Images of George M. Steinbrenner III


Because a picture is worth 1000 words.


All photos are courtesy of AP Images. For full captions and photo credits, please see this page.

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  1. Johan Iz My Brohan - RIP, Boss and the Voice of God says:

    Picture 15 <3

  2. My favorite one is #12, with Irabu. They both seem so happy.

  3. pat says:

    Donny has a very mischievous look on his face in #5.

  4. If you think of it, he picked the right time. Just had his 80th. All Star Break. He will be properly honored tonight and this week.

    The 2010 Yanks when they take action Friday will be wearing armbands, fighting for a 28th title.

    He restored the Yankees and changed baseball. A Cleveland guy, but a true New Yorker for whom second best was never good enough.

  5. rbizzler says:

    I really like the pic with him and Winny, who was rocking a sweet beard. Too bad that partnership did not end well. After Donnie, Big Dave was my favorite player from that era (notwithstanding my irrational obesession with Pat Kelly).

    • Klemy says:

      Pay Kelly? Really?!? I give you credit for admitting that. lol

      • rbizzler says:

        I consider myself a visionary. Clearly, the Kelly baseball genes are superior. Just look at what Pat’s offspring, the immortal Casey of course, has wrought on the baseball world (and RAB meme’s).

  6. The fact that the heavens have opened in New York is not a coincidence, right?

    • Tom Zig says:

      It’s the first day with significant rain fall in quite some time. Even Mother Nature weeps for the passing of the Boss.

    • miketotheg says:

      The city skies weep for one of its heroes. The lion rests tonight.

    • Ubu says:

      Nope, the heaven are heavy with drenching emotion for the passing of two baseball legends, George Steinbrenner and Bob Sheppard. God bless them both forever.

  7. B-Rando says:

    Awesome set of pictures. Gonna miss the Boss.

  8. Paul Canales says:

    Pic #4. “And that’s how its done.”

  9. Matty Ice says:

    I’m upset that the one of him with the aviators on pointing at the camera from a limo, and the one of him in the general’s uniform aren’t on there.

  10. Steve H says:

    “What the hell did you trade Jay Buhner for?! He had 30 home runs, over 100 RBIs last year! He’s got a rocket for an arm… You don’t know what the hell you’re doing!”

    I really hope TBS does a Steinbrenner Seinfeld marathon soon.

  11. Zack says:

    The pictures are amazing, you can see the joy on his face whenever he was around the field or his players.

  12. Kiersten says:

    I enjoyed Yogi in a tux buttering his bread.

  13. Scooter says:

    Another example of Mr Steinbrenner’s charitable works – one I personally benefited from:

    There’s also mention of his donations to victims of hurricanes Gustav and Ike, and his donations to youth organizations and hospitals around the Tampa area.

    Thanks, and condolences, to the Steinbrenner family

  14. He will be missed, one of my friends cried when I told her the news. I I truly believe we all grow to love these guys as one of our own families. We are all one huge Yankee family and we just lost our patriarch.

  15. king of fruitless hypotheticals says:

    #37, him behind $man: “man, he thinks he’s a ninja…i could whack him in the head from here he’d never see it coming. I’M a ninja dammit…”

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