Yanks offense explodes again, down Tigers 9-5

Warren steals the show in action-packed night
With Pettitte out until Sept., a pitching problem

The games are always more fun when the offense comes alive. Last night’s game wasn’t perfect, but every time the Tigers even tried to make it interesting the offense came back and put it further out of reach. Chad Gaudin, in what is probably his last appearance for the Yankees, tried to make things interesting, but Robertson bailed him out. After the dust settled and the bullpen was emptied, the Yanks had secured their second win of the series.

Biggest Hit: Don’t give Teixeira a pitch like that…

(AP Photo/Kathy Willens)

…He might just crush it. Jeremy Bonderman didn’t look so hot at the start of this one. His first pitch caught Brett Gardner on the calf, though that might have been retaliation for Gardner’s slide on Monday night, which put Carlos Guillen in a bodybag on the DL. Bonderman then got Jeter to strike out swinging, though the two called strikes were pretty borderline and Jeter took a poor swing at ball two. That brought up Teixeira, who took two pitches that looked out of the zone, though the first was called a strike. I dunno, maybe that angered him or something.

Or maybe Bonderman just threw a horrible pitch. It was a changeup that didn’t get down far enough. Tex clobbered it, sending it into the second deck for his 27th home run of the year. That’s not a bad total for a guy who is hitting far below his normal level on the season. Robinson Cano wasted little time in extending the lead, hitting an inside fastball over the right field wall for his second home run in as many games. Offense? Game on.

Honorable Mention: Pena triples

If Ramiro Pena triples, chances are it’s going to feature prominently in the recap. It helps that it was the second-largest WPA swing of the game, giving the chances a 13 percent better chance of winning the game. That came in the fourth, after the Tigers, on the power of two Miguel Cabrera home runs, had cut the lead to 3-2. Pena came up with Austin Kearns on first base and hit the ball with precision. It landed and rolled in a way that prevented both Ryan Raburn and Austin Jackson from fielding it before it rolled to the wall. Combine that with them rightfully playing Pena shallow and it was an easy triple and RBI.

The very next batter, Brett Gardner, did something similar, splitting the center and left fielders for a double of his own. This is one reason I like the Yankees offense so much: precision and power. They can manufacture runs and they cudgel a team. Either way they score more runs than any other team in the league.

That Miguel Cabrera

(AP Photo/Kathy Willens)

Thankfully, neither of Miguel Cabrera’s home runs hurt the Yankees tonight. Which is perfect. Before the season I did a FanGraphs podcast with Dave Cameron where we exchanged predictions. He had Josh Hamilton as AL MVP, I had Miguel Cabrera. His pick was more of a reach at the time, and he’s probably winning. I just thought Cabrera was going to have a monster comeback year, creating an excellent story following his drunken antics at the end of last season.

After his 2 for 3, two-homer night Cabrera sits at .340/.433/.644, which trails Hamilton only in BA. He also now leads the AL in RBI with 98; A-Rod has 97. In many years a .340 BA with 30 HR and 98 RBI might start a Triple Crown watch, but Cabrera is seven homers behind Jose Bautista and is 16 points behind in BA. He could still take the triple crown of, I dunno, RBI, walks, and OBP. In any case, it’s always nice to watch a player like that at work when he’s not causing your team to lose.


(AP Photo/Kathy Willens)

Gaudin again brought into question why he’s on this team. Aceves could be back tomorrow. Roster move? I’m not sure, only because of the depth issue.

Could Ivan Nova, who had another excellent game in AAA, take Moseley’s next turn in the rotation? They’d line up.

Another game, another homer for Curtis Granderson. That’s three now since the Kansas City series. That’s now 9 for 26 (.346) with three walks (.414 OBP), two doubles, and three homers (.769 SLG).

Two more walks gives Cano 44 on the season. He’s already five up on his previous career high, and in 160 fewer PA. That puts him on pace for 58 walks, which would be more than his last two seasons combined.

Austin Kearns and Kerry Wood: good deadline pickups.

Graph and box

A couple of dents, sure, but man is that line moving in the right direction.

More at FanGraphs. And here’s the box score.

Up Next

Getaway day, which only happens when the Yanks are home. Phil Hughes could use a good start after the Yanks emptied the bullpen. He’ll face Rick Porcello at 1 tomorrow afternoon.

Warren steals the show in action-packed night
With Pettitte out until Sept., a pitching problem
  • pat

    At least Gaudin was courteous enough to drill Miggy in the ribs. That’ll learn em to hit so many home runs.

  • Pat D

    Why do we think this was the end for Gaudin already? Is Aceves ready now? I thought he’d need one more rehab appearance.

    • Pat D

      Oops, posted this before I read the whole story. Saw the tweet. I’m good now.

  • Total Dominication

    They one 9-5.


    • Mike


      /nit-pick’d yet again

    • Tom Zig

      Use the submit a tip feature on the right

      /nit-pick’d again

  • Carlosologist

    Gardner absolutely wrecked Guillen on a clean play. Same with Tex that one time in Anaheim.

    Anyway, Miguel Cabrera is good at baseball. Nine of his Comerica doubles and his one triple would be homers in the Bronx.

    • Pat D

      This is why the Red Sox have to trade for him. He would be a monster in Fenway Park. After they acquire Cabrera for a package that will equate to roughly $.30 on the dollar, they will turn their sites to landing both Adrian Gonzalez and Prince Fielder.


      • Pete

        I would love watching that team play defense

    • Tom Zig

      What’s that website where you can line that up

  • Pete

    Ah, yes, the ML affiliate

  • China Joe

    Not a bad start by Moseley, all things considered. If they’re gonna call up Ivan Nova, I’d actually prefer they sat Vazquez for a while, just to get his arm right. He’s not helping them much now and they need him going forward. Let Moseley give up his 4 runs in 5-or-6 innings.

    • Carlosologist

      I agree with this. DL Javy, call up Nova.

  • http://twitter.com/tsjc68 tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside the Elder

    I’m surprised that Eric Cooper’s utter inability to do what umpires are supposed to do (not make himself part of the story of the game) wasn’t part of your miscellany recap.

    • Pat D

      He had no comment, it’s all in his report.

    • Tank Foster

      What is the rule, if any, on warnings?

      If you issue a warning, must the warning be that pitchers will be ejected if there’s another beaning, no exceptions? Is that some sort of MLB rule?

      Can they issue a “qualified” warning?

      Is the umpire allowed to interpret beanings?

      Nobody wants to see players get hit in the head.

      But come on, this is a sport, a game. These are athletes. It’s supposed to be confrontational, edgy, even a little rough. Let the friggin’ pitchers throw at the batters. Punish the guys who go too far, but stop the nanny/school principal sh!t. If you don’t want to endure the risk of getting yourself really messed up by a beanball to the coconut, then don’t become a Major League Baseball player.

      In my job, I have to risk alot of things; I don’t go running around asking to be insulated from risk. Even big risk. Comes with the territory.

      • Tim

        The rule is that after a warning is issued, it is still in the umpire’s discretion for any subsequent HBP or close pitches as to the intent of the pitcher, and if the umpire believes intent, he can (and should) eject the pitcher and the manager. Umpires are not obligated to eject anyone after giving a warning if they deem that there was no intent (like if Moseley had choked on a curve ball and hit Jhonny Peralta in the butt or something – clearly no intent, pitcher should not be ejected). Of course, most umpires are idiots and therefore always assume intent (or that they are obligated to eject the pitcher after issuing a warning).

        That being said, it is hard to not see intent in either the Cabrera HBP or the Jeter throw-behind late in last night’s game, and both pitchers should have been ejected. In fact, by not ejecting Gaudin, Cooper perhaps led to the Jeter throw-behind as retaliation. Maybe Detroit doesn’t retaliate (for the retaliation of a retaliation of a clean, hard play) if Gaudin is tossed. What if Jeter had been hit by that pitch in the knee and seriously injured? That one would be on Cooper for losing control of the game.

  • http://thechuckknoblog.com ChuckKnoblog

    I am liking this whole hitting thing, it feels good to score runs. We win even when Mosley serves up big meatballs to Miggy.

  • Mike

    Good win..

    Linked removed per the RAB Commenting Guidelines.

    • whozat

      is that your own site you’re posting links to?

      • http://www.richardiurilli.com Richard Iurilli

        And did you really say that the Yankees were complacent and couldn’t put the Tigers away?

        “Avoid Complacency: This game had the feel of a blowout, but the Yankees just couldn’t seem to put the Tigers away. The Yanks scored six runs off of Tigers’ starter, Jeremy Bonderman, but were not able to just pour it on against the Tiger pen. Don’t let the Tigers stay around.”

        • Steve O.

          The Yankees clearly let the Tigers off the hook by not scoring 30 runs. They got complacent after they were only up four runs. Maybe, just maybe, the Yankees will show some heart and determination and win a game played the right way.

    • Steve O.
  • Hughesus Christo

    It’s cool that Kerry has become a fan favorite already, but I can’t help but assume he’ll implode in October. Prove me wrong, K.

    Any chance we re-sign?

    • http://youcantpredictbaseball.wordpress.com/ bexarama

      There’s a tiny chance but isn’t his option like $11M? Unless he’s Mariano Rivera, no thank you with that price tag. And he isn’t exactly the healthiest of pitchers.

      Though I agree – he’s been fantastic.

      • Steve O.

        Yes, he has an 11MM option that will surely be declined. I’d imagine he’ll close for a mid-tier team for more than we’ll offer.

      • Carlosologist

        The plan is to not exercise the option and let Wood hit FA. I wonder if the chance to play on a perennial contender for the first time ever would make him think about taking a paycut.

        • Steve O.

          I wonder if the chance to play on a perennial contender for the first time ever would make him think about taking a paycut.

          I thought about this, but I can’t see Cashman offering more than 1.5MM guaranteed. I can see a club hurting for a closer pony up 5-8MM, especially after Wood’s impressive playoff streak en route to his first World Series championship.

          • Wil Nieves #1 Fan

            Kerry Wood and his 1.00 ERA and 13 Ks in 9 IP has been absolutely terrible and unreliable. He makes me sick to my stomach.

            Kerry <3

    • http://www.twitter.com/brandonholley B-Rando

      Sadly, during the broadcast yesterday Paul O Neill and Michael Kay brought up a good point. When is the last time Kerry Wood has pitched in meaningful games? (Spoiler alert: not for a while). Yes injuries have completely plagued his career, but maybe the bright lights of New York in a pennant race are motivating him to flash his best stuff.

      Keep it up Kerry!

  • Salty Buggah

    Good game all-around. Can’t expect much more from Moseley, who’s been solid in every start. Also, I won’t blame him for the 2 Jesus Montero Sr. HRs. He’s just that good. More games like these please, especially when Tampa keeps winning.

    • jsbrendog (returns)

      the bat speed he had to turn on that first hr was crazy. ball was in on his hands and he just flicked it over the lf wall. he is so good.

  • JobaTheHeat62

    not sure how you guys felt, but the Kerry Wood strikeouts to end the 7th was awesome. I love when a pitcher gets pumped up after delivering in a big jam. good shit, don’t like that 11mm option, but I would be all for bringing him back next season. If Aceves replaces the joke that is Chad Gaudin, our bullpen is nasty. Hard to believe you CHOP a few guys and the bullpen becomes legit. get it?

    • jsbrendog (returns)


    • Klemy

      Hard to miss when you capitalize it. lol

  • Mariano’s Pimp Hand

    Back in April if someone had said that AJ and Javy were going to be a combined 18-19, Pettitte would miss more than a month and Jeter, Arod and Tex were all more than 30 points off their career averages would you have believed the Yanks would have a share of the AL East lead?

  • Wil Nieves #1 Fan

    This game had passion.

  • Wil Nieves #1 Fan

    Oh and also, yesterday’s HOPE week story was phenomenal.

  • jsbrendog (returns)

    dustin hoffman didnt pitch great but he put the team in a position to win again and has been everything you couldve hoped for from a 5th starter/fill in and maybe even a little more. keep on trucking dusty.

  • Rose

    Yanks offense explodes again, down Tigers 9-5

    “We’re better off without Arod”

    /Forgot Who Said It’d

    • Andrew