Open Thread: Lil’ CC gets it done


(AP Photo/Kathy Willens)

So that was kinda cool today, eh? Gotta give it up to Colin Curtis not just for hitting his first career homer, but for how he did it. Brett Gardner got tossed in the middle of an at-bat, Curtis assumed an 0-2 count, takes three pitches off the plate before crushing a fastball to right. He hasn’t played much, but when he has, Lil’ CC has put together some real quality at-bats. He’s been a pleasant surprise.

If you want to watch the game again, the encore is on YES at 7pm ET. Otherwise you could watch Stephen Strasburg face the Reds on ESPN (also 7pm ET), though I have to say I’m kinda sick of the kid given how much the MSM has smothered him with attention. I guess this is how non-Yankee fans felt about Joba back in the day. Anyway, here’s the open thread, go to town.

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  1. Eirias says:

    So, is there any way to make FBB more interesting when you are running away with your league? Handicap FA signings, etc?

  2. Ross in Jersey says:

    So is Boston going to make a comeback when they get back some regulars? They’re digging themselves quite a hole, if they don’t improve as the calendar turns to August it could turn into a 2 team race real fast.

    Not that I’d complain.

  3. Dirty Pena says:

    “Montario” love on the front of milb.com.

  4. Rob says:

    Can someone explain to me why the Yanks MUST trade for help? It seems to me that between Curtis, Miranda, Albie, Sanchez, Nunez, Russo, Nova, Phelps, and even Montero they have the depth to fill the gaps. Just swap and switch as players get hot and cold. I certainly don’t think anyone that’s available will be definitely better than any of those prospects.

  5. Rebecca DBCqtMLL says:

    How many people realize l’il CC is a cancer survivor?

  6. So what does the fact that Jon Miller is winning a broadcasting award say about the state of baseball broadcasting?

    • Steve H says:

      He should get a humanitarian award for sharing the booth with Joe Morgan for so many years.

      • Please, they’re just as bad as each other.

        Also, August 1st. You know what week it is.

        • bexarama says:

          Miller sucks. He sucks worse than Morgan.

          • Ross in Jersey says:

            Uh… disagree. Big time disagree.

            • bexarama says:

              Most do, oh well. Morgan is definitely more of an idiot but he rarely speaks. Miller’s voice makes my ears bleed everywhere. I’m still traumatized from his cries of “THE SPLITTER!!!!!” whenever Schilling would pitch against the Yankees on ESPN.

              • Ross in Jersey says:

                I take it as “how good are they at what they’re paid to do?”. Miller is at least tolerable when he’s paying attention, and he’s descriptive enough for my taste. He sets up the situation well enough.

                Joe and his analysis, however, are just an unmitigated disaster. His dismissal of any and all statistics and the qualities that made Joe himself a great player is hilarious. His attitude is extremely arrogant, as evidenced by the “no one can tell me anything about baseball unless they played it” comments he makes. Also, he has a clear bias against the Yankees because people compared the 1998 team to the Big Red Machine. He routinely said that only Jeter would have started on his team.

                He obviously has a lot more transgressions, but needless to say I think he’s far worse at his job than Miller is at his.

                • His attitude is extremely arrogant, as evidenced by the “no one can tell me anything about baseball unless they played it” comments he makes. Also, he has a clear bias against the Yankees because people compared the 1998 team to the Big Red Machine. He routinely said that only Jeter would have started on his team.

                  That. Also, his inability to actually make a prediction when asked to predict something or show actual analysis when asked to analyze something is pathetic.

          • Poopy Pants says:

            Joe Morgan and Tim McCarver are cursed with ‘whatever they say is proven wrong during the very next play’ syndrome.

    • Brien Jackson says:

      No love for Miller?

  7. Rey22 says:

    Melky + IPK for Strasburg or Ca$h is an idiot.

  8. Andrew Brotherton says:

    I don’t understand why the media hasn’t said anything about Curtis being a cancer survivor, they made such a big deal about Jon Lester’s treatments. I thought it was one of the great moments of the year seeing him getting the curtain call at Yankee Stadium.

    • Rebecca DBCqtMLL says:

      Lester was/is a major bigtime prospect. Curtis is as far as I know not.

      • Angelo says:

        Yeah, this is pretty much why there isn’t a big deal made out of it.

        Also, Colin Curtis had cancer when he was 15, Lester had cancer when he was a Major leaguer (if my memory serves me correctly.)

  9. T-Dubs says:

    RBI double for The Jesus.

  10. ultimate913 says:

    Our lord and savior, Jesus Chr-Montero, is 2 for 2.

    • Rebecca DBCqtMLL says:

      You have no idea how much I’m loving this.

      The consequences of the Lee deal that wasn’t.

      • Ross in Jersey says:

        I love looking forward to Montero’s future in pinstripes, but I woulda loved to see Lee on the team too. It was really a win-win. Oh hey, we’re getting one of the best pitchers in baseball. Or not, we’re keeping one of the best hitting prospects we’ve seen in a long time. That’s my positive way of looking at it, anyway.

        • Joseph says:

          We’re gonna end up with them both by the start of free agency anyway. I do think it’s curious that a team in BANKRUPTCY run by MLB is able to take on payroll to block the Yankees from getting one of the best pitchers in the league, but we’ll end up with Lee anyway.

        • Angelo says:

          And they Yankees will probably get Lee in the off-season!


        • Dirty Pena says:

          That’s my positive way of looking at it, anyway.

          Why look at it any other way?

  11. bexarama says:

    The Yankees and their pathetic offense in which everyone is having a down year were the first team to 500 runs today. Yup.

  12. pat says:

    Manny B with 10k’s in 5 innings.

  13. Kevin in Delectable Princeton says:

    So Pedro has said he won’t pitch this year, but will pitch next year. I really doubt that, it has to be hard to skip a year and suddenly get back in it. Have we seen the end of Pedro?

  14. So USC is wiping away all references to either Reggie Bush or O.J. Mayo on campus.

    There’s a Tim McCarver Nazi joke in there somewhere.

  15. Orel doesn’t know why we come up with 140-160 innings? Does he think these numbers are arbitrary and not based on previous totals?

  16. pat says:

    Just watching the AAA game cast, remember when Jordan Schafer was the next Willie Mays? Maybe the roids did help.

  17. Angelo says:

    Bexy! What did you do with http://dumbshitireadonnyyfans.tumblr.com/

    It no longer exists?!?!

  18. pat says:

    And the Jesus blesses Scrantonians worldwide with another hard hit single.

  19. bonestock94 says:

    Montario is crushing it

  20. steve (different one) says:

    flipping channels and stopped on “Loud Mouths” on SNY.

    according to the guy on this show, the Yankees “have to get Soria” and “if it takes the catching prospect, Montero, you do it”.


  21. Rebecca DBCqtMLL says:

    Ralph Houk died…

    Damn these threes!

    (I hadn’t even realized he was still alive!)

  22. ZZ says:

    Former Yankee manager Ralph Houk died today.

    He managed the famous 1961 Yankees.


  23. Ross in Jersey says:

    Fun fact: Roger Maris’ BABIP in 1961 was .209. 209!! All those homers and he apparently couldn’t buy a conventional hit. Found that fascinating.

  24. Eirias says:

    Fire Joe Morgan is going to do another guest-spot on Deadspin. I miss that site.

  25. bexarama says:

    Randy Wolf tonight: 5.2 IP, 13 R/ER


  26. Joe Namath and Curtis Martin are among six Jets greats in the first class of the team’s Ring of Honor at its new stadium.

    Weeb Ewbank, Winston Hill, Joe Klecko and Don Maynard will also be enshrined Aug. 16 at halftime of the first game at the New Meadowlands Stadium, the preseason opener between the Jets and Giants


    We get to put up names of our greats permanently on the stadium?


  27. Operation Venditte says:

    Dont know if anyone mentioned this tonight but a good piece on milb.com about CoJo (Corban Joseph)

  28. phughesisgod says:

    Im watching the encore right now and I was at the game last night. I dont blame Girardi or Gardner at all. Emmel is a freaking retard.

  29. Accent Shallow says:

    Ran into a radar gun at a carnival tonight. I sit 67-70 with little warmup.


  30. V says:

    Lol, I was in Scranton on Saturday. The one day t3h Jesus DOESN’T hit. Lol.

  31. All Star Carl says:

    Montero 3-3 1 rbi 1 walk 0 k’s.

  32. NYY626 - Andy in 2011 says:

    Erica in NY July 21st, 2010 at 9:43 pm
    Gardner getting ejected today and Curtis hitting a home run reminds me of a game last season-

    Damon got ejected in the first and Gardner replaced him. Gardner went 3 for 3 with an inside the park homerun.

    Odd symmetry to that

    I was at that game :) I was also at the game 2 weeks ago when GGBG hit the grandslam. I must bring Gardner luck lol

  33. Dela G says:

    anyone listen to the new rick ross album?


  34. Mike Nitabach says:

    What the fuck did Gardner say to the dumbass ump that got him tossed?

  35. Reggie C. says:

    I’m guilty of this too , but i’ve gotta ask the RAB guys to consider instituting a MORATORIUM going forward on discussions re: in-game minor league game performances that go on in the open thread.

    Why must we need to comment on Man-Ban’s 10 K game or a Gary Sanchez homer before Mike gets a chance to write-up DotF? Lets talk about it on DotF! It doesn’t get posted too late…

    I know things get slow on non-game nights, but I think we’d all appreciate DotF alittle more if we were able to save our gushing/slamming of prospects for the nightly Dotf thread.

    • hello9 says:

      We’re obsessive yankee fans. I’m fairly sure we can gush/slam in both threads.

    • Angelo says:

      I’m guessing you meant to post this under what I wrote earlier. I understand the “appreciating DotF” thing, but if people want to post things, they should be allowed to do so. That’s what the Open/Game Thread is for.

      Don’t get me wrong, DotF is my S#*T

      • Reggie C. says:

        I think perhaps today’s volume of minor league performance updates beginning sometime in the EARLY afternoon threw me for a loop. Again, tonight isn’t a game night, so i’m personally better with seeing a Montero line update.

        However, on game nights i’d much rather have that stuff reserved for Dotf.

        Yeah, i did see your earlier post, and I wrote this up as my thoughts, and though your post triggered my suggestion, i’ve been thinking about it for most of the day.

    • A.D. says:

      Flip side is not everyone has the opportunity to be around to comment at the time that DotF goes up on avg each night, and when most of the commenting happens, so for those folks it’s nice to be able to write in the open thread.

    • I can only speak for myself, but knowing a thing or two that happens in the minors that night only increases my desire to read Mike’s breakdown/take on it.

    • Tom Zig says:

      “I don’t care if he punches babies in his time off from baseball as long as he produces on the field”

  36. Reggie C. says:

    Pedro Alvarez.


    It makes for better baseball in Pittsburgh and Cincy to add players like Alvarez and Votto.

  37. Sleepykarl says:

    I loved halosheaven when Gardner got ejected. They were mocking him, then you could tell when the CC HR happened. It went from mocking Gardner, to “…” and “shit…”

    • Carlosologist says:

      Halos Heaven called the Yanks the New Jersey LOBsters. The Yanks left seven runners on base. The Angels left 10.

  38. Zanath says:

    Whoops, Bobby Jenks blew another game. I know not every closer is like Mo, but god, Jenks has been especially bad this year. Though the question is, has he ever been that good after his initial debut?

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