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Yanks rotation is earnings its pay
Do pitchers lose velocity from the stretch?

Some loose ends to tie up…

Cashman hand delivers Nady’s World Series ring

With the Cubs in town to play the Mets, GM Brian Cashman took the opportunity to head over to CitiField to present Xavier Nady with his World Series ring. Nady played in only seven games for the Yankees because of his injury last year, but he was slated to be the every day rightfielder coming out of camp. Hopefully Cashman didn’t hang around Omar Minaya very long, osmosis can be a bitch.

From what I can tell, the only regular members of last year’s team that still need to get their rings are Johnny Damon, Jose Molina, Phil Coke, and Brian Bruney. The Yanks play the Tigers next month and the Blue Jays in June, but they won’t face the Nats at all this year. I don’t suppose they want to keep those guys waiting, so the FedEx man it is.

A little old street named after some catcher

The Yankees are very proud of their history, as they should be. You can’t walk two feet in the New Stadium without being reminded that they’re the greatest sports franchise in the history of universe, whether it’s Babe Ruth Plaza or the placards around the building or the 27 World Championship years proudly displayed beyond the bleachers.

Thurman Munson though, well the former Yanks’ captain just has a little elevated walkway in the Bronx named in his honor. There’s no plaza, no restaurant, just this little passageway build in the 1960’s. “He wasn’t about the big superhighway and mainstream streets,” said Munson’s widow Diana. “It fits his personality so much more that it would be an out-of-the-way street and be something that not a lot of people would embrace.”

Free draft chat at Baseball America

We’re starting to get into draft mode here, and not because the NFL edition starts tonight. Conor Glassey of Baseball America chatted about the draft yesterday, and the transcript is free for all to read. As you can imagine, it’s chock full of great insight into whose stock is climbing, whose is falling, and a whole bunch of other stuff as well. It’s not terribly long, so it won’t take an hour to read. Make sure you check it out.

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A Facker gets some air time

Did you stay up late to watch Kim Jones’ interview with Phil Hughes‘ parents after the game? Remember that dude in the old-school Columbus Clippers’ hat hanging out behind them? Well it turns out that he’s a long-time regular over at Fack Youk, going by the handle Mode. It’s always great when one of the little people gets out from their mother’s basement garden apartment to show their mug in the real world. We’re still waiting for one of you guys to do that.

(I keed, I keed)

Yanks rotation is earnings its pay
Do pitchers lose velocity from the stretch?
  • larryf

    Munson was the Grittiest of them all and a hugely talented hitter. He used to pick off guys who would stray too far down the line at third. Don’t see that anymore. The Yanks should show some film of that to their catchers….

    • A.D.

      The Yanks should show some film of that to their catchers….

      There’s a reason most catchers don’t try it, and it’s because they don’t have the talent.

      • Steve H

        And for the most part isn’t worth the risk, considering they don’t try it growing up. Also, there are a lot less basestealers these days, so less guys are taking those big leads and trying to get big jumps.

        • larryf

          risk depends on the game situation of course-it is relative and there are lots of situations over a long season where dumb baserunners present low risk opportunities…

    • Templeton “Brendog” Peck

      It’s always great when one of the little people gets out from their mother’s basement garden apartment to show their mug in the real world. We’re still waiting for one of you guys to do that.

      too bad we can’t do it in our RAB tshirts…slackers

      • Templeton “Brendog” Peck

        dammit, reply fail.

        ::commits hari kari::

    • V

      Psst: Yadier Molina.

  • Rebecca-Optimist Prime (Optimovelist Primus)

    Dude, I was on YES at a Nets game this season. I have video to prove it.

    • Steve H

      You and the other 6 fans that were there?

      • Thomas

        7 fans showed, what an accomplishment. Now, if only they could get 7 NBA-caliber players to show up.

    • radnom

      Someone records Nets games?

  • Crunchy Frog

    Since you can’t really be a Facker and not be an RABer too (or vise versa) I guess I killed two birds with one stone. For some reason here I’ve gone with a few different handles (Mode, Nigel-Incubator Jone (with Crunchy Frog you can tell I’m Monty Python fan), snArky Vaughn, Axl, Lanny, Bo, Grant). Ok, maybe those last four aren’t me.

    I actually thought of you guys at the game, with the Phil Love and all. Yes, apparently I think of guys that run Blogs while I’m at the baseball game. (There’s a lot you can think about while sitting in a seat for 3-5 hours.)

    As I commented over at FY, I’m pretty sure I’m the only guy with a Phil Hughes Sr. signed score card of that pitching gem.

    A great night all around.

    • Templeton “Brendog” Peck

      ah yes nigel incubator jones. i know ye

    • Benjamin Kabak

      That was awesome, dude. I loved watching that, and when Matt told me you were a Fack Youk regular, it got even better.

      • scott

        minka kelly was sitting in front of phil’s parents. i wonder why YES never shows her, i wonder if jeter asks them not to

      • Crunchy Frog

        Pretty cool. I now I get to watch my 1.5 minutes:

        I guees I didn’t look like total idiot, like the guy making faces, but I did get caught checking out the camera once or twice.

        If only I had the guts to pull out my “Fack Youk + RAB = Yankee Greatness” sign it would have been tha much better.

        (Yes, I got that idea from one of your tweet responders)

  • Russell210

    Did you see after the game when Clay Bucholz stole the laptop from one of the kids behind the opposing teams dugout in the front row? That kid was me =(

  • Al Sal
  • Mike

    Here’s another link I want to add solely because I want everyone to see what LeMire thinks about the Yankees scoring runs and Mariano’s “Effectiveness.” I guess they shouldn’t be so good offensively so that they can get the full potential out of their closer.

    • bexarama

      a. Not being bitchy here, but there’s an OT thread.
      b. I had to laugh at this in the Angels summary: The broken wrist suffered by catcher Jeff Mathis, who’ll miss six-to-eight weeks, is no small matter. In the past three years Angels pitchers have an ERA that’s nearly three-quarters of a run better pitching to Mathis (3.83) than to his co-starter, Mike Napoli (4.56).

      • Boomer

        c. LeMire’s an idiot

  • Sweet Dick Willie

    Munson was drafted out of Kent State in 1968 and went straight to the Yanks Double A affiliate in Binghamton NY.

    Back then, The Sporting News was about the only source for information on prospects. I remember reading a blurb in TSN that summer that there was a game with the bases loaded and nobody out, and Munson picked off all three runners to retire the side. It was the first I’d ever heard of him, but couldn’t wait for him to make the majors.

    Two years later, he made the Yanks out of spring taining and went on to win ROY.

    • YankeesJunkie

      That is ridiculous. The coach for the opposing team must have killed those three players.

    • bexarama

      that’s awesome.

    • Thomas

      Just amazing. It is great when a catcher pickoffs one runner and is remarkable if he got 2 in a game, but three in the same inning is just unreal. It is so freakin’ impressive, it actually sounds made up.

    • Spaceman.Spiff

      I heard he actually sliced the ball into thirds and picked off all the runners on one pick-off throw. It was epic.

      • Thomas

        Apparently, the guy on first was actually standing on the bag, so he couldn’t be picked off. Munson threw one third of the ball right at him. It hit the runner so hard that he thrown into rightfield and was called out for being out of the baseline.

      • Steve H

        I heard he formed the ball into a boomerang, throwing all 3 runners out on one throw, before the ball returned to him at home plate.

  • Can you smell what the Rock is cooking

    Bruney already played at the Mets and will be there again May 10. Not sure why they are holding off on the ring?

    • Shelton

      It’s Bruney…

      • Can you smell what the Rock is cooking

        He doesn’t want it or he doesn’t want it from Cashman.

  • SteveO

    The Yanks have been invited to the White House during next Monday’s off day to celebrate #27. I assume CMW and Bruney will get their rings while the team is in DC.