Record low attendance at last night’s game

The unnecessariness of a 12-man bullpen
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Via Ross, last night’s game against the Orioles was seen by just 41,571 fans, a record low for the New Stadium. The rain earlier in the day probably had a little to do with it, and I can’t imagine many Orioles’ fans made the trip up to see their 7-19 club either. The previous low was set last April, when just 42,065 fans watched the Yanks beat the A’s.

Ticket sales for the 2010 season are ahead of last year’s pace, so last night’s game was probably just a blip on the radar.

The unnecessariness of a 12-man bullpen
2010 Draft: MLB announces draft coverage
  • Andy_C_23

    “last night’s game was probably just a blip on the radar”

    Unlike Dallas Braden

    • Johan Iz My Brohan

      “Yo Sheets, what’s this motherfucking blip doing on MY radar?

    • bexarama

      I turned on the As game last night just in time to see this segment that consisted of him talking about helping kids in the Bay Area. Except he wasn’t really talking about helping kids. He was talking about how super awesome he was for helping the kids. “I’m the man!!! I’m the man!!!” Yeah, he said that.

      I think Dallas Braden is just kind of a weirdo.

  • Rebecca-Optimist Prime (Optimovelist Primus)

    1) Monday Night.
    2) Orioles.
    3) Night game during Finals week and/or AP exam week.

    • andrew

      I would definitely put the weather ahead of finals and AP testing

  • dr mrs the yankee

    I mentioned it in my game wrap post over there but ~40k attendance is pretty typical for midweek games this time of year against meh opponents.

    In 2007 a game like last night would have had <40k probably.

  • Steve H

    Must be nice when 41k is a low.

  • Chops

    Next weekend, 2 tickets right behind home plate, $50


    • Rebecca-Optimist Prime (Optimovelist Primus)


      I thought the Yanks were on the road next week?

      • dr mrs the yankee

        They’re back Friday for a series against Minnesota

        A hopefully Mauer-less series…

      • Chops

        I meant the orioles game, I wish it were the Yankees game.

    • Andy_C_23

      Nice. What time are we leaving?

  • vinny-b

    in fairness, the stadium looks like a joke, based on every game i’ve seen on TV this year.

    basically, every other seat in the lower sections of the stadium are empty.

    • Rebecca-Optimist Prime (Optimovelist Primus)

      On TV you usually only see the Legends (ie, the $1,000) seats.

      The rest of the stadium is usually pretty full. It was sold out the last time I was there, on Saturday.

      • Nady Nation

        Not sure where you were sitting, but I was there Saturday too, and I thought the amount of empty seats for a beatiful day, weekend game was pretty staggering.

        • Rebecca-Optimist Prime (Optimovelist Primus)

          At the beginning it was pretty full, but it emptied considerably by the middle innings–90 degree day and a Javy start does not make for good attendance mix.

        • a fan

          I was at game 3 of walkoff weekend last year, and I can tell you that even though the really expensive seats weren’t full the Stadium was really crowded. For the record, I loved the new House and definitely want to go back.

    • poster

      Really? It’s looked fine to me.

      • Lex

        I was at the game last night, the Legends section was mostly empty.

        • poster

          Well last night was the emptiest night of the year.

    • A.D.

      basically, every other seat in the lower sections of the stadium are empty.

      Don’t really get how that makes anything look like a joke?

  • bobtaco

    For a little perspective on what a small crowd is:

    Rich Harden tossed seven innings of two-hit, shutout ball in his first appearance against his former team, and Texas knocked off the A’s 4-2.

    The announced crowd of 8,874 was the smallest at the Coliseum since 6,295 came to a game against Seattle on April 3, 2003. It’s also the first time the A’s have had a crowd of fewer than 10,000 since that 2003 date.



    • Andy In Sunny Daytona

      Last week in Tampa, they drew 10,700 and 10,900 in a 2 game series against the A’s.

    • Coach6423

      That’s because no one wanted to be near Bradens mound…

  • Kyle

    This will be the lowest attended game until Vazquez’ next start at home.

    • A.D.

      This would probably be true, but his next home start should be against the Twins, on a Sunday, so probably not.

      • Dirty Pena

        How many people are really basing whether or not they come to the game on that night’s pitcher anyway?

      • Kyle

        Way to call me out!

        • Kyle

          I quite cognizant of the pitcher if I am buying tickets last minute

  • YankeeScribe

    I live in Baltimore. I don’t think the Orioles have drawn 40,000 fans to any games this season

    • Dirty Pena

      Other than Opening Day, I doubt the Orioles have drawn 40,000 in quite a few seasons.

  • Jammy Jammers

    This time of year is too likely for rainouts (in my uninformed opinion).
    I usually don’t go to games this early in the season.
    I’m to two in June.

  • Neil

    Mother’s Day 1997 I brought 6 people to the game to see the Yanks get their 1996 championship rings. Got 6 seats on the day of the game in the 2nd row of the tier boxes right behind home plate. Attendance was about 25,000. Nobody especially the Yankees should be complaining about attendance of 41,000.