Report: Hechevarria close to signing with Toronto

Spring Training Game Thread: It's not raining in Florida
Three more reassigned to minor league camp

Via GAK3, Cuban shortstop Adeiny Hechevarria is close to signing with the Blue Jays, who will pay him $10M. The 20-year-old reportedly didn’t like his chances of playing shortstop for the Yankees anytime soon, so he instead went with the Jays. We heard the Yanks were favored to sign him just  few days ago.  That’s a lot of cash for a guy who’s basically all projection, but good for him.

Spring Training Game Thread: It's not raining in Florida
Three more reassigned to minor league camp
  • Andy In Sunny Daytona

    Hank bought another pony instead. I keed…I keed.

    • Reggie C.

      Now the Yankees can re-allocate half of that money to pay Rafael DePaula. The money’s got to get spent on someone.

  • Ron

    Good!! I didn’t like his name anyway.

  • Flippa

    Every prospect is all projection

    • A.D.

      The flip would be someone like Champman, who is far more polished than Hechevarria

  • Charlie

    fuck. thats unfortunate

  • Drew

    Dammit, now Jeter’s clogging the bases infield.

    • Reggie C.

      Heh. Here’s hoping Adeiny doesn’t turn out to be something similar to Miguel Tejada.

  • YankeesJunkie

    That is sad.

  • Salty Buggah

    It’s probably for the best. $10 million is too much

    • Stryker

      it’s probably for the best.

      you’re absolutely right. sure, it would be nice to have these guys (chapman, hechevarria, salcedo, etc.), but at their prices, paying them outlandish amounts of dough for nothing but projection probably isn’t the smartest idea.

    • WIlliam

      Well, it depends on the years. Paying 10 million over 10 years to a high level prospect isn’t a horrible proposition.

  • bonestock94

    Meh, he should have signed with the Yanks and waited till like 2014.

  • MP

    Wow that’s a ton. What are the Jays doing doling out $10 mil to someone they really have no idea about? That kind of thing is reserved for the Yanks’ scouts in Japan.


    • Johan Iz My Brohan

      New GM is trying to throw money everywhere he can, but he’s doing a good job so far.

  • ned

    Another good reason not to clog up the roster with overly long extensions

  • Januz

    I am not the least bit shocked that he did not sign with the Yankees (I think it was another “Planted Story” by some agent using the Yankees as a way to drive costs up). If you look at the draft, and the International Signings, you can see the attitude towards signing prospects has turned quite bearish because of the costs involved. In this case, I happen to think that they are right about not spending $10m on this guy. On another note, I have seen too many crocodile tears about the Yankees doing this and the Yankees doing that, and how “unfair” it is. While it actually signings like this one, Chapman, and Sano, by SMALL market clubs, that are driving costs up. I hope they start making International Players subject to the draft in the next CBA.

    • Craig

      Be careful what you wish for. It wasn’t really a fact of getting out bid by another team, but instead it seems as though Hechevarria just chose not to sign with the Yanks because he wants to stay at short. If all International players are subject to the draft it is just going to further hinder our ability to stock our farm system with young talent. I doubt a guy like Jesus Montero falls to us in any sort of draft format.

  • http://deleted Richard Deegan

    What a wuss !!!
    What are ballplayers coming to?
    First we have the disgraceful post-season spectacle of Carlos Gomez in tears, dancing around and bawling all over the field ‘cuz he got plunked in the arm.
    Now we’ve have a prospect whose lack of confidence tells him he’ll never make the majors because of a 36-year old shortstop.
    Talk about not having the “right stuff”. I’ll stick with the pros like NJ, Swisher and even GGBG.

    • Januz

      I think it is more likely Hechevarria, took the highest bid possible, and it was from the Jays. Worrying about competing with Jeter, is just another lame excuse for doing just that.

      • Andy (different one) in chilly NYC


        We’ve seen this over and over…players take the most money unless the offers are close and there’s an overriding, usually personal/family, issue not to.

    • whozat

      really? You’d take a job that has no hope of advancement for 5 years when you had amazingly high paying offers that almost guarantee you a path to the job you want within two?

  • o

    how long is his deal? maybe well sign him when cap jetes expires.

  • Roger

    I just wish we had a suitor lined up to replace Jeter, it would be nice to know how long we plan on keeping Jeter at shorstop, or how long he wants to play ss. It can’t be any longer than 2 seasons can it?

  • MikeD

    How we do we know that his signing with Toronto isn’t the plant story, and they’re trying to use the “he wants to play short stop” angle as a way to get a few more dollars from the Yankees?

    It’s also possible that agents still think they’re dealing with the old-George Steinbrenner Yankees where a few more dollars could always be had. The new sheriff operates with a budget. A large budget, but a budget.