay Gee, I think if you structured your sentences properly and proofread them once before posting, your points would be represented more clearly and people here would be more responsive”…Just adding a Wikipedia link comes across as being an asshole…

                  When I am posting a response on a blog, I do not think it is necessary to write everything out as if I am Ben, Mike, or Joe…if they started using my response structure, maybe you would have a gripe…and it is not willful ignorance either…I know what ellipsis are and do not use them in regular writing…if you are so against their use on here, thats fine.

                • No, it was constructive criticism. Constructive criticism is “criticism or advice that is useful and intended to help or improve something, often with an offer of possible solutions,” and that’s exactly what TSJC’s comment was. The distinction you’re drawing isn’t between constructive criticism and non-constructive criticism. What you’re looking for is to be treated with kid-gloves because you don’t appreciate being criticized, whether that criticism is constructive or not. You want people to go out of their way to be nicer to you, to take the sting off of being criticized, no matter how constructive that criticism may be.

                  One person in this conversation called another person an asshole and used other profanity in his comments. You should take a look back over these comments, with a calmer eye, and reconsider your interpretation of them and your position.

                • But the problem isn’t that you need to proofread more clearly.

                  Your problem is you’re differentiating “regular writing” with “fucked up writing” and subjecting us to the latter, either out of spite, ignorance, laziness, sloth, habit, or general disrespect for societal norms.

                  You know that excessive use of ellipses is wrong, and yet you use them here anyway, because you feel like it or are unwilling to change despite the numerous reasons to do so. You want us to then read your grammatical diarrhea with glad hands and open arms and nary a quibble of protest.

                  You thus calling me an asshole for taking issue with it seems like the pot calling the kettle black.

                • bexarama says:

                  Hey, I started a fight!!

                • KayGee says:

                  To Mondesi:

                  I don’t need to be treated with kid gloves…the idea that I cannot accept criticism is in your head…To be honest, this blog has completely changed the way I view baseball and statistics and I readily admit that…for the majority of my baseball-following life, I did not see things the way I see them now.

                  I have seen TJSC use his sarcastic and sometimes dismissive writing against other people here before… and constructive criticism is not copy and paste of a Wikipedia link…it is a snark way of saying that I am using ellipsis incorrectly. If he wants to do that, it is fine but I have every right to respond. Is profanity the best way to do that? No…but thats how I speak. There are many times I view TJSC’s comments and say “Wow that was a real dick thing to say”

                  General disrespect for societal norms? I mean seriously, remarks like that are just ridiculous. I think this comment section is generally considered an informal forum on which we are writing…the relatively regular references to pussytubing and other inappropriate things illustrates that. Does it really offend you that I jot down thoughts and separate them with … ? Does it really offend you when people misspell or do not punctuate properly? If it does, so be it.

                  This is not your website and as long as I am not told by the admins that this type of writing is forbidden, that is how I will respond when I am at work and in a rush to respond to something. If you feel the need to respond, that is your own choice.

                • KayGee says:

                  And just to make something clear:

                  TJSC – most of the baseball related comments you make here are dead on and I have a lot of respect for your knowledge and for the fact that your writing is polished…the article you wrote on Heyman and Blyleven’s HOF candidacy was fuckin golden.

                  I know just the mention of the Mets makes some people cringe, but I look at Cerrone’s “write-on-the-go” style and his use of ellipsis and have no problem with that…and I guess that is where we differ in opinion. The majority of the time I am on here is at work which requires quick writing without much time for pause and proofreading

                • Not the Rays says:

                  Ben? Mike? Joe? Can we have, say, an upper limit of two ellipses per comment incorporated into the commenting guidelines?

                  That would be super swell.

        • JGS says:

          pfft…he could hit 100 home runs and win 57 games per year with his right hand tied behind his back. If you want him to try, make it 2014

  8. sevrox says:

    Manny – Yankee DH 2011?

  9. steve (different one) says:

    none of this matters, b/c the yankees will never win a World Series as long as A-Rod is on the team.

    /99% of everyone on earth including yankee fans from Feb 2003-November 2009

  10. i was at that jeter game. the feeling was amazing. it was quite….eerie


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