Johnson scratched with a stiff lower back


Update (2:20pm): Bryan Hoch says NJ caught a spike during BP and felt something, but he definitely would have played if it was a regular season game. No point in pushing it March 4th.

1:30pm: Via Ben Shpigel, Nick Johnson was scratched from today’s game against the Phillies with a stiff lower back. Jamie Hoffmann took his place at DH and in the two-hole. Most of the time this wouldn’t be news, but NJ’s injury history and previous back trouble (he spent 52 days on the disabled list with a lower back strain back in 2004) makes it worth a mention. More than likely, this is no big deal, and they’re just playing it safe.

Remember, Jorge Posada‘s shoulder was barking this time last spring (when he was coming off surgery), and he was fine in the end.

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  1. Stryker says:

    waiting for Bo to chime in about how if we just had re-signed damon we wouldn’t be reading this post.

  2. Heh. I’m almost glad this happened, just because I’m going to enjoy the shitstorm.

  3. Double-J says:

    *in before the “Nick Johnson is perpetually injured comments” in 3…2…1…*

  4. The Evil Empire says:


  5. Salty Buggah says:

    Do I dare check LoHud for fun? Or will it be so bad that I’ll go into a coma immediately?

  6. Dela G says:

    and so it begins…


  7. bexarama says:

    My mom sent me a CAPS LOCK e-mail. Ruh-roh.

  8. Coach6423 says:

    Dr. Peter Venkman: This city is headed for a disaster of biblical proportions.

    Mayor: What do you mean, “biblical”?

    Dr Ray Stantz: What he means is Old Testament, Mr. Mayor, real wrath of God type stuff.

    Dr. Peter Venkman: Exactly.

    Dr Ray Stantz: Fire and brimstone coming down from the skies! Rivers and seas boiling!

    Dr. Egon Spengler: Forty years of darkness! Earthquakes, volcanoes…

    Winston Zeddemore: The dead rising from the grave!

    Dr. Peter Venkman: Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together… mass hysteria!

  9. Sean says:

    Is this the game thread?

  10. ev says:

    Phillies’ announcers practically JITP about Roy Halladay

    • Hughesus Christo says:

      30 wins

    • JGS says:

      They have every right to–he’ll be awesome. As long as they aren’t extrapolating his performance today

    • bexarama says:

      Did you hear any of their calls during the World Series? They’re only a half-step below the Hawk when it comes to being a total ridiculous homer.

      (I highly suggest listening to the call of A-Rod’s go-ahead double off of Lidge. One of them actually goes “UGH.”)

      • ev says:

        Nothing was nearly as bad as the Angels announcer calling A-rod “A-Fraud” during the game. So bush league

        • bexarama says:


          Also, listen to their call of Feliz’s Game 4 HR. It’s bad. And, if you have the DVD of the World Series (like, the “Twenty-Seven” thing overview produced by MLB Productions, not the actual World Series games), for some reason, the smugness passed on to the Phillies beat writer. “They were one out away from giving the ball to Mariano Rivera and they couldn’t get it done.” Uhhh dude, you still lost the game.

      • Mike Pop says:

        That’s why I like Michael Kay. He’s a homer, but he gets excited about the other team hitting home runs too.

        • bexarama says:

          I… don’t mind Michael Kay. At all.

          (slinks away)

          • Big Juan says:

            I really don’t either. Sometimes he rambles, but honestly, I’ve never had a problem listening to him.

            • bexarama says:

              He’s overly dramatic, super gossipy and his analysis is far from great, but he doesn’t make me want to punch people like ESPN or FOX’s analysts. I really have no major problems with him.

        • Andy (different one) in chilly NYC says:

          Sometimes I feel like he gets a little too excited when the other team homers…but that’s probably just the irrational Yankee fan in me.
          I don’t feel like he’s a homer at all, especially compared to some other teams’ announcers, who shall remain nameless to protect the guilty…

    • ev says:

      I guess its still pretty knew for them but theyre analyzing the movement of every pitch and just missed the entire bottom of the third talking to Roy about his excellent outing

    • Sean says:

      If the Phils are playing the Mets and Nats 18 times a year thats like 10 wins for Roy right there…

  11. Stryker says:

    wooo z-mac appearance!

  12. Andy (different one) in chilly NYC says:

    I’m disappointed in you guys.

    Not one comment about how we have a stiff…Johnson?

    RAB’s not the same since the new low-meme version came out! ;-)

  13. FMV says:

    1 game? Thats it? we got through 1 game before he got hurt? lol

    I’m sure this is nothing serious…or atleast i hope its nothing serious…but for god sakes nick. you played what? 5 innings?

  14. Mike Pop says:

    ‘y was nick johnson even signed anyway stupid move wat kind of DH doesnt hit they r always goin to walk to get to a-rod’

    Off of Facebook. Found it kind of funny.

    • king of fruitless hypotheticals says:

      that…doesnt even make sense. i mean, i recognize the basic sentence structure, and clearly the language is english, but man, come on!

  15. Stryker says:

    announcers on CSN said romine and montero should be seeing playing time today. stoked.

  16. bexarama says:

    note to Mets announcers:
    the Yankees did not win the World Series because they went to a pool hall in ST 2009. They won the World Series because they were an excellent team. Thank you.

  17. Sean says:

    Brett Gardner is slowly but surely becoming one of my personal faves

  18. Dirty Pena: The Triple Entendre says:

    Somebody tell these announcers about spring training not mattering. They are gonna need a cigarette after this one.

  19. Teix is the Man says:

    Heh, Johnson scratched…

  20. Stryker says:

    philly phanatic is so annoying. teams with mascots are so freakin’ cheesy.

  21. JohnC says:

    Ivan Nova now pitching.

  22. Ansky says:

    So the Yankees scratched a stiff Johnson?

  23. bexarama says:

    serious question: if it was ANYONE other than Nick Johnson that got scratched with a stiff back, would there be any sort of panic at all? (Maybe A-Rod)

    Also, my mom said there’s some blog that says Jeter is out for the season with a ruptured uterus? Buhhh huh? I think she knows it’s a joke but I dunno…

    • bexarama says:

      disclaimer: I feel bad, my mom is pretty awesome and not usually dumb. I think she just worries way, way, way too much.

      • Dirty Pena: The Triple Entendre says:

        It could be worse: you could be like the other 99% of us who have a mom that doesn’t care about baseball whatsoever.

    • Stryker says:

      if this was anyone else, it wouldn’t be a big deal at all.

      like someone said earlier, having a stiff back doesn’t mean you’re injured. i’m sure people on this site wake up with stiff backs all the time; it’s just that in professional sports everyday maladies are under a huuuuge microscope.

    • JGS says:

      CC, Burnett, Pettitte, Rivera, Posada…

      • bexarama says:

        CC – probably not
        Burnett – good point
        Pettitte – I don’t remember any sort of panic when he skipped that start last year, but maybe I was looking at the wrong boards/blogs
        Rivera – possibly
        Posada – possibly

        • JGS says:

          If CC sat out because of back pain you would get people panicking that because of his size, it would become a chronic, nagging injury

          Pettitte would induce panic just because back pain in older players is usually seen as chronic, ditto Posada. Mo could get a scratch and people would panic because he is Mo

  24. Stryker says:

    since i live in south jersey, i’m watching the phillies’ feed. lordy do these announcers over-announce. they’re acting as if contreras just finished the 8th inning of game 7 of the world series.

  25. ev says:

    BG is really not a very good bunter. Something he definitely needs to work on if he wants a starting job.

  26. dkidd says:

    we finally let go of our wang only to start scratching a stiff johnson

    /trying to hard’d

  27. bexarama says:

    I know athletes say things just to say things all the time, but can we stop panicking now?

  28. Rose says:

    6 K’s for the Yankees in 5 innings, Johnson scratched, fans put clothespins over their noses for CC’s performance, and Palanco makes the only error of the game?!?

    Multiple Interrobangs?


    • Stryker says:

      it’s the second game of spring training with a C lineup on the field. time to back away from the ledge, methinks.

    • JGS says:

      that’s the third time this thread you’ve used that picture. Once more and you get DFAed

    • Rose says:

      It’s a joke. I’m not panicking what-so-ever.

      And what’s the difference between me adding the picture as a “signature” than adding it as my URL in my name? Just appearance?

  29. mike c says:

    “Remember, Jorge Posada’s shoulder was barking this time last spring (when he was coming off surgery), and he was fine in the end.”

    is NJ coming off surgery?

  30. Riddering says:

    You know Tommie is going to love this bottom of the seventh. Sanchez has arrived.

  31. ev says:

    The Jesus era has arrived

  32. ev says:

    Jesus had a nice hit the opposite way then got a pinch runner in for him (Golson I think) who stole second. Romine advanced the runner to third with 1 out and someone hit it up the middle to bring in Golson

  33. bexarama says:

    Why didn’t we bring in Mariano?!? Fire Girardi!

    /this is probably already old’d

  34. Rose says:

    Yankees lose…what else is new…

    /2008 Fan’d

  35. dkidd says:

    the phillies are in our heads!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Bo says:

    Day 2 and already NJ is banged up. That’s too funny.

    We’ll all fully appreciate the warrior Damon was this season.

  37. mustang says:

    I know we have to put it in its right perspective and all, but the guy is a walking MASH unit. After one day in Spring Training he is already sitting maybe the Yankees should place him in a bubble.

    • Big Juan says:

      This statement is just…blah.

      He tweaked his back. The Yankees pay him money to play baseball. Of course they’re gonna tell him to have a seat for the day.

      Nothing about this makes him a “walking MASH unit”.

      I apologize if I seem like I’m being a prick, but this crap bothers me.

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