Steinbrenner in video

Images of George M. Steinbrenner III
Major League Baseball remembers the Boss

It’s hard to think about anything other than George Steinbrenner today, so to continue our remembrance, here are some clips of Big Stein over the years. If you have any other embeddable clips, leave them in the comments and we’ll add them.

George and Billy for Miller Lite:

George and Derek for Visa:

The entrance at the 2008 All-Star Game:

Before that, George pulled the lever at the first home game in 2008 to start the countdown:

After the 2009 World Series, Hal talks about what the victory meant to his father:

And who could forget Larry David doing George Steinbrenner on Seinfeld? There are plenty of single clips, but if you click through to these two, you can find a compilation of them all. Here is Part 1 and Part 2.

Of course, there’s the time that Steinbrenner actually appeared on Seinfeld:

I’m kind of disappointed that I couldn’t find his SNL appearance anywhere. Again, if anyone can find it leave it in the comments and we’ll embed. Until then, here’s the transcript.

Images of George M. Steinbrenner III
Major League Baseball remembers the Boss
  • X

    did that seinfeld skit air?

    • steve

      nope. it was cut.

      actually funny story, larry david actually called steinbrenner and told him that it wasn’t going to air. he said it was one of the coolest phone calls he ever got to make, cause he got to “fire” george

  • Rebecca-Optimist Prime-Jesus & Maquinito FTW

    Okay, that’s it, I’m crying now

  • Carlosologist

    The VISA commercial is like my only memory of the boss.

    • Carlosologist

      *Boss. Also, may he rest in peace.

      • Rebecca-Optimist Prime-Jesus & Maquinito FTW

        My god I don’t want to know how young you are do I?

        • Carlosologist

          haha I’m only 14. I’m the youngest RABer I think.

          • Dax J.

            To be honest, that was the only commercial I saw that had The Boss included, and I’m 29.

  • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside the Elder (safe)

    (I hope my sense of humor doesn’t offend.)

    • poster on another computer

      I’m using a different computer than I normally do (nephew’s, at a different house) and the parental control is blocking this video. Damn man.

  • poster on another computer

    Wonder what the Yankees will do on Old Timers’ Day to honor the Boss? Simple moment of silence, some sort of speech, or more?

  • Jamal G.
  • Brian Cashman is Watching

    I really liked the KFC commercial he did with the grandkids. Does anyone know where to find that one (can’t do it from this computer)?

  • DSFC

    Wish I could find his comments in the aftermath of the ’98 brawl with the Orioles

  • Yankeefan91 Arod fan

    wow i cant believe hes gone i been tearing all day :(

  • Carcillo

    A minor quibble…

    can this be modified so that the Youtube links are posted after a jump? Slows down the page a bit otherwise.

    And, of course, RIP George.

  • SouthernYankeeFan

    Did anybody see the clip of him ESPN showed where he talked about how he believes theres 110% in every man? I was wondering if anybody knew exactly what the qoute was i really liked it.

  • Opus

    NBC keeps a close watch on SNL clips that make it onto the Internet. If you found it, it’d probably get yanked before you can embed it into a post. Too bad since that episode was hilarious.