Yankees sign second rounder Angelo Gumbs


Via Jim Callis, the Yankees have signed second round pick Angelo Gumbs for a $750,000 bonus, more than $300,000 over slot. The outfielder from a California high school is extremely raw, but all of his tools grade out as average or better according to Callis. Most importantly, dude’s got some serious bat speed, which you can’t teach. Gumbs is a bit of a long-term project, but the skill set and potential are very exciting. Here’s some video.

You can find a list of all the Yanks’ signed picks here, and by my count at least seven have received an over slot bonus. The signing deadline is midnight Monday, so a little more than three days until this is all resolved.

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  1. Philthy65 says:

    mike do you expect kevin jordan or evan rutckyj to sign?

  2. Pete says:

    Excellent. I am actually really excited about gumbs.

  3. Pete says:

    I like this video more than the others

  4. T-Dubs says:

    Wow. Again, less than I was expecting. Thought he’d get $1m. Very very pleased.

    Who’s next bitches??

  5. Angelo says:

    This should be fun. He’s obviously going to be a great player.

    I’m not biased or anything…

  6. JGS says:

    Awesome–where is he going, SI?

  7. I am excited about Gumbs. He has great tools and is Puertorrican. We tend to develop a bit later. (Just the baseball players, not the ladies, if you know what I mean.) *wink wink*

  8. Januz says:

    I have gotten the impression on various sites that Rutckyj is demanding a lot to sign. I still think it is possible it gets done very late. If Vironmontes, Dezse & williams are completed and announced, and they are not extreme amounts (Particularly Dezse, and another HS Pitcher Taylor Morton), he might realize what market conditions are and agree to terms,

  9. I’m not saying that Gumbs will be the next Pujols, but when I clicked the link for his video, Albert came up. Coincidence? Doubtful!

    /Glenn Beck’d

  10. Chris says:

    By my count, it looks like the Yankees have signed 25 of their 50 draft picks. How many of the others would you expect to sign? Who are the top targets?

  11. Gonzo says:

    Top three signed! If Gumbs is a CF, who’s playing time is he taking?

    Hey Mike, it looks like the Yanks aren’t going to be near the top of money spent if they don’t get the reaches (doesn’t look good for Jordan and Rutckyj).

    Looks like a Luis Heredia signing might be a mess according to Jorge Arangure.

    Doesn’t it look like they are under budget for both areas? Not that we would know for sure.

    • crawdaddy says:

      I heard Gumbs has been taking ground balls all summer so being a middle infielder is where he might start his pro career at.

      • Gonzo says:

        Wow, I thought he was being moved to CF. Interesting if they keep him at SS or 2nd. As long as he’s up the middle, it’s all good.

      • Angelo says:

        He’s capable of playing CF and SS, so it should be interesting to see where they put him. If he stays at shortstop, I wonder if that inteferes with Culver.

        Then again, maybe Gumbs starts in SI. That’s not what I’d expect though.

        • He’s stated he prefers CF to SS. He feels he can be elite in CF.

        • crawdaddy says:

          Culver has a full season of GCL games so he’s ahead of Gumbs in developmental time which means Culver will probably play for Charleston some time next season while Gumbs will remain with the SS clubs in 2011.

          • Angelo says:

            That’s not a fact. Culver is still just 17, and just because Gumbs hasn’t played a game yet, that doesn’t mean he’s not as far along, or further along than Culver.

            Culver and Gumbs are both considered very raw. 30 games in the GCL doesn’t determine where Gumbs and Culver will start next season. You have to remember there’s still, the rest of this season, winterball, and extended spring training.

            The Yankees will have a better idea where they profile after all of those things.

            • crawdaddy says:

              It is a fact that Culver has more pro developmental time than Gumbs and having more than 150 ABs does mean he’s further along. You disagree, that’s fine so we’ll see what happens next spring where each of them end up, but if Gumbs plays SS, he won’t be on the same team as Culver with the latter on a higher level team.

          • I think Culver is probably going to head to the NYPL next year unless they think he’s really, really, really advanced (which by all accounts he is not). Especially after Angelini.

            EST + Short Season ball is a nice safe path for the young kids they want to develop.

            • crawdaddy says:

              Maybe, but I think they can keep Culver in EST and then have him bring him up to Charleston sometime in May like they did Murphy and Heathcott this year.

  12. Philthy65 says:

    best minor league signing this year possibly heredia?

    • Januz says:

      I think the best signing may be Taylor Morton. Everything I read about him is good.

    • Gonzo says:

      According to Jorge Arangure, it might be a long drawn out process, so don’t hold your breath on Luis Heredia. I wish he was in the fold though.

      • Philthy65 says:

        hes only 15 right?

        • Gonzo says:

          He turns 16 in a few days. His first date that he could sign was the 16th (his birthday), but they pushed it back to the 18th. Now his mother and his father (seperated) are fighting over something now. His mother is also questioning the legality of his Mexican League contract. His team would get 2/3 of his bonus if his contract stood up.

          Lots of drama that might not play out anytime soon.

        • Januz says:

          he turns 16 next week. i have heard the three teams in on him are the Yankees, Bucs & Jays

  13. UncleArgyle says:

    Nice! Now lets immediately trade him as a PTBNL for a Utility Infielder!

    (Cue shrieks of horror, fainting, and protest acts of Sepaku)

  14. AndrewYF says:

    Would you describe Gumbs as an Austin Jackson-type with more power?

  15. Reggie C. says:

    Does anybody think Angelo Gumbs is similar to Melky Mesa in terms of tools. Mesa’s power has been switched on all season, and right now, I think Mesa is the 2nd best OF prospect in the system.

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