Vazquez suffering through dead-arm period

A-Rod hit by line drive in batting practice
Game 109: Big Stoppa

During his start last night against the Red Sox, Javier Vazquez raised some eyebrows when his first-inning fastballs were sitting at 81-85 miles per hour. Today, reports ESPN’s Andrew Marchand, the Yankees say Vazquez is suffering through a dead-arm period. Pitching coach Dave Eiland says the Yanks will curtail Vazquez’s work between starts, and the right-hander says he feels ok. Still, the Yanks noticed the big dip in velocity yesterday and will probably send Vazquez for more tests just to make sure nothing is wrong structurally.

A-Rod hit by line drive in batting practice
Game 109: Big Stoppa
  • Carcillo

    Vazquez’ fastball velocity has been down all year (2.2 mph from last year per FG). I’m more interested in knowing how that happened.

    • Gonzo

      I just saw that he has failed to reach 200 innings once (198 ip in ’04 with the Yanks) since 200. That’s major mileage on an arm. He’s 34, so he could just be breaking down a little. Mussina had to learn how to pitch with different stuff as he got older. A lot of pitchers do. Who know’s though for sure.

    • Mike


  • Not Tank the Frank

    I was hoping those were changeups he was throwing. I remember his velocity getting (relatively) better as the game went on. In the first inning he was throwing 81, 83, 85 but then as the game went on he was at 88 or so. Also, this isn’t the first time I’ve noticed Vazquez’s velocity down considerably in the first inning. Has anyone else noticed this before?

  • swo

    That low velocity sure made Adrian Beltre look silly though. How slow were those curves, 63mph? Ridiculous.

    • Strikr

      lol i think he just really wanted to make beltre look bad…he never went that low again in the game. gotta admit that was one of the best moments in the game

  • j_Yankees

    Dear Mr.Jack Zduriencik,

    FUCK YOU!!!


    • Double-J

      Loud noises!!!!!

    • pounder

      Think the Mariners are regretting not going for Montero?

    • jonathan

      totally stolen from me days ago

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