Going for the Kill: Bring in Adam Dunn


Over the last few weeks I’ve been profiling some players on the trade market that may or may not make some sense for the Yankees and their needs. That series was more or less an introduction to those players, not necessarily an endorsement of their acquisition. This time I’m going to cut right to the chase: I want the Yankees to trade for Adam Dunn.

(AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta)

I had been lukewarm about the idea all year long likely because he’d just be  rental, but the more I think about it, the more I want him in pinstripes. Perhaps the failed Cliff Lee got my hopes up and I’m still trying to cope with the disappointment of losing out on that big fish. Either way, Nick Johnson’s setback means the team currently has no designated hitter, which puts the Yanks at a considerable disadvantage in an ultra-competitive division. Another bat is very much needed in order to keep Ramiro Pena and Colin Curtis and Frankie Cervelli on the bench where they belong.

Scheduled to become a free agent after the season, Dunn is reportedly losing interest in signing a long-term deal with the Nationals. He’s a lock to be a Type-A free agent, and his $12M salary this year isn’t crazy enough to keep a team from declining to offer him arbitration. Even if he were to accept, there are worst things in the world than having a guy that productive signed for one year at $14-15M. It’s not like there are any age related concerns either, Dunn is still very much in the prime of his career at age 30.

Dunn’s credentials are well-known. In an era of baseball that suddenly features fewer homeruns and less offense in general, Dunn is arguably the best and most consistent longball threat in the game, whacking 38-40 homers in each of the last five years. He’s on pace for 39 this season, and that’s without the New Stadium’s short porch in right. All those homers are supplemented by a ton of walks (16.5% walk rate for his career), though he’s traded in some free passes this year in exchange for some more singles, kinda like Nick Swisher. There’s nothing wrong with that, a hit is always better than a walk.

(AP Photo/David Zalubowski)

Yes, Dunn does strike out a ton, there’s no denying it. He’s on pace for 191 whiffs this year, which would be the eighth highest single season total in baseball history and the third highest single season total of Dunn’s career. Strikeouts are (usually) the worst possible outcome, but we know that sometimes you have to trade them off for big time power, something Dunn obviously provides. His platoon split isn’t as crazy as you might think; he’s got a .397 career wOBA against righties, and .361 off lefties. That’s more than acceptable.

Dunn is so comically bad at anything on a baseball field aside from swinging a bat that it’s almost not worth mentioning his defense and baserunning. His three-year UZR‘s in the outfield and at first base are -49.4 and -18.6, respectively, among the bottom two scores in the game. So yeah, Dunn has been one the game’s two worst defensive players at not just one, but two positions over the last three years. His last stolen base came in 2008, and he has a grand total of two steals in the last two and a half seasons. Baseball Prospectus’ baserunning stats say he’s cost his teams an even six runs on the bases during that time, which actually isn’t as bad as I expected. That doesn’t change the point though, Dunn is strictly a designated hitter.

Nats’ GM Mike Rizzo maintains that it would take an “extraordinary offer” to pry Dunn loose, but it would be irresponsible of him to ignore offers with his team out of contention (14 games back) and Dunn’s sudden lack of interest in signing a new deal. Sky Kalkman’s trade value calculator pegs Dunn’s value at $11.3M assuming a strong second half, which is equivalent to something like a Grade-B pitching prospect plus a Grade-B position player prospect according to Victor Wang’s research. I’m not talking Jesus Montero or Austin Romine here, those guys should only be moved for a super-elite player.

The Yanks have some surplus Grade-B prospects, so they can afford to overpay a little if that’s what a takes. Zach McAllister or Ivan Nova plus one of David Adams or Eduardo Nunez could headline the package with another low level, low probability prospect thrown in for good measure. For comparison’s sake, the last time Dunn was traded (from the Reds to Diamondbacks), he fetched a Grade-C hitting prospect (Wilkin Castillo), a Grade-B pitching prospect (Dallas Buck), and the perpetually over-rated Micah Owings (he can hit, he’s an ace!). Z-Mac/Nova and Adams/Nunez plus a third player isn’t all that far off.

The Yankees already have a fine offense. They lead baseball in on-base percentage at .353, but their power output has dropped off noticeably from last season. They’re on pace for 182 homers as a team (244 last year), and their isolated power has dropped from .195 to .174 from ’09 to ’10. It’s still a very good offense like I said, no doubt about it, but adding Dunn makes it the best in the league, with over-the-fence power everywhere you look.  The Yanks don’t need Adam Dunn, but they didn’t need Cliff Lee either. That didn’t, and shouldn’t, stop them from trying to improve the team wherever possible.

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  1. Steve H says:

    For a package like you mentioned, I’m on board. Dude can absolutely mash and would lengthen the Yankees lineup considerably. He’d see a ton of pitches and hit a ton of home runs. Like you said, easy to offer him arbitration which he would likely decline because he doesn’t want to DH. That might be the sticking point though, the package they get needs to be better than the 2 Type A picks, though there’s always the risk that they don’t get the signing team’s first or second pick, ala Burnett.

    Maybe if he played for a winner, he’d stop hating baseball too.

    • T-Dubs says:

      Agreed. Z-Mac + Adams + Scrub = T-Dubs Endorsed.

    • tony c. says:

      I agree.One thing that’s going to keep the Yankees from A.DUNN is he does’nt want to D./H. Awe-some lft.handed power!Perfect fit..

    • bill says:

      Take A.J.s guitar and smack him upside the head to sraighten him out sign dunn forget about Nick J. and lets get the F— on with it. Too much co0nstipation for me Hey we’re in it to win it for christsake

  2. bonestock94 says:

    Absolutely love this w/o Jesus or Romine.

  3. Mike HC says:

    I have no problem with that. I just highly doubt the Yanks trade for a DH. Could happen though. And like I always say about Cashman, you have no idea what he is planning.

  4. Usty says:

    If they can get Dunn for that package or similar, I would drive the prospects to whatever minor league town they need to go to to save DC the airfare money.

  5. mike c says:

    hmmm going for the big cheese … i like it but they’d probably want to include at least one of miranda, brackman, zrom for him. figure they’d start by asking for romine and work their way down from there

  6. Rose says:

    I don’t think the Nationals would trade their best offensive player right now for just a bunch of B level prospects though. Kind of like what was said in the Schilling thread yesterday. The Diamondbacks asked for eternity from the Yankees and then settled for significantly less from the Red Sox. Even though “Generous” George isn’t around anymore…teams still do this quite often (i.e. Johan Santana trade). But maybe, who knows?

    Adam Dunn would fit so perfectly in the line up it would be ridiculous.

    I would need to wear a bib for the rest of the season I’d be drooling so much.

    • T-Dubs says:

      An offer that includes major-league ready (or almost) prospects for a team that hates to admit it’s rebuilding might be more attractive to them than the comp. picks they’d receive.

  7. mikebk says:

    adams and z-mac would make it a pretty easy decision and you definitely offer him arb so it’s either a 35 hr dh next year or 2 picks.

    yes he strikes out a lot but you could argue he is having his best year of his career right now hitting .288 and already having 26 2b to go with his 22hr’s. i dont see the nats much but have to assume some of those 2b’s would be hr’s here.

  8. zs190 says:

    The ability, like you said, speaks for itself. Adam Dunn is a terrific middle of lineup bat and would be an awesome addition. Mildly concerned that he has stated repeatedly that he does not want to DH but he doesn’t seem to have trade protection so too bad for him.

    I would love to see it happen but honestly it doesn’t seem like Yankees’ kind of move. If Yanks started the year knowing they need to rest ARod/Posada as much as they do now, I’m not sure they would have even signed Nick Johnson. Hope this trade happens but more likely I think it’ll just be a bullpen arm and an utility infielder that can hit better than Pena/Russo.

  9. bonestock94 says:

    Oh, nevermind, I just realized why I can’t support this trade. People that chew with their mouths open gross me out to death and piss me off. Dunn is a major offender with his gum. Pass.

  10. jsbrendog (returns) says:

    i ould buy a big donkey jersey shirt in a heartbeat

  11. Rose says:

    Adam Dunn at YSIII…

    [drools on bib]

  12. M says:

    I like the thought, what about tossing in a player like Miranda, with Adams and a low level pitching prospect. It would allow Washington to fill that 1b/power void with a player right away, whom could have some impact and coems at a cheap price. I would like to see Miranda get a chance and not lose him to MILB FA this season.
    What si different from when the Reds sent him to AZ, is that he was not as coveted as he is today, though he wasnt as over paid, but with the Sox involved, I am thinking it would be a package like Miranda, Adams, and probably a Zach McAllister or a higher prospect.

  13. Rose says:

    Wouldn’t you think the draft pick(s) the Nationals would get after the off season would be infinitely better than any package of B level prospects the Yankees would offer them though?

    • mike c says:

      plus tampa, texas and boston will be sweating the guy as well

      • M says:

        True but who said they would offer him arbitration, because if he acepts its going to be over $12 mill a season, and it would be hard to equal that cash in the open market.
        Mike C is correct with Tampa, Texas, and dont foget Chicago.

        It is one of those scenarios that its hard to read what the GM would do, is he willing to lose him at the end of the year, is he willing to east some money to get better players, or is he willing to accept B-level prospects if the other team eats the contract.

        • YankeeGrunt says:

          They’re going to offer him arb. He’s a popular player and after Zimm their only big-time bat, they’re starting to make some noise in DC. They can afford a $12-$13 mil award and I’d guess if they don’t deal him they’re going to offer him something in the 3-4 year range at >$10 mil per.

      • Rose says:

        No way Boston goes anywhere near him. They already have Ortiz and Lowell clogging up the DH spot needing to get rid of one of them. They’re looking for an outfielder and only because of the injuries

        Texas is looking for a right handed bat to replace Smoak at 1B. Dunn is a lefty.

        Tampa may be the only competition in acquiring Dunn out of the 3 you mentioned. Although, I don’t see them spending a lot on a half year rental because they can’t afford it like the Yankees can.

        • Ted Nelson says:

          Smoak is a switch hitter who hits a lot better as a lefty… If it’s a better value I doubt Nolan Ryan is *that* concerned whether he gets a lefty or righty bat. However, the organization is bankrupt so I’m not sure MLB will let them add another big salary. Furthermore, they’ve already given up a good package for Lee and might want to preserve prospects.

          If Dunn’s bat is on the market I’m sure Washington will get some offers, though.

    • Steve H says:

      The one risk they take on that is if a team signs multiple Type A’s and that 1st round pick turns into a 2nd or 3rd round pick. Still has value, but not as much.

      • Rose says:

        True. But the days of a team (other than the Yankees) buying several Type A’s are dwindling. And I don’t think the Yankees will be doing it again for quite some time. IMO anyway.

        • Zack says:

          It’s about the level of need on the field. If the Yankees have 2 major holes on the team, the Yankees will go sign 2 Type A free agents (if they can’t fill it via trade).

    • Chris says:

      A typical late first round pick is not really that valuable. Even a mediocre prospect that’s close to the majors is better than the picks.

      • Matt says:

        True the late round pick isnt usually as valuable, but just about every scout in baseball is saying this will be the most loaded draft in the last 30 years. The bottom 15 picks will have a lot better talent that usual, so losing those picks makes less sense this year

  14. DSFC says:

    Get it done. One more power bat in the lineup is exactly what this team needs and the cost probably wouldn’t be too bad.

  15. CountryClub says:

    He’d probably hit 7th for the Yankees too. How crazy would that be? I doubt he’d bat 2nd because of his power and penchant for K’s and Girardi probably wouldnt want him and Cano back to back. He’d stick Jorge in between them so that he had a righty splitting them up.

    • Tom Zig says:

      Nah. He’d bat 6th. Not a huge deal to have him and Cano back to back. They both have .800+ OPS vs lefties for their careers.

      • CountryClub says:

        I agree with you. But Girardi has been very hesitant to do this. Heck, even if he bats 6th, that means Jorge is batting 7th. Either way, it’s an insane lineup.

  16. theyankeewarrior says:

    If the Yankees could trade Z-Mac and Adams for Dunn, I think they would in a second. But if that’s the case, I have a feeling that a team like the White Sox (who need a DH) could and would easily outbid them.

  17. CS Yankee says:

    I’ve posted for this for some time. We need to do this as the Miranda/Thames platoon for DH won’t hold water come postseason.

    I agree that Miranda needs a shot but with Dunn he will not get that chance. So, deal Miranda, Nova, Adams & throw in their choice of Gaudin, CHoP, or dare I say…Kei.

    The bigger question would be the batting order where one could go like the ’88 AS game where Big Mac was listed as ‘double-cleanup” by LaRussa when he batted him 8th (think Griff or Canseco was cleanup).

    • theyankeewarrior says:

      Throwing in Park, Gaudin or Kei won’t help anything. The Nationals wouldn’t want them.

      • CS Yankee says:

        Whenever you can throw in someone who would be DFA’d soon anyways…I say you try.

        As with Kei, every trade should at least discuss the possibility of having the SWB all-time winningest pitcher involved.

      • Tom Zig says:

        What use do those guys have for the Nats? None of them are type-A or B. Even if the Yanks paid 100% of the remaining salaries they wouldn’t want them.

    • Brian says:

      Are you suggesting the Yanks trade 3 prospects and an active roster player for a DH?

  18. Scout says:

    I have no problem with Dunn, but the bullpen strikes me as the real sore point now. So I would expect Cashman to use some of his chips for a reliever (or two), even though we all know that relievers are unpredictable from one year to the next.

  19. Guest says:

    I, like I imagine most, am getting very tired of having a really weak hitter in the lineup everyday because we don’t have a true DH. If we can pull this off for a quantity type B-level prospect trade, that would be spectacular.

    New Lineup

    1. Gardner
    2. Jeter
    3. Tex
    4. Arod
    5. Cano
    6. Dunn
    7. Swisher
    8. Posada
    9. Granderson

    Um…yes, please.

    • theyankeewarrior says:

      I’d be a big fan of Cano in the 2-hole.


      But if Gardner is getting OB, he could help Jeets out in the 2-hole by driving pitchers crazy on the bases.

    • Ghost of Scott Brosius says:

      Idk, I think Swisher’s been perfect at 2. I’m hesitant to hit Jeter there right now with his penchant for DP grounders.

  20. teddy says:

    you could save the prospects and let montero dh, despite his 2 month struggles, he back

    • Tom Zig says:

      Montero is not ready for the majors just yet.

      • CS Yankee says:

        Backup catcher & DH in 2011…maybe.

        If he rakes thru July & August a short September callup might be order…if he regresses, no worries as he is only 20 & the bread is still baking.

        • Rose says:

          What about Romine? If that Cliff Lee deal went through…and Posada leaves/retires after next season…what would have happened at Catcher? I wouldn’t think Romine would have been ready by then.

          • Sexy Man Inc. says:

            I hope cervelli learns how to play 3rd- then next year he is 3rd catcher while Montero and Posada share DH and catcher. Romine then steps in a year later and Montero is the DH/backup catcher.

          • theyankeewarrior says:

            If Montero was gone, the plan would be for Romine to be ready by 2012 when Posada’s contract is up.

            2010 – AA
            2011 – AAA
            2012 – MLB

            That’s probably still the plan.

    • Max says:

      That’s risky, considering that he hasn’t completely mashed AAA. Might as well let him play out the season at Scranton and if he picks it up in a big way, or even just in general, call him up for the postseason.

    • dalelama says:

      From what I have seen of Montero he is no where near ready for a MLB breaking ball.

      • Marcos says:

        I know that AAA and MLB is a big difference, but his recent mashing has come on the heels of AAA pitchers throwing him only breaking balls, so that’s a good sign that’s he’s progressing. He still needs some more seasoning at AAA but I wouldn’t be completely opposed to a Sept. call-up.

  21. B-Rando says:

    I think this is one of those trades that makes too much sense to actually happen. Mike, the points you made are dead on. If the Yanks can get him for a group of players that we consider “expendable” it obviously makes sense to pull the trigger.

    Something in my heart tells me that this is pie in the sky though.

    • Max says:

      This is kind of what I was thinking. It makes sense, but also isn’t there some sort of strategic disadvantage to the parts being “expendable?” I feel like the Nats are going to want more. And on top of that, I think they’ll have enough bidders that they’ll be confident enough to do it.

  22. steve s says:

    Dunn makes the Yanks too vulnerable to lefties. Carlos Lee is the man if the goal is to balance the line-up with some one dimensional pop. Even better, bring back Matsui (even-up for Miranda) and watch him come back to life and approach his typical Yankee numbers.

    • Tom Zig says:

      Adam Dunn:


      vs LH Starters: .249/.373/.524/.897
      vs LHP: .240/.357/.473/.830


      vs LH Starters: .242/.337/.473/.809
      vs LHP: .250/.345/.510/.854

      ………Wait which “steve s” are you?

    • Mike Axisa says:

      1. Carlos Lee is awful. He’s hitting worse than Cervelli this year while playing in a hitter’s park.

      2. There are two years and ~$45M left on Lee’s deal. There’s half a season and ~$5M left on Dunn’s.

      3. If Dunn makes then vulnerable to lefties, why doesn’t Matsui?

    • theyankeewarrior says:

      Vulnerable to lefties?????

      Granderson is the only player who doesn’t hit lefties. Dunn would be an upgrade over any player that we have and even if he wasn’t swinging the bat well vs. LHP, we could DH Thames for a day.

      Carlos Lee? What year is this?

    • Tom Zig says:

      Hideki Matsui:


      vs LH Starter: .279/.351/.448/.799
      vs LHP: .284/.348/.457/.804


      vs LH Starter: .165/.206/.297/.503
      vs LHP: .188/.224/.366/.591

      Oh and Matsui is 5 years older than Dunn

      • steve s says:

        According to the arguments above Yanks should only trade for a guy who is currently “hot” based on the most recent samples of performance without taking into consideration their less recent (but not ancient) performance. Do you think it’s less likely that Matsui’s numbers this year against lefties would regress (in a good way) to the mean as opposed to staying as miserable as they are? There are many more examples (e.g. Boone, Nady; Hairston Jr.) of guys the Yanks traded for in mid-season who were performing pretty well but who ended-up performing below par once they hit the Bronx than vice-versa. I like my chances better with the opposite approach which would be less costly in terms of what you need to give up and gets you to a similar place.

  23. teddy says:

    well tom true, but we been told his bat major league ready now, which doesn’t make it true.

    he ain’t catching or cashman never would trade him. a catcher with that kind of pop you don’t trade

  24. Bob Kohm says:

    Hate to rain on the parade, but sitting here as a Yankee fan in DC this deal isn’t going to get dunn, er, done.

    The Nats are on a serious PR campaign right now built on the back of Starsburg’s success and there finally being hope for the future of this team. While Dunn has had cold feet about signing a long term deal with DC of late, that isn’t penetrating the fan psyche at all. For Kastens and the Lerners to move Dunn now would be a huge setback for the momentum building in the DC area for this team so no matter how much sense a deal Rizzo worked out might make I’d expect to see it quashed by the higher ups.

    The Yankees would have to significantly overpay for Dunn with top prospects or MLB tested talent… which they aren’t going to do for a few months of a limited DH.

    • Gonzo says:

      I concur. I could see Kasten, Rizzo, and the Lerners accept a trade and then sign Dunn back, but that’s a crap shoot.

    • Steve H says:

      What if Dunn makes it 100% clear he’s not resigning with the Natinals? Would that change things from both the FO perspective and fan perspective? I don’t think that would happen, but was wondering if you think that would change things in DC.

      • Gonzo says:

        I don’t think that Dunn would say that. He wants to play a position, so that would limit the teams he could sign with and play 1b. I don’t think he would alienate a team that fits the bill, and he has said in the past he would like to continue to play with the Nats.

        That being said, Rizzo considers himself a very good draft guy. I think he has a decent record to back some of that up too. If he said, there is no way he would sign with the Nats, 2 picks are then guaranteed. He would then want better players in return than B to C players. With the draft stocked next year, it’s possible he thinks he could do better than Z-Mac and Adams.

    • Guest says:

      Based on what I’ve seen and heard, this sounds exactly right (unfortunately for us). Between Strasburg and Harper, there is genuine excitement about the Nats in DC for the first time in, well…um…ever. Dunn is their big power bat, and as we all know, chicks dig the longball. Trading Dunn would be like taking a pin to the balloon they’re currently attempting to inflate.

      Then again, I think they could sell a trade of Dunn to their fan base as a part of “building for the future,” but they can’t sell it if he is traded for B-prospects whose ceilings are “major league contributor…maybe.” Of course, Dunn, in a world of just cold hard reason, is only worth such a compilation of B-prospects.

      But as Fox news proves every day, that is not the world we live in. The Yanks would, unfortunately, have to overpay for the Dunn. As much as I want him in pinstripes, he is not the kind of player that a team should stretch for.

      Can someone remind me why we didn’t sign him for peanuts this past off-season again?

      • Gonzo says:

        He wasn’t available last year. He signed a 2 year deal. He also wants to play a position. With Tex in tow and not wanting -infinity in left field, it didn’t make sense for the Yanks or Dunn to come to an agreement.

      • Sweet Dick Willie says:

        Because he stated unequivocally that he doesn’t want to be a DH.

      • TheodoreRipple says:

        Guest said-
        “Of course, Dunn, in a world of just cold hard reason, is only worth such a compilation of B-prospects. But as Fox news proves every day, that is not the world we live in.”

        And where do you find this so called “reason” guest? Let me guess, MSNBC, Huffington Post, Comedy Central, right. Please , leave the far-left calling card on some other site because using reason means not looking at reality through the idiotic, vile and bigoted lenses of a Bill Maher, Rick Sanchez or Keith Olberman.

        Hope defending FNC doesn’t earn me too many enemies on this fine website but I just can’t these progressive folks bashing the most fair and balanced news on tv today.

        • johnny says:

          Is this a Joke or do you get blowjobs from Rupert Murdoch on the regular? You don’t need qualifiers or alternatives to say fox news sucks. Just because the cubs, astros, and brewers are pretty bad too doesn’t mean the pirates are any good.

    • Nick H. says:

      Concur … the Nats aren’t going to settle for class B prospects with the Strasburg PR push that’s underway.

      Even if Dunn announces that he won’t sign up with the Nats, the Nats first choice would be likely be the compensatory draft picks option (remember the Alphonso Soriano situation a few years back)over the discussed class B package of prospects … it would be a lesser PR disaster for the Nats to boot whose fans would be looking at the situation of trading a 35-40 HR, .275 Avg. guy for a bag of excess rocks.

      If the Yankees want to “get it Dunn”, they are going to have to overpay … he’s worth a whole lot more to the Yankees than to the Nats and Mike Rizzo, the Nats’ GM, knows that.

    • NATSONE says:

      Thank you Rob Kohm! As Rizzo has said: it would be “very painful” for the Nats to let go of Dunn but it would also be “very painful” for the team that acquires him. So stop with the lowball offers Yankee fans.

      GO NATS!!!

  25. Gonzo says:

    I live in DC, and go to Nats games here and there (Yes, I was at Strasburg’s debut). Dunn wants to play a position badly, so I think if the Yanks get him, there is little worry that he would accept. He is considered a “good” clubhouse guy. The players like him (Nyjer Morgan nicknamed him “Tony Plush”).

    However, Bowden is not running the show right now. It looks like Rizzo is a good GM. I think he would want some “sexiness” in a trade of Dunn to appease the fan base. I don’t think Z-Mac and Adams would cut it. It’s possible since there will be pain at 2nd for them after this year. I think it might take an extra level of pain to get Dunn, and short of Romine and Montero, I would have to add Warren, maybe….

    Yes, I like “”‘s a lot.

  26. Brooklyn Ed says:

    2 things:

    1: Another bat is very much needed in order to keep Ramiro Pena and Colin Curtis and Frankie Cervelli on the bench where they below.

    I think you mean belong..

    2: Dunn or Willingham for the win!! Willingham is having a breakout season and could also mash. With him and Cano back to back, NICEEE!!!!

  27. Sexy Man Inc. says:

    This blog is so concerned about grammar and misplaced/wrong words.This is a blog about baseball not a book report.

    • Mike HC says:

      That is an odd criticism to have. Not enough spelling/grammatical errors for you?

    • Sweet Dick Willie says:

      True, but many posters have trouble articulating their thoughts because their grammar and/or spelling is atrocious.

      Making an effort to use proper grammar and correct spelling not only helps the readers, but actually helps the poster more.

      The Yankees are just a bunch of athletes. Why did The Boss insist that they wear jackets and ties on the road?

    • Klemy says:

      It’s also a blog based on discussion. If you’re going to be involved in one, you should be sure people understand you’re position. If you want people to take you seriously, you should use proper grammar and punctuation. At the very least, everyone should make an attempt at it.

    • dalelama says:

      You can’t mess with the RAB grammar police !!! And never bring up the subject of booing…please

  28. jesse says:

    As a fan of both teams, I think this gets both teams what they need. The Nationals need someone w/o an injury history to go behind Strasburg. (Zimmermann and Detweiler are no sure things) The Yankees need a DH with some power. If we put in Nunez, we allow them more flexibility to trade Kennedy or Guzman, by giving them a major league ready MI. I like this deal from both sides, even though I love Dunn.

    • JoeC says:

      I think the Cliff Lee near trade established that The Yankees aren’t in a hurry to trade Nunez. I think the Brass view him as “Jeter is demanding a 10 year contract” insurance for next year.

  29. Kid Kelly says:

    Just what the Yanks need – another guy who can’t hit with RISP, probably won’t move a runner from 2nd over to 3rd with less than 2 outs and strikes out a ton. Sounds like Curtis Granderson, but with more power.

    Players like these don’t help teams win championships.

    • Steve H says:

      Players like these don’t help teams win championships.

      You’re right, he’s no Scott Brosius.

      • Jose the Satirist says:

        My favorite example is Arndt Jorgens. He got 5 rings with the Yankees. His career OPS+ is 66 and has a negative WAR in 11 seasons. Is he an example of a guy who can lead you to winning a WS?

        • nsalem says:

          also check out charlie silvera yogi’s back up catcher in the 50′s he has a handful of rings. While in that neighborhood check out Yogi’s K rate in 1950 (and he swung at many pitches out of the zone). My has this game changed,

    • Mike HC says:

      Players that hit 40 home runs a year and get on base like 40% of the time, don’t win championships? Are we watching the same sport?

    • jsbrendog (returns) says:

      yeah you’re right, he sucks

    • Zack says:

      Can we trade for David Eckstein?

    • Ross in Jersey says:

      I really hope this is a troll post.

      Not that I really love the “late and close” stat but..

      Adam Dunn, 2010 Late and Close: .275/.362./.588
      Adam Dunn, in Tie Games: .298/.371/.723

      Yeah, his RISP triple slash isn’t great at .226/.337/.417 but that’s not terrible. The guy can flat out hit.

  30. Amol says:

    “There’s nothing wrong with that, a hit is always better than a walk.”

    Not if David Ortiz is on first.

  31. Brian says:

    I wouldn’t trade grade B prospects for Adam Dunn since he is a rental. Dunn has a ton of power which is great but the Yanks are doing pretty good right now so trading a couple of prospects for a bat when you can sign this guy in the off-season is just an unnecessary move. Making this trade is 2002 to 2007 decision in which we all know the Yanks did nothing in that time frame. Find a good solid utility guy who has a little more pop than Ramiro Pena and the so called bench issues will be taken care of.

    • jsbrendog (returns) says:

      but he isnt a rental. he will be a type a and either you get him back or get 2 picks with the chance to replace those b prospects with a ones in the deepest draft in decades

      • Brian says:

        But w/AROD, Jeter, and Posada all playing the field don’t the Yanks need flexibility for the DH position. If we needed Dunn so badly why wouldn’t the Yanks have traded for him prior to the season?

        • Klemy says:

          I don’t think anyone is really expecting him to be back the next season. I think the point is more that you’re getting prospects back in the deep, upcoming draft. So, you’re replacing the B level prospects with equal value anyway.

          • Brian says:

            True and I like the fact the Yanks could potentially get draft picks back for Dunn and a guy like David Adams who won’t be playing 2nd, SS, or 3rd base anytime soon would be recouped with the picks but it still bothers me to trade for a guy that is only a DH and we still need that spot open this year with the health issues of AROD and Posada in particular. I would hate to see the Yanks trade 2 or 3 prospects for a guy who DH’s 4 times a week and is a PH the rest of the week. If we give up prospects this guy should play everyday as far as I am concerned.

  32. larryf says:

    And the Sterling home run call will be????

  33. nsalem says:

    I would rather have Wiggington. Of course he is nowhere near the offensive threat that Dunn is, but he represents a semblance of competency (which we do not have now) in the event that A-Rod Cano
    or Tex went down. I think we have enough offensive, but we have no insurance at any of these positions (unless you moved swish to first in the event tex gets hurt). I believe this kind of insurance represents a greater need (than extra offensive) and Ty kills 3 birds with 1 stone. Hopefully they all stay healthy and then Ty would be able to give 3 players proper rest in
    keeping them fresh for October action.

  34. Chris0313 says:

    Zero chance the talks don’t start at Montero.

    • Ross in Jersey says:

      Agreed. Just because other teams like the Diamondbacks rediculously undervalued Dunn’s value doesn’t mean the Nationals will. He’s a premier power hitter who gets on base. He’s relatively cheap for his production, and he’s a type A at the end of the year. If I were them I’d start with Montero and McAllister and go from there.

  35. JLew says:

    Wigginton is not in Dunn’s universe. Dunn is one of the premier power players in the league, thus I advocated for him in an earlier thread. In addition, if Washington asks for a better package, maybe they will be enticed to throw in Matt Capps to pitch the eighth. Nevermind, Joba has that role.

  36. Phil C says:

    I’d say no to Adam Dunn. I doubt Posada will catch more then 60% of the remaining games, so Cervelli gets in the lineup anyaway. A-Rod will need days off, so Pena gets in the lineup, etc., etc. The bench players haven’t cost the Yanks as many games as the pen. Concentrate on the pen. Say bye immediately to Gaudin and Mosely and recall Albaladejo (sic) Melancon. Mitre will be ready so and then by July 31st make a decision about a trade.

  37. JobaWockeeZ says:

    If it’s without Montero I will JIMP. DO it Cash but not at the expense of the Jesus. Which is practically impossible but oh wells.

  38. Maybe it’s because I’ve had a man-crush on Adam Dunn for quite some time, but I would probably overpay in a trade.

    I’d offer Z-Mac, Adams, Warren/Stoneburner, DeLeon or maybe even one of the Charleston catching duo.

    • Andrew says:

      That’s not overpaying. Overpaying would be including Montero.

      Dunn is a type-A free agent who will net the Nationals a first-round and a supplemental-round draft pick in the offseason if they simply keep him. Why on earth would the Nats trade him for a bunch of fringe prospects?

      McAllister and Adams were the *throw-ins* on the Cliff Lee trade; they’re not enough to headline a package for an elite hitter.

  39. If it’s for a package like the one outlined int he post, get it done yesterday.

    Sweep. The. Leg.

  40. Russell NY says:

    Like facebook, I wish this website had a “Like” button for articles. Enjoyed your argument for Dunn.

  41. Ghost of Scott Brosius says:

    Dunn has always been a much better player than he got credit for, but the changes in the game have made his value go way up to elite territory. There are just very very few legitimate 40 HR hitters in the league anymore-I’d say Dunn, Fielder, Gonzalez, Howard….and after that I’m blanking. The past few years have seen so much emphasis on pitching and defense that guys like Dunn, who in the 90′s every team had a version of him, are now extremely valuable commodities.

  42. NATSONE says:

    Do you guys remember the shot Dunn hit at Yankee Stadium III last year? That was sweet. I was there for that as my Nats won that game and then took 2 of 3 in the series.

    If you don’t remember, here it is:


    WOW, what a shot!!! So, reconsider you offers for Dunn please.

    GO NATS!!!

  43. j_Yankees says:

    went through the comments and didn’t spot anything about this. if i missed it my bad.

    Ken rostenthal said in a piece (http://bit.ly/d05DNh) a couple of weeks back that Dunn does not want to become a DH.

    Now take that for what it is but its out there that he doesn’t want to go to and AL team and just DH.

    • JLew says:

      True, but he may want to play for a contender. The Yankees would be the clear favorites to win it all if he was traded. I’m sure they could find 10 games at first and some games in left against a lefty, sitting Granderson, and some games in right, DHing Swisher.

    • Ted Nelson says:

      Yankees would have to trade for him understanding he might walk this offseason and they’d get the comp picks. They get 1/2 a season, increase their odds at a title, and 2 picks or a long-term DH if Dunn warms up to the idea and Yanks want him around.

      If all it takes is Z-Mac/Adams and Dunn walked, the Yankees would simple be sliding talent from the high minors to the low minors… However, I still doubt the two sides come to an agreement on Dunn’s value unless the Yankees really see him as a long-term piece or are so ok with the 1/2 season + picks they’re willing to meet the Nats’ demands. Nats have some good leverage here in that they probably value Dunn more than other teams (may pay him more going forward) and can get picks if he walks.

    • johnny says:

      In the spirit of the boss I must say, if the man likes getting paid to play baseball, he will play when and where is told by the person signing his check.

  44. Nick says:

    Dunn is a classic moneyball player. He’s also just what the Yankees need.

  45. Nick says:

    Just think of all the homers he’ll hit with the short porch. He’ll hit 40 from now till the end of the year. Anyone else notice that if he goes deep once, he often goes deep again later in the game.

  46. Steveospeak says:

    I want to address a couple of things and I apologize if they were mentioned already in some of the various comments:

    Dunn’s defense: As an outfielder he is atrocious, but as a 1st baseman he is vastly improved. He might not be on Tex’s level, but he isn’t awful anymore. His UZR is much improved this year, and just watching him every game makes it evident that it isn’t just a fluke. He might not be a first baseman in NY, but he could be one for another team (LAA, TB ect.) That gives him greater value than you give him credit.

    Dunn’s value: I think you are close to the mark on Dunn’s value, but it probably will take a bit more than you are offering. McAllister and Adams are a good start but I think another B- prospect would need to be thrown in there to make it work (though probably a low-A type prospect, a lot of upside but 3+ years away).

  47. Ted Nelson says:

    I’m on board with those who doubt the Nats will trade Dunn for Adams and Z-Mac. I think they’d hold on to him were that the best offer out there.

  48. Crack Ho Phan says:

    I dont like the Dunn scenario. Hold onto the prospects and investigate Delgado (only $$ to give up) or a healthy Miranda more closely. Lets be real-Washington is seeking the moon for this guy, a package of Grade B NY prospects will only get a click on the other end of the phone.

  49. RR says:

    It’s been mentioned, but no way Rizzo lets Dunn go for B caliber prospects when he’s looking at getting two A prospects if he walks as a FA. And frankly, I don’t care how many homers this guy hits: he can’t field, can’t run and can’t make contact. In other words, he’s a left-handed Marcus Thames. If we’re going to trade for an OF/DH type (which I do think we need), I’d much rather target a player like Josh Willingham or Corey Hart, both of whom hit for reasonable average, have plenty of power, are younger and make less money. Oh, both are available, too!

  50. I watch the managers report, not the Joe Girardi Show. says:

    What about Joba for Dunn, straight up?? I think Joba can still be salvaged on a National League team where as I personally don’t believe he’ll ever make it as a Yankee. He’s a goofball and just has that fear of failure in his eyes. I know we missed out on the max trade value for Joba, but who knows, maybe they could even convert him BACK to a starter.

  51. HZK says:

    Personally, I think trading virtually nothing to get the Giambino back would be a much better idea. Giambi would be a clubhouse leader, and he can at least give you half if not most of what Dunn can do. This lineup does not need another giant bat, but a guy like Giambi to DH against righties would be a much better get.

  52. hrbomber1113 says:

    hey i know this is never advised, but i was reading the new post on MLBTR.com saying the Yankees covet Dunn and Soria and everyone in the comments section is saying it would cost WAY more than Montero/Romine plus our best pitching prospects to get Soria…If your AC is out and you’re dying of boredom, I suggest reading it for a good laugh.

  53. EJ says:

    Why not simply promote Jesus Montero as our DH?

  54. JobaWockeeZ says:


  55. Jerry says:

    It would be nice to package AJ and Joba and offer them to some 2nd class franchise for their best players. Both are loooooooooooooosers!

  56. Nats fan says:

    You aren’t getting Dunn for that price. A bunch of B quantity doesn’t equal 1 A quality prospect. That trade will not be acceptable to the fans or the organization trying to sell tickets. So keep dreaming.

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