Open Thread: Regular Season Reminders


The regular season kicks off on Sunday night, but I figure most of you will be out partying Friday and Saturday evenings, so I wanted to get this out of the way now. Below you’ll find a list of all the different ways you can access our fine blogging establishment, some of which you may find easier than others.

Before you get into that, make sure you review our commenting guidelines. Emotions run high during the season, especially during games like the one we’ll see at Fenway Park on Sunday, but we have to make sure we maintain some sort of civility in the comments. Please review them, even if it’s just a fresher.

RSS Feeds
Hopefully by now you’re taking advantage of the magic that is really simple syndication, or RSS. If not, that’s cool, but I recommend signing up for something like Google Reader. This site will tell you everything you need to know about using RSS feeds, but in short, you can subscribe to the feed of your favorite sites, and instead of manually visiting each one multiple times a day, the information will be brought right to you as it’s posted, all in one convienent spot.

Our main feed can be found here, but we also have a feed specifically set up for our amateur draft coverage. The main feed will bring you all of RAB’s content, the second is just for draft coverage. As you can imagine, it’s not very active between mid-August and March.

Subscribe via E-mail
If RSS feeds aren’t your cup of tea, you can get RAB sent right to your inbox. Just stick your email address in the appropriate box to the right (the one that says “Subscribe to RAB via email,” duh), and all of our content will be emailed to you as it’s posted.

Has anything changed sports coverage in recent years as much as Twitter? Any breaking news will be posted their first, in 140 characters or less. You can use a (free!) service like Tweet Deck or Echofon to easily follow your friends, favorite sportswriters, celebrities, whoever has a Twitter account.

We have two separate Twitter feeds here. Our main feed is @RiverAveBlues, where the three of us will muse on various topics, post any breaking news, engage in playful banter with readers, stuff like that. It’s worth signing up just to read Ben’s knee-jerk reactions during the games. Our second feed is @RABfeed, which will automatically link to all of our posts as they go up. That’s pretty much all it’s there for, but it’s very useful.

If you want, you can also follow the three of us on our personal accounts: @bkabak, @joepawl, and @mikeaxisa. I can’t promise everything we tweet about will be about the Yankees, or even baseball for that matter, but you won’t regret it.

It’s probably our least utilized social media presence, but there’s still over 850 people that are fans of RAB’s Facebook page. I’m not much of a Facebook person myself, but I recommend hitting our page up to connect with fellow Yankee fans.

I appear weekly on on The Shore Sports Report with Mike Krenek and Joe Giglio to talk about the Yankees, which airs on FOX Sports 1030 AM and WOBM 1160 AM. I post a reminder beforehand letting you know when exactly I’ll be on, but usually it’s Thursday around 4pm ET.

Contacting Us
If for any reason you want to contact us (maybe you have a question, or a link to a cool story, etc), the best way to do so is to use our little “Submit A Tip” box. You can’t miss it, it’s just to the right of the main column. If you want to tip us off to a trade rumor that we’ve missed, or something like that, please make sure you send us a link. Otherwise it’ll only take us longer to get a thread up about it.

If you want to contact us individually, then just drop us a line. Our addresses are in the far right sidebar. I know I haven’t been the best at replying at a timely manner, but my early New Years resolution is to improve on that.

Other Places To Read Us
Believe it or not, the three of us all use our blogging superpowers for good elsewhere as well. I contribute to MLB Trade Rumors and soon enough RotoGraphs, while Joe contributes to FanGraphs and ESPN’s TMI Blog as well. Teaser: He’s got a Yankee-related post going up at TMI tomorrow.

Ben also runs a wildly popular blog about the New York City subway system called Second Ave. Sagas. He’s been on TV and has been recognized by the Village Voice for his MTA awesomeness. Check it out.

So, you got all that? There’s a ton of ways you can have RAB’s content brought right to you, but nothing quite duplicates the experience of coming to the site, reading the posts, then debating the topics with our great group of commenters.

* * *

Here’s your open thread for the night, so go ahead and talk about whatever you want. The Isles are the only local team in action.


  1. How Mike really wanted to end this post, “And in conclusion, basically, we’re awesome.”

    Plus our April Fool’s joke brought upon us the threat of “legal recourse.” That, in my mind, makes it an A+ effort.

  2. JGS says:

    Ben–what’s the best way to get back to Brooklyn after a game? The 4 stops at Bowling Green and switching to a 2 at Fulton sucks

  3. Johan Iz My Brohan says:

    Though today’s April Fools day joke did creep me out for a good 5 seconds, I totally thought that I would go to RAB today to find NESN on top instead of YES, and have this whole blog turn into a Red Sox blog.

    Yawkey Way Blues… eh

  4. bexarama says:

    Joe Saunders was not very good in Game 6 of the ALCS.

  5. Hughesus Christo says:

    Can we talk about the latest pile from Heyman?
    The Rays, Twins, Braves, and Rockies are potential surprises? Two of those were playoff teams five months ago. The Braves and Rays won 86 and 84 games respectively last season. What the hell is this guy talking about?

    Hey ya’ll. Watch out for this Pujols guy!

    • bexarama says:

      People were talking about this on the open thread. Terrrrrrible article. I guess the whole “surprise” thing is just an excuse for sportswriters to write about teams other than the Yankees and Red Sox. His other “surprise” teams were all based on Spring Training stats.

      • JGS says:

        Well, Heyman is talking about how teams have performed in the Spring, and there might be some correlation between that and regular season performance. Here is the league champ for each Spring league with what they did

        2009–Yankees (103-59), Angels (97-65)
        2008–Rays (97-65), Oakland (75-86)
        2007–Detroit (88-74), Arizona (90-72)
        2006–Cincinnati (80-82), Angels (89-73)
        2005–Toronto (80-82), Angels (95-67)
        2004–Minnesota (92-70), Seattle (63-99)
        2003–Cleveland (68-94), Kansas City (83-79)

        5 of 8 made the playoffs and…yea, no correlation

  6. Hey guys, just wanted to let everyone know I made up some t-shirts that I’m selling…yankee related of course.

    “Hughes ‘Em and Abuse ‘Em” and 65 on the back (follow the link for the pic)http://tweetphoto.com/16676719

    That’s of course a mock up, they are currently in production right now.

    they’ll be ready for opening day. small to xl are 15 bucks, 2x, 17.

    if anyone is interested, I’m taking payment via paypal, as I’m pretty low key right now…

    so you could paypal me, (or email me w/ questions) the money to:

    thanks, and let me know what ya think!

    Oh, and I’ll also be down at the stadium opening day, and the 15th, and a bunch of other games this year with them…and hopefully some new designs.

    (oh and special thanks to the RAB boys for letting me pimp my tees here)

  7. Dalelama says:

    Does RAB do an article or thread where their followers go on the record with their 2010 predictions before the season opener, i.e. Division winners, wildcards, lcs, and World Series?

  8. Ken says:

    Let’s Go YANKEES!!!!

  9. Jose says:

    On this night of RAB administrative stuff, I should probably come clean. In addition to being “alex gonzalez”, I also created all the posts for the “Sal/Bo/Grant/Lanny” names. In hindsight I probably took them too far. I hope you had fun with some of those posts. I apologize to anyone who didn’t think they were funny.

  10. Jamal G. says:


    Twenty-eight-year-old “War Machine” — formerly known as Jon Koppenhaver — was arrested late Tuesday night on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon, according to San Diego police Sgt. Ray Battrick. Police did not immediately make clear if the alleged weapon was the man’s fists or an object.

    I’ve read some bad-ass things in my life, but goddamn…

  11. Steve H says:

    So my 7 mile ride home took 2 hours and 17 minutes. My posts tonight might be as angry as SBGL. Nah, I can’t get that pissed at the world.

  12. Not looking good for my memory.

    Found this:


    look at it and the comments below from Tommie.

    Sorry guys…

  13. Teix is the Man says:

    It pisses me off that in the MLB 10 trailer it shows Mauer making amazing plays almost excluesively against the Yankees; I find that pretty annoying.

  14. bexarama says:


    oh no we’re in the same position as the “It’s the Mets!” from last year, we’re doomed :(

    • Zack says:


      “With new ace Roy Halladay, Philly could be on the verge of a dynasty”

      Can a team win more than 1 WS before we talk about dynasty?

      • bexarama says:


        also, frankly, I’m pretty sure you could say Philly was “on the verge of a dynasty” Halladay or not. I mean, just making it to the WS two years in a row in today’s environment is a pretty big deal.

        (Awww, Posada not letting go of Mo after the last out of the ALCS last year will never fail to make me smile really widely.)

  15. Looks like I have shamed myself multiple times tonight.

    Sorry, Tommie.

    Sorry, Bexy.

    Looks like I’ve DFA’d myself…

    (walks off looking for his tant? or wakizashi with which to commit Seppuku…)

    (and only finds a plain dagger † …)

    Guess I’ll have to stick around, you must use the proper equipment for sepukku, or risk shaming yourself more!

  16. bexarama says:

    actual argument today, not an April Fools joke: “Well if you take out all those games where Beckett gave up a bunch of home runs he’s better than Sabathia”

  17. Steve H says:

    Some of Ozzie Guillen’s latest tweets.

    knight casttle the house oney build

    One more springtraining gone my number 25 in the show oh my god long time now lucking for a good summer

    Thank god is over and good health ready to go charlotte boby cox and the real thingh


  18. bexarama says:

    oh BTW speaking of Red Sox pitching Tazawa is gonna have TJ surgery and be out for the season. TEH DEPTH.

  19. Tommie/Smith/John/Carlos/Sal/Bo/Lanny/Grant/Eric/Oofy Still says:

    Guys, I have a confession to make. I’M Sal/Bo/Lanny/Grant. I’m also TSJC. My real name is Oofy Still. I’m a psychologist. I post as all these people then study the various responses generated over a period of time. It’s a study in psychology. I have now written a paper on it.

    It’s been a pleasure meeting you all. I’ll still post here as Oofy occasionally, but TSJC and SBGL will be no more. You’ve provided me with a fascinating amount of evidence for my paper. Have a good night and go Yankees.

    • Nice try, Jose. ;-)

      Or whoever.

      Definitely not Tommie.

      • Andy --but which one? says:

        This will end badly…

      • Tommie/Smith/John/Carlos/Sal/Bo/Lanny/Grant/Eric/Oofy Still says:

        I am not Tommie, or Sal, or Bo, or Lanny, or Grant. I’m Oofy. Fear me.*

        *I’m not a regular poster. I just noticed all the jokes being made about people being other people…not that this is one. Please disregard the previous “regular poster” comment.

        • The Real Oofy says:


          I think ah found the first perpitraitor! Where’s ma gun??

          ∴ ∴

          ::chk chk::
          Dang! Ah missed! Where’d he git to?

          ∴ ∴

          AH got yew! Heh!

    • The Real Oofy says:

      Hey, buddy, I don’t know who you are, but there are laws in this country against impersonation of a doctor.

      Quit it, or I’mma go all Patriot-Act on your ass.

      -The REAL Dr. Oofy Still

      • Tommie/Smith/John/Carlos-I guess I could just call myself Oofy... says:

        Who the fuck are you?

        The experiment wasn’t over yet! Thanks a lot!

        • What experiment?

          I’m Pilot Officer Oofy Still, just off my last mission–I’ve finally returned, I was lost in the Bermuda Triangle–and I demand to know what’s going on here!

          Just click my link…you’ll see I’m the genuine article.

          Who is this impostor?

          • Accent Shallow says:

            Where are the Snowdens of yesteryear?

          • Dr. Oofy Still says:

            For the record, I just read Going Solo, Oofy Still is mentioned. Yes, he was a pilot.

            Just because we share the same name we need to be the same person?

            What shit is this?

            • The Real Oofy says:

              Hey, who are you? You’re not me! WHo are you guys??

              There’s only one DOCTOR Oofy Still, and that’s ME, buster!

              Tommie, Schmommie, Smith/Carlo-whosie-whatsit, I don’t give a damn WHUT you call yer Commie ass, you’d best stop impersonating ME, or there will be SERIOUS consequences, I can tell you. Like, Military ones. And stuff.

              So watchit!!

    • Too choppy and lacks the usual TSJC flair. Poor imitator.

      • Tommie/Smith/John/Carlos/Sal/Bo/Lanny/Grant/Eric/Oofy Still says:

        Puh. TSJC was just one of my facades. I figured since I’m finally revealing everything I might as well speak/write as I normally do.

  20. Who Am I? says:

    Who are you?

  21. What a strange night.

    I’m going now.

    ‘night, all.

    Whoever you are.

  22. Andy_C_23 says:

    Anyone else watching the A’s/Fake G-Men game on MLB network? Zito looks solid. I know it’s still top of the first, but still.

  23. Bo says:

    What the f**k is Girardi thinking putting Granderson in center?

  24. This thread should go into the archives as “Sybil.”

  25. bexaroofya says:

    this thread has become totally amazing

  26. JobaWockeeZ says:

    So…what does everyone think about ESPN New York’s writing staff?

  27. Just a quick timeout says:

    I don’t know about these guys, but Oofy Still IS a real person. He was a pilot for the RAF in WWII. He fought in 80 Squadron with author Roald Dahl. He died on April 18. He is mentioned in Dahl’s autobiography Going Solo and in his short (but nonfiction story) “Shot Dowin in Libya”, alternatively titled “A Piece of Cake”. If you want to read a little bit about Pilot Oofy Still you could google “Shot Down in Libya”.

  28. Mike Axisa says:

    Sorry about that wackjob with the TSJC/Lanny/Oofy comments. He won’t be seen around these parts any more.

  29. Did Lombardi get dropped by SNY or something? I just wandered over to his blog for the first time in months, maybe a year for all I know, and noticed there’s nothing there about the blog being affiliated with SNY anymore.

    • Accent Shallow says:

      One thing I’ve always found odd about his blog is that despite having a lot of traffic, he’s never had many comments or commenters in comparison to other popular blogs.

      Not that it’s a bad thing, just that it’s different from what I’ve come to expect.

      • How do we know that he has a lot of traffic? (Honest question.)

        • Accent Shallow says:

          He’s one of the more well-known Yankee blogs out there, and he did have the SNY deal at one point (and maybe he still does, who knows).

          Mostly, it’s the SNY deal. Why would he have gotten that without heavy traffic?

          • Yeah, but by the same reasoning… Why would he have lost it? I think his traffic might be a bit overestimated, in general. There are, and really have always been, very few comments over there, and I think he’s pretty out of touch with a pretty large portion of the fanbase and, more particularly, the online fanbase.

            I don’t know the answer, I’m just asking. He crows all the time about how wonderful and popular and influential his blog is… I’m just wondering if it’s true, since there seem to be indications that it’s not.

            • bexarama says:

              Why would he have lost it?

              I generally don’t read that blog, but maybe the Crawford stuff didn’t go over so well with them?

            • Accent Shallow says:

              I’m not him, nor do I know anything about web traffic. However:

              Alexa ranks WasWatching as ~69,000 among US webpages.
              Other Yankee blogs:

              RiverAveBlues: ~10,000
              Bronx Banter: ~200,000
              TheYankeeU: ~64,000
              Lohud Yankees Blog: ~10,000
              NoMaas: ~30,000


              • Moshe Mandel says:

                He’s been dropping like a stone. Most of these sites have sitemeter, so you can compare. I believe he was somewhere closer to 2000 a day in 2008.

                • Damn. How’s TYU doing? On the rise?

                • Moshe Mandel says:

                  And the explanation is simple. He is a more pessimistic fan, so when most fans were pessimistic about the team, 2005-2008, he had a receptive audience. Now, not so much- positive feelings about the team means the audience isnt interested in constant negativity. I guess in some weird way, it is a credit to Steve that he has not altered his outlook despite the loss in visitors.

                • Moshe Mandel says:

                  We are pretty happy with our rank among Yankee blogs, considering we have been around just 14 months. You can see the Alexa rankings above, and sitemeter has us as one of the better ranked Yankees fan blogs. I think our loose association with RAB has really helped us in that regard- we get plenty of traffic from links here by the writers and in open threads. I’ve thanked the guys before, but I think it shows a lot of character by them- sites like TYU are obviously not big enough to be a real competitor at this time, but I know of other bloggers who would be a lot more competitive and would be loathe to send traffic our way. The RABbi’s have been extremely helpful and supportive along the way. Real class acts.

                • He certainly has conviction, for whatever that’s worth. He doesn’t seem like a mean guy or anything, but perhaps a bit misguided. I don’t wish ill on him or anything, but I’d prefer a bit more intellectual curiosity and less cherry-picking of the statistics he does choose to cite.

                  In terms of your loose affiliation with RAB, it would appear that it’s on account of a few things, notably that most of you guys have been commenters here for a while, and also that your format is fairly similar to RAB, both macro and micro — there’s a mix of in-depth analysis, an appreciation of sabermetrics, a look at prospects, the everyday happenings, trends and outliers, trade possibilities, etc.

                  While I haven’t met any of them IRL, all of the RABbi’s have always been friendly, interesting, solid guys. It’s no surprise they’d be so generous. They’re also remarkably humble considering how big this place has gotten.

                  Now with my own little blog — which doesn’t really aim to be anything like this site or TYU — I have lots of respect for bloggers that take the time to write tons of posts of high quality EVERY DAY. It’s time-consuming and can be really hard to balance with a professional and personal life. I didn’t realize (or appreciate) how hard it was until I started.

                  And also, thanks to you guys for occasionally throwing us a link. We really appreciate it.

                • Moshe Mandel says:

                  Of course. I love that M and A has become a place for RAB commenters to contribute guest posts. It represents an expansion of the community that can only be a good thing.

                • Oh, we really do enjoy it. There are a lot of bright minds among Yankee fans on the web and we’re happy to provide an outlet for them to voice what’s on their mind. That said, we try to strive for a range of voices and styles; those guest posts are usually a good contrast to our semi-analytical, semi-humorous focus.

                  Steve’s a fucking animal. I don’t know how he finds time to do so much. There are like 20 drafts ready to go whenever. I feel accomplished when I get one decent post up a day.

                  I think Pete’s going to be a fantastic addition, too.

                • On another note, I’m convinced Ben is actually living the movie Multiplicity. There’s no way someone could work a professional legal job (or internship or clerkship or whatever), go to law school, contribute and monitor posts at a very popular site (RAB), run another popular site (and a niche, at that) and still have time to go on tv and do all sorts of other stuff.

                  The only explanation is he has clones.

  30. Sorry to bug you guys with Fantasy baseball stuff, but I’m kinda stuck. My draft starts in about 30 minutes. i have the third pick. Any suggestions as to who to take?

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