Sanchez dealing with some kind of arm injury

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MLB investigating Nova, DeLaRosa

Via Donnie Collins, Romulo Sanchez is on the disabled list with some kind of arm injury. We first heard of his move to the DL last night, but no details were provided. Romulo was seen with a wrap around his right elbow in the clubhouse yesterday, but Collins’ says it could still be another part of the arm that’s bothering him.

Sanchez was reportedly going to be one of three players – along with Jon Albaladejo and Juan Miranda – the Yanks were set to call up on Sept. 1st, but obviously that’s not going to happen now. The only other pitcher in Triple-A on the 40-man roster is Hector Noesi, but I can’t imagine the Yanks will call him up so soon after promoting him from Double-A.  Heck, he hasn’t even pitched for Scranton yet. Al Aceves should be ready to return soon, so chances are he and Albaladejo will be the only help the Yanks’ bullpen help gets in the first wave of call-ups.

RAB Live Chat
MLB investigating Nova, DeLaRosa
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    Don’t scary me like that!

    (Gary Sanchez’s wrist is still wrapped, though he’s playing)

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    Maybe they’ll consider that Pendleton blurb from yesterday when look for a 3rd call up. (Do we have any confirmation Yanks brass reads RAB?)