Miranda finally called up, Russo sent down, CHoP to start rehab

Doing the DH shuffle
Game 34: Or maybe not (+ chat!)

This one took a little longer to materialize than we originally expected, but Juan Miranda has in fact been called up, and is in the lineup at first base today. Mark Teixiera is getting a half-day off as the designated hitter, but I expect everyone to get a full day off given the weather forecast in Detroit. To make room for Miranda, utility player Kevin Russo was returned to Triple-A Scranton. Unsurprising, but still slightly disappointing. Hopefully Miranda gets regular at-bats, because this nonsense about a rotating DH needs to stop.

Meanwhile, Marc Carig reports that Chan Ho Park will begin a rehab assignment with Triple-A Scranton tomorrow. He’ll probably need two or three minor league outings before being ready to return to the big league team, so that puts him on target for a return next week. The bullpen sure could use him.

Doing the DH shuffle
Game 34: Or maybe not (+ chat!)
  • A.D.

    Good stuff, interesting that Nova is being allowed to rot in the pen, but I guess he’ll be there to stay until Pettitte comes back or Sanchez can be recalled.

    • vin

      I’m just glad Girardi and Cash have learned the value of having a long man in the pen. They didn’t carry a long man out of ST in ’08 and ’09 and got burned both years. Hughes and Kennedy in ’08 and the CMW horror show in ’09 taxed the pen almost beyond repair.

  • A.D.

    Chan Ho Park will begin a rehab assignment with Triple-A Scranton tomorrow.

    Hopefully, buh bye Boone Logan

  • pat

    Unfortunately the prospects of this game getting played look pretty bleak.


  • JohnC

    How long will they wait before thye call the game?

  • Rose

    CHoP to start rehab

    Benihana is proud to represent the New York Yankees…aaaaand Hideki…

    • vin

      That’s why Mo loves Benihana so much – He gets free meals there because they’re a sponser, and He’s thrifty.

  • DSFC

    Can Russo play shortstop at all? I’m guessing that’s the only reason they’re keeping Pena over him. I don’t know if Russo will hit at all in the majors, but I’m certain that Pena can’t.

    Oh boy, Winn-Golson at the bottom of the lineup! Pray this one does indeed get rained out.

    • Rose

      Can Russo play shortstop at all?

      Jeter has been pretty bad lately…in his last 4 games he’s 0-16 with 2 BB. His .311 OBP is extremely strange.

      • http://www.soxandpinstripes.net JGS

        He’s also hit several of those 16 right on the screws and had them reeled in. He’ll be fine

    • whozat

      He can fake it, but he’s not a good SS. I think he’ll make the plays he gets to, but…

    • Evan in NYC

      Randy Winn’s line since May 3:


      Looks like with the regular at-bats he is putting it all together.

      Plus he is a solid defender over the clueless Thames and is also a threat on the bases.

    • vin

      I think Girardi favors utility IFers who he knows can play good defense at multiple positions more so than a guy with a decent stick and a poor glove. All things considered, Russo would probably have to hit better than an average Major Leaguer to take Pena’s job… and I don’t know if the Yanks think he can do it.

      • IRememberCelerinoSanchez

        I think you’re correct, but I don’t think Russo has a “poor glove” at second or third. I think he’s fine in those to spots. It’s short where the Yanks don’t seem to have confidence in him. But I agree with your analysis.

  • Dela G

    welcome to the show, folks

  • Jose Mourinho

    1) Weather.com is less reliable than the best weather site on the net: wunderground.com

    According to wunderground, the bad weather has passed over Detroit, it appears that the game will go off on schedule.

  • Ty

    Just hope they don’t start it and have to stop it again…CC doesn’t need another one of those.

  • JohnC

    Stoneburner has been perfect thru 5 so far in his Tampa debut.

    • vin

      I wonder if we might see a Joba/IPK type ascension through the minors for Stoneburner.

      • TheLastClown

        Honestly…I hope not. Not because I don’t want him to succeed, I just feel like Joba & to a lesser extent, IPK, were really brought through too quickly.

        We had expectations for these guys way too fast, and since they didn’t really take lumps in the minors, we got to watch them take lumps on the big stage. IPK made one comment & is forever remembered as a “petulant child” *this was just one person’s description, but everyone remembers what I’m talking about* while Joba’s development was so screwy that the starting pitcher who dominated the minors at every level is in the bullpen.

        Anyway…let’s let Stoneburner have a couple of years in the minors.