Pettitte replaces Buchholz on All Star Game roster

Aceves suffers another setback, Sanchez shifted to bullpen
Game 82: Three Sheets to the wind

Via Bryan Hoch, Andy Pettitte has replaced Clay Buchholz on the AL All Star Game roster because the latter has been placed on the disabled list with a hamstring issue. Joe Girardi had no say on this move since Buchholz was elected to the game by the player’s vote. The next highest vote getter simply took his spot, and it happened to be Pettitte. Girardi will have to name a replacement for CC Sabathia, who is scheduled to pitch on Sunday and is therefor ineligible to play in the game.

Pettitte makes seven Yankee All Stars, the most of any team. This will be his third trip to the mid-summer classic, and his first since 2001. Hard to believe that Pettitte has more top five finishes in the Cy Young voting than All Star Game appearances.

Aceves suffers another setback, Sanchez shifted to bullpen
Game 82: Three Sheets to the wind
  • Pat D

    So does this mean Girardi takes Weaver in place of Sabathia and Angels fans can stop whining? Doesn’t Weaver pitch Sunday, too?

    • Doug

      he does pitch sunday, actually. no obvious choice after him…maybe liriano with his Ks

      • bexarama

        Choose Weaver to replace CC, then take Liriano over him when he can’t pitch.

        /completely broken record’d

        • Doug

          by the time we’re done, they’ll be 100+ all-stars. no wonder “number of all-start appearances” is such a ridiculous mark for HOF candidacy.

  • Doug

    better late than never for andy. should have been there to being with.

    jered weaver ought to be sabathia’s replacement.

  • Paul Canales

    Wow, 7 Yanks on the all star team. How lovely.

  • Captain Bawls

    Even if Weaver wasn’t pitching, Liriano would be my pick.
    Liriano’s WAR: 4.2
    Weaver’s WAR: 3.2

    • Doug

      yeah, but weaver would’ve been the choice b/c he leads liriano in all the categories that most people follow: more wins, fewer losses, lower era, lower whip, more k’s, fewer walks, fewer hits

      • JGS

        The game is in his home park too

  • Sleepykarl

    We need Chan Ho to be Swish’s walking billboard like he was last year for Victorino.

  • bexarama

    It was obvious he was going once I figured out what Joe was doing with the whole CC-pitches-Sunday-so-Andy-will-replace-him thing but it’s nice to have it be official :) Yay Andy.

  • 28 this year

    well, trevor cahill has to be replaced as well and jennings said that girardi said that he won’t necessarily replace him with an Athletic. That means Liriano and Hernandez along with Weaver with the bait and switch could all be named.

  • JZN

    King Felix should replace Sabathia

  • Tom Zig

    Is there a record for most All Stars being selected from one team?

    If Swisher makes it, that’s 8. Gee golly.

    • bexarama

      I believe it’s 8, from the 2001 Mariners.

  • optimalclarity

    Let’s get Swish on there too. Total domination.