Waiting for it to start

Open Thread: Simply the Best
Surprise! Tabata might be older than expected

Later today, the Colts and Saints will stand around a coin as it spins through the air to determine who will receive and who will kick to start Super Bowl XLIV. Three and a half hours, the game will be over, and then, we wait. We wait for pitchers and catchers; we wait for position players; we wait for games; we wait for Opening Day.

For baseball fans, the month of February is something akin to torture. When the Super Bowl ends and all that the sports world has to offer are some mid-season NBA and NHL games with the promise of March Madness on the horizon, baseball fans idle away their hours waiting for something to happen. It’s a blissful day when pitchers and catchers report, but it also means a lull in news stories. The rumors are done flying, and team rosters are largely set. During those days, pitcher fielding practice is as compelling for fans as it is for pitchers.

Yet, Super Bowl Sunday for me has always been a ray of hope. It’s last gasp of winter before the promise of spring. We might have to wait for something to happen, but baseball is the next big thing for the sports world. The waiting is almost over.

This year, for the Yankees, Spring Training and the eventual regular season are a bit more exciting. The team, after all, is the cream of the crop, the king of the hill. They won the World Series and are the target of, well, everyone else. The AL has retooled with the Yanks in mind, and the Phillies are raring for a late-October rematch.

As the upcoming season unfolds, we’ll see the same milestones — Opening Day, Yankees-Red Sox games, the All Star Break, the trading deadline. But we’ll see some new ones too. We’ll see the Yankees get their rings, supposedly on April 13. We’ll see Joe Girardi take his team to Los Angeles for a reunion with another Joe who used to helm the club. We’ll see the new-look Mariners, the new-look Red Sox and the new-look Angels come to town. We’ll see old friends in new uniforms and new friends in pinstripes come to town. It is all the promise of a new season.

So today, we sit and wait for football. We’ll cheer on the Saints or the Colts, Drew Brees or Peyton Manning. We’ll watch a good game; we’ll check out the overhyped commercials; we’ll see the football season draw to a close. And then we’ll sit and wait for baseball. We’ll wait for Florida, for Arizona, for the first games of the spring, for the first pitch of the season. We’re almost there, and while this cold settles in to muzzle the East Coast and baseball seems far away, it’s just around the corner. I couldn’t be more ready.

Open Thread: Simply the Best
Surprise! Tabata might be older than expected
  • CountryClub

    I guess I’m in the minority here, but I enjoy football and basketball season just as much as baseball season. Don’t get me wrong, I’m looking forwad to opening day. But waiting for it is not torture for me.

    • NYQ

      It is if you are a Nets fan.

      • http://www.secondavenuesagas.com Benjamin Kabak

        Or a Knicks fan. At lease the Nets are epically bad. The Knicks just suck.

  • miktotheg

    i think that was the best thing you have every written. It sunday morning and now I’m bouncing up and down. I haven’t even had my cafecito yet!!!!!

    11 days!!!
    April 13!!! whoo hooo!!!!

    • ColoYank

      I’m going to second this, Ben, but without the hyperactivity. This is a very well-crafted post, and I appreciate it very much.

      I get quietly rarin’ to go around now. I’ve been following the Boys in Pinstripes since 1966, and I get just like a kid again every spring. It never slows down or gets old or stale. I promise.

      Thanks for the teriffic post.

      • Bob Stone

        I’ll second ColoYank’s post word for word except to change 1966 to 1955.

        Great post!

  • Ed

    It has been a long, long winter, especially once it became clear that the Giants and Rangers were, shall we say, less than enjoyable to watch. So it’s SB Sunday, and I await Tim Tebow telling me he was almost aborted, as if that would have been a bad thing.

    Pitchers and catchers, save us.

  • Yankeegirl49

    You said it better than I ever could. I love SB Sunday, but depression sets in tomorrow until I hear that first crack of the bat.

  • AJ

    Anyone else not like football? Or is that blasphemy?

    • WIlliam

      but i like the food.

    • Rey22

      I watch the Super Bowl for the commercials pretty much…

    • Kiko Jones

      Only baseball ’round these parts.

  • Slu

    I love the NBA, so no problems here.

    • Ivan


  • Zack

    As much as this time sucks now, imagine if the NFL locks out in 2011? And I just read on Yahoo that NBA might lock out in 2011 too.

    • bonestock94

      I guess that will be my opportunity to discover hockey.

      • Rey22

        What is this…”hockey” you speak of?

  • Kiko Jones

    Being a one sport guy, my winter would seem a lot longer than for other sports fans but, believe it or not, MLBN helps with the baseball withdrawl. Plus, during the winter, I get to take of care of stuff I don’t want to deal with when it’s too hot and I’d rather watch baseball.